The Joy Of Infidelity

by Jeremy Spencer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, Spanking, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Robert and Megan are a married couple with healthy outside interests. Megan is happy she has her all-girl bridge club, and Robert is happy with his stripper. What more could a modern couple want?

Robert entered his house, briefcase under his arm, and yelled upstairs, "Megan, are you going out tonight or not?" He glanced up the stairs, waiting for a response, but heard none. "Honey?" he tried again, but still heard nothing from his wife's bedroom. Her jacket was folded on the dining room chair, so he knew she was still at home.

He put his briefcase on the hall table and checked his watch again, frowning when he saw it was nearly time for his "date" to arrive. Megan had usually left for her weekly bridge game by now, and Robert worried about what might happen if his wife delayed any longer.

He walked to the front door and opened it as quietly as he could, cringing as the rusty hinges squeaked in protest. He glanced down the street searching for Kelly's green Toyota and sighed with relief that it was nowhere to be seen. At least he wasn't going to have to answer any questions about why a stripper was making house-calls. He turned back inside and closed the door behind him with a thud.

"Robert?" Megan called down the stairs. "Is that you?"

"Yes, dear."

"Could you grab my purse? It's on the living room sofa. It has Lori's phone number in it."

"Running late?" he called upstairs. Not waiting for an answer, Robert grabbed the bag, wondering for the thousandth time how much of the weight was unnecessary. It seemed far too heavy for a "necessities" bag. Oh well... such is woman.

"Here you go," he called out as he entered her bedroom. Megan turned, giving him a small smile.

"Put it on the bed," she said, turning back to the mirror. At the moment she was dressed, or nearly so, in a translucent beige slip and a white satin bra that, in Robert's estimation, did nothing to hide his wife's charms. As she turned, he saw the gentle movement of her breasts, nearly unrestrained even with the bra, as they jiggled and swayed against one another.

Robert stood in the doorway, watching the age-old female ritual, as his wife primped and preened, carefully watching her reflection for any obvious faults.

If asked, Robert would have admitted that he had married a beautiful woman. She was certainly easy on the eye, he thought, as he stared at the pale skin of her back, smooth and unmarked. His eyes traveled lower, over the swell of her hips and into the flare of her buttocks. He knew from past experience that during love-making, the cheeks of her ass were firm and pliant, and his cock twitched at the thought.

Down boy, he thought to himself with a sigh. He knew his marriage was destined for a quick appointment in front of a divorce court. He regretted it not for the inconvenience it would cause, for in the back of his mind he knew it would be an easy parting, but for the wasted years as man and wife.

He and Megan had produced no children, nor had they really tried. Their relationship had been born of loneliness and convenience and familiarity. He a school teacher, she a guidance counselor. He thought it ironic that neither of their chosen professions could have predicted, nor could they now save, the dismal failure that was their marriage.

"Were you waiting for something?" Her question jarred Robert from his thoughts, and he shook his head to drive them away. Soon, he thought. No sense dwelling on it. Focusing on his wife, now fully dressed in a simple skirt and blouse, he shook his head.

"No, sorry. My thoughts drifted for a moment." A quick check of the time revealed he had ten more minutes before disaster struck.

"In a bit." She frowned, noticing his intense gaze at his watch. "You watching after me?" she asked, more bitterness creeping into her voice than she'd intended. Stop it, she silently reprimanded herself. He lost interest long ago. No need to rub it in.

"Um... no... the game's on in a bit. Don't want to miss it."

She nearly snorted in derision. Always a game! Never me, she almost sighed, but quickly fought back the longing she sometimes felt, alone in her bed. No time for that.

Declaring herself ready, Megan picked up the purse and swept past her husband into the hallway.

"Turn off the light, okay?"

"Yeah. I'm heading down anyway."

As she searched through her purse, checking to see if everything was present, the phone rang. Robert answered on the second ring, while Megan paused at the door.

"Hello? Hey, how's it going... oh really... sure... a few minutes... not much..." Seeing his wife still standing at the door, Robert waved her away. Cupping his hand over the receiver, he whispered, "It's a buddy from work. Go ahead. I'll see you when?"

Megan mouthed that she would be back around eleven and, with one last look, closed the door behind her and headed for the garage.

