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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A crowded bar, a high barstool, and a short skirt.

The holiday lights twinkled off the ocean as they pulled up to the club and parked. The party was in full swing by the time they arrived. It was being thrown by a business acquaintance of his and they needed to make an appearance, no matter how short. She knew Alec would have preferred to skip the whole thing but it was essential to his work that they show up. Conor had worn the little black dress because she knew it was his favorite. The look in his eye as she came down the stairs earlier had told her all she needed to know. During the ride his hand had caressed her leg, moving higher but stopping just short of her panties. His fingers toyed with the top of her thigh highs, rubbing the soft lace. Her body reacted as it always did with him, she felt the heat between her legs. After Alec parked he reached over and pushed the spaghetti strap down on her dress exposing her breast. His mouth captured her breast even as his hand stroked her leg. His teeth pulled gently on the nipple and she held his head there, eager for more. He moved back; murmured later; and got out of the car. She adjusted her dress as he came around the car, her hands trembling.

At the front door he pulled her close again, lowering his mouth on hers. His kiss served its purpose, to constantly re-stoke the fires within her. She felt his tongue and opened her mouth, the kiss was pure liquid fire. Even though it was brief her head was spinning, he knew the right buttons to push with her. He smiled as he rang the doorbell, that certain smile that always made her heart pound. She reached up to wipe her lipstick off his mouth, watching as he caught her hand and kissed her palm. Her breath caught and her heart turned over, Alec had always had this effect on her.

As they walked in, Conor felt his hand in the crook of her back. The place was packed, a teeming throng of party goers. The club was decorated for the season; fairy lights were everywhere as well as a giant Christmas tree in the corner of the main room. A waiter magically appeared with a tray of drinks and they circulated as they sipped their champagne. The noise and the people in this room made it hard to move and somehow they got separated. She found herself wandering the room, fending off advances and offers of a drink with a smile and a shake of her head. Weaving her way through the room she finally saw Alec, he stood out even in the crowded room. The small brunette hanging on to his every word made her see red and she moved to his side. She smiled at her as she took his arm, a smile that shot daggers. She was staking her claim and it worked, the brunette made her excuses and left. His low chuckle made her see the humor in the situation and she relaxed. He always had the ability to make her smile, to see herself in a different light. Her jealousy had been a sticking point early on in their relationship, and it still reared its ugly head now and then.

He took her glass and handed it to a passing waiter, guiding her to the dance floor. It was crowded but the lights were low and their bodies seemed to meld together. Her head was on his shoulder, the smell of his aftershave was familiar and intoxicating. His fingers trailed down her bare back and traced the outline of her dress. Conor shivered as his hands cupped her cheeks and he pulled her close to him. He was already hard and when she looked into his eyes she saw lust, raw passion. One hand moved to her leg and his fingers played with the hem of her dress. Her arms went around his neck and he ground against her. Her hair was in a French braid and Alec grasped it and pulled her head back. Lowering his head he whispered in her ear, telling her exactly what he planned to do to her later. She trembled, his words ignited a smoldering flame. He nibbled her ear and she felt his tongue as it trailed along her neck. His hand cupped her chin and his kiss was hard, his tongue forcing her mouth open. The kiss intensified; they swayed together; oblivious to everyone. Her body practically screamed for release, something that was not lost on him. Breaking the kiss, he lifted his arms to unwind hers from his neck.

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