Pet Sounds Suite

by Jeremy Spencer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He loved her. She loved him. Typical, happy high-school sweethearts. Then she cheated, but he forgave. Now she's gone and he doesn't know why she left. A flash "epic" based on the song titles from the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" album. Thirteen 300-word parts in total.

Wouldn't It Be Nice

"Oh God! Do that again! Please?"

He looked up from between her supple, tan thighs, grinning like a madman.

"You liked that?" He asked, knowing the sticky wetness of her damp pussy pushing against him was all the answer he needed.

His legs were cramping, so he tried shifting around in the crowded space, but it was no use.

"Close your eyes," he whispered. "I'm going to open the door."

"Wait," she answered, and he watched as Caroline hastily pulled her sweater over her breasts and quickly smoothed her skirt. She nodded that she was ready, and the two squinted in the harsh light of the overhead light.

Happily, she thought nervously, they were alone. It was a crisp October evening, and the scent of burning leaves was everywhere.

Spreading out his letterman jacket, he knelt down and pulled her legs around his ears. Grinning devilishly, he dove in and hungrily resumed feasting on the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, moving quickly upward, and was soon tasting her tangy juices.

Caroline sighed as a small tremor washed over her. Grabbing him by the shoulders, she pulled him closer, pressing their bodies together. Impatient now, the two shifted around until his hard cock was seated properly at her hot opening.

He thrust forward, when suddenly Caroline gave a small cry as her head banged against the opposite door.



Quickly, the ancient dance of thrusting and withdrawing was over, and they hurriedly cleaned and straightened and primped.

As the couple drove through the dark, tree-lined boulevard, he looked over at Caroline, who was seemingly distracted, staring out the window.

"Wouldn't it be nice," he said, "if we could go home to our house, and sleep in our bed?"

She absentmindedly nodded, wondering what her boyfriend would think of her.

You Still Believe In Me

"Oh Brian, I'm so sorry!"

I sat in my car. It had been a lonely Friday, but with her admission my life changed.

"I'm so sorry I slept with him!"

Somehow I still felt alone, even though I had Caroline on my arm. We weren't really talking. At least, I wasn't talking.

"Oh God, I'm such a whore! I tried... I tried to tell him we shouldn't, but it had been so long and you're gone so often, and he started touching me and..."

She was crying again. I started to feel light-headed, wondering what the protocol is in a situation like this?

How do you take back the contrite girlfriend who cheated on you with your own brother? Do you take her back or let her down gently?

I sighed. Of course I would take her back.

"Caroline, shh... quiet." She looked at me through eyes rimmed with tears, simultaneously fearful and expectant. I felt her breasts pressing against my arm, her breathing deep, deceptively calm, though she was on the verge of flight, her entire body coiled and taut.

I put what I hoped was a comforting arm around her shoulders, drawing her close to me.

"It's okay," I whispered, stroking the damp hair from her face, kissing salty tears from her cheeks. "I love you."

Sobs wracked her body as she threw her arms around my neck, burying her head against my chest. I could feel her lips as she kissed, butterfly-soft, down the front of my shirt.

"I can't believe it," she finally gasped. "You still believe in me? After all... after what I've done? What did I do to deserve you?"

I shrugged my shoulders. I had no answer as to why I'd said it. Hopefully saying it was enough. Who can explain young love?

That's Not Me

"He was an asshole, that's all there is to it." I gave Caroline a tight squeeze, trying to show her that I was here for her. Would always be here for her. Even if I felt like I'd been played for a schmuck.

She sniffed a little, rubbing her nose, child-like, on the tattered cuff of my oversized sweatshirt. She looked up at me, a wistful expression on her face.

"I'm so sorry, Brian."

"Don't be."

"But you're so good to me, even after... even after all of this, and I..."

"Keep shitting all over me?" I didn't mean it to sound so bitter, I swear I didn't. Caroline looked at me in surprise, eyes big, wide open, shocked I would put it... the truth... so bluntly. Finally she nodded, head hanging low.