"She's gone," Robert said, exhaling deeply. "Give her about five minutes, then come on in. I'll make sure the door's unlocked. I'll be in the study, so make yourself at home and call me when you're ready? And Kelly? Park around back this time. Okay? All right... see you in a few."

As he hung the phone back on the receiver, Robert felt his hand shaking. Making a fist to cut off the uncontrollable spasms, he let out a sigh. Just a few more minutes and my dick would have been in the fire, he thought. But I guess the thrill's part of the game.

Before he headed upstairs, Robert made one quick pass through the living room. He turned on the porch light, making sure the walk was clear and the front door unlocked, and went upstairs to get ready for his guest.

He's so fucking boring, Megan thought as she drove down the street. I know what I used to see in him, she thought, but the excitement's been gone for a long time. She supposed it happened to most of the people she knew, but actually looking forward to a divorce was an alien concept.

She checked the dashboard clock, which was blinking fifteen after eight o'clock in bright green numbers. She dug her cell phone out of her purse. Dialing quickly, she put the phone to her ear, steering the car with her other hand, and listened to the ringing.

After what seemed an eternity, the line was picked up, and an out of breath voice answered.

"Hello?" It was Lori.

"Little bitch," Megan teased. "Did you start without me?"

"You're late, slut. Hurry up. There's lots to eat tonight, so get your butt down here!"

"I'm hurrying, okay? I ran a little late tonight, but I'm on my way. Sheesh... try not to get your panties in a twist!"

"Honey... they've been gone for a long time." Laughing, Lori hung up.

Megan felt herself getting damp at the thought of a panty-less Lori and squeezed her legs together, putting as much pressure on her clit as she could. The thought of Lori's baby-smooth pussy always got her juices boiling.

I'll bet there's a lot to eat, she laughed to herself. You'll be the first thing I want to snack on.

Megan pushed down on the accelerator and the car jerked forward, speeding down the road.

As Robert changed clothes, he heard a door open and close downstairs, followed by the quiet sounds of someone ascending the carpeted staircase.

It's my buddy from work, he thought with a smirk. There was, as always, the momentary pang of guilt mixed with regret that his life had come to this point, but the anguish was quickly washed away with pure, unadulterated lust.

His work buddy was actually a nineteen year old stripper, although she looked much younger than her actual age. Her stage name, when she danced at The Onion (Watch 'Em Peel Away the Layers! was written in neon on the side of the cinderblock building), was Candy Apples, but to her teachers at Monroe College, she was simply Kelly Curtis, a sophomore economics major.

Robert had first seen Kelly at the bachelor party of a friend, and was instantly in lust. Her act consisted of dressing up in her Catholic schoolgirl outfit, then spending ten minutes taking it off. Pretty basic, a staple of any skin joint, but for some reason, Robert reacted passionately.

"My daddy would freak," Kelly told him in an unguarded moment. A small city in the midwest had been her hometown. The daughter of a pastor and school librarian, Kelly had lived a sheltered life, although not without excitement. Her first experience dancing had been in junior high, although in a fashion quite dissimilar to the bump and grind she had since perfected.

"I tell them I wait tables," Kelly revealed.

"Honey," Robert had answered as he slipped his cock in her steaming cunt, "If waiting tables is what you call it, then I guess you deserve every tip you get." He smiled, deep in thought.


Robert's reverie was broken by a thin cry from down the hall. He was instantly hard with anticipation, knowing full well what awaited him, but he forced himself to pause a moment.

"Yes, dear?" He knew the script, had in fact written it.

"Could you come here for a second?"

"What for?"

"I need to tell you something. You have to come here, though. It's a secret."

Robert stood quickly, adjusting his erection in his slacks, cursing himself for not having time to change into his own pajamas. It was much more fun when the fantasy felt completely true.

Right, he smirked. The fantasy of fucking my own daughter, a daughter I don't have, played by a nineteen year-old stripper named Candy Apples. That's pretty accurate, he laughed.

Nonetheless, twitching with excitement, he walked down the hall, cock leading the way, and knocked on the door to his wife's bedroom.

"Come in," came the quiet voice behind the door.

The door finally opened a crack, and a short woman with short curly hair peeked out.

