Life Altering Experience

by pointless

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Greg has lusted after his little sister since she first hit puberty. Little did he know his little sister felt the same way.

He stared at his sister exiting the pool, water dripping from her thin, tanned body It glistened on her stomach and legs, causing her bikini top to cling revealingly to her small breasts. It accentuated their soft curves, and the taut nipples peaked as the cool air hit them. Greg hated to admit it, but he was more aroused then he'd ever been in his life. His dick knew it as it hardened rapidly and strained against the confines of his shorts. Not that he needed his genitals to tell him what he already knew: his little sister was the hottest thing he'd ever seen.

This wasn't a new revelation by any stretch of the imagination. He'd known for what seemed like eternity now, but was in fact only a few years. Ever since puberty little Rachel had been quickly heading down the road to being the cutest girl in town.

At thirteen she already had grown men hitting on her. Not perverts, real men with normal urges and no desire to get into a little girl's pants. They couldn't be blamed. Even at the young age she had the body of a woman twice her age. The only way you could tell her age was to listen to her talk. She may have looked like a twenty-year-old sex goddess, but she still sounded like a kid; of course as the years went by that eventually changed. Her mind began to catch up with her body and by the age of eighteen she finally had the maturity to handle the gifts that genetics and God had endowed her with, and it showed.

Rachel radiated with confidence. She was charming. She was funny. She was the perfect girl. All the boys in her high school would've gladly done anything she asked if they thought they had even the slightest chance of getting into her panties.

Even some of Greg's friends had expressed their interest in his little sister. That all stopped once he busted a few heads; not that he didn't understand their desire. He understood it all too well. He couldn't count the times he'd cursed God for making him the brother of the only girl he really wanted in the whole world.

He was cursing God right now as he stared at Rachel as she wrapped the towel around her body and walked towards where he sat on the back porch. He wanted to look away, he really did, but he couldn't. Rachel just smiled at him as she kept walking closer until she finally reached the deck.

"Hey," she said in her usual cheery tone as she covered her eyes to block the glare of the late afternoon sun, "I thought you had to work."

"Um, I did," Greg said hoping she wouldn't notice the gigantic bulge in his trousers that just wouldn't die. He knew he should say more, but for the moment it just wouldn't come.

"And?" Rachel inquired as she sat down in the lounge chair across from him, still squinting.

"Here," Greg said as he pulled his sunglasses from his pocket and threw them gently at his sister. They landed squarely on her lap. "Put those on before you go blind."

"Thanks," Rachel said as she slipped the glasses on. She looked at Greg like she was trying to read his mind. She stared at him long and hard and then said something that almost made Greg believe she could. "Did you get fired again?"

"Yeah," he said quietly looking away from prying eyes.

"What'd you do this time? Punch out the boss? Get caught stealing?" She sounded more like his mother than his little sister. This was not unusual. Ever since their mother had run off to California to become a fucking star she'd been the woman of the house. Even after their dad remarried she'd kept the role. Not that their stepmother minded. She was more interested in partying than being a role model. No one had cried when she too ran off to god knows where. Now their father stuck to girlfriends and hookers; mainly hookers. Both of his children pretended not to notice.

"Neither," Greg said, feeling like a scolded child. He knew he deserved it, but that didn't make it any easier.

"What happened?" Rachel asked, mellowing her tone a bit trying to get him to answer. She loved her big brother more than anyone in the world and she knew him better than anyone as well. Yelling and bitching were not the way to get an answer out of Greg. Being calm but persistent worked so much better and had the benefit of not resulting in a broken limb or chair or whatever else got in his way. Not that he'd ever hurt her. She knew better than to poke the bear.

"I went into work high again and..." Greg started sheepishly and gestured his resignation with the waving of a hand.

"Damn it, Greg," Rachel said, then sighed. "You're lucky dad isn't here. He'd kill you."

"I know," Greg's voice was hollow.

"Why couldn't you just wait to smoke after you got off work?"

