by Melanie Kay

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Desc: Sex Story: After meeting Abby, I desperately wanted to know her more intimately in a sexual way. The chance to pose nude together was my opportunity. She was as eager as I, and when we went to bed we made fantastic love.

Abby Stays the Night

After that fateful and memorable day when I first met Abby, I saw her twice for two short meetings between her college work and my painting activities. The first time was to give her a few hints on posing as a nude model so that the students would appreciate more what she was doing for them. So I looked forward with eager anticipation to the following Tuesday when she was due to model for David's life class.

I called for her in plenty of time and we walked together, in the bright morning sun, chatting and joking all the way to the art centre. Abby looked at the drawings on the studio wall as I arranged my place and then we went into the cafeteria for coffee.

My mind went back one week to the last time we'd sat together in that same place. I looked now at the radiant, happy face of my young friend and realised that she had undergone a complete transformation. It truly is amazing what a little love and pampering can do. Pampering, and being pampered, are two of my favourite hobbies!

I noticed that Abby had brought along a floppy shoulder bag which she placed on the table beside her. I leaned forward towards her. "Is that for your toothbrush?" I asked in a conspiratorial loud whisper. She instantly hugged the bag to her.

"My toothbrush, my robe and a certain little surpise, especially for you."

"Can I see it?" I made a grab at the bag but Abby hugged it even closer.

"No! No! Not now. You'll see it much later this evening. It's a special little treat I've planned for you." She leaned across the table and looked me straight in the eyes. "And I guarantee you're going to enjoy it."

This filled me with curiosity. What on earth had she planned for me? I was looking forward to us spending the night together, but now I couldn't wait.

When David arrived he walked over to us and said, "Do you mind if I separate you two bosom friends? I want to plan a few poses with Abigail."

She stood up to go with him but I grabbed her hand, pulled her down towards me and whispered in her ear: "Remember what I told you about posing, and if you do any posing with your legs open, make sure you're facing in my direction or you'll pay for it tonight." She giggled and hurried after David.

I suddenly remembered his words: 'bosom friends'. Was he trying to tell us something I wondered. We most certainly were bosom friends in every sense of the words. I wondered whether he realised what was going on between us. Who knows? Perhaps he did. David is a real canny character.

David used his usual method in running the class: first came the quick three-minute poses. The difference in the way Abby performed was truly amazing. She was confident and fluent in her poses and the techniques I had taught her, such as twisting and unwinding poses, based on ballet techniques, drew murmurs of approval from around the class. Her longer poses, later on, were equally as good and, the longest pose, after the coffee break, I knew to be a special one for me. She was seated with one foot tucked under her other leg, ankles bent and the tips of her fingers delicately touching the podium on each side of her. She was looking right at me and from time to time gave me a meaningful smile.

After the class, we did a bit of shopping in the town centre and I bought a pizza for lunch. We went to my house where we cooked the pizza and some French fries. It was rather warm indoors so I suggested we eat our meal on my patio in the garden.

As we chatted, Abby looked all around her. "I love your patio, Mel." she said.

"Me too," I replied. "This was one of the first jobs Roger did when we moved in here. Then we put up the trelliswork on both sides so that it would be a bit more secluded. Now it's covered with flowers it works really well."

We went on talking about the morning's class and I congratulated her on her improved posing which then led to a discussion about her course at the art college. I promised to help her in every way I could.

After we'd finished lunch we cleared everything away and did the washing up together. "Fancy doing a spot of sunbathing on the patio?" I asked.

"I'd love it," Abby replied. "It's a day made for sunbathing. Let's be lazy for a couple of hours."

"OK. We'll push the table and chairs to one side and get out the loungers."

I left Abby unfolding the longers while I went into the bathroom to get two large bath towels to cover them.

"Can we sunbathe in the nude?" she asked excitedly.

"Of course. I always do. No one can see us on the patio. You get undressed while I get the sun oil."

When I returned, Abby was stretched out naked on her back on the lounger.

"Mmmm... You look as gorgeous as ever," I enthused. "Shall I cover you with sun oil?"

She smiled up at me and placed her hands above her head. "That sounds like a really good idea." I enjoyed covering Abby with sun oil. I took my time as I knew she was enjoying it, and by the time I'd finished her hard nipples were pointing towards the sun.

By the time I'd stripped, she was on her feet. "Now you lie down and I'll cover you." Very enthusiastically I did as I was told. Her delicate hands traced every part of the front of my body and she missed nothing out. When she'd finished I was stirring sexually.

After half an hour we turned over and again covered each other with the sun oil. This certainly upped my arousal and I am certain it did the same for her. After another half an hour in the sun I was feeling hot and sticky.

"Think I'll leave it at that," I said. "I don't want to get burned. Fancy a shower?"

Abby jumped to her feet. "What a good idea," she said. "I need a bit of cooling down."

I didn't know what exactly she meant by that, but what I had in mind wouldn't really cool her down. We picked up our towels and went into the bathroom. I took hold of Abby's hand and led her into the shower.

"Now, let's get rid of that oil," I said as I spread some liquid soap all over my hands. "Turn sideways, my love, so that I can cover your back and front at the same time. Hold you hair up out of the way."

Looking at her from the side she looked remarkably slim and vulnerable and I was starting to get that feeling again. Getting rid of the oil was just as enjoyable as putting it on. My hands roamed all over her naked body as I caressed her face, her neck, her breasts and her back, down over her tummy, over her butt and between her legs where my hands met and see-sawed up and down. I then sprayed her with the shower head to get rid of the soap.

"Now I'm going to give you a new pair of nipples," I said. She opened her eyes wide and looked at me in surprise.

"What? A new pair of nipples? How are you going to do that?" And she started to giggle realising that I was up to something.

"Quite easily," I replied casually. "I'll unscrew your old ones and I have a new pair in this soap dish. I'll screw those on as your new ones."

I took hold of both her nipples in my fingers and made a screwing movement anti-clockwise for about ten seconds. "There we are. Now, I'll get your new ones out of the soap dish and... I then took a firm hold of both nipples again and started to screw them in a clockwise direction. I ended with a few short pulls on her now very erect nipples. All the while Abby was shaking with laughter.

"There we are," I said in great triumph. "How do you like your new nipples? Just look how they protrude from your gorgeous pouting breasts." The sight was irresistible. I took each one in turn and gave it a really good suck, several kisses and a lick.

We both laughed at my little trick. Then Abby asked, "Do you have any other spare nipples?"

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