The Collaring

by Patience Bryce

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, .

Desc: Sex Story: The formalizing of a BDSM relationship

Copyright 1/26/2005

(For the man who's collar I hope to earn and keep forever)

They met over lunch. He informed his girl about their special plans for that evening. She smiled, "I'm looking forward to it," without asking about the plans. She knew she would find out, there was no need to question him. He'd given her a list of things to get from home, as well as what items to wear that evening. From the list she realized his plan was to spend the night with her. She could feel warmth spreading deeply inside her. He dropped her off at her home, kissing her before she got out of the car. He tugged at her hair as she sighed into his mouth. His hand ran along her stocking covered legs, under her dress. Lightly he traced his fingertip along the warm skin of her thighs where the stockings ended. Kissing her harder, his hand gripped her inner thigh, pulling her legs open wider. He trailed his fingers up to her pussy, teasing the bare soft lips. She thrust her hips forward, pressing against him. He immediately removed his hand stating, "Get busy. We both had things to do." She bit her lip to keep from protesting.

The afternoon went quickly for her as she packed their toy bag, showered, and prepared for him. She got out his favorite dress wondering where they were going that her finest outfit was needed. Putting fresh stockings to her garter belt she slipped them on, then the dress. She finished brushing out her hair and carefully twisted it into a bun. Gazing into the mirror she knew she looked the part of a modest woman. Giggling as she reflected on this, she lifted the dress up, exposing herself to the mirror. If only people knew.

He arrived precisely on time, and gathered up their belongings. Looking at his girl he said "You look so lovely for me". She thought how handsome he looked. Seeing him like this always made her heart flutter. Putting the bags in the trunk first he opened the passenger side door for her. She began to smooth down her dress, only to have him push it up to take a peek underneath.

"That's exactly what I like." He quipped, and then replaced the hem of her dress. Leaning over her he buckled her belt. These mannerisms, the small caring gestures always made her blush slightly.

They arrived at Chardonnay's, an elegant restaurant at the Sheraton's Four Points. They were seated in a private corner table where a beautiful arrangement of flowers sat with a card bearing her name on it. She glanced at him and asked, "May I look at it please?" He gave her a nod of approval. The card simply stated, a night we will never forget. She quietly thanked him. When the waiter came to the table he placed the order for both of them. She had little appetite. Nervous excitement pushed aside the desire for food.

But he coaxed her to eat, "You'll be glad later, you'll need the energy."

She watched him enjoying his meal while she picked at hers. One of her great pleasures was listening to him talk. She could listen to him for hours. She found comfort in hearing his voice even talking about the day-to-day mundane things. Occasionally she felt his hand on her leg, running a finger over her knees. His touch made her tremble.

She smiled across the table at him.

He ordered a bottle of wine as he explained she would be allowed one glass.

She smiled, replying "Thank you." As he raised his glass he leaned towards her, "Do you think anyone in the restaurant would have a clue what we are about, what the evening would evolve to?"

Then... tapping his glass against hers toasted quietly, "To a hard night of pleasure and decadence." She face flushed pink. The two sides suddenly collide. Who knew that this middle aged woman, dressed for dinner in an elegant restaurant, would soon be naked and used by the handsome man across from her.

He took his time finishing, casting knowing glances at her. He was teasing her so subtly. She was ready to start their evening, and he knew it. Finally he paid the bill and pulled out her chair. They retrieved their coats.

He told her "You won't need to put this on since this is where we are staying for the night." He had her wait by the elevator and retrieved their bags. She wanted to grab one and lighten his burden but knew he'd have none of that. Always in public she was to be a lady, and ladies didn't drag luggage around when there was a man to do it for her.

The room was beautiful. The flowers from dinner had been brought up and placed on the table in the room along with a basket of fruit. In the corner of the room was the Jacuzzi. It was beautiful. She was starting to feel overcome with sheer happiness for this man she was sharing life with.

He approached and had her turn around. Facing the mirror over a dresser she watched him in it, as he unzipped her dress. He first bared her back and shoulders, kissing each one, lightly biting first one then the other. Biting harder. Her breathing quickened. He'd always had that effect on her. She held herself still for him as the dress was pushed off and onto the floor. He then removed her bra. He reached for her hair and took it out of its bun. He ran his fingers through it as he untwisted it, watching it cascade down her back. He stood behind her, but looked in the mirror at her, "whom do you belong to?" She replied, "I am yours Sir. "

He stepped back from her, having her step out of her dress on the floor, so she could hang it up. He sat on the king sized bed and watched every move she made across the room dressed only in her heels, garter and stockings. He was getting aroused. She turned around and he beckoned her back to him. He pointed to the floor and she knelt there, smiling up at him. She waited. He instructed her to remove his shoes and to open his pants. She followed his instructions stopping after she had them open.

He told her to take his cock out and suck him. Sitting there watching her, feeling her warm mouth encompass his growing cock, he ran his hands over her waist long hair. He started twisting his fingers in her hair, pulling her up and down on him. He didn't hold back and quickly came in her mouth. Pulling her up to him he kissed her long and hard.

He took a moment to catch his breath, before instructing her to fill the Jacuzzi. He began undressing, watching her go across the room, bending down to open the faucet. She looked at the mirror that was along the wall next to the tub as she checked the temperature of the water. She would sneak peeks at him undressing. He walked over behind her, gave a deep smack to her round bottom. She grinned," Thank you." He stepped into the Jacuzzi. On his order she knelt behind him massaging his shoulders as he sat back against the edge of the tub.

After 20 minutes he told her to finish undressing and join him. Getting his permission she clipped her hair out of the way, undressed and joined him. The water felt as warm on her skin as she did inside. He pulled her to him and kissed her, and had her sit with her back to him. His hands played over her breasts, pinching and twisting them at times, caressing them otherwise. She could feel his cock growing against her again as he bit her ears and neck.

Finally he asked, " Did you noticed the bag on the bed?"

Looking over she admitted she hadn't.

He chuckled, "do you think you know what's in it?"

She shook her head no. She had a hope of what it might be but no she didn't know. He was quiet for a few more minutes as she struggled not to ask him more about it. In his time she would be told.

"Are you curious?"

Smiling she admitted, "Of course, Sir"

"Retrieve the bag"

Automatically she reached for a towel, only to be stopped by him.


Dripping water she went to the bed to get the bag and felt the weight of it. She handed it to him. He put it on the edge of the tub. Driving her just a little crazy out of hopeful curiosity. She became fidgety which he noticed and chastised her for. The longer she fussed, even quietly about this, the longer it would be before he shared the bags content.

Taking a deep breath she willed herself to be still for him. He leaned back and appeared to doze. She smiled, thinking how good it was to see him relaxed. In her opinion he didn't get nearly enough opportunities. For this she could wait she told herself.

Finally he opened his eyes looking at her for a full minute before telling her to get him a towel. He stood up as she retrieved it, wrapping it around him as he stepped out of the Jacuzzi. She dried him off. She handed him a soft robe to put on. Crossing the room he stopped in front of a full-length mirror, "bring the bag over here along with a towel." She held onto the bag as he dried her off. He dropped the towel to the floor. He took her by the shoulders and turned her around to face the mirror, taking the bag from her.

"Close your eyes" he instructed as he opened the bag, removing what he had for her.

She felt his hand glide over her neck, caressing it.

"You neck is far too exposed for my liking."

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