"I don't know. I just... I just... I didn't think they would notice, okay?"

"They noticed the first time, didn't they?" Rachel pressed him.

"Okay, you're right. I'm a fucking moron. Happy?" Greg asked, throwing up his hands in resignation. He looked at his sister and saw the sad look in her eyes through the amber of the sunglasses.

"You're not a moron, Greg," she said reassuringly as she stared into his eyes; "You just aren't trying hard enough. You're my big brother. I love you. I'm not trying to be mean, but come on, you're not a pothead. You're better than that."

"I know, Rachel," He said turning away from her deep gaze, "I just hated that fucking job. I hate all the shitty jobs I've had since I left school. This town is shit. I never should've let dad talk me into quitting."

"You should've taken that scholarship, and then you wouldn't have had to rely on Dad's fickle checkbook in the first place," Rachel said matter-of-factly. She wasn't trying to be mean and Greg knew it. If it had been anyone else talking to him right now he would've just walked away, but his little sister had a hold on him that he couldn't break even if he'd wanted to.

"I know that now," he said, looking at her sadly again. "I just didn't want to go all the way to South Carolina."

"I still don't understand that. You could be playing wide receiver at Clemson right now, Greg. Why the hell didn't you go?" It was a question Greg had hoped she wouldn't ask. How could tell his sister that the reason he'd given up the dream he'd had since he was eight years old just so he could stay near her? He wished he could with all of his heart, but he knew better than that. As much as he wanted her to love him the way he wanted to love her he knew it was wrong, but he had to say something, even if it was a lie.

"I just... I just..." he sputtered trying to think of something, "I just couldn't. I wasn't ready to leave home," It was the best he could do. He knew it was a weak excuse, but it was too late now. Rachel just shook her head and frowned.

"I don't get you sometimes, Greg," she said as she sat forward, revealing her cleavage without thinking. Greg forced himself to look away despite himself. Luckily Rachel didn't seem to notice and just kept right on talking. "If I had a chance to get out of this shitty town and have almost everything I needed paid for by someone else, I'd take it in a second. Hell, all I got was a scholarship to state, but I'd rather be there than here."

Greg didn't say anything and just kept staring off into the distance as his sister sighed and sat back in the deck chair. They sat there silently for a while, Greg thinking about Rachel and Rachel thinking about Greg until Rachel finally decided to change the subject to something more positive.

"Are you going to the party tonight?" she asked in a friendly tone as if the previous conversation never happened.

"I don't know," Greg said quietly returning his gaze to his sister now that her body was again mostly covered with the colorful towel, "I was going to go with Carrie, but she's being a bitch."

"What else is new?" Rachel said with a wicked smile, causing her brother to laugh.

"I know," he said still chuckling, "I don't why I still bother with her."

"I do," Rachel said, chuckling herself. "She's a slut."

"Hey, not every girl is a perfect angel like your holiness," Greg teased.

"Yeah right," Rachel said, laughing a little more freely. "I'm no angel."

"Oh yeah," Greg said, looking at her knowingly. "Aren't you the girl who..."

"Don't even say it," Rachel said, pretending to be angry, "Don't even think it. I never should've told you about that."

"I still can't believe you did," Greg chuckled. "I never told you when I lost my virginity."

"You didn't have to," Rachel replied. "I can't believe you brought that girl here even if Dad wasn't home. She was so loud."

"Hey, that wasn't my fault. I can't be blamed. I had no idea I was that good."

"Gross, Greg," Rachel said, wrinkling her nose at the last comment. "I don't need to know you're talented in bed. It's not like I'm ever going to find out. You're my brother."

"Your loss," he said, smiling and lost in the moment, not caring how it might sound. Rachel took it as a joke anyway.

"You're such a weirdo," she said before going back to the original subject and asking again if he was going.

"Will there be beer?" he asked straightforwardly.

"Duh," Rachel said still smiling "It's at Steve's house. Of course there's going to beer there."

"Then yeah, I'm going."

"Good. Then you can give me a ride. Cheryl isn't going."

