Teresa Scalia Gets Her Revenge

by obo

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Humor, Spanking, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Teresa arranges some unusual entertainment at a public gathering. Of course, at the expense of Barbara's mosesty. Barbara ezperiences strange, new sensations courtesy of Terri. Your feedback is most welcome and I will respond to all emails.

Teresa kept a low profile for several weeks following her public spanking by Barbara Anderson. Although Teresa had initially humiliated Barbara at the Little League ballpark by tearing off her skirt, Barbara turned the tables blistering Terri's bottom and stripping her completely. (Refer to "Teresa Scalia Strikes Back") This was on top of the stripping Teresa was subjected to earlier in the year at the community theatre by Barbara's hand. (Refer to "The Tale of Teresa Scalia") Down but not out, Terri contemplated how she would balance the accounts.

A major fund-raiser for the local children's hospital was coming up. The theme was "Midsummer's Evening Renaissance" with the setting in the city park. Local restaurant and tavern owners had set up various booths for the patrons to sample their fare. Entertainment had been booked including strolling musicians, jugglers, and mimes. One special entertainer featured a court jester and his trained mule. Dress was to be semi formal and anyone who was anyone in the community was in attendance.

Barbara and her husband Mark arrived at the park around dusk. Barbara was wearing a pastel yellow cocktail dress, just above the knee in length with spaghetti straps. Over the dress she wore a matching short bolero jacket. White hose and heels completed her outfit. The couple strolled through the park enjoying cocktails and the entertainers.

Teresa and Dominic Scalia entered the park √ hour later. Clad in black from head to toe, Terri had chosen a tailored pants suit. Under the black suit coat Terri wore a white blouse with ruffled front. Her pants were sufficiently form fitting to feature her shapely derriere. And of course, she wore heels.

"Mark, will you look over there," Barbara whispered as she noticed Terri's arrival, "I can't believe she would show her face around here."

"Okay, okay. Terri and Dominic have as much right to be here as anyone. Just stay away from her and don't start anything. I doubt if she'll try anything with you after that episode at the ballpark." Mark cautioned.

"If she does, she'll leave here with more than just a warm bottom." Barbara said.

Terri and Dominic made their way through the various displays. Dominic noticed the Anderson's presence first.

"Oh by the way Terri, it seems you're good friend Barbara is here." Dominic said with just a trace of sarcasm. Although Dominic was not present at the ball field when Barbara and Terri had their encounter, he had gotten a full account from friends and enjoyed learning of his wife's undoing.

"Why thank you for pointing that out Dominic. I'm sure you're just dying to meet and greet her." Terri replied.

"I would think you have some warm memories of Barbara." Dominic said as he slid his hand over Terri's bottom and gave it a squeeze.

Terri slapped his hand away and said "Get your hand off me! You better believe I've got some memories of that little bitch."

A crier walked through the attendees announcing that all should gather in the central area for further games and entertainment. The crowd gathered and seated themselves on rustic grand stands that had been provided for the event. The group numbered over 200.

"Here ye, here ye, fine ladies and gentlemen," announced the crier, "for your amusement and entertainment please welcome Obo the fool and his mule Buck."

Obo, dressed as a court jester, entered the show area leading the mule. Already placed in the show area was a large rubber barrel similar to the type used by rodeo clowns. Buck the mule did several tricks, placing his front feet on the barrel and rolling it around, nodding his head in apparent agreement with Obo when the jester posed a question or shaking his head in disagreement. Buck would also nudge the jester from behind in an attempt to get his attention. Occasionally the mule would push with enough force to raise Obo off the ground. Their routine concluded with Obo attempting to place a blanket on the mule's back and ride off. The jester would place the blanket on Buck's back then turn to pick up the saddle. When the jester's back was turned the mule would then reach back and grab the blanket with his teeth and drop it to the ground. Obo of course would replace the blanket and turn for the saddle. Right on cue, Buck would remove the blanket. The show ended with Obo admitting defeat walking off with the saddle over his shoulder and Buck triumphantly carrying the blanket in his mouth, waving it with a flourish.

Terri watched the show with amusement. Then it occurred to her that Obo and Buck could provide some entertainment of a different sort. Terri walked over to the area where the jester had parked his horse trailer and where Buck was tied when not performing. Terri engaged Obo in conversation and made a proposal while pulling a couple bills bearing the likeness of Benjamin Franklin from her purse.

"Oh my ma'am, I don't know about that," Obo said. "Buck's very reliable and he'll do whatever I tell him, but I don't want to get in any trouble."

"Let me sweeten the pot a little," Terri cooed a she pulled four more Franklin's from her purse. "Does that make things any easier?" Terri said as she placed her hand on Obo's chest.

"Okay, we'll do it but I suppose I should get ready to get out of town fast." Obo said.

"Remember, the blond wearing the pale yellow outfit." Terri reminded.

Terri left the jesters area and walked through the crowd looking for the crier. Finding the crier, she whispered something to him and pressed a $50 bill in his hand. Having given the crier his instructions, Terri walked toward the show area.

"What have you been up to?" asked Dominic.

"Oh just a little added attraction to the entertainment." Terri said "I think you'll love it."

"Here ye, here ye, fine ladies and gentlemen. Obo the fool and his wonder mule Buck have agreed to put on a special performance. Please gather at the show area." announced the crier.

People made their way to the show area and took seats. Barbara and Mark were in the front row. Terri and Dominic held back until most of the seats were filled. Dominic took a place next to some friends. Terri declined saying she'd rather stand. Obo walked into the show area with Buck following.

"Folks, Buck and I need a volunteer to help us with this trick."

A few hands came up in the crowd, but Obo was searching for a particular volunteer.

"Yes, thank you. The lovely lady in the yellow dress sitting in the front row thank you for volunteering to help us."

"I didn't raise my hand" Barbara said to Mark "Why is he picking me?"

"Oh go-ahead, it might be fun. Besides what have you got to lose?" said Mark.

"All right I'll do it. Here hold my jacket, its getting warm."

Barbara slipped off her jacket and handed it to Mark. She walked out into the arena to the applause of the audience. Obo had her stand next to him with Buck the mule directly behind her and the rubber barrel in front of her on its side.

"All right, what we're going to do is play the old shell game. But you have a helper in Buck. If you go to pick the wrong shell, Buck will signal you to pick a different one. Okay do you understand ma'am?" Obo asked.

"Yes I think I do," replied Barbara "How does he signal?"

"Oh you'll find out. Let's start the game."

Obo arranged the three shells on the barrel showing Barbara which shell contained the pea. Then he started to shuffle the shells. Barbara watched closely as he manipulated the shells. Because the barrel was only knee high, Barbara bent over at the waist to get a better look.

"Around and around they go and where they stop only Buck knows. Okay ma'am take your pick."

Barbara had watched carefully and started to reach for the middle shell. Before her fingers touched a shell, Buck gave her a small push with his nose on her bottom. The audience laughed their approval.

"I guess it's not that one," Barbara said with a good-natured laugh "How about this one." Barbara reached for the left shell. Buck nodded his approval and the audience concurred. The left shell did contain the pea.

"Buck is always right, but he gets impatient if you make too many wrong choices ma'am. Here we go again around and around. All right ma'am make your selection."

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