Doing His Brother (a favor)

by the Troubador

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, InLaws, .

Desc: Sex Story: HIs brother Carl asked him to help Carl and his wife Connie with a problem

Note: To the hoodlums who have been harassing me daily!

Do not read this! I have told a number of fibs to the gang and I do NOT want you to know the truth!

It was damned hard trying to get any work at all done this morning. Going to sleep last night hadn't worked well either. The favor my brother asked me to do had just blown my mind!

Carl was two years younger than me but unlike me, he got his basic college degree then gone on to get a law degree. He wasn't high in his class, but he had the damn thing. He graduated from the University of Washington a lawyer when he was 28.

Mw, I'd gone directly into creating games and writing code after a couple years at the local Community College, Edmonds, CC. So I had been at my life's work for ten years before he got that law degree.

I'd also gotten married at 22, then been divorced four years later.

Carl on the other hand hadn't gotten married until he was thirty, to one of the most attractive women I had ever met. So I had been a divorcee for four years before he graduated law. Guess I was just precocious.

Lucky for me, several years ago I conned the company I work for into letting me telecommute. MS would have never fallen for it and I was praying Mr. Gates, sir, didn't complete his acquisition of this firm. But in the meantime no one was looking over my shoulder as I wrote code and I could work when I damn well pleased; which actually worked out well for the company. I was at the keyboard a lot more hours than I would have been if I were driving back and forth. And I thought my work was better than it had been when I was driving back and forth to work.

But who would have believed what my brother Carl told me?

He and Connie had been trying to get pregnant since they were married three years ago. Then Connie finally conned him into going to a fertility witchdoctor a year ago when two years of hot sweating hadn't produced anything more satisfying then really, really great orgasms. Turned out Connie was fine, more than fine. The bad news was that Carl was sterile. Something about the mumps he had caught the year before he met her.

It is really tough on grown men to catch that childhood disease. Seems sterility is a common outcome.

The witchdoctor laid out all their alternatives; adoption, artificial insemination and so forth, though there weren't many so forths after the first two. What blew it all out of the water was the cost, for artificial insemination and the long time frame for adoption. Not that adoption was all that cheap.

They knew there were ways to cut the time for adoption, but they all came down to two things; most were illegal, not to speak of immoral, and they were even more expensive.

With just Carl working, they had figured their expenses and knew they could afford to raise a child, maybe even two if Carl got the promotions he was expecting in the next few years. But they couldn't afford to raise a kid and pay for getting Connie pregnant. Without the one, the other was out of the question.

So they brooded until Connie got an idea. She reminded Carl that his brother, me, had sired a couple kids when I was married. Sure, she knew I was too hard to live with day to day but I'd proven my fertility and my kids were really nice. She emphasized she certainly wouldn't want to put up with me on a daily basis. She fully understood and damn well agreed with the reasons my wife had for leaving me.

Yet Connie did like me as long as she didn't have to live with me. We were best buds. Truthfully my ex liked me too, she just couldn't stand to live with me. We were still good friends thankfully, so I had a lot of time with my daughter and son.

So Carl and Connie sat and talked, for months apparently, until Carl took me out for that beer last Saturday. He asked me to impregnate his wife!

Luckily for me he was sitting across the table from me in a booth at Mike's Bar & Grill when he brought it up. As soon as I understood what he wanted I sprouted a Woody! Not just any old woody, you understand, but a Woody!

Man, for a moment I thought I would cum right there in my pants. I mean, Connie was more than gorgeous. When Carl had introduced me to his fiancée I had fallen in love. Fortunately for all three of us I had already been through the marriage grinder and knew that marriage just was not for me.

But damned that woman was lovely!

I hemmed and hawed for half an hour, trying to talk Carl out of it. Then I gave in.

Hell, I'm crazy, not stupid! By the time I said yes Carl believed I was doing this reluctantly. And the strange thing is that he was right. By the time I said yes I knew Carl was aware of the things that could go wrong. Carl finally convinced me he knew what he was asking and that he wanted a kid enough to agree to it. I was also sure, well as sure as I could be under the circumstances, that this wouldn't destroy my relationship with my brother. And as much as I liked Connie, and she was a really good friend of mine, I knew nothing would ever take Carl's place in her life. Carl also convinced me their marriage was strong enough to accept the strains this would put on it.

So I said yes.

And today, Monday, at 2:00 PM on the button, just fifteen minutes from now, I was to show up at the door to their apartment where I would "have" to bonk his beautiful bride.

They had given me a key to their apartment a couple years ago, just as I had given them one to my house. When they were away for more than a day I was to come water the plants and feed the cat. And they agreed to reciprocate the favor. So Connie didn't have to let me in or leave the door unlocked or anything.

Connie's idea was to keep this as impersonal as possible. I mean, giving or getting a good bonk can never be impersonal, but she was trying to keep it as empty of emotion as she could. Since I valued her friendship even more than I did her beauty that had been the most serious qualm I had about doing this. She had gone so far as insisting she and I would not ever even discuss what we were doing.

