Sweater Girl

by Synth

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, non-anthro, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man with a sweater fetish gets a pleasant surprise.

I pulled the ragged cardboard box of fuzzy sweaters out from under the bed. Which of my lovely ladies will pleasure me tonight? I thought, running my hands over a deep blue cashmere number. I ran my hands through all the treasures in the box, feeling their sensuous fuzzy softness.

"Down, boy," I muttered as my cock pushed eagerly against the material of the old terry cloth robe I wore. "We want to take our time with our soft, sensual lovelies. What is this?"

My eyes had spotted a long sleeve of fuzzy silver grey. I moved the other sweaters aside and lifted the beauty from the box. It was almost more like a skin with soft curly hair than a knitted sweater.

"Where did you come from?" I held up the silver grey pullover in front of me. "I'd remember buying something as gorgeous as you. I can't recall that one of my women friends wore you. Perhaps someone bought you as a surprise gift?" I rumbled through the carton for a card, however, only the other sweaters lay in a tangle in the box.

I cradled the pullover in my arms and slowly raised it to my face. Closing my eyes I buried my face in the softness and sighed deeply. My cock pushed harder at the terry cloth confining it. I wished that the sweater had a living woman wearing it. I loved sweaters, but sometimes it was just a bit lonely with only a piece of fuzzy cloth for company. I sighed again as I felt two soft hands caress my cheeks and lips touched my brow as fleeting as a butterfly's touch.

My eyes flew open. I found myself looking into two pools of inky darkness surrounded by long thick dark grey lashes. The dark pools grew smaller and I gazed on a narrow face covered with fine silver grey fur. The large black eyes were set at either side of a snub nose, and the somewhat thin lips were black. I leaned forward so that I could see more of the strange being.

The body was covered with the fine curly fur; it was short on the face and hands -which had long black nails -long on the top and sides of the head, and medium length over the rest of her body. The good sized breasts with the large black nipples peering out from the fur told him that the creature was female, as did the mound between her legs. Smiling and showing small white teeth, she turned around. I hissed in surprise when I saw the lamb's tail covering the crack in her pert little ass.

"What are you? Where did you come from?" My world was fast coming unglued and I wasn't sure if I liked it.

She placed a finger against her lips indicating that I should be silent. Leaning forward, she caressed my face with her wonderfully soft hands. I quivered with the pleasure her touch sent through me. Then she planted quick little kisses all over my face, ending up at my lips where she kissed me long and slow. I opened my mouth and she pushed her long tongue down my throat. I pulled back at the sudden shock of feeling that soft, flexible object tickling the back of my throat. She tugged me forward and her flexible tongue caressed every fold inside my mouth, and finished by licking the food particles from between my teeth. She licked her lips after she had finished. I imagined that tongue of hers licking down my body and swirling around the tip of my cock.

It was like she read my mind for that long tongue lapped its way over my chin and down my neck into the hollow of my throat. Her soft hands opened my robe and I made the appropriate movements that allowed her to remove it. She buried her face in the bundle of terry cloth and sniffed loudly before letting it fall to the floor beside the bed. Her tongue continued its journey down my body. It slowed when it reached my chest and I groaned quietly when it swirled around my nipples, turning them into hard little stones. I groaned louder when she took each nipple in turn between her sharp little teeth and pulled hard. Pleasure and pain radiated out from my chest. She worked my nipples in turn deeper into her mouth, and bit down hard on my aureoles leaving toothmarks and a tingling burning sensation behind.

My cock rose higher as her wet tongue zigzagged down the midline of my body, and darted in and out of my navel. I trembled in anticipation as her tongue moved on and reached the base of my throbbing cock. It licked up my shaft, danced over the head, and licked down to the base again. I moaned very softly. Suddenly, with a single swift movement of her head, she engulfed me with her mouth. She was soft as silk around my shaft, and moved as smoothly as sliding over satin. I moaned as the familiar sensation of burning, tingling formed like a large lump in my groin. When she sensed that I was ready to explode, she let me slip from between her lips and pinched the base of my cock hard with her fingers.

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