"No way," Greg said with mock indignation, "I'm not going to a party with my kid sister. What if I hook up with some chick? I can't ditch you like I can ditch a guy. Get your own ride."

"Don't worry about that," Rachel said with a wicked smile, "If all goes well I'll get hooked up on my own."

"Now I'm definitely not taking you. I want to drink, not kick some guys ass for trying to hook up with my sister."

"Please," Rachel said, laughing "I'm big girl now. I can take care of myself. Besides, if worse comes to worse and you hook up with somebody I'm sure I can just crash there and walk home in the morning, or a bum a ride off of someone else. Just be a good big brother and say you'll do it."

"Fine," Greg finally relented, "but you'd better be ready to leave at nine or you can walk."

So it was decided and so it would be. They sat out on the deck for a little while longer, talking about nothing important. They were very close and conversation really came easily to them. That was part of the reason Greg was so attracted to his sister. He could relate to her unlike anyone else in the world. He had plenty of friends and had more than his fair share of girlfriends, so he wasn't some kind of weirdo who couldn't relate to anyone else but his kid sister. She was just easier to talk to for some reason.

They eventually got back to the subject of his job after he'd relaxed a bit. Rachel made the point that it really wasn't that bad. It was just a gas station gig, but he should still try to find another job as soon as possible. He couldn't help but agree with her.

She made him promise to start looking as soon as the weekend was over before she announced she was going to take a nap. He told her to sleep well and then watched her walk away, his smiling eyes falling on her beautiful bottom before guilt set in and forced him to look away. He really needed to loosen up a bit before he ended up going crazy with lust. He quickly decided a nice long shower with a hint of masturbation would be his best bet.

As he walked into the house and headed towards the bathroom he passed Rachel's room and noticed through her partially open door that she had already fallen asleep. She had shed her damp bathing suit and was lying atop her covers nude, as usual. Sometimes he wished she were a little more modest. Not often, but sometimes. It certainly made it hard on him to see the object of his forbidden lust in nothing but her perfectly tanned skin every single day. She could at least close her damned door.

Still it was his decision to stare as she slept peacefully, unaware of her brother's presence. It was also his decision to grab his quickly hardening cock and stroke it through his clothes. Thoughts of doing the unthinkable raced through his mind. What he wouldn't give for just one chance to show her how much he really loved her.

It wasn't until she shifted in her sleep and rolled onto her back that he was distracted enough to realize what he was doing. His hand quickly left his crotch and he dashed past the doorway in a hurry. He just kept walking until he finally made it to the bathroom and shut the door behind him. His heart was pounding like a kettledrum.

Shaking his head in disbelief at his own actions he undressed and started the shower. Once it was the right temperature he stepped into the warm, relaxing spray. He washed his hair slowly, trying not to think about what he'd just done, but he found the image of his sister's naked body hard to forget. Eventually his hands meandered back down to his cock and he began to beat his rock hard organ, angrily imagining it was Rachel's pussy instead of just his hand.

His hand pressed against the wall, supporting his weight as the water cascaded over his strong body. He quickly lost control. The noise of the shower and the thought of his sister sound asleep in her room gave him a false sense of security to do what he normally did only in the privacy of his basement room in the middle of the night. His sister's name flowed from his lips freely as he pumped his cock over and over in his fist. Her face, her body, her laugh all raced through his brain.

He came so quickly it almost surprised him. It was intense, but it quickly faded as shame took the place of lust. He felt like absolute shit for feeling the way he did about Rachel, but he couldn't help himself. He wished there was a way he could stop himself from thinking those thoughts, but there was nothing he could do.

He finished his shower in a hurry, wanting to feel clean. When he was done he stepped out and dried himself quickly, and then dressed and made a beeline to his room. As he passed his sister's room he made sure not to look towards the doorway. As much as he wanted to see her he knew it would only lead to trouble.

