New Job

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: I didn't fuck her she fucked me. Just as soon as my cock was in the cool evening air she was straddling it and pumping on it for all she was worth. I braced myself against my heavy desk and rode out the storm.<br> "Yes, yes, yes," she cried as her orgasm flowed through her body and then she was still. Her eyes opened and she looked in horror at me.

I was now thirty-nine and single again but I still saw my two teenage daughters most weeks but my ex-wife Diane, may she burn in hell, I didn't want to see ever again. I had taken up the post as head of the R & D division of the company and was settling into my new job. One of the things I was doing during my lunch breaks was going back through their records to see what they been getting up to before I arrived. There were some good stuff and some rejected things, then I stumbled upon the Sports Rub. Someone had the idea to market a soothing Sports Rub that helped to relax and strengthen the sportsman's muscles and hopefully still not breach any rules or fail a drugs test. Not exactly cheating just playing to their set rules. Oh it worked all right but it had serious side effects and it was dropped.

It was the hand written footnote that had caught my attention.

'wow what a reaction!!!! One drop and they was screaming for sexual relief.'

Sexual relief well that sounded interesting and well worth looking into.

I took the file home and read it over my dinner. Apparently this rub worked very well on men and it only used drugs that were allowed but when it was first used on a controlled set of women athletes the side effect became pretty obvious. Within seconds on applying the rub they became intensely sexually aroused and demanded relief straight away; apparently with each other if the reports were true. Surely that sort of reaction must have pushed someone's buttons, but apparently not and the whole thing was written off as a failure.

Back at the Lab I found the small bottle of the rub still in the cabinet and took it back to my office. I searched through the company database but it seemed that this was all before they were computerized and as a failure it never got put on. So I had the file and the only sample left, I sat in my office and day dreamed on what I would do with it. Ok first things first a small trial to see how this thing works but who on?

"Your coffee sir," said Kathy my secretary, breaking my daydream.

She put my mug down a wiggled out of my office. Even with her wearing a lab coat she couldn't hide her curves. Ok so I had my victim so how was I going to do this?

"You working late sir," she said.

I looked up at my clock to discover it was after six.

"You'll have to lock up, everybody's gone," she said.

So what was I waiting for, no better chance would ever come my way. I opened my top draw and wetted my fingers from the sample bottle.

"Time to go home," I said touching her bare arm lightly. "Right after you."

She just made it to my door before she stopped, shuddered slightly then turn with raw lust written on her pretty face. In truth it was a little scary to see her advance on me, her hands opening her lap coat as she came.

"Fuck me," she demanded, and she attacked my zip.

I didn't fuck her she fucked me. Just as soon as my cock was in the cool evening air she was straddling it and pumping on it for all she was worth. I braced myself against my heavy desk and rode out the storm.

"Yes, yes, yes," she cried as her orgasm flowed through her body and then she was still. Her eyes opened and she looked in horror at me.

"Oh my god," she said backing off and adjusting her clothes.

"What brought that on?" I asked trying to look innocent.

"Oh my, I'm sorry about that," she looked down at my frayed carpet. "I'm not sure what happened, I just had this urge, sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about," I said zipping up. "Lets go home and forget about it."

"Y-yes, thanks," she said and walked away while I locked up.

Well there was no doubt about it, it worked fine if a little aggressively. Lets see what tomorrow brings. I decided to dilute the Rub to see if it could be controlled. One parts to fifty and then I tried again; some more finger wetting and dubbing on naked flesh, but nothing. Ok let's try one to twenty-five. That was better, after a minute her eyes snapped onto my groin and she started to undress and I got to fuck her on my carpet this time. So one part per twenty-five would get her aroused and eager to fuck without being too aggressive about it. I should have had this when I was still married, may she burn in hell, the sexless bitch. Thinking about my ex wife made my cock go hard and I was tempted to call Kathy back in for a further session. No I wanted Diane to beg me to fuck her, tear her clothes off and beg me; god what a dream.

Although I said I never wanted to see her ever again it was not possible if I wanted to see my two daughters. Every other weekend I would drive over to my old house and pick up Lee and Lex and take them out for the day. They would sleep over and I would take them home on Sunday. Of course Diane would be there to give me some advice with her sharp tongue. Other time I had to go over there to sort out some domestic disaster in my house that she was too tight to pay someone else to fix.

"The boiler doesn't work," she snapped as I stepped through the front door.

It's nice to see you too, I thought; well it was. There's nothing wrong about the way she looks, its what's in her head that's ugly. In my tool bag I had my solution of 25-1 just in case I could find a time to use it.

"Where are the girls?" I asked as I looked around.

"There're out," she said, with no further explanation.

Well that's bloody typical, I was only allowed to see them two days in fourteen and as far as she was concerned that was it. Well this time it worked in my favour. With Betty, who's a normal sexy girl it takes only a minute for my solution to have any effect, with Diane, who's a right sexless bitch, she fought it's affect on her, but in the end even she wasn't strong enough.

The boiler pilot light had blown out so once re-light it was working again.

"Can I get you anything?" she asked quite sweetly.

Her voice sounded so strange that I looked up to see that she had my bottle of 25-1 in her hand.

I took it from her limp fingers and put it back in my bag. The sponge top was wet and there was no doubt she must have got some of the solution on her. As usual she was dressed to thrill, tight jeans and top, I knew from experience it didn't mean anything; you're allowed to look and lust but not to touch but today was going to be different.

"I don't know how I'm going to thank you," she said her voice sounding breathless.

I took her hand to help me get off my knees and somehow she pushed herself against me; my face didn't show it but inside I was laughing.

"I best be off," I said pushing her gently away.

"Please stay for a drink," she invited and brushed her nice 'C' cup tits against my arm.

It was like when we were engaged all those years ago.

"Ok," I said.

"Good," she smiled, "I must get out of these dirty clothes."

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