by FreeJack

Copyright┬ę 2005 by FreeJack

Sex Story: Cassie returns home to find Jack's ex there and the two don't see eye to eye. Fists start flying, clothes start tearing, and then anything goes.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Lesbian   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .


It all started with a simple misunderstanding. But what it turned into was one of the most erotic days of my life.

It was about 10:30 in the morning on a Tuesday and I was still in bed, pleasantly dreaming of myself and two of my female coworkers all naked on top of my bar, when I was rudely awakened by the loud buzzing of the apartment intercom. Reluctantly, I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, wondering who in the hell could be bugging me at that time of the morning, and why it had to happen right as things were beginning to get good in my dream. Grumbling to myself, I rolled out of bed and staggered to the living room.

"Yeah," I said, punching the talk button on the intercom, and thinking about all the horrible things I was going to do to whoever had ruined my morning.

"Hey, it's Andrea." My eyes popped open a little at that. "Can I come up?"

I punched the 'door' button and listened as she entered downstairs and began climbing the steps to my second-story apartment, my mind whirling. Andrea was an ex girlfriend, one of the most intimate I'd ever had, and we were still friends, but she was the last person I expected to be knocking on my door early in the morning. I wondered what in hell could possibly have prompted this.

I unlocked the door and then pulled it open as I heard her footsteps approach, "Come on in."

"Hi," she said as she slipped through the door.

"Hey, ' I replied, re-closing the door and turning to face her. "What brin... whoa, what the hell happened to you?" She was soaked form head to toe, wearing only jeans and a t-shirt, no coat; her whole body was shivering uncontrollably; and her cheeks were blasted a fiery red. Obviously, it was quite cold and rainy outside, and she must have been out in it for some time.

"I walked," she said through chattering teeth as she bent to take off her shoes. Automatically, my gaze fixed on her ass, and I found myself admiring it as always. When she stood back up, I had to pry my eyes quickly away before she caught me. It did no good though because they immediately refocused on her breasts, which were standing out prominently against her wet t-shirt, her hard nipples clearly outlined. I finally forced my gaze up to meet hers and saw that she was grinning at me, that sparkle I remembered so well in her eyes.

"Did I interrupt something or are you just happy to see me?" she asked playfully.

"What?" I said, confused at first, but immediately understanding when her gaze shifted to my crotch and back. Sure enough, although not fully hard, I was still sporting the remnants of my morning erection, poking out fairly obviously against the front of my boxer shorts. "Oh. I just woke up," I stammered, probably turning three shades of red, and making a lame attempt to shift it so it didn't stick out so.

"So. What's going on?" I asked quickly changing the subject, as I started past her toward the bedroom.

"Nothing. Is Cassie here?" she asked. Cassie is my current girlfriend, and we'd been living together for two years.

"No. She's at the gym," I called from the other room as I found a pair of jeans and began to pull them on, "Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays."

"Good," came her voice from right behind me, and I nearly jumped through the wall. I quickly finished doing my pants up and spun around - only to find her stripping right in front of me.

"What... ?" I started, but never finished as she pulled her shirt up over her head, fully exposing her beautiful breasts. She casually dropped it to the floor and then began to undo her pants. I couldn't believe this was happening, and briefly wondered if maybe I was still dreaming. But no, I knew I was awake. What I didn't know was what exactly Andrea had in mind. Was she going to strip right down and demand I fuck her, or was this just one of her odd little behaviors and she was merely playing with me? I had no idea, but at the moment I didn't mind either way, as she pushed her pants down off from her hips and let them fall to the floor as well.

I was trying hard not to blatantly stare, and failing miserably, as she finished by stepping out of her jeans and standing before me in nothing but her white, lacy panties. I could easily detect the dark shadow of her pubic hair through the thin fabric, and it brought back memories of many mornings spent with my face buried in that silky pussy. She noticed my ogling her and started to laugh, "Aw com'n, it's not like you've never seen it before."

"Yeah," I mumbled, knowing I was beet red again, "but it's been awhile, you know. You look good," I added forcing my eyes to stay level with hers.

"Thanks. Now are you going to give me some dry clothes to wear, or just stand there and stare all day?" she asked.

"I'm happy with standing and staring, but if that's not good enough for you..." I quickly rummaged through my dresser and handed her a pair of boxers and a clean t-shirt.

