Shared Pleasure

by Synth

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two androids and a human share pleasure with each other.

Thistledown: An Erotic Interlude

Darkness came as abruptly as ever. I went out on the balcony and feasted my eyes on the lights of the city. Carazon appeared lovelier at night than it did in the bright light of day. The glow of lantern light softened the harsh stone, and gave the whole city a dreamlike quality.

The liquid trills of a night-singing bird sounded from the garden below, and from behind me came the notes of a flute, imitating the bird and then going into a melancholy tune. Piper. The music of his flute wound itself around me, and one of those violent shocks passed through my body. Piper.

The sad tune dissolved into the liquid trills, and the music flowed and danced like water in a mountain stream. A pair of hands touched my shoulders and a warm body pressed against my back. Jay. Mate, lover, friend, father of the child growing inside me. His hands stroked my shoulders and my arms. Slow waves of warm pleasure passed through me. The sound of the flute flowed over me like cool water. Jay took my hand and led me back into the room.

Piper squated on the end of the red and gold chaise, his long legs sticking up like black wings by his ears. His dark-haired head bent over the carved wooden flute in his hands, as he blew into it and a series of breathy notes flew off into the air around us. I smiled at him, and the music paused while he returned the smile.

I turned back to Jay and caressed his face, his neck, his shoulders, his back, and touched him all over for I couldn't get enough of the feel of him, the spicy scent of him, and the warmth of his body against mine. I stroked his hair, reached behind him, and gave his long, pale-blonde braid a playful tug. My hands slid into the hollow of his neck, and along his shoulders to his arms. Lifting first one of his hands, and then the other to my lips I kissed each finger, taking each one into my mouth, and savoring the sweet, spicy flavor. I rubbed his back, and he arched against my hands, moaning softly. I squeezed his butt and the muscles flexed under my fingers as he moved closer against me. My hands flowed down his body, and I fondled his smooth cock, and his balls.

And the music of Piper's flute danced around us, flowed over us, caressed us.

Jay touched me all over in turn, and I burned with the pleasure of his touch. His hands moved down my back like warm water, and I undulated under their touch. He cupped my bottom, pulling me in close to him, so that I felt his erection against my inner thigh. One hand slipped in between us, and he fingered my nodes. I shivered and moaned as his fingers danced around the ring of pleasure nodes.

And the wild music of Piper's flute skirled and trilled around us, through us, over us.

I pushed Jay down to the floor and straddled him. He groaned and I moaned as I let the length of his cock slide into me. All my hundreds of nodes sent flashes of pleasure firing through me. I moved up and down on him, staring into his gold and silver flecked azure eyes as I rode him. I touched his lips with a finger when his mouth opened and he moaned in ecstasy. I moved faster as flashes of pleasure turned into explosions, and I cried out as the fireworks went off. He moaned again and spurted into me. I waited until my special gatherers had collected what he had given me, before moving off him.

"Do you have any idea how much I love you?" I said, running a finger down his nose. He gave me no answer for none was needed.

And the music of Piper's flute dwindled, note by note, off into silence.

I went over to a small sideboard on which stood a platter with bread and yellow cheese. A dish of fruit abutted the platter. I cut two thick slices of the grainy bread, and covered them with slabs of the cheese. Beside the sandwiches I placed a golden skinned fruit. I carried the plate over to Piper and handed it to him. Piper lifted one of the cheese covered slices of bread to his lips and took the first bite. I shuddered with pleasure. Watching him eat -the way he nipped off pieces of the bread with his teeth, and the way his lips moved while he chewed -set my pleasure network to tingling. I emitted soft moans with every bite he took.

After he swallowed the last bite of juicy golden fruit, Piper stretched his arms over his head and yawned. He fell back onto the chaise and closed his eyes.

"Good night," he muttered. "Don't make too much noise. Unlike you two I need my beauty sleep."

"Oh, no you don't," I said, pulling Piper to his feet. "Jay and I want you in the bed with us. We both are utterly in love with you, and don't you forget that. Neither of us wants you to sleep alone out here."

Untying the laces of his black shirt I slid it downwards until his arms were trapped. I pinched his nipples hard, before pulling his shirt down the rest of the way. I tugged down his tight pants inch by inch, letting the sleek material rub against his partially erect cock. By the time his pants were down as far as his thighs, he sported a full erection. He pulled the pants down the rest of the way and left them pooled on the floor beside his shirt.

"I'm not going to get much sleep, am I?" he said, as we made our way into the bedroom.

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