Grapes of Lust

by Melanie Kay

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Safe Sex, Sex Toys, Food, .

Desc: Sex Story: I knew that Abby loved grapes so, when we were in bed, I planned a little feast for both of us - a feast of grapes. But there was a special rule. Abby's naked body was going to be the dining table. I knew she'd get fully aroused by this but I wasn't prepared for what the little minx did next.

The day was Friday. I picked up the phone. It was my art instructor, David.

"Hello, Melanie. Would you like to do a modelling job for me at my cottage?"

"Yes, if I can. When do you want me?"

"I'm afraid it's rather short notice, but it's for a special class this evening and most of tomorrow. Just four advanced students."

I had nothing arranged, so I agreed to do it. David continued, "Do you know of another model who'd like to come along? What I want to do is to portray two lesbians if we can get someone."

Now I was more than a little interested. I had just the person in mind. "I'll try Abigail if she can manage it," I said.

David gave a short chuckle. "Now why did I think you were going to suggest Abigail?" he said.

"Oh dear," I replied, "It notices that much does it?"

"It does to me. It's obvious there's a close bond between you two. But I don't suppose anyone else has noticed. Anyway, ask her and let me know if she can make it."

David is a real charmer, much older than I and with a wide and sympathetic understanding of people of all ages, which comes with experience. I rang Abby and she was as thrilled as I was especially when I told her it was an overnight stay at David's cottage. "So bring an overnight bag," I said.

"Bag?" she queried. "I'll only need a toothbrush."

I whispered huskily, "You won't. You can share mine." She giggled. I love her giggle - amongst other things.

I said I'd ring her back as soon as David gave me the details about travelling to his cottage. "Better bring a bag, if only to make it look good. Cheerio!"

David said he would pick us up just after lunch at my place, and we'd go straight to the cottage. Then I had a sudden idea which appealed to me so I had to go out. I needed something from the fruit shop.

David arrived about 1.30 and we all drove out to his cottage in the country. Although I call it a cottage it is by no means small. It has five bedrooms, various other rooms and a lovely big swimming pool on the south side of the building. It is enclosed but has a folding door which slides right back so it's open to the air.

On the way David explained that, after a session of quickies, that is three or five minute sketches, he wanted Abigail and me to pose together as though we were a couple of lesbians. Abby and I looked at each other and smiled. He told us the timing and the arrangements for breaks and meals etc, then asked us whether we'd mind sharing a room. We assured him that we would not mind in the slightest. He grinned. He knew it was just what we wanted.

The next thing he told me as we drove along was that he'd been asked by a local woman named Kathryn, who is a lesbian, to do a triptych for her bathroom. It had to be of three nude girls, in pastel and vignetted. He went on to say that the woman is a 32 year old widow of a wealthy high tech businessman who was about 15 years her senior. It's since his death that she's been a lesbian and she lives alone in a magnificent house not far from David's cottage.

I congratulated him on landing such a marvellous assignment. Then he REALLY surprised me. He said he had far too much work on to be able to do it within her time frame, and he asked me if I would like to take it on. Does a duck like swimming? Then I was a bit doubtful and asked whether he thought I was good enough. He said he KNEW I was and that, as it was to be in pastel (my favourite medium), it was right in my line. I accepted immediately.

He said he was glad as he had already told her I would do it and that she was calling at the cottage about five o'clock tomorrow to meet me and talk about the assignment.

His next statement nearly shot me through the roof of his car. "She'll pay you £500 for each painting." Wow!

When we arrived at the cottage we were introduced to the other four men as they arrived. One was quite young and really dishy. His name was Mark and I quite fancied him, but I had Abby to think of so I had to behave myself.

Abby and I took it in turns to pose for the quickie sketches. When she was posing, I walked around looking at the work of the students and made sure I hovered around Mark most of the time. His drawings showed great talent. Then we had a short break before starting the main long pose. David had arranged the podium in the pool area and had surrounded it by stools and boxes covered with a variety of coloured satin drapes in very attractive folds.