"Do you mind if I shower?" she asked, accepting the clothes. "I'm still fucking freezing. I need to thaw out."

"Sure, go ahead," I replied, "unless you'd like me to help you warm up in different way." She threw me one of her looks and started for the bathroom. 'Worth a try, ' I thought to myself as I picked up her wet clothes and called over my shoulder, "I'll throw these in the dryer for you." The sound of the bathroom door closing was my only response.

Twenty-five minutes later, she finally reappeared from the bathroom, freshly cleaned and wearing the clothes I'd given her. She sat down next to me, and we finally got around to what had happened and why she was here. Seems her and her boyfriend got into it pretty good and she took off, not even thinking to grab her coat in her haste. She was a block away before she realized how cold and wet it was out, but by then she was too determined not to go back, so remembering that I lived close by, she came here instead.

"So what now?" I asked, making a conscious effort not to stare too long at her bare legs. "Do you need a ride somewhere or what?"

"Yeah, if you could just take me to my mom's house, that'd be great," she replied, crossing said legs to (intentionally?) offer me a better view of one sleek thigh.

"All right, I'm going to hop in the shower then. By the time I get out, your clothes should be dry and then we can go, okay?"

She was examining the nails of her left hand, and just shrugged as I got up, "Yeah, whatever."

With one last glance towards her legs, I headed for the shower. I never ever expected to see what I did when I came back out.

Cassie closed the door behind her and dropped her bag on the floor. She'd had a good hard workout, and was looking forward to a nice, hot shower to ease her tired muscles. As she slipped off her sneakers, she noted that the shower was already running. 'Good, ' she thought with a grin, 'I'll just go slip in with him, and maybe I'll get a workout of another kind.'

She had taken four steps across the living room and already stripped her sweat-soaked shirt off over her head before she noticed that there was someone sitting in the chair watching her. Surprised, she nearly jumped out of her skin, and a small shriek leapt unbidden from her throat.

It was Andrea. Jack's ex-girlfriend. "Jesus Christ! You scared the shit out of me," Cassie said, feeling her heart hammering away in her chest from the sudden fright. Her eyes quickly scanned Andrea up and down, while her unprepared mind finally caught up with the situation. "Wait. What are you doing here?"

Andrea didn't answer, but merely shrugged, a small mocking smile on her lips, clearly amused by Cassie's reaction a moment ago.

It was now that Cassie began to filter in the details, and wonder what the hell was going on here. Like the fact that it wasn't even eleven o'clock and there was, well, not exactly a stranger, but definitely someone who shouldn't have been here, in her apartment. And that that someone was wearing a pair of Jack's boxer shorts and his T-shirt, and was sitting here while he was in the shower. And that her hair was wet, as if she had just gotten out of the shower herself. The picture began to form in her mind.

"I said, 'what are you doing here?'" she hissed, the anger bubbling up inside of her. That bastard! How could he? While she was away at the gym, trying to make herself look better for him. And with this slut! She couldn't believe it, the nerve! - well, she was going to get to the bottom of this and settle it quickly, once and for all.

"Oh, don't get yourself all worked up," Andrea replied casually, not even bothering to look apologetic, "It's not what you're thinking."

"Oh, it's not, is it?" Cassie fumed, amazed and angered even more by Andrea's pure arrogance. To sit here in her apartment, in her chair, and tell her not to get worked up. The little slut! She probably still had her boyfriend's cum dripping from her pussy.

Without even realizing that she'd been moving, Cassie suddenly found herself halfway across the room, heading toward Andrea; unsure even as she moved what she was going to do once she got there. This wasn't like her at all, and her mind was trying to put up a fight, trying to tell her to slow down and figure out the real situation, to not act irrationally. But her sudden fierce, and unexpected, anger was pushing her on - demanding that she act, that she punish this... this bitch!

Andrea had risen calmly to meet her, that same condescending smile still etched on her pouty lips, seemingly unconcerned with what was about to happen.

Cassie decided that she was going to wipe that smile right off her face, one way or another. "You bitch," she hissed, lashing out with her hand, slapping Andrea hard across the cheek. The clear crack of flesh on flesh rang throughout the room.

