Party Slave

by Bradley Stoke

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Science Fiction, BDSM, Spanking, Humiliation, Orgy, Interracial, Black Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: Zee knew that people in the outer solar system were more liberal about sex than they were nearer Earth orbit. In fact, the prospect of witnessing incest and orgies rather excited her. But Zee never expected to find such a thing as a Party Slave.

Zee was beginning to regret her decision to visit her old college friend, Anastasia, out here in the Kuiper Belt. Why did Anastasia have to live so far out? Even with the incredibly fast ships that sped across the solar system, necessarily at a distant plane, it had taken Zee months to get to Theseus from her home in the crowded Earth orbit. And she wasn't sure when she'd got there that the journey had really been worth it.

Once upon a time, Theseus had been some kind of planet or asteroid, mostly composed of frozen water and methane. It hadn't taken very many years from the first landing to it being remodelled as a settlement to resolve the ever-pressing need for more and cheaper real estate. But it was old now, showing its age through the inefficiencies of its gravity simulators and by the evidence of its rather chunky architecture. And this far out in the solar system, there were never very many foreign visitors at all. Certainly not black ones. For whatever reason, the outer solar system had attracted mostly people from the old Central European and Russian ethnic groups, who had a reputation for their rough frontier personality. Not only her skin colour made her different, but also the fact that her hair was brushed out into an enormous afro and that she wore a tunic and trousers, unlike the dresses and skirts worn by most women in this corner of deep space.

Not that there was much for the people of Theseus to do, except stare at Zee as she walked through the spaceport with her bag of duty-free goods, followed by her luggage hovering a metre above the ground behind her. She felt like such a freak! Not something she'd ever felt before. But she knew it was only a small minority of the frontiersmen who actually had any useful work to do: those working in the media, or in fashion and design, or in scientific research. As everywhere else in the solar system, there just weren't enough jobs to go round for the number of people who wanted them. Not that those not in work were necessarily poor. Millennia of investment and property speculation had generated more inherited wealth than could ever be consumed in a billion lifetimes.

As Zee surveyed the concourse ahead of her, trying to spot her friend in the crowd, she reflected that wealth in these outer reaches wasn't that evenly distributed. Bizarre as it might seem in this advanced day and age, many people in Theseus had to rely on charity to survive. There were men and women actually begging at the spaceport. For whatever credit they could. These unfortunates had somehow not benefited from the legacy of wealth that continued to fuel the economic system and which, after all these hundreds of generations, was still generating a healthy percentage growth rate. One whose physical manifestation had literally spread to the stars.

And there was Anastasia with her brother Sergei and two older people, presumably her parents, standing together beneath a hovering holograph that had Zee's name engraved on it. Zee rushed across the marble concourse toward her friend and kissed her on the lips.

"Zee! I'm so pleased to see you!" burbled Anastasia, who was a slightly plump girl with very white skin and long red hair. She was wearing a long dress that flowed from her shoulders and whose train hovered in the air behind her. Dressed very much like her mother, in fact.

"It's been a hell of a journey!" exclaimed Zee. "And this must be Sergei." Zee kissed Anastasia's brother, who was thinner than his sister and had shoulder-length hair. He was dressed more like Zee - tunic, trousers, and knee-high boots - than like Anastasia. Fashion changed very little over the solar system, but quite clearly people in Theseus were slightly more conservative.

"Sergei's been looking forward to seeing you ever so much!" Anastasia exclaimed, squeezing her brother's crotch under her parents' approving gaze. Zee blanched slightly. But this gesture of her college friend reminded her of why she'd been so keen in the first place to come out so far in the solar system to stay a while with Anastasia and her family. Not that she'd much else to do. Like virtually all her college friends she'd so far failed to find any remunerative employment. Even with a qualification as theoretically employable as a degree in linguistics, there just weren't any jobs for her. There were only a few things left that couldn't be done much better by machine. Education. Medicine. Construction. These were all so much better entrusted to robots, nanobots and computers.