If he only had the courage to say how he felt; he would have been pleasantly surprised by the results. He wasn't the only one in the house with a secret desire in their heart for their sibling. Rachel did too, but like her big brother, she was too scared of the rules of society to even venture an attempt at turning the fantasy into reality.

What Greg didn't know was that her door wasn't left open because Rachel was absent-minded or unconcerned. No, she wanted him to see her body just like she wanted him to stare at her breasts by the pool when she learned over to reveal her cleavage. She knew the affect she had on her big brother. She wasn't blind. Greg might not have had the biggest cock in the world, but it was big enough to be noticeable through his shorts when he was sporting a hard-on for her.

Rachel had known about his "unnatural" affection for her ever since she was a kid and first developed tits. She used to tease her brother about ogling her, but being a kid and essentially unaware of what sex was all about she'd never considered the possibility of sleeping with him at the time. That didn't happen until the first time she caught her older brother watching her sleeping through her open door.

The first time she had said something, not knowing what he was really doing Greg stuttered out an excuse and vanished down the hall, leaving his sleepy-eyed sister to wonder. She had let it pass into the back of her mind until it happened again the very next night. Then she had kept silent and watched, feigning sleep as she watched her brother jerk off in the hallway. It surprised her, almost scared when she realized that was indeed what he was actually doing, but then she felt something snapping inside her. As her brother came and then wandered off, noticeably cursing himself under his breath, Rachel's hand found its way to her surprisingly damp pussy and she fingered herself to the most beautiful orgasm of her young life.

Eventually it became a routine until Greg went away to college. Every night after the house was quiet and everyone was supposed to be asleep Greg would show up at his sister's door and stroke himself to orgasm as Rachel pretended to sleep. Once he left, filled with shame, she would do the same, picturing her brother's cock pumping in and out of her pussy.

She often fantasized about telling him that she knew, or inviting him into her room when he appeared at her doorway and masturbating with him to see what would happen. But every time the moment arrived something inside her would stop her dead in her tracks. It was like she was destined by fear to just dream, but never actually do it. She hated her fear, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Once Greg went off for his year and a half in college Rachel tried to move on. She got a boyfriend and lost her virginity to him instead of her brother. Her boyfriend had been an ass and after taking her virginity had ditched her for another girl reputed to be inexperienced and therefore "nice and tight" as that jerk had put it. She experimented some more after that with a few boys and even a couple of girlfriends, but never really had a serious relationship of any kind. A few of the relationships were semi-serious, but that was it.

When Greg had come back from College after their father decided he couldn't afford to pay his tuition any more, Rachel's heart had actually fluttered. She couldn't believe she'd get one more summer, at least, with her big brother to try and make her dream come true. After that she'd be leaving for college and with any luck leaving her stupid hometown behind for a new life in "the real world."

But when Greg had arrived home the same old fears resurfaced She could tell he still wanted her and she still wanted him, but they both still lacked the courage to go against the rules and embrace their urges. It seemed like it would never get past their usual ritual of Greg masturbating in shame and Rachel copying him in desperation after he was gone. Sometimes she just wanted to cry. None of it made any sense. They both wanted each other, but only she knew it. If only she had the strength.

When Greg had looked into her room before heading for the shower she had been wide awake. She'd heard his footsteps creaking on the floorboards. She'd heard him breathing as he peered through the door and realized that he had taken the bait yet again. Her heart skipped a beat as she laid there for a moment and then on a whim she decided to see what would happen if she caught him red handed without the cover of darkness to hide his actions. Her throat choked with fear, rendering her speechless as she rolled over onto her back and anxiously looked at the door.

She was surprised when she saw nothing but an empty hallway. For a second she thought she'd only imagined that Greg had been there. The sound of the bathroom door shutting hard told her she hadn't.

Rachel wanted to scream. She sat up on the corner of her bed as angry thoughts raced through her head. What the hell was wrong with him? Didn't he see that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her? Why the fuck did they have to play these games all the time? Who cares if they're brother and sister? That was just a stupid rule and rules were bullshit. This silliness had to stop and if Greg wasn't going to act then Rachel was, whether he wanted her to or not.

