On the road with the wife

by sjdwriter

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Desc: Sex Story: Sometimes you can't believe your own eyes. When you love and trust a woman your mind will try to trick you into believing the impossible. Or is it? You decide.

My wife and I were traveling on the Interstate to visit her ailing mother.

Talking about sex as we always do as we travel Jen was really getting into some of her fantasies. Like talking about another man in their bed and maybe sharing him with another woman. She talks like that a lot but we never act on it. If you knew Jen you

would know why.

Jen and I married straight out of High School and had a child before our first anniversary. She was a good wife and an excellent mother. After a year we had another child and Jen continued at the same pace. Taking care of the children and taking care of me as a wife.

I never had a complaint about her and she has never complained about me.

Here it was now 20 years later and heading to see her mother nearly 300 miles from home.

As I drove I would look over at Jen and admire the cute profile she had with her small nose high cheek bones and her long dark eyelash's that covered her beautiful hazel eyes.

Jen was a very pretty woman of 39 5'4" with a healthy 36 B 24 34, shaped like a model.

She was very attractive to me but I never really caught men scanning her body.

Maybe it was due to the clothes she would wear.

Very plain skirts and blouses with the cotton white bras and regular panties.

She has only one pair of bikini panties and one sheer bra that she only wears when she is with me while we travel or around the house. But when she goes out to shop or work she dress's very conservative.

Today Jen is wearing a pair of shorts and a pullover T type shirt with our daughters college name across the front.

As we were driving and talking a tractor trailer suddenly passed us and cut right into our lane then out again.

I couldn't believe what had just happened and neither could Jen.

She looked a little shook up so I picked up speed to lose the truck and exited the service area which was a few miles down the road.

By the time we stopped and parked the car Jen said she felt a little better.

I left her in the car and went into the restroom that was about 40 yards away.

As I came out of the restroom I could see Jen standing by the car talking to a man who looked to be a well built guy standing over 6 feet tall.

I wondered to myself who this guy was talking to my wife.

As I approached them Jen called to me to come and meet Eric.

As I walked in front of them the man he put his had out and introduced himself to me as Eric and said he was very sorry for what happened back a few miles.

It then hit me that Eric was the driver of the 18 wheeler.

"Well you scared the hell out of my wife and me for that matter.

What ever happened for you to drive that way." I said to him in a very tense voice.

"I have to admit that you must blame your wife for distracting me." he said with a straight face

"My wife? she didn't even know you were along side of us until you cut in our lane."

I said in a huffy voice.

"Sir may I say with due respect that our wife is a very attractive woman and once I seen her it was hard taking my eyes off of her." he said in a very sincere tone.

"Oh thank you" Jen interrupted

"Well it's true" Eric said "you are a very attractive woman and it was hard to take my eyes from you as I went by."

With that Jen reached out and held Eric's fore arm. Then pulled him close to kiss his cheek.

Jen said "it must be very difficult driving such a huge truck like that."

Eric answered with "It isn't as big from the inside and once your behind the wheel it's like driving a large car. Would you like to see the inside?" he asked Jen directly.

"I would love to if it's OK with my husband." she said with a smile as she looked at me.

"Of course it's OK but be careful you don't fall climbing in."

"Oh I will make sure she doesn't fall, she will be in good hands with me" he said as they headed toward the big rig.

Watching Jen climb up the steps to the door of that big truck was a sight. With those shorts on he butt looked real nice with the muscles of her legs forming such a beautiful sight.

I noticed Eric was enjoying the view since he was climbing right behind her and almost covering her body with his as they climbed in.

From where I stood all I can see was them enter the truck and they disappeared from view.

About 5 minutes went by so I walked toward the truck and was ready to climb in when the window opened and it was Jen. Peering through the open window she said that Eric was going to take her for a ride and they will meet me at the truck stop down the road.

With that the truck began to move so I jumped off and headed to my car.

I couldn't believe how they just started to head for the entrance to the interstate.

By the time I got to my car and headed out they were about a mile in front of me.

I hit some high speeds to catch them and when I finally reached the big rig I was doing 90.

Passing him on the left I looked up to see Jen in the drivers seat. Her hands were on the steering wheel and she looked out the window with a big smile and waved to me.

Jen driving that thing how could she ever until it hit me that she was sitting on Eric's lap.

Jen sitting on Eric's lap? I couldn't believe my eyes but sure as it was she was on his lap.

I pulled up further and could see in my mirror the driver of the truck and it sure was my wife.

Watching the mirror as I drove I could see very clear her hands on the wheel but what bother me was it looked like a pair of hands on her breasts.

I looked harder and then noticed the hands go under her shirt. All I can see was her face with a big smile and her breasts being massaged by a pair of hands under her shirt.