I sat with my back against one of the boxes and Abby lay down with her head in my lap. I loved the pose looking down at Abby's naked little body, but from time to time, when she noticed the artists were not looking at us, she moved her head about between my legs. As a result I was thoroughly wet well before the end of the first session. I had to rush to the bathroom to sort myself out and when I returned there was coffee and cakes on offer.

The evening session lasted just over two hours. While Abby went to the bathroom I had a short chat with Mark. He asked me if I 'd like to do some modelling for him at his studio. Naturally I said I'd love to. He said he'd phone to make arrangements.

By then everyone was ready to relax so Abby and I put our robes on and we drank more coffee as we watched a TV show. David switched it off when it ended as he wanted to discuss the paintings with the artists. He turned to Abby and me. "You girls must be tired after all that modelling. Why don't you have an early night?" He looked at me and winked. What a tactful soul!

Abby and I went to our room. We couldn't wait. Unfortunately there were two single beds. I looked at Abby with an expectant gleam in my eye, which she returned. "Now," I said, "which of the beds are we going to use?"

"Let's push 'em together Mel," she suggested with a wicked grin. After much puffing and panting we managed to get both beds together. We looked with pride at our handiwork. "There! That'll give us plenty of room," I said taking off my robe and flinging it on the floor.

Abbey followed suit and we were both naked. She hurled herself on the bed and lay on her back with her long blond hair flowing around her head in a halo. She looked rather surprised that I just stood there looking around the room. "Why don't you join me?" she asked.

"Patience, my dear," I replied. "There's plenty of time. I just want to set the scene - perfectly. I noticed there was a table lamp on each bedside cabinet. I turned one of them on and then turned off the main room light. A soft pink glow flowed over Abby's naked body picking up highlights in her hair. I really fancied that girl! I went over and sat on the side of the bed nearest to her. I bent over and kissed her tenderly, first on the mouth, then on her breasts and finally on her thrusting shaved pussy. I murmured softy in her ear. "Now, my love, what's your favourite fruit?"

She looked at me in surprise and with a faint smile answered, "Grapes of course. You know that Mel."

I walked over to my bag. "Well, well. Now it so happens that I have here a gorgeous bunch of grapes - for my favourite gorgeous girl." I held up the large bunch of grapes with a flamboyant gesture. "Seedless. Your very favourite sort."

As I walked back to the bed, she lifted herself up on one elbow to look at my offering. "Oh, Mel. They look delicious. So big and juicy looking. She reached her hand out to take one. I pulled them out of her reach and held them up tantalisingly. "Oh, please Mel." she pleaded, "just one. You know how I love grapes. I'll do anything for a grape."

"Anything?" I asked threateningly still holding the grapes out of her reach.

"Anything!" she replied in her tiny sexiest voice lying back on the bed and placing her hands above her head. Good grief! She looked so sexy.

"OK," I said. "Here's the deal. We'll have all the grapes between us. Every time I have one, you get one. But there are just two rules."

"Oh," she said hesitantly, "and what are they?"

"First of all you must stay just as you are lying on your back with your hands above your head and you must not move." She arched her back and giggled. "Rule number one complied with mistress," she said. "What is rule number two?"

"The second rule is that I am going to feed you with the grapes. You mustn't touch them. I put one knee on the bed and lowered the bunch of grapes. "Agreed?"


I sat close by her on the bed and very deliberately placed the bunch of grapes between her legs covering her pussy.

"Oooh. They're a bit cold!" she said.

"Don't worry. I'll warm it up before long."

I took one grape off the bunch and placed it half in my mouth. I bent over her. She parted her soft lips at my approach and I went as far inside her mouth as I could and let the grape drop. "Mmmmmm" she murmured as she broke open the grape. "So sweet and juicy."

I took a grape from between her legs as I replied, "They're for a sweet and juicy girl." She just gave her sexy giggle by way of reply. That always turned me on. I was starting to get wet already.

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