Zee kissed the cheeks of Anastasia's parents, who were both warm and welcoming. The mother gave her a friendly hug, her huge breasts pressed against Zee's rather smaller bosom. "I do so hope we get on together, you and I. Anastasia said you like the company of women."

Zee nodded her head. Anastasia had obviously told her mother about their love affair at college. However, Zee's own parents would have been a lot less enthusiastic. For whatever accident of history, these outer regions had a reputation for sexual license. And Theseus' reputation was one of the most licentious. A licentiousness that was not nearly as prevalent in the more ancient, slightly staid communities in the inner planets.

But it was this very liberal sexual attitude that had saved Zee's friendship with Anastasia after they had been an item for more than a whole term. When Zee discovered boys, and became more sure of her sexuality after having played both ways for so long, Anastasia merely shrugged when Zee told her that she had started having sex with Roy on a regular basis. "So what? What difference does that make? As long as I can taste his cock as well." It was then that Zee learnt just how far Anastasia's sexual permissiveness went. Boys. Girls. Two. Three. Four. All at the same time. Her brother. Her father. Her mother. In fact, Zee wasn't convinced that Anastasia would even have drawn the line at animals. Although Zee was more than delighted to introduce Anastasia to her parents as her close friend and lover, she would not have told them about some of the wild group sex sessions they had enjoyed together.

Zee had come to miss all that in the years since she had left college on the elite campuses of Haley's Comet and had returned to live with her parents under the rather more predictably constant glare of the Earth orbit Sun. Her parents might not mind when she brought home a boy, or even, rather less often now, a girl, but they preferred that she kept her sexual games confined to her own rooms in the condominium. If she'd brought back two or more friends at a time, her parents were unlikely to be nearly as understanding. But attitudes were rather different here.

Anastasia's father kissed Zee gently, but she could see the lust in his eyes. "I hope we get along famously. And you'll have plenty of opportunity to get to know every inch of us as intimately as you want to. We're having a party tomorrow night. We've invited a few friends around. If you like dick, as well as my daughter's cunt, then you're going to have a good time, Zee sweetie."

"And none of them have seen black cunt before!" commented Anastasia's mother, squeezing Zee's hand in her own. "Not for real, anyway. That'll be ever so much of a treat!"

Zee smiled again. But there was a hint of nervousness behind her eyes and the brilliant whiteness of her teeth. She'd often wondered what Anastasia's parents might be like, as she and her lover had rolled around together on the mattress, her tongue exploring the darker pink interior of Anastasia's vagina. Anastasia had so often described them to her. Sergei's long thin dick and his keenness on anal entry. An interest he shared and expressed with his male friends. Anastasia's mother and her massive nipples. Nipples that Anastasia liked to get stiff and long and then stroke against her clitoris. And her father... There seemed to be no acrobatic feat of sexual endeavour that he wasn't expert in. And when he and Sergei were together, her father fucking her in the front and her brother at the back... Why! You couldn't believe the fun they had!

Zee could never, would never, imagine such behaviour within her own family. But with Anastasia's family, out here in the Kuiper Belt, where the round trip for a videophone call took nearly a week, Zee felt she could be adventurous in a way that even at college she'd felt a little constrained.

There was no denying that Theseus was a fairly claustrophobic kind of place. Architecture in the time of its creation had simply not envisaged the five kilometre high vaults and open green spaces of more recent developments. And the worst was that there was no Sun. Zee knew that outside the settlement, where the temperatures were frighteningly close to absolute zero, the Sun was really almost exactly the same size as all the other stars in the sky. But it wasn't just the long walkways and towering buildings that made Theseus such a claustrophobic settlement, home though it was to between five and six million souls. There was the constant brush of people's gaze as she walked along with Anastasia and her family, astonished by her huge bush of hair and the skin-tight fit of her clothes, not to mention her skin colour. Zee was relieved when the family entered their transport pod and sped through the underground tunnels to Anastasia's home in the outer suburbs of the second city of Agamemnon.

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