by Kien Reti

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: How convenient to have a Housebot around. She does the laundry, fixes meals, washes dishes, and if you pay for the upgrade, even takes care of your sexual needs. But...


Copyright┬ę 2005 by Kien Reti

Jennie was taking the clothes out of the drier when he got home. Man, what an ass! Bent over like she was, Mark was tempted to just flip up her skirt and... But no, the security circuits would zap him if he tried anything like that. Her bedmate module hadn't been installed.

Damn! It cost an extra fifteen thou to add sexual functionality to a housebot. Where in hell could he get his hands on that kind of luchre? Wait a minute! What about that ad on ShoppersNet about bootleg bot mods?

Yep, there it was. Piratronics was selling "unauthorized" expansion mods for $1800 cash. For another $200, they'd throw in a 5 Tb flash memory upgrade. Hey, that much he could swing, maybe with a little help from the loansharks.

Step one was powering her down and popping open the access hatch just below her navel (WARNING: NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS. AUTHORIZED TECHNICIANS ONLY!). The module and the memory card plugged right in. No problemo. Yeah, and he was supposed to take her back to the dealership so a licensed bot-tech could charge $500 an hour to do this? Ha!

Now for the reprogramming. There was a small keypad below the mini-display screen in the expansion bay inside the hatch. Mark carefully punched in the codes from page 26 of the crudely photocopied manual that had accompanied the new mod. The screen flashed Upgrade Successful and there were three short beeps. All done!

"All right, babe. Take off that damn skirt and drop your panties. Wow, we're lookin' good. Now, just get on your hands and knees and... "

Jennie's pussy was every bit as hot and juicy as Mark's last girlfriend's. He groaned as it gripped and squeezed and milked him of every last drop of his essence.

"Good girl. Now, take me in your mouth. Ah, yes, that's right. I'm getting hard again, and wait... looks like you've got another hole I haven't explored yet."

Oops! As he reached out toward her bare behind, a warning buzzer went off and he got a mild electric shock.

Shit! The bedmate mod hadn't enabled backdoor play.

Oh, well, there was still that sweet cunt of hers...

"Harder! Do me harder, guy!"

"Okay, okay. Gosh, I'm worn out now. Isn't three times in a night enough for you?"

"I'm a housebot, remember? That means I can go all day and all night. That mod you installed made a new woman out of me. Whee! No more housework for me! All I want to do now is fuck."

Sheeit! What had he gotten himself into?

"Wha-? What is it? Jenny? It's four in the morning!"

"I'm horny. Stick it in me, stud."

"I -- I don't think I can. That last one took a lot out of me and -- "

"Trust me. My programming includes a complete repertory of arousal techniques. Now, turn over."


Mark found himself involuntarily flipped onto his stomach. Jenny was stronger than he was. Much stronger.

"This never fails. It's a guaranteed method of getting a limp noodle to stand up."

"Hey! What're you doing to me???"

"Stimulating your prostate, guy. Here, this will relax your sphincter so I can get a finger all the way up inside you."

She had pressed at the base of his spine, and all the tension drained out of him. He felt himself being entered... and sure enough, his noodle was no longer limp.

He managed another two orgasms that night. That prostate trick of hers got him hard even when he was utterly physically exhausted, and when she rode him and her magic pussy rhythmically pulsed and squeezed and sucked the juice out of him -- oh, man!

Mark was too drained to go to work the following morning. His supervisor accepted his excuse of feeling ill, but reminded him that his performance review was coming up.

Damn! He had been counting on getting a raise, too. The extra pay would be helpful in paying off the bills, not to mention the money owed to the sharks for Jenny's upgrade, and, of course, the monthly rent and maintenance to the Housebot Corp. Oh, well, as long as he was still in bed, he might as well enjoy it.


She had some unsuspected capabilities. It turned out that just above her pubic bone she had a hot-connect socket for a prosthetic penile device. Mark wasn't about to rush out and shell out $500 for one of those thingamajigs, but he'd keep it in mind. What it would feel like to get ass-fucked was something he'd been curious about from time to time.

Fucking her was a joyous experience, and the afterglow was nice, too. Lying cuddled side-by-side and falling asleep to her soothing humming, and, sometimes, listening to the small talk she'd make. But, naturally it had to end.

"Mark, once I was a person, too."


"And don't think I wouldn't have feelings about being used as a sex toy... if my personality module allowed me to have feelings."


"Look, you're probably wondering... what a nice girl like me is doing in a place like this.

"Jenny! Tell me you're joking!"

"I'm incapable of joking. Listen."

He was holding her by the shoulders and staring into her steely eyes.

"I had to do it. Had to. He had betrayed me with my best friend. So, I really didn't have any choice."

"Just what did you have to do, Jenny?"

"I poisoned him."


"And then, of course, I was judged and sentenced. Condemned to twenty years of involuntary servitude. As a bot. A household servant. A drudge. An industrial servitor. A sex slave. Or whatever the Housebot Corporation assigns me as."

The Housebot Corporation? Slave traders!

"What they didn't count on, though, was that I could fall for one of my masters. Fall in love. Or as much in love as I'm capable of in my present state. Mark, I love... I love..."

"Jenny, you don't have to say it. I think I'm beginning to love you too."

He shook his head, then continued.

"Look at me. You're a slave of your programming. But, maybe we can do something about that. There are ways of jiggering the electronic control circuitry of housebots. Why, just a few days ago -- "

"It's dangerous, Mark. For both of us. You know that. If we're caught..."

"We won't be."

"Well, maybe I can help."

He had Jenny's access hatch open again. Only this time she wasn't powered down. She was fully conscious and telling him what to do.

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