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Desc: Sex Story: My family think I'm stupid, these mammals can't lay eggs so what's the point in mating with them. I may be stupid but it's great fun to push my mating probe into them and make them squirm.

My eyes hurt now they were drying out, but then they always do about now. Having to wear full contact lens over my vertical slit eyes doesn't help. To make me forget the pain I was concentrating on the three young females chatting. It was funny their voices said one thing but the minds said something completely different.

My family think I'm stupid, these mammals can't lay eggs so what's the point in mating with them. I may be stupid but it's great fun to push my mating probe into them and make them squirm.

The three girls broke up now, each going their own way. The one I wanted headed straight towards me and I noticed her eyes giving me a look. I didn't have to implant anything into her brain for she was already seeing me thrusting between her legs.

"Hi," I said with a big smile.

"Hi," she giggled.

She was a lot younger than I thought, probably too young to mate with. She did have all the right equipment though.

"Do you want to come with me?" I asked.

Of course she did but her high brain function was telling her no; so all I had to do was over rule that, it was so easy.

I took her hand and pulled her along after me. I could still read conflicts within her brain but I just about kept things under control. Once I got her to my transport I knew thing would become much easier.

"I shouldn't be here," she said pulling against me.

I was loosing her so I had to stop and take both her hands in mine.

"You want to mate with me don't you?" I asked.

Of course she did, I could read it in her mind, it was just other things telling her she shouldn't.

"It'll be fine," I said, "come with me."

I was almost there, I opened the door and almost had to push her in, the back of the transport was empty of seats just deep soft carpet.

"I'm not sure about this," she said looking around the place. Panic was rising within her.

I had her now, there were no distractions so I could push her natural lust to the fore. Her skin felt lovely and soft, what do my family know, sure she can't produce eggs but just the touch of her smooth skin was enough. Inside her mind her lust was building, pushing aside all other thoughts.

"Let's get your clothes off," I said, helping her out of her few clothes and then she was naked.

One touch and her legs opened wide and I could see her sex was already gaping waiting for me to penetrate her. My probe was quite large compare with males of her species, but even so I slipped into her quite easily. I could read that her mind was full of sexual images, very revealing on what turned her on. In her mind she was running through a pantheon of males she knew and what she would like to do with them, or so cases what she would like them to do with her. It very strange, here I am with my probe deep inside her yet she thinking about other males doing it to her. She was getting close now, her hormone levels rising fast as her orgasm approached. Then her body jerked uncontrollably and I pump my juices into her.

Now that her hormone levels were dropping again, I again could read panic rising within her mind. 'Who was this guy who had just penetrated me, what was his name even, oh my god what have I done.' It was almost too much for me to quell but somehow I quieten her down, but her panic was still there lurking just beneath the surface.

"I should go now," she said looking for her under clothes.

"Sure," I said which calmed her still more.

Half of her was afraid I might make her stay.

"Shall I call you?" I asked.

Again I could see it was the right thing to say, I was behaving like a male of her species should. She looked at me in the dim interior and I could read her lust rising again.

"Yes please," she said, her clothes still in her hand.

I reached out and took them from her and she again opened her legs for me.

In her mind there was a kaleidoscope of sexual images, bondage, multiple partners and forced couplings. I wondered if all females had these fantasies.

"I must go," she sighed as I pulled my probe out of her.

She didn't want to go, I could read it in her mind, but she had to get home or she would be in trouble. She dressed quickly and with a kiss she was gone leaving only a slip of paper with a contact number.

"I suppose you've been out putting your probe in one of these disgusting mammals," said my Sire.

"Leave him be," said my Damm.

"Thanks mum," I said giving her a smile, "I want to get out of this skin and have a nice long soak."

My mammal skin was fine and comfortable but after awhile it starts to itch.

"Your Sire's right my son," said my Damm, "you shouldn't waste your time on these creatures but find yourself a nice female to mate with and have some fine eggs of your own."

"Yes mother," I said.

"I know it's fun with these hot bodied mammals," she chuckled, "but no good will come out of it. Suppose they find out about you what then? There'll come a hunting, that's what they always do."

"Yes mother," I said.

Of course she was right, if I was ever found out, they would come after me, stuff me and put me on show. But I was too cleaver for all that and the fun of pushing my probe into them was so intense that I couldn't give it up.

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