I was stunned so I signaled for them to pull over. As I pulled off the road the truck went flying by me.

"Dam" I yelled at myself. "How stupid sending your wife in a truck with a truck driver you don't even know."

"He's probably molesting her and she is completely helpless with out me there."

I pulled back on the road and followed them.

Talking to myself now saying.

"The truck stop must be up the road here so I will just followed them there and take her from the truck then beat his brains in for molesting my poor helpless wife."

Traveling for another 15 minutes I noticed a sign on the side of the road "TRUCK STOP AHEAD 100 MILES"

"100 miles" I shouted. "Jen is in trouble now."

I raced around the truck and looked up as I pulled along side and had the shock of my life. In the drivers seat was a complete stranger.

"Jen, Jen I thought." What happened to my wife?

I pulled in front of the truck so I can see in my mirror the driver and movement behind the seat.

Looking closer to the drivers right I can see a body moving around. I couldn't make out

exactly what it was but it looked like an arm or a bare leg.

"What was going on I thought?"

The body I was watching came into view.

All I seen was Jen's face leaning out of what they call the sleeper behind the drivers seat. Her face was in clear view and I can see her bare breasts hanging and swinging. Then a pair of hands grabbing at them. I seen Jen laugh and fall back into the sleeper.

Legs went in the air and then I seen two bodies merging together.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I just kept driving and watching the mirror every chance I got. There was plenty of movement in that truck and I was fuming with every mile I drove.

After what seemed like hours I seen the sign "TRUCK STOP NEXT EXIT"

"Thank God" I said as I pulled into the parking area.

Thirty seconds or so the big rig pulled in beside me.

I got out of my car and as I was climbing into the truck the door opened and Jen was stepping out.

Fully clothed and a grin from ear to ear she said "Honey did you see me driving that truck?" "It was so much fun, did you watch?"

"Yes I did, I seen everything and was in total shock to think you could do something like that to me." I shouted

Honey what are you talking about? "I seen you driving yes, and I also seen Eric's hands under your shirt." I shouted to her.

"Honey you have to be mistaken I drove for a few minutes just steering that is and then I was in the passenger seat all the while." Jen protested.

Could I have been imagining this? I thought.

"Honey are you OK?" Jen asked in a caring way.

Maybe I was imaging what I had seen. Was it that crazy talk we had in the beginning of this trip? Her fantasies and mine? Then the shock of being cut off triggered my brain?

"Jen I don't know if I'M feeling OK or not, we better find a place to relax OK?"

"OK honey" she said as we went to the car.

Just then Eric pulled away and sounded his big horn. Jen waved and Eric headed down the road.

We sat in the car for nearly an hour for me to rest and Jen took a nap.

She said she was tired from the excitement of the ride in the big rig.

My mind was racing. Did my faithful conservative wife have sex with Eric in the big truck or was imagining all of this?

I would swear I seen her naked and his hands all over her. And the two bodies I seen that looked like they were making love? Was I seeing things?

Looking at my sweet wife sleeping in the seat besides me made me feel foolish thinking of such nasty thoughts.

She was a good mother and a very good wife, how could I ever think that way.

Feeling better I started the car and headed down the highway again.

An hour later and we were in front of the hospital to visit Jen's mother.

Visiting for felt like hours we headed to the motel we had reserved for the night.

After checking in we decided to go to the restaurant across the street for some dinner.

As I was pulling into the lot of the restaurant I noticed a dozen or more 18 wheelers

parked in the rear of the building. "They must cater to truckers at this place" I had said to myself.

As we entered the restaurant I noticed there were many people there and they were all men.

As we were taken to our table I couldn't help notice all the eyes looking at my wife.

Jen walked in a casual manor to the table and never mention to me they eyes that were upon her.

After the waitress took our order Jen decided she had to use the ladies room.

Walking from the table again I noticed the men there had their eyes all over my wife.

Jen just walked her normal walk and never look anywhere but straight ahead.

I was starting to wonder about myself. Am I paranoid or am I going crazy.

These talks about fantasies have been getting the best of me.

I sat there for some time and taking advantage of the wine we had ordered fo dinner.

It seemed like a long time until I seen Jen walking back to the table.

She had a smile on her face like the cat that ate the bird.

I asked her why she looked like that and she said that when she was leaving the bathroom a man approached her and started to talk to her.

He said he remembered her from earlier in the day when she was in Eric's truck.

He had passed them on the road when she was behind the wheel and they talked over the CB radio.

She was very giddy when she was telling me how they talked.

He offered her to drive his truck but she told him that she was having dinner now and had to turn in early because she had a big day ahead of her.

He told her that he would be there tomorrow if she changed her mind.

I wasn't to happy with men asking her to drive their trucks but she laughed it off as me being jealous.

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