She decided at that moment that no matter what happened tonight she was going to bring this to an end. Come hell or high water she was going to make her brother realize how much time he'd wasted. She was going to let Greg see that she wanted him as much, if not more, than he wanted her. She'd said it before and always copped out at the last moment, but she knew in her heart that she would tell him this time.

She smiled to herself as she lay down on her back and looked up at the ceiling. Her hand traveled down her stomach as she thought of the possibilities. How would she do it? When? Where? How would it be? The mere idea of it was just too much for her emotionally charged mind. Her fingers just flew across her clit and she pinched a nipple hard. It took her all of a minute to bring herself to one of the most potent orgasms she'd ever experienced.

She screamed so loud that stars flashed behind her eyes. She half expected Greg to come running out of the bathroom to ask her what was wrong. She couldn't have known that he was still in the throes of his self-induced orgasm with his head under the spray of the water. He couldn't hear a thing besides the water rushing over his head. The idea of it was enough to get her fingers flying yet again, however.

When he didn't fly through the door she was disappointed. Not enough to stop her selfish ministrations on her wet sex, but enough to slow it down in the hopes that he'd see her when he did finally exit the bathroom. She wanted so badly for him to see her. Her eyes shut as she imagined her big brother's hard cock sliding in and out of cunt at a slow and steady rhythm, their tongues dancing, and holding his warm, strong body to her.

Her fingers plunged deep inside her pussy. Her palm rubbed hard against her clit. Rachel's eyes shot open as she heard the shower cut off. Redoubling her efforts she tried to work herself to another orgasm so that her brother would hear her, or at least see her as he passed her room. He couldn't avoid it if he tried.

Her fingers smacked against her sloppy wet sex as she heard the bathroom door shut. If only he'd look in her room. She was so close she could taste it. Her eyes wanted to shut so badly as she felt it begin to build, but as she watched she saw her brother dash past her open door without even a second glance.

Rachel's eyes squeezed shut in frustration, but her fingers kept working. As she heard his bedroom door slam shut in the distance she came again. It wasn't very satisfying, but it was enough to sleep on. She knew she'd get him tonight even if it meant skipping the party.

For a while both brother and sister were quiet as they slept. Their dreams were oddly similar. Scenes of incestuous love filled their heads as they tossed and turned in separate rooms. It was Rachel who awoke first at a little after four in the afternoon. She was glad she did. She had a lot of things to do or all her dreams would be for naught.

When Greg finally awoke an hour and a half later and left his room he found what at first he took to be an empty house. He quickly found out he was only half-right. The house may have been empty, but the pool wasn't. He scratched his head and looked out the sliding glass door before deciding to go find out what was going on.

"What are you doing?" he said as walked to the edge of the pool as Rachel stood on the ladder expectantly.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Rachel responded as she climbed out of the pool and stood before her brother, dripping wet. Greg was slow to answer as he took a second to take in the sight of his sister's nearly nude body before stopping himself and looking in her face. He saw a knowing smile on that pretty face that made him wonder. The words that came from behind that smile took away his wonder and replaced it with a moment of fear as his sister asked bluntly if he liked what he saw.

"What... I... what are you talking about?" he sputtered, instinctively taking a step back.

"Hush," Rachel responded as she stepped up to him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before stepping away and grabbing her towel, "You need to lighten up, big brother. You're so wound up. You need to learn to just let go and stop worrying about stupid shit."

Greg was too stunned to even move as Rachel spoke. The fact that his sister just kissed him was slow to sink into his still drowsy mind. He literally had to shake his head before he could make an effort to talk, but stopped as he noticed his sister lying down with her back to the sky on the towel she had laid out poolside. Rachel didn't even give him a chance to speak before she started again.

"Don't just stand there. You don't want me to burn, do you?" She pointed at the suntan lotion only a few inches from his feet. He looked at her, and then back at the lotion before he finally regained enough control to speak.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for the party instead of working on your tan?" he inquired as he tried his best to avoid staring at her perfect ass and keep his attention focused on her still smiling face.