"Megan!" the woman screamed, backing away from the door and releasing the chain. "Get in here," she said, motioning with her hand.

Megan slipped through the doorway, coming face to face with a very naked Lori Wagner. Megan sniffed deeply, smelling a musky aroma permeating the air.

"You did start without me," she finally said, grinning widely. She spread her arms wide, dropping her purse on the floor, and the two women embraced.

Megan was instantly aroused and began sliding her hands down the smooth back of the shorter woman, coming to rest at the top of her rounded buttocks.

"I just love your ass," she whispered softly, nipping at Lori's exposed earlobe. She ran her tongue around the rough cartilage, sucking and teasing with her lips as the younger woman ground her smooth pubis against the thick denim of Megan's skirt.

"We need to get you out of those clothes," Lori moaned, her hands busy molding the soft mounds of Megan's tits. "I want you so bad!"

Lori collapsed back onto the sofa, her hand immediately moving to her crotch. She began lightly teasing her damp slit, her finger making wet noises as it was sucked into her heated tunnel. She moaned as she watched Megan slowly remove her blouse and skirt, sliding the garment down her legs, hips swaying to an unheard beat.

Megan, now naked, pulled Lori from the couch and the two women ran upstairs. As they neared the bedroom, the passionate sounds of sex could be heard through the door.

"She's here!" Lori cried, throwing open the door. A redhead, all curls and pale skin, looked up from where she had been feasting between the widespread thighs of a woman who could have been her twin.

"Finally," she exclaimed breathlessly. She laughed. "We're all here now... can we finally play some cards?" Lori and Megan laughed along with her, and quickly joined the couple on the bed.

Robert opened the door. Inside the dimly lit room, he could see his fantasy reclining on the bed.

"What did you want to tell me?" he asked, walking quickly to the bed and sitting down. He laid his hand gently on a long, stocking-clad leg, stroking the muscled calf through the white material.

"It's a secret," she whispered, spreading her legs slightly. Robert could just make out the white cotton of her schoolgirl panties, a wet spot already forming on the crotch. Her musky odor was thick in the air. "It's a secret, so you can't tell anyone, Daddy."

"I promise," he said, drawing an "X" on his chest. "What's your secret?" he asked, knowing the answer.

"You remember Billy, don't you? From Catholic school?"

Robert nodded.

"Go ahead, baby. What about Billy?" His heart raced and he felt Kelly's hot gaze on his crotch. She eyed his cock, licking her lips in anticipation.

"I... I let him touch me," she said, eyes downcast in mock contrition. She continued looking at him, at his hand as it worked its way up her leg. Robert feigned shock at her admission.

"You let a boy touch you?" She nodded sadly, the rock-hard nipples poking through her tight white blouse two indicators of her arousal. "Where did he touch you?" he asked sternly.

Kelly squirmed on the bed, her hips digging into the quilt. This was not only Robert's fantasy, but her own as well, and she often thought the highlight of her week was their regular visit.

"Do you want me to tell you?" she asked shyly. "Or should I show you?"

"Maybe you should tell me first." She nodded with wide eyes. "Maybe you should show me later though. Just in case."

"He touched me on one of my boobies," she said, her left hand absently reaching up to cup her small tit, barely large enough for the bra underneath her blouse. Her lack of development, so often a point of consternation in her adolescent years, was now responsible for a great number of tips at The Onion, and a source of inspiration and erotic fantasy for Robert.

"Did he touch your booby over your shirt?" Robert asked, his pulse racing in his chest. Kelly shook her head.

"He touched it under my shirt."

"And you let him?" She nodded, licking her lips.

"Is that bad?" Her pussy was beginning to cream, her heavy juice running down the inside of her thighs. Her favorite part of the fantasy was quickly approaching, and it was all she could do to stay where she was, wanting nothing more than to throw herself on Robert.

"Very bad, honey. Very bad indeed."

"Oh God, that's so good," Megan sighed, feeling Lori's snake-like tongue slither all over her pussy, occasionally dipping into the delicate folds of her slippery tunnel. "You have such a great tongue," she moaned, bucking her hips at Lori's face, coating the young woman's lips with Megan's sticky wetness.

