Caught in a Blizzard

by Drifter

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Drifter

Sex Story: Father and Son, off to enjoy a weekend of winter camping, are forced back by the blizzard.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Slut Wife   .


John Drake, and his young son Jake, had been listening to the radio as they drove out of town on their latest adventure, a winter camping trip. They had been driving for a while when they hit light snow first just a couple of hundred miles from home. The weather station then issued their snow storm warnings. It sounded bad. John looked over at his son and his 14 year old said, "Sounds pretty bad dad, maybe we better go back home. Mom might need us in the storm."

"Your right Jake, if it is going to be that bad she doesn't need to be alone." As expected he took the next exit off the freeway and headed back the way they had come. The snow was soon coming down even heavier. Fortunately the snow plows were out working trying to keep up with the stuff. They had driven three hours away from home, now it looked like it might take a lot longer to get back. Slowly they made their way and finally did make it back to their hometown. They were able to make it within two blocks of their home before they saw a huge drift across their street. They managed to get their car into the church parking lot out of the way of snow plows to come, and started walking, fighting through the snow. John was proud of his strong young son as he trudged through the snow beside him. Fortunate for them at that moment, they had left home on a winter camping trip and had foul weather gear with them. They were both big campers, mom usually went with them but lately seemed to have lost interest in family outings.

Before long they were close enough they could have seen their house if the snow hadn't been coming down so hard. They finally made it to the front porch and dad was surprised to see lights on in the house, downstairs and upstairs... it was well after midnight. He found his key and had the front door open and the two of them stepped inside. As he removed the foul weather gear, he saw the clothes strewn in the floor and recognized her silk robe, her sexy one. He didn't recognize the man's clothes dropped near the robe. He did quickly recognize the nature of the situation. He had been worried about something like this with his wife lately. She had slowly drifted away from both he and his son.

Quietly he motioned to his son to stay downstairs while he investigated. He opened his gun cabinet, he was a detective first class in their city. He took out his Glock and slowly, quietly, started up the stairs. Contrary to his orders, his son was close behind him. As he got to the top of the stairs he heard them and it was now certain what he had been afraid was going on actually was, as she moaned, "Yes Daniel... oh lover, fuck me hard. Just like that."

Any hope that he might have misunderstood things left him at that moment, and for the first time their 14 year old son knew what was going on too and knew his mom shouldn't be doing what she was so obviously doing.

Following the glock, he stepped down the hall, the door stood wide open, and he stepped into the room where visual verification was clear, painfully clear. For the first time he realized his son now stood behind him and was seeing the same thing he was.

Then he pulled the slide back on the glock and let it go loudly. That sound got everyone's attention. His cheating wife looked and screamed, "Oh no, oh God what are you doing here?"

Daniel, her lover, now not as happy suddenly, fell over on the floor on the other side of the bed, his cock making a huge exit pop as it left its warm shelter.

Again Kate screamed and started crying hysterically. Jake the son started to go to his mom to help her but John stopped him. "Don't you understand what she has done Jake, she has betrayed both of us with that son-of-a-bitch over there peeking over the bed."

Jake looked at his mom like he couldn't believe it even seeing that it was true. "How could you Mom? How could you?" and he looked so dejected his mom winced. She hid her face in the pillow, cowering under the sheet.

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