Andrea's head snapped sideways, and when she looked back, the arrogance and condescension were gone from her face, replaced by a look of shock, and then a growing look of fury. Her eyes flashed, and she lashed out in return, her open hand catching Cassie on the jaw, not the cheek as she intended, but still hard enough to turn her head sideways. "Cunt," she snarled.

Cassie knew that the slap should have hurt, but her adrenaline was flowing, and she didn't feel a thing. Except more anger. The slut had the nerve to hit her back! Well, she was going to show her. She had never been in a fight before, (but she had grown up with two older brothers, had taken her share of sibling beatings, and had learned some tricks from them, not to mention the wrestling matches with Jack). Now she decided she was going to use all that to her advantage.

It seemed like a good idea. But as she reared back to slap Andrea again, hissing "slut!", Andrea slammed into her, and the two of them went down in a tangle of arms and legs. They crashed to the floor, a mass of hair and half-naked flesh, and it quickly resorted into a full-fledged catfight - hissing, scratching, and hair pulling everywhere.

They rolled and tumbled, each trying to gain leverage over the other, trying to pin the other down. Their legs were locked about each other's, holding on, neutralizing; their hands clawing at whatever they could reach. Locked together, they rolled over and over, crashing into the couch, the table, the chair.

Andrea, momentarily on top, got a hand in Cassie's hair and yanked on it painfully, eliciting a small shriek of pain. Cassie tried to respond in kind, but missed her hair and locked onto the t-shirt instead. She threw herself to one side, trying to pull Andrea over onto her back, but with a loud tearing sound, the shirt ripped from just below the neck all the way to the bottom. As it gave way though, it over-balanced Andrea, and throwing herself back in the opposite direction, Cassie was able to push her off and to the side.

Free for a moment, Cassie tried to get to her feet. Andrea was quickly back at her though, reaching out and grabbing her legs. Cassie struggled against her grasp, trying to rise, and was pitched forward as all the buttons on her warm-up pants parted easily before the counter-acting forces. She crashed back to the floor, the unbuttoned pants now dangling uselessly in Andrea's hands.

Cassie slowly got back to her knees and tried to rise, but Andrea was all over her once again, bearing her back down to the floor, her hands now locked on flesh, her nails digging in painfully. Cassie struggled against her, trying to curse and yell and scream, but all that came out was grunts as she used all of her effort to twist and turn, and seek the upper hand. Flesh was in front of her face, and without thinking she bit it.

"Oww, you bitch," Andrea howled, as Cassie's teeth dug into her arm. Cursing more, she pushed Cassie away, and climbed to her feet.

Cassie continued after her, trying to tackle her from her knees. Their exertions had both of them sweating however, and Cassie's hands slid across Andrea's bare, slippery torso until they met the only thing she could get a grip on - Jack's boxers - and latched on.

They slid easily off her hips, revealing her smooth, white ass, and down her thighs, where they tangled up her legs and sent her spilling back to the floor. Cassie jumped on top of her, trying to pin her down, as she thrashed her legs wildly, trying to free them from the boxer's restraints.

They continued to struggle, their sweat-covered bodies pressed against one another, sliding to and fro. Cassie finally managed to grab both of Andrea's arms by the wrists, and used her weight to pin them down. She wanted to slap Andrea hard across the face again, but couldn't release her hands, so she did the only thing she could think of. She spit in Andrea's face.

"You fucking bitch!" Andrea hissed, renewing her struggling twice as hard. A moment later, she finally managed to kick her legs free of the boxer shorts, and with amazing agility, wrapped them up around Cassie's head and flung her forcefully backwards.

Cassie hit the floor with a thud, and lay there momentarily stunned. Andrea was quickly up and on top of her, pinning her down, exactly the opposite positioning of seconds before. Cassie just lay there though, to tired to struggle any longer. Andrea took the presented opportunity and scooted up to pin Cassie's arms beneath her knees, then sat back, her bare ass resting on Cassie's chest, her hands free.

Cassie let it happen, the fight gone out of her now (not even sure where the fight had come from in the first place), wondering what Andrea would do next. As she waited, she suddenly realized that Andrea was almost completely naked. The only clothing she had on was the remnants of Jack's t-shirt, consisting of only the tattered collar and one sleeve. Her breasts were completely open to Cassie's gaze, as was the rest of her. In fact, as she looked forward, she saw that Andrea's uncovered pussy was only inches from her face.