"You taste good," Lori said, swiping her tongue once more into the moist tunnel of Megan's pussy, trying to lap up as much of the sweet nectar as she could. She giggled. "I love bridge nights."

Janie, the older of the two red heads, chuckled. "Your husband has no idea about us then?"

"No clue at all." Megan shook her head, gasping as Lori nipped at the fleshy lips of her pussy, rolling them in her teeth. She could feel the blood rushing in as her skin swelled and darkened with her arousal.

"I wish I was married every once in a while," Renee admitted, lifting her head from Janie's pussy, pausing long enough to explain. "Sometimes I just need a good fuck, dick and all, and it would be so much easier if I just had a husband!" Janie giggled, her laughter quickly turning to moans as Renee returned to the matter at hand, attacking the pink flesh of Janie's pussy with both hands, spreading the thick lips with one hand while thrusting deeply with the other.

"It's not all that it's cracked up to be," Megan joked. "Why do you think I'm here so often?"

Lori jumped up, her breasts, wet from being recently sucked and licked, jiggling as she ran to the closet. She bent and began rummaging through a box on the floor, giving the other three women a good view of her pussy and asshole.

With a triumphant yell she turned, holding her prize. The gathered assembly gasped in surprise.

"If you want a cock, I've got a cock." She waggled the latex dildo in her hand. "I call him The Destroyer," she told the group, and at sixteen inches, the name was fitting indeed.

"No fucking way!" exclaimed Renee, shaking her head vigorously. "No possible way I'm trying to get that in me." She pulled gently on Janie's shoulders, bringing their mouths close together, sharing a deep kiss. "I like what I have in front of me just fine," she said, running a hand over the stiff nipples of her partner.

Megan eyed the fake cock hungrily. It had been so long since she and Robert had fucked.

"It's so big," she said. "I want to, though. Can you take it all in?" Lori laughed at the concerned expression on Megan's face.

"You don't do it by yourself, silly. It's flexible," she explained, demonstrating. "Plus, it's double ended. We share it."

A light went on in Megan's brain, and her face broke out in a smile.

"Bring it on." She dropped to her back, spreading her legs wide, beckoning her lover closer.

Robert raised a hand, motioning Kelly to him. Eagerly she complied, crawling the short distance between them on the bed.

Kelly pushed herself up to a kneeling position, her firm ass cheeks resting on her heels, her legs tucked underneath her slim body.

"You know what happens to naughty girls?" asked Robert.

"What?" whispered Kelly, trying to appear afraid. "What happens?"

"They get spanked."

Kelly's eyes grew wide. Whether with arousal or fear, Robert could not tell, although Kelly's musky scent was growing stronger by the second and Robert guessed it was the former.

"Get up," he commanded. She immediately rose to her feet, standing before him, heels together, head bowed, hands clasped behind her body.

"Yes?" she whispered. "What now?"

"Go to the chair." His voice was calm and demanding, but underneath Robert was shivering with excitement. Kelly swiftly obeyed, careful not to look at Robert. Good little girls did as they were told and didn't ask questions.

"Do you see it?"

"Yes." Her voice was pure excitement now. "It's big."

"Bring it here."

Kelly walked back to the bed, handing him the slim wooden paddle. Robert had picked it up at a garage sale. The elderly widow clearly had no idea what kinks her recently departed husband involved himself in. Or maybe she did, Robert thought, amused at the idea.

He took the paddle by the handle and with the flick of his wrist took a practice swing, the wood hissing through the air. He turned to Kelly, now sitting beside him. Her nipples poked through the front of her blouse like two erasers, begging to be touched.

"Where did Billy touch you?"

"My... on my booby."

"Did you let him touch you anywhere else?" Kelly looked down at her hands, blushing.

"He touched my cunny." Her hands rested in her lap, at first glance demure, although Robert could see the slow movement as Kelly teased herself to a more fierce arousal, pressing against her clit through the plaid skirt.

"Stand up." Kelly stood, arms to her sides, back straight, her girlish breasts pressing firm against her blouse.

"What do you want me to do? I told you everything."

"But you didn't tell me he touched your cunny the first time I asked, did you?" She shook her head in defeat.


"You're a naughty girl, aren't you?"


