Barb, Naked, Again!

by Roxanne

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Desc: : Sometimes I'll tell you when a story is true. Sometimes I'll tell you when a story is fictional. Sometimes I won't tell you either way. This is one of those times. In 2001, I entered this story in Nanpa's Photo Contest. The challenge was to explain the photo at the website. The photo shows two women in a pool, one naked and one wearing a bikini. The bikini-clad woman is holding the naked woman's bikini in the air.

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You can find the photo for the contest here:

I don't know how in hell I let myself get into situations like this. No, I do know how. What I don't understand is why? That's Rox you see in the striped bikini. My top is in her left hand, my bottoms in her right hand. That's me in the foreground, naked, with my right hand between my legs, in the throes of orgasm. My name is Barb.

You'd think I'd learn. Maybe someday I will.

My husband and I have known Rox and her husband for a couple of years, ever since we moved to California. She and I go to the same gym three times a week. We get together for lunch or shopping every couple of weeks. About once a month, my husband and I go out with her and her husband, usually for dinner and a play, or something similar, or we end up at one of our apartments, for dinner and cards.

Rox and I are very competitive. Whatever the contest is, almost without exception, I can beat her, almost every time. I can swim faster than she can. I can beat her racing our bikes. I can beat her at any running distance from half a mile to ten kilometers. I'm better at chess, checkers, dominos, ping-pong, and pool. I'm much better at Scrabble. I'm better at most card games, word games, and for some reason, I can even beat her at rock-paper-scissors, more often than not. She was a varsity athlete, and she holds the edge at anything related to moving rapidly towards a ball in motion, including tennis or handball. The only non-sports thing she is consistently better than I am is poker, even though I think we play about the same game. Somehow, she can read my hand in my eyes.

I think I can beat her at any game, any time, any place. That is, except when the stakes are high. I have never managed to beat her at a stripping game. It doesn't matter what the game, Rox always wins. I always end up naked. Even if it is some kind of team stripping events, with our husbands or with others I almost always lose. When I do win, I'm always on her team. When she loses, I'm always on her team.

I keep coming back for more. I want to strip her so badly I can taste it. As I said earlier, you'd think I'd learn. Maybe someday, I will.

Her dad lives in a really nice place. The picture you see was taken in his pool. He was in Europe for a month. Rox and her husband were house sitting. My husband and I were having our place painted, and we spent the week with them. The painters were going to start on Monday, but we moved in the preceding Friday.

They had a big bar-b-cue and pool party on Saturday. At least half the people there were their friends from high school or university. It must be nice to live your entire life in one place, and to keep in contact with so many of your childhood friends. We'd met some of them before, but this our first time in the same place with so many of them. They got to telling stories about the "good old days." Yeah, like they were soooo old. We learned they were a really wild crowd in high school and college. Apparently, they had calmed down since college. At some point, almost every game of chance or skill had been played with clothing, or sex, or both on the line. Interestingly, they talked a lot about all the stripping games, but they never played any that night.

We didn't play anything the next few days either. We went to a concert, and to the county fair. We went to Nuke Beach, the north county nude beach near the nuclear power plant. We went down to the Gaslamp District, to a jazz club. By Wednesday night, Rox was on my case; taunting me about never having defeated her in any strip game. She wasn't going to beat me this week, because I wasn't going to play. But she kept after me. You know how, when she gets an idea, she just won't let it go.

In a moment of weakness, I asked her about the stakes. I didn't know it, but she had me hooked the instant I asked.

We were playing for our bikinis, plus. With each victory, we got to remove one piece of the other's bikini, or have her put a piece of ours back on us, if she has a piece of our suit. The winner of each round got to stimulate whatever was uncovered after each round, one minute for each of the loser's garments we held. If the naked one lost, it was all over; she had to masturbate herself to orgasm, while both our husbands took photos or videos. Then she had to remain naked for the rest of the weekend, with her joining the winner and her husband at night, while the loser's husband slept alone. If the game didn't end the first day, the woman with the least clothing spent the night with the other couple, while her husband slept alone.

This was the second of three consecutive days our husbands were playing golf. Tonight was my husband's poker night, and they were not likely to be home until late. We decided to tell them only so much of what we were doing as they needed to know, and not until they needed to know it.

All contests were held in whichever parts of our bikinis we happened to be wearing. We only left her dad's place to compete outside if we both wore our whole suits. The loser of the previous game chose the next contest, and if she wished, she could take up to thirty minutes to rest between games. No game could be repeated. However we were dressed for the contest, that is what we wore for meals, while relaxing, and for the entire weekend, until Monday morning.

We would order lunches and dinners delivered each afternoon and evening. The winner of any hand could call a meal break, and we stopped playing until after the meal was finished. Whoever was least dressed had to open the door and pay for the food. If it was a tie at the time, the most recent loser did the honors.

I won the coin flip, and selected the first contest. I chose a bike ride, from the bottom of the hill up to her dad's driveway, a distance of about three miles. As usual, I beat her, by almost two minutes. We went inside, and I took off Rox's top. I got a minute with her breasts. When I was finished with them, she was breathing hard, and was perky.

After about five minutes, she chose ping-pong, the first to fifteen. Ping-pong is the game she plays me the closest. This time, I beat her, 15 - 3. I removed her bottoms, and enjoyed my two minutes. It was about 7:15 Friday evening. With Rox naked, I thought this was a good time to order a pizza. Rox, naked, gave the pizza guy a spectacular view, when she opened the door.

One more win, and Rox would be naked for the rest of the weekend. I could not wait! She choose five laps of the pool. It wasn't even close. Unfortunately, it was Rox who won. I had to put her bikini bottoms back on her, but I did enjoy her breasts for a minute.

Rox whipped up a batch of fudge, and we sat around her family room, talking and eating, until the fudge was gone. It was after 1 A.M. when the guys stumbled home. We both had big towels over our shoulders, and the guys didn't comment on the differences in our attire. I'm not even sure they noticed.

Rox told her husband she had lost a bet, and had to spend the night with us. He just nodded his head, and wandered down the hallway. My husband and I led Rox into our bedroom, where I locked the door, to keep her husband out of the room. I took a very quick shower, because I didn't want to leave my husband alone with the half naked Rox. I came out naked, and sent her in to shower next. I got in the middle of the bed, pointed out where my husband would spend the night, and told him to stay away from Rox. When Rox came out of the shower also naked I pointed to her spot in the bed, and sent my husband to the showers. We were well entwined by the time he got in bed behind me.

I was the victim of my own horniness. That led to my downfall on Saturday. Rox and I had a very hot night, and she fell asleep. At some point in the night, I rolled over into my husband, and before I knew it, he and I were going at it hot and heavy. I was insatiable that night. Dawn was breaking by the time I fell asleep.

I was one tired babe when we met out on the lawn behind the house. Me in my bikini, Rox just wearing her bottoms. She wanted to wrestle! I had never tried that. I asked if she ever had; she said "No." We met on our knees. I lifted my arms up, reached towards Rox, and she got her arms high under mine, leaned over, and pushed me down on my side. She pushed again, and I was on my back. Just like that, down, but not yet out. I only had one hand free. I went after her nipple. She slipped her hands inside the front of my bikini bottoms. I felt an electric shock as her fingers found the right spot. I began to moan. She kept at me, and I kept moaning.

She said, "I think you lost, Babe." I couldn't get her off of me, so I had to agree. I was breathless when Rox finally let me up. She made me put her top back on her, and we were each wearing both pieces. I didn't tie the top straps as tightly as I could have. That was deliberate.

Since I lost, I got to pick the next event. Even though it just barely took her a minute to win, I was tired.

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