And it was beautiful! She remembered something Jack had once said about her having one of the finest pussies he'd ever seen, and now she had to agree with him. Her dark, silky pubic hair tapered downward into a perfectly formed V, which nestled right against the top of her slit. It looked so soft and welcoming; and Cassie wondered what it would feel like to rub her nose through its softness. All the surrounding area, as well as her labia, was shaved immaculately clean and appeared as smooth as silk. Her lips were perfect; well proportioned, and of such an enticing pink that they just cried out for attention. Cassie noticed that at the moment they were glistening, and she realized that Andrea was wet! As she looked closer, she saw that Andrea's clit was poking out, and that a fresh trickle of juice was leaking from inside her and slipping down the crack of her ass.

She had a sudden vision of being smothered by that raven-haired pussy, her tongue buried deep inside, loving every minute of it, and she felt her own pussy lurch with anticipation. She could almost see herself covered with Andrea's cum, slurping it up like an obedient little slut. She could feel her nipples beginning to harden at the thought.

Cassie! Stop it! What the fuck was she thinking? She tried to push the whole thing from her mind, disgusted with herself for even thinking it and angry by the betrayal of her body. After all, the bitch had, in all likelihood, just fucked her boyfriend, and then had slapped and scratched and pulled her hair while they fought.

But once embedded, the thought wouldn't go away. Her pussy was so beautiful, and it was right there in front of her face. She could smell the sweet, pungent aroma of it. And, oh god yes, it smelled so good! She suddenly didn't care if it had recently been wrapped around her boyfriend's cock. In fact, she hoped it had been - she wanted to suck any remaining cum from inside of her, and swallow it down. Cassie felt her pussy dampen, her nipples harden more, and it was all she could do to not moan. She was such a dirty little slut; she couldn't help herself.

Andrea, meanwhile, had been trying to decide on what to do when she saw the sudden transformation go through Cassie. She saw how Cassie's eyes flicked from her tits to her pussy, and then locked on there. She saw the lust building, sparkling in Cassie's eyes, and immediately, she knew what she was going to do - she was going to make the bitch service her in every way possible.

She stared down at Cassie, relishing the dominance she now held, and slowly wiped the spit from her face. "You're going to pay for that, bitch," she hissed, smiling evilly. She suddenly realized how wet her pussy had become, and was surprised at how turned on she was by the situation. All that wrestling had really gotten her excited. Well now it was time to claim her victory.

In one smooth move, she pushed herself forward and pressed her pussy firmly against Cassie's mouth, saying, "But first, why don't you be a good, little slut and suck my cunt!"

Cassie was surprised but not all that surprised as Andrea's pussy suddenly descended towards her face. She let out a little moan of delight as her head was quickly swallowed up between Andrea's sweaty thighs, and Andrea's wet pussy was mashed against her face. She was surrounded by Andrea's scent - heavy and intoxicating - and she inhaled deeply, savoring it like a fine wine. Oh god, she had wanted this for so long - to be buried submissively beneath another beautiful woman, to be made to service her in every way. Now she had her chance. She didn't even bother with foreplay (that's what the wrestling had been), but dove right in, licking and sucking for all she was worth. The taste was incredible, better than she'd ever dreamed, and she began licking even faster, slurping up every drop of Andrea's pussy juice that she could, wanting even more.

"Oh, yeah, that's it," Andrea grunted, "Eat me! Eat me good. Suck my pussy, you little whore!"

Andrea's words were like fuel on Cassie's fire. She loved being dominated, she loved being told what to do (especially when it was nasty, perverted stuff), and she loved being called a whore! She pushed her face deeper (if possible) into Andrea's crotch, and began thrusting her tongue in and out of Andrea's dripping pussy, fucking her with it.

Andrea squealed with delight and buried a hand in Cassie's hair, pulling her even tighter into the confines of her thighs. She was nearing orgasm now and she began to savagely ride Cassie's face, grinding her clit back and forth against Cassie's nose, using that to get her off.

"Uhn, uhn. God, yesss, oh god yes!" Andrea hissed, "Gonna cum. Gonna... cum, uhn, all... over... your... slutty... little... face! You want that... don't you... slut? Oh god. Uhn, you want... my... my cum... don't you,... don't you, whore?!"

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