"I'm sorry." It was a whisper. I could barely make out her voice.

"No, I'm sorry. You're right. We were young. Too young probably." I sighed softly. I knew I'd been ready. Willing, even.

"Do you know what he said?"

"My brother? The asshole?" Caroline smiled slightly, nodding. "What did he say?"

"He said all he was looking for was a little fun. A place to dip his wick! The prick! I told him I was late, and he tells me it's 'too bad' I didn't think of that sooner."

"That sucks. He's such an idiot."

"He said he needed to be free. He couldn't be a daddy, but I'm supposed to be a mommy?" Caroline looked near tears again. "He said "Being tied down like that? That's not me at all," and he took off."

"It's probably better this way."

"Better?" How was this better? The father of her baby runs off to who knows where?

"You're here."

I sighed. Yeah... I'm always here... for you.

Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

We were driving away from the sterile white building when Caroline lost it.

"Brian, I killed it I killed it I killed it!"

I pulled to the side of the road, ignoring the angry honking and rude gestures from passers by.

"You did what you had to do, right?" She looked at me, again through teary eyes, and silently nodded.

"But it hurts so much!"

"I don't know what to tell you. We discussed this before... so many times. I want to help you any way I can, but... we did the right thing... you did the right thing."

"What am I going to tell my parents?"

I sighed, closing my eyes. I tried to think of something... anything... that would make this easier, but couldn't.

"I guess... Caroline, I..." Words failed me.

Reaching out, she put a finger to my lips, silencing me.

"Don't talk," she said, her lips forcing themselves into a smile. "Don't talk."

I reached out, surrounding her, pulling her close.

"Put your head on my shoulder." She leaned against me, her arm resting lightly on my thigh.

Her breasts pushed softly against my chest as slowly, Caroline dragged her hand over the rough denim of my jeans, moving slowly closer to my cock, which twitched in anticipation.

"This is so wrong," she said, sliding effortlessly over the lump of my cock, teasing me to full hardness. Her nipples felt like two diamonds against my chest.

I gently moved my hand over the fullness of her breast, and Caroline gasped at the contact, pushing herself more completely into my hand.

"Take me home?" she begged anxiously. "Make love to me?"

"Caroline?" I didn't want to get hurt again. Not today. Not by her.

Reaching out, she put a finger to my lips, silencing me.

"Don't talk."

I'm Waiting For The Day

It was so obviously a female's bedroom. I sat beside her, resting on the edge of a bed covered in pink frilly quilts. Strewn around the room were stuffed animals, flannel pajamas, and dainty undergarments.

I felt I didn't belong.

"Caroline," I tried again, for what must have been the thousandth time. "You have to get up. Go out. Get on with your life."

She sniffled, wiping away tears, and looked at me, not understanding.

"Why?" she asked, and I answered for what must have been the thousandth time.

"Because I love you."


I smiled at her. "There are so many reasons." Thousands. Millions. "I love the clothes you wear. I love the way your hair reflects light, so golden, so perfect. I love that I can smell you when you walk in the room. All I want to do is hold you, touch you, make love to you the way we used to."

I knew I'd said too much, too soon, and closed my eyes, waiting for her outburst, but none came. I opened one eye.

She smiled, and I was taken away.

She reached out and stroked the line of my jaw, my skin hot and alive wherever she touched.

"Brian. Sweet Brian. I can't. I just can't! I can't love you. Not again. I can't hurt you. Not again."

I pulled her close, wanting her to know, to understand how I felt. How she was my whole world, and now my world was crumbling at my feet.

"Why not? Because of... because of what happened?" Caroline fell back on the bed, covering her eyes with her forearm.

"It's not you... it's me. I'm... I can't... I'm waiting... I'm waiting for the day..." and she trailed off.

"What day? Waiting for what?"

"When I can love again."

Let's Go Away For A While

"Aarrgghh!" she screamed, waltzing into my room and slamming her bag down.