"Do you know what happens to naughty girls? Bad girls like you?" Hiding behind the paddle, Robert fondled his erection, caressing his cock and balls as he watched Kelly squirm under his gaze.

She finally nodded her head. "They get spanked. With the paddle."

"Take your clothes off, Kelly. You let a boy touch you when you were naked. You need to be spanked naked." Slowly, almost but not quite a strip tease, Kelly removed her skirt and blouse, leaving her dressed only in a set of plain white panties and bra. He motioned for her to remove her last undergarments.

Kelly turned away in one last attempt at playful modesty and quickly unsnapped her bra, the white cups falling into her hands. She placed her hands on her hips and bent at the waist, pulling the panties down. Robert could see thin trails of wetness as the sticky cloth held tight, before finally pulling away from her smooth, wet pussy. She turned around, facing Robert. He could see that Kelly's entire body, aside from her head, was devoid of any hair, bringing an instant credibility to her schoolgirl outfit.

Robert pointed to his lap, his erection threatening to burst through his slacks, motioning Kelly to lay across his lap for her punishment. She quickly complied, rubbing her tits against the rough cloth of his shirt, exciting both. A small groan escaped Robert's lips as he felt the soft pillows of her tits push against his thigh, sliding away as she settled her hips directly over his raging cock.

"Are you going to spank me now, Daddy?" she asked, once again falling into their shared fantasy.

"I am. Daddy is going to spank his baby's bare bottom until it's red. You know this is because you're a bad girl, right, baby?" He grinned, knowing just how bad a girl Kelly could be.

"I am a bad girl. Spank me, so I'll be a good girl, Daddy." She squirmed against his thigh, anticipating the first sharp snap of the paddle against her soft ass cheek.

Robert raised his arm and could feel her body tense. The two cheeks of her ass clenched together slightly, and he resisted the urge to give them a squeeze. Later, he thought and quickly brought down the paddle against her pale flesh.

"One." She counted each stroke of the paddle.

"Two." Robert could see a pink mark appear where the paddle had impacted, and switched cheeks.

"Three." Through his jeans, Robert could feel the heat and wetness of Kelly's bare cunt as it started to spasm wildly. He could feel how excited she was, the pain and pleasure threatening to overload her body. He swung another arc through the air.

"Four." A small whimper, accompanied by more thrashing around. Robert had to use his free arm to hold Kelly in place, directly over his cock. He felt her press down against his prick as he raised his arm once more.



"Oh my God!" Megan screamed out loud as the rubber cock forced apart the fat lips of her tight, slick cunt.

"Relax," Lori said. "You have six inches in. One more and I can hop on the ride too!" Lori twisted the dildo in her hand, forcing the thick shaft more deeply into her friend's pussy, screwing it deeper and deeper into her sucking cunt.

"Enough, already." Megan took a deep breath, leaning up on her elbows to look at where she was being penetrated. "That fucker's so thick," she panted. "Much bigger than Robert." She collapsed back onto the bed, her muscles starting to shake with exertion.

"My turn," Lori sang gleefully. Dropping to her back, she spread her legs wide, scooting forward, until her legs were tangled with Megan's, and expertly placed the other end of the enormous plastic cock at her wet opening. Pressing determinedly forward, she slowly impaled herself, cocking her hips, taking it deeper and deeper, until at last the women's pussies were in direct contact.

"This is so sexy... fuck me," Megan groaned, rolling on the bed. The cock was much thicker than the one sported by her husband, and although the length inside her was not quite as large, the girth more than made up for it. She had never in her life felt more stretched, more full of cock. She began to rock back and forth, thrusting against her friend.

Lori quickly picked up the rhythm, and the two women, sharing the enormous penis between their hot sucking pussies, ground against each other.

Seeing their arousal, Renee and Janie quickly separated, their lips lingering together for a moment, before climbing over the two prone women. Janie quickly collapsed on Lori's tongue, panting and squealing as the small woman attacked the fat lips of her pussy.

Renee settled her hips gently over Megan's face, wiggling to gain the other woman's attention, before softly pressing her hot cunt against Megan's panting mouth. She moaned in satisfaction as Megan quickly warmed to her new task, lashing her tongue repeatedly against Renee's prominent clit.

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