"Do we really have to go to the party?" Rachel asked, raising herself up on her forearms.

"What?" Greg replied in an incredulous tone. "I thought you were the one who really wanted to go?"

"I changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that, you know. Man, my back is getting warm. Why don't you put some lotion on it?"

"Rachel..." Greg started but was quickly interrupted.

"Please?" she pleaded in her best 'little girl raising her legs and putting her hands under her chin while pouting' look. "I'll be your best friend."

"Fine!" Greg exclaimed, throwing up his hands in defeat before picking up the bottle. His sister giggled and returned to a prone position with her arms under her head. She knew the opportunity to touch her bare skin was something he simply couldn't pass up.

"Thank you," Rachel said as her brother got down on his knees beside her. "You're the best brother ever." Greg just grunted in response as he stared at the beautiful sight before him; Rachel's long, firm legs, small, delicate feet with perfect toes, and her aforementioned ass and smooth back. He was glad she couldn't see his crotch in her position because he was already getting hard.

Being a considerate big brother Greg made sure to squirt the lotion onto his hands instead of just squirting it directly on her back. He paused before finally reaching to touch his sister's soft body. It was like a religious experience. It always was no matter how many times he did it, but that kiss still played on his mind, as did the sultry sigh that came from his sister when he finally laid his hands on her.

"That feels nice," Rachel said in relaxed voice as Greg rubbed the lotion into her back. It was almost a massage instead of just a simple application of lotion. Greg's eagerness to feel her body showed. His motions were slow and deliberate. He was almost shaking as his fingers moved to the back of her bikini top. What he wouldn't give to see up close what they kept covered.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Rachel apologized before reaching back and untying the string that held the top in place. She then fulfilled her brother's unspoken wish by sitting up and tossing it aside, giving him a quick glimpse of her small but perfect breasts. He actually gasped before he protested her actions despite himself.

"What the hell are you doing?" he questioned in a loud whisper as disbelief overtook him. Rachel just giggled.

"What?" she said, feigning surprise at his shocked tone as she rolled over on her side and propped herself up on one elbow. She was giving Greg the view he wanted. She giggled again as his eyes averted from the display a little too slowly for someone who didn't want to see what he was seeing.

"Jesus, Rachel," Greg said as he tried his best not to look. "Cover yourself up! I don't want to see those. We have neighbors."

"Oh, shut up," she said nonchalantly. "We have a privacy fence all around us. No one can see a thing and, besides, they're just boobs. Don't you like boobs, Greg?" She was beginning to have fun teasing him like this. Still, she hoped it wouldn't end with just teasing.

"Of course I do, but not my sister's," Greg said as he stood up and turned towards the pool, looking around as if to verify that indeed no one was looking.

"Why?" Rachel rolled onto her back again and propped herself up on her elbows. "Don't you think they're nice?"

Greg couldn't believe he was hearing what he thought he was hearing. Did his sister just ask him if he liked her breasts? Why would she even ask him that? She couldn't be asking because...

"What?" Greg asked, finally turning back to look at his sister. When he did his eyes instantly fell upon her exposed body. He almost turned back, but he found he couldn't. His guilt told him he should, but his lust told his guilt to be silent. It didn't listen. Not that it mattered. His lust was getting stronger by the second.

"I asked you if you thought my boobs were nice," Rachel calmly repeated as if it were the most natural question in the world for a sister to be asking her brother. Greg's gaze finally lifted from his sister's chest to her face. This couldn't be happening.

"I... I..." Greg stuttered. His eyes were shifting between his sister's face and her breasts, occasionally wandering down farther. He had no idea how to even begin answering that question. Was this some kind of trap? Did Rachel know about his wicked thoughts and just wanted him to reveal himself for some reason, or could she want him too? The same thoughts repeated over and over again in a seemingly endless repetition. He was caught in a loop he couldn't escape on his own. Luckily his little sister was there to help him.