Boy, that was going to be tough, but I understood.

She had still been trying to work out the arrangements when Carl and I talked Sunday so I wasn't quite sure how she planned to do this. Carl did tell me yesterday there would be a note on the coat closet door just inside the entrance to give me the directions.

I drove aimlessly around the neighborhood for ten minutes before parking and trotting up to their apartment. Damned if I still wasn't two minutes early!

When the big hand on my watch touched twelve I opened the door and let myself in. As I shut the door I thought I heard someone scrabbling around down the hall to the bedrooms.

As promised Connie had scotch taped an envelope on the closet door with a note inside. It said I was to strip down in the living room, then walk down the hall to the guest bedroom. As I pulled the envelope off the door their big orange tomcat began his routine of twinning around my ankles.

I had spent a number of nights in that room and wondered what kind of memories it would leave me with for the next time I slept over.

The note was a really quick read, it said:

Don't say a word

You are to quietly perform your function

"Function?" I couldn't help the yelp that came out when I read that. The cat jumped back away from me, giving me a remorseful look. At the same time I thought I heard the tinkle of a nervous laugh from the back of the apartment. If I did it was quickly stifled.

When you are done, please leave, quietly

No words will be spoken

Thanks bro, we don't know what we would

have done without you

Well, I figure I could do that.

It didn't take me long to strip, fold my clothes neatly and place them on the coffee table. Connie had taught me early on to be neat in her home. I knew it was foolish, but the damn cat never took his eyes off me after my clothes were off. He had perched atop their TV and was staring at me as if he thought I was doing something I shouldn't. He really made me feel self-conscious. For a moment I wanted to shoo him away, but he and I were buddies and he wouldn't have understood.

It really, I mean REALLY felt strange being naked in Carl and Connie's living room. The cat trailing at my heels didn't help, either. Bare foot the way I was it was nice they had wall to wall plush carpets. It felt good under my feet.

At the door to the guest bedroom I peeked inside. Connie, or at least a woman, was lying on the bed. She had folded the covers neatly and then placed them on the floor at the foot of the bad. She was lying back on the bed, nude from the waist down and the only thing she wore was an oversized white T-shirt. The way she was wearing it had her covered above her waist, even her face was hidden.

Before I could step into the room the orange tomcat scooted inside, jumping on the dresser and folding his paws. With his head pulled back staring at me that way he looked like a Sphinx surveying his subjects.

When I got close to the bed I saw Connie was actually wearing two T-shirts, probably Carl's, they were certainly too big for her. The bottom of the shirts were pulled up over her face and she was holding them in place with both hands.

All I could see of Connie was below the waist. Her sexy hips were open to my view from just above her belly button and down. I'd seen that shape in almost the same condition when she wore her neon orange bikini swimsuit. Yeah, that was Connie all right! Nice!

The cat gave me a disgusted look. What the hell, I was owed my opinion!

She hadn't gone bald on her beaver! I'd been guessing she had but of course never had a way to prove it one way or another. Her mons was partly shaved but she left a very erotic little strip of her auburn hair, an inch wide and about three inches long right above her sex. I would have been willing to spend a weeks pay just to see what was laid out in front of me today and here I was getting it for free.

I had been wearing an erection since I woke up this morning. But at sight of Connie's lower half I swear it grew another inch! For a moment I thought I would split wide open.

Good Golly Miss Mollie! Man, I was glad I could be of service to my brother and his wife!

Out of the corner of my eye I noted the cat was studiously cleaning his paws. What the dickens did he have any reason to be so smug about? He lived here!

When I was able to pull my tongue back into my mouth I stepped the rest of the way to the bed. The apartment was dead silent. The cat was silent. No air conditioner, no mechanical noises of any kind, not even a clock ticking. Some sounds did seep in from the outside, but really faint and they seemed to come from another world. Standing beside the bed I could hear my own heart beating.

Filtered through the thin golden drapes the sun bathed the room in a soft golden glow. The pale peach walls welcomed me into the sanctuary the woman naked on the bed was gracing. It felt like a cathedral.

Of course I'd never been in one that featured nude women.

For some reason I don't understand, after all we were alone in the apartment, I turned and shut the door softly. Then I pushed the button to lock the door behind me closing Connie, me and the cat inside. The big tomcat stretched out atop the dresser, put his head on his paws and closed his eyes. I didn't know if he was embarrassed or bored.

Connie lay still on the bed, legs spread full open and resting flat on the bed to either side, her knees bent. For a moment I studied faint trembles moving over her belly. As I watched her soft breathing seemed loud in the room and seemed to pick up speed. She soon was almost panting.

Was it fear or something else affecting her? She certainly wasn't serene.

The pale flesh of her bikini line that separated the golden tan of her legs and belly was very erotic. For some reason I had to stand a moment longer drinking in the sight of her womanly bits laid out before me... And for me. I felt my own breathing speed as I admired her. This picture would be in my mind until the day I died.

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