At The Other End Of The Telescope

by Jeremy Spencer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: The neighborhood kids all think Henry is weird. He spends all his time shut up in his house or else spying on the neighborhood kids through his telescope. But with neighbors like his, how can you blame him?

What an ass that girl has, Henry moaned as he stroked the lump of his erection through his blue jeans. Henry glanced around suddenly, checking to see that no one had managed to sneak up on him undetected. He breathed a sigh of relief as he realized he was alone on his porch, and deftly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants, which fell around his ankles.

Henry tugged at the waist of his boxer shorts, pulling them down far enough so that his prick popped free, waving in the air in front of him. He licked at his fingers for lubrication before wrapping them around his hard shaft.

Ah, he thought as he felt the delicious sensations move from his groin and spread throughout his body. I wonder what they'd think if they knew about this!

Eighty yards down the steep hill, Jill Klein and her boyfriend Andy Patton were locked in a heated embrace as they tanned in Jill's backyard.

They just think no one can see them, Henry smirked as he watched the crystal-clear picture the telescope provided.

Best purchase I ever made.

Henry knew the kids in the neighborhood thought he was weird. He had heard they called him "The Fool On The Hill," although he had to admit he kind of liked the moniker.

I am kind of weird, he admitted. His strangeness wasn't limited to his voyeuristic tendencies though. No, the kids all thought he was weird because he very rarely could be seen outdoors during the daylight. The truth of the matter was Henry wasn't a people person, although he had heard his wife Penny telling people her husband had a strange skin disorder in order to fend of curious neighbors.

What other adult spends all his time locked up in his room, staring at his teenage neighbors? he thought. He wasn't ashamed of his hermit-like existence. I'm not hurting anyone, he reasoned.

His pondering abruptly came to an end as young Andy reached around Jill's back and unsnapped her bikini top. Jill shook her head in mild protest, but Henry could see that one firm kiss was enough to dispel her hesitancy.

Shit, I wish I could read lips.

The scene below him had quickly progressed and Henry increased his stroking as the teens escalated their sex play. Jill was now lying on her back as Andy feasted on the tender flesh of her tits. Jill had large breasts, the best Henry had ever seen, and as her teenage boyfriend licked and sucked at her flesh, Henry began stroking his cock more insistently.

Henry gasped as the two teens suddenly sat up, looking straight at him. He chuckled, his breath returning to him as he felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest. Stop it, he chided himself. There's no way they can see me. It was probably just a car driving by and they happened to look in my general direction. See, they've already forgotten about whatever it was.

And they had, as Jill had quickly lost her bikini bottoms and now lay on the chaise lounge with her legs spread wide, her pink pussy lips pouting out from her thin nest of blond pubic hair. She stroked a finger idly through her fat labia as she watched Andy struggle with the drawstring of his swimming suit.

Henry could see the bulge in the youth's trunks and smiled as the boy finally managed to undo the knot and drop his suit to the ground. His angry red erection, bobbing up and down in front of him, waved in front of Jill's face, much to her delight. She clapped her hands together once before leaning forward to catch the turgid prick between her lips.

Holy shit, Henry thought as the talented girl seemed to deep throat Andy's cock with little effort. Jill's head bobbed back and forth and Henry imagined he could see the lump of his erection pressing out against the smooth pale skin of her neck as Andy's cock forced its way down her throat. Henry's own cock felt large in his hand, bigger than it had in years and he had to force himself to slow down to avoid spurting his semen before the couple below him managed to move on to bigger and better things.

As if sensing Henry's impatience, Andy gently pulled away from his girlfriend's mouth, his penis standing tall at his groin, now wet and slick with Jill's saliva. Andy knelt down between Jill's legs, his ass aimed directly at Henry's telescope, and began eating out her pink pussy.

Get out of the way, Henry wanted to scream, his view of Andy's tongue on Jill's pussy obstructed by the boy's body. Judging by the look of ecstasy on Jill's face, Andy's tongue was as talented at eating her tender folds as her own lips had been as she had feasted on the boy's cock. Her mouth was open in what appeared to be a scream, although Henry couldn't be certain. Her eyes were closed and her hands gripped Andy's shoulders as his head seemed glued to her crotch.

Finally the couple squirmed around, dropping to the green grass. Andy lay on his back, his erection waving proudly in the air as Jill threw a leg over his torso. Henry moaned as the tip of the youth's cock speared through the wet flesh of Jill's pussy as she dropped her weight down on his hips.