"It's a simple question, Greg," Rachel announced as she got up and walked towards her brother. "Do you think my breasts are pretty?" Her hands reached out for his and he didn't resist. He was too busy staring at the mounds of flesh in question. His brain was useless to him. "Maybe you need to touch them, hmm?" As his sister brought his hands up to her breasts Greg's heart skipped a beat and sweat began to form on his brow, but he didn't resist. He couldn't if he wanted to.

As Greg's hands cupped her breasts Rachel let out a sigh. His hands were warm and so strong. They felt perfect touching her skin. It was like they were made just for the purpose. Greg was still in shock and was unable to do anything more then cup them, but it still felt wonderful.

When Rachel released her grip on her brother's hands it was like she'd flipped a switch. He no longer simply cupped them. He squeezed them gently, caressed them, and allowed his thumbs to stroke the quickly hardening nipples as Rachel breathed deeply and contentedly.

"I'll take that as a yes." Rachel placed her arms on Greg's shoulders and pulled herself up to kiss him. Greg was caught unawares, still focused on his sister's breasts, but as he saw her face drawing closer he panicked. Suddenly he pushed her away and took a step back.

"What the hell are we doing?" Greg questioned. He stared at his hands as if they were diseased.

"Greg..." Rachel started, but stopped as her brother ran into the house. Cursing herself under her breath she ran after him. He was too fast for her. By the time she got inside he'd already run to his room and slammed the door shut.

Stomping hard she cursed again and then headed towards her brother's door, hoping he didn't lock it. Luckily he hadn't, but she knocked anyway before she opened it to find her brother madly jerking off on his bed. It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. She'd just given her brother the one thing she knew he really wanted and he had rejected her to do what? Jerk off?

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Greg?" she yelled, her hands on her hips as she stood above her brother. Greg shook with surprise. He didn't even know she was in the room until that moment.

"What... what are you doing in here?" Greg challenged as he pulled the blanket over his waist in shame, "Get out of here!"

"No," Rachel said firmly "I'm not going anywhere until you answer my fucking question. What is wrong with you, Greg? I know you want me and I just showed you that I want you, but here you are jerking off in your room, probably thinking of me. What the fuck, Greg? Isn't the real me good enough for you? Are you retarded or something?"

Rachel was so angry. She couldn't help it. Didn't he know how hard it was for her to put it all out on the line like that? She stopped yelling and turned away, covering her face as the anger gave way to sobbing.

Suddenly Greg realized what a fool he'd been. Not only had he almost thrown away his dream, he'd also deeply hurt his sister. He'd let fear guide his decisions for so long he'd almost let it ruin his chance to share with his sister the true depth of his love for her. The sight of her crying was just too much to bear. Fuck fear, fuck society, he loved his sister and she loved him. That was all that mattered.

He got up from his bed and nearly tripped over his pants, but shed them easily enough before placing his hand on Rachel's shoulder and turned her towards him. "I'm so sorry, Rachel," he said before kissing her tear stained cheeks "I'm so stupid." He kissed her again on her other cheek as he repeated his apology over and over.

"It's okay, Greg," Rachel finally replied. One arm found its way around her brother's strong back while the other touched his strong cheek. Greg stopped kissing her cheeks. Their eyes met in a gaze for what seemed like a short eternity before Rachel spoke again. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Greg responded in a husky whisper.

"Greg?" Rachel's voice was so quiet her brother had a hard time hearing her despite their closeness.

"Yes, Rachel?" The volume of his voice matched hers.

"Make love to me," It was not a request and it required no answer that could be put into words. Greg knew this and acted accordingly; kissing his little sister with a passion he had never thought himself capable of before. Rachel accepted his kiss instantly. Her mouth opened and his tongue slipped against hers.

Their hands moved freely over each other's bodies as they kissed. Neither could believe how good it felt to finally touch in such an intimate manner. Greg loved the softness of his sister's bottom, the feel of her crack underneath the thin, damp cloth of her bikini. Rachel was more than a little pleased at the feel of her brother's hard cock pressed against her stomach. She could hardly wait to find out what it felt like to have it inside of her.