"What?" I asked, startled at her entrance. Caroline blushed a bit, embarrassed at her outburst.

"God Brian, I'm so sick of this shit!" she moaned, throwing herself on my bed, screaming into a pillow.

I picked myself up off the floor and sat beside her. She had twisted onto her side, supporting herself on one arm, and her shirt had ridden up. Showing was a trim, tan stomach. I could make out the glint of her belly button ring and further up the swell of her breasts.

I felt myself getting hard and crossed one leg over the other, attempting to hide my condition.

"Sick of what?" I asked, hoping she hadn't seen me staring. Ever since her abortion things had been... weird. We were close as always, but something was off.

"Work. School. Family. Whatever."

"Let's go away for a while," I suggested. Her face brightened, and she quickly sat up, tucking her legs beneath her for support. Her breasts swayed enticingly and as I brought my gaze upward I caught her eyes and saw a little smile on her face.

"Yes?" she asked, teasing.

"Um... we could go up north? My uncle has a cabin. We could go boating, or whatever." It sounded lame to my ears, but she seemed all for it.

"That sounds great!" She paused. "When?"

I hadn't thought that far ahead. I picked out the day planner from the clutter on my desk and rifled through it.

"Two weeks?" I suggested. "Too soon?" She shook her head, and her blond hair flowed over her face.

"Perfect," she said, standing to leave. Brushing past me, I felt her hand slide over the lump in my pants. "You always know just what I need."

Sloop John B

"That's it?" Caroline laughed when she saw the boat for the first time.

"The Sloop John B," I said. "Named after my grandfather."

"It's kind of small."

"You know what they say about size, right?"

"Yeah yeah," she laughed, throwing her duffel to me. We climbed aboard, ready to enjoy a weekend on the lake.

Dinner was a quick affair, a simple meal of sandwiches and assorted junk food.

And beer. Lots of beer.

We lay on the deck of the boat, watching the stars.

"Do you love me?" she asked in a quiet voice. I paused, wanting to answer her as honestly as I could. Of course I loved her, but how do you say that succinctly? She took my silence for something else. "Never mind, how could you, after everything?"

"Caroline, you know I love you."

It was everything I'd hoped I'd feel again when she rolled over into my arms. We kissed deeply, our tongues playing against one another. I felt my cock grow hard and knew she felt it too, as the heat of our passion washed over us.

Carefully, still unsure of myself, I removed her blouse, looking again at her perfect breasts, white mounds of flesh topped by pink nipples, stiff with arousal. I kissed down her neck, licking and nipping at her tender flesh as I pushed her back to the deck.

We made love there, to the beat and cadence of tiny waves.

Afterward, I spoke, regretting my words as soon as they left my mouth.

"I'm sorry, I know I'm not that big compared to Dennis." My brother, who you cheated on me with, was left unsaid.

"Mmmm... you know what they say about the size of the boat and the motion of the ocean?"

"Yes. Why?"

"I love your vessel."

God Only Knows

"What do you mean?"

I tried to be coy, but failed, bursting out laughing.

"Brian! What do you mean?"

"I mean just what I said. It's yours. Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful, but... why?"

"Because I love you."

"You love me."

"I love you! Do you still doubt it? How many ways do you need to hear it? How many times do I have to say it?"

"It's just that..."

"Caroline! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!"

She giggled, looking around at the startled looks of the other passengers.

"Brian, sit down please! I get it. You love me. You love me!" She pulled me back into my seat, holding her hand to the light, admiring the gold band around her finger. "It's beautiful," she whispered, leaning over and kissing me lightly on the cheek.

"Do you understand now? Do you believe me? Please... please know that nothing that's happened, nothing you've done could ever change my mind. Ever."

"Really?" She smiled mischievously, raising an eyebrow in question.


"So... no more early morning hanky panky? No more blowjobs on the highway? None of that? And... you'll still love me?"

"Well... maybe a blowjob. Or two." I laughed, as she dropped to her knees in front of me.

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