Dream Lover

by John Darkscar

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lovers tryst. One night's passion.2nd person POV

You and I have managed to arrange a rendezvous at a luxury hotel where we have rented a suite. After checking in and freshening up, we order a sumptuous meal from room service.

We eat, aware of the tensions building between us. Each time our hands touch, or our glances meet we fall deeper under the spell. After dinner, you decide to take a shower, and after a few minutes you return, wearing only a large yellow towel wrapped tightly about you and smelling faintly of cocoanut and lime

I go to the bathroom and shower quickly, barely able to contain my excitement.

Wearing a bathrobe, I return to the bedroom, to find you brushing your silky hair in front of a full-length mirror. Our eyes lock as I come across the room and take the brush from your hand and brush out your beautiful blonde hair.

After a few minutes, I toss the brush aside and put my arms around your waist, pulling you back against me.

I kiss the back of your neck, and bury my nose in your fragrance. I raise my hands to your smooth, white shoulders and caress you gently. My lips trail down your neck and kiss your left shoulder, as I reach around and undo the towel, letting it fall to the floor and revealing you to my gaze.

We watch together in the mirror as my hands explore your body. Touching and caressing your soft skin, I cup your breasts, squeezing gently, pulling you back against me, my hardness parting the front of the bathrobe and nestling between your buttocks.

We stand locked together as I caress your breasts, your nipples hardening into firm points beneath my palms. My left hand leaves your breast, moving lower, across your belly, and slowly eases further down into the perfect triangle of your pubic tuft, light brown, sparse and soft against my fingertips.

You moan as my hand eases between your thighs, finding you hot and wet, sliding further within, entering you, stroking, finding your most sensitive spots. You sag against me as your knees become weak, then straighten and turn around in my arms.

Our lips find each other, and we kiss passionately, our tongues dueling. My hands grip your buttocks, and pull you against me, but you laugh and step back. You untie the belt of my bathrobe, and push it off my shoulders, to join your towel on the floor.

You come back to my embrace, kissing my neck, and then sliding down my throat to my nipples, which you suck and nibble, first gently, then harder, as I pull your head in tight against me.

You ease down to your knees and look up at me with a knowing smile, as you hold my inflamed manhood in your hand, caressing my testicles with the other. You first lick teasingly, then engulf me in your warm mouth, your tongue stimulating me to moans of pleasure. I bury my fingers in your hair as you move back and forth upon me. My knees tremble as my arousal nears its peak.

Suddenly, you pull away saying, "not so fast, my love... we have all night".

Arising, you take my hand and lead me to our bed. You lie on your side and I lie facing you, as we embrace and kiss again our, hearts racing together. My hand roams your back, easing down and caressing your flank and buttock.

I laugh and push you over onto your back. Hovering above you, I kiss down your neck to your breasts and take a nipple in my mouth, feeling it harden even further, as I gently tongue and suckle it, then bite gently.

You pull my chest to your mouth, and nibble my nipple, too- making me shudder with pleasure. After a few moments, I reluctantly pull away from your mouth and ease down your body, kissing your belly, tonguing your navel, and finally nuzzling your tuft of hair. The sweet smell of cocoanut and lime fills my nostrils, mixed with your own aroma, so hot and sexy.

I slide down further and urge your thighs apart, to gaze upon your most private spot. So pretty, so arousing. I kiss your knees, feeling the dampness on the backs of them, knowing you're as aroused as I. I move up your thighs kissing as I go, alternating sides, until I reach your treasure.

I lick you from bottom to top, tonguing your anus, and then parting your lips and probing within you- tasting and smelling your arousal. I bury my face against you, exploring with my tongue, and finding your most sensitive spot. I begin moving my tongue in small circles, as you moan and begin moving against me in rhythm with the motion of my tongue.

I ease my hand up, and insert a finger into you, then another, increasing the stimulation. Your fingers lock into my hair and you arch your back, and moan as you begin the ascent. You begin bucking against me, your body touching the bed only at heels and shoulders, and then shudder and cry out as you climax.

I allow you only a second of relaxation, and then begin again, bringing you to the brink, more quickly this time, then slide quickly up your body, entering you smoothly and quickly. You buck again, as I enter you, and then clutch me tight as we move against one another.

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