"God," Greg said, breaking the kiss and looking into his sister's eyes. "You're so beautiful. I want to taste every inch of your body." His lips returned to Rachel's and they kissed again. Greg's hands found their way to the strings that held his sister's bikini bottom in place. A quick tug from behind caused the fabric to roughly rub against Rachel's aroused sex, making her whimper sweetly. He then removed them.

"I want to taste you, baby sister," Greg revealed as he broke the kiss once more and gently pushed Rachel onto his bed. "I want to taste every inch of your body." He pushed her again to make her lay down before crawling on top, returning to her mouth for a brief moment before beginning his trek down her thin, beautiful body.

Rachel was speechless, reduced to just panting heavily as her arousal quickly built. She had been so dominant, so in control only a few moments ago, but now she only wanted to see where her brother would take her. So far he was taking her exactly where she wanted to go.

His kisses were slow, but desperately passionate. Rachel whimpered as he sucked gently on her neck then bit on her shoulder a little too hard. Still it felt wonderful. Her hands stroked his strong neck and soft hair.

Rachel nearly screamed when Greg's mouth found its way to her already hard nipples to suck and nibble on them. Her body reacted by squirming uncontrollably under Greg's delicious assault. It felt like she could almost come just from his suckling. She knew that part of it was from the taboo nature of what they were doing, but there was something more. She was already certain that this was going to be the best sexual experience of her young life and her brother hadn't even touched her sex yet.

Greg moved slowly between her breasts, trying to stay true to his promise. First he kissed and licked one small mound, and then kissed his way down the valley between before patiently working his way back the other one. It was a loving, torturous process that was driving Rachel wild.

The more Rachel wiggled and moaned, the more effort Greg put into his sweet attentions. His body begged him to give in to his own desires for pleasure, but he refused to give in. His cock was so hard it hurt and every time it rubbed against his sister's body it made him shiver with lust. It took all of his willpower to stop himself from acting selfishly. This was not an ordinary girl. This was the girl he had always wanted, but had thought he could never have. He had to let her know how he grateful he was for this chance.

Reluctantly he left his sister's breasts to kiss his way down her perfectly flat stomach. He could smell Rachel's arousal. He groaned as he kissed her stomach and imagined what she would taste like. Rachel groaned as well, anticipating the feel of his mouth on her pussy. When his tongue traced around the perimeter of her belly button she groaned again. He was so close.

But as Greg neared his sister's beautiful sex and spread her legs wide with his strong hands his kisses seemed to miss the mark. Instead of kissing his sister's mound he centered his attentions on the soft thighs. It felt so good, but Rachel was going mad with arousal. The gentle teasing was maddening. Why didn't he just make her come?

"Please," Rachel groaned in protest, her eyes filled with need as she caught her brother's gaze. "Please eat me. Make me come."

Greg hushed her by slowly kissing his way up her leg. Rachel continued to groan as her brother's kisses moved closer. When he kissed her behind the knee it amazed her how good it felt. No one had ever put this much effort into seducing her. Not her male lover, nor her female lovers. No one had ever been this patient.

When Greg's mouth reached her feet she was again amazed. She suddenly realized how much she had missed by not taking this path sooner. Greg was teaching her things she never even knew about her own body. He sucked her toes into his mouth and Rachel's back arched on its own accord.

"What are you doing to me?" Rachel asked as her hands found their way to her breasts. "You make me feel so good."

Greg switched, eventually working his back down his sister's other leg. He made sure that his mouth never left her skin except to whisper encouraging words. He loved the taste of her sweat. He could only imagine how good her pussy would taste, but he would find out soon enough.

Kissing down her thigh, he was almost there. Rachel knew it and she stared at her brother, knowing that he made her feel better then she had ever felt before. When his mouth finally made contact with the slippery lips, his suspicions were instantly confirmed.

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