Oh God, I'm close, he panted as he watched the couple below him, imagining them rutting solely for his pleasure.

Down the hill, Andy suddenly stopped his thrusting, his face frozen in a mask of pleasure and Henry imagined the youth spurting his cum deep into his girlfriend's clutching pussy. Jill too seemed to be in the throes of an orgasm and she soon collapsed on her boyfriend's chest.

Henry quickly reached his peak as he focused the telescope on where the boy was still buried in Jill's cunt. As Henry watched, Andy's prick softened enough to pop from Jill's pussy and as a flood of juices boiled out of her snatch, coating Andy's thighs and legs, Henry felt his own cum rush from his prick as he sprayed the fence in his back yard with his own orgasm.

As he relaxed back into his deck chair, Henry idly wiped the sticky semen from his hand and prick. He glanced one more time down the hill, Jill and Andy mere specks without the aid of his telescope and Henry wondered how Penny was doing.

"Are you sure about this?" Jill asked over her shoulder. She was still panting from her orgasm and shivered as she saw the woman staring intently at the sticky mess now coating the insides of her thighs as well as Andy's prick. The woman sitting in the enclosed porch barely nodded and Jill was relieved to see the camera was aimed up the hill and not at where she and her boyfriend still lay intertwined on the grass.

"Yes," she finally said quietly. "I know the bastard's up there. I caught him watching you guys one day through his telescope and I'm pretty sure I got him on film this time."

Jill nodded her understanding and hissed quietly as she felt Adam's prick begin to swell again, bumping against her still-sensitive clit. Jill could feel herself heating up again and ground her crotch down against the thick stalk of Andy's engorged penis, pressing the fleshy knob firmly against her sensitive flesh.

Andy glanced up the hill once more before turning to the woman.

"Do you think he's still watching us?" he asked, his eyes running over the older woman's supple curves. She had knocked on the door that afternoon, carrying her video camera and introducing herself as Penny, Henry's soon-to-be ex-wife. She had come with a fantastic story of her pervert husband and more importantly had presented Jill and Andy with two hundred dollars each for their services.

It had been a simple decision to allow the woman to attempt to video her husband watching the two of them and truth be told, both the youths had greatly enjoyed the thrill of being watched.

"Still watching? I doubt it," the woman snorted. "Bastard could never get it up more than once a day after he'd cum." She looked out onto the yard, apparently hesitant to go join Jill and her boyfriend, fearful of being spotted by Henry. Jill saw her apprehension and assumed the woman was afraid her husband would see her and would understand what had happened.

"What now?" Jill asked, hoping the woman would leave so she and Andy could screw one more time. Unlike Henry, her boyfriend had no trouble getting two and sometimes three erections, and she loved taking advantage of every one she could.

"Why don't you two come back inside?" Penny asked. "I wouldn't want you guys to get a sunburn."

Jill and Andy looked at each other before finally nodding. Holding their clothes in front of their bodies the two teens walked quickly inside the house. When the woman caught sight of their embarrassed postures she laughed.

"You don't need to hide from me," she giggled. "I've already seen it all."

"But I thought you were watching your... your ex-husband," Andy stammered, feeling the woman's eyes focused on his erection. He glanced at Jill and saw her own face mirrored his own panic.

"I was," Penny answered quickly. "But I couldn't help notice the two of you. Jill, you are quite the beautiful young woman, and Andy, well... let's just say I can see that what you've got dangling between your legs could be very... very satisfying to a lady."

Jill blushed as she glanced at her boyfriend, surprised to see him looking at the older woman with something approaching lust building in his eyes.

"Hey," she snapped, slapping her hand against his chest. "What are you looking at?"

"Um... nothing," Andy said quietly, his eyes still flicking back to the older woman as she sat back lazily in her chair.

"I'm sorry," Penny finally said. "I should be going, I don't want to cause any trouble between the two of you." She stood quickly and appeared shocked as her thin cotton shorts slid down her legs, revealing her bare pussy, slick with her own juices. "Oh my," she gasped. Neither of the teens saw the glint in her eyes as she watched the two of them closely.

She grinned as Andy's prick jumped as he caught his first glimpse of her baby-smooth flesh and even Jill seemed entranced by the pale flesh of her pussy.

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