Playing Doctor

by maryjane

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Incest, Sister, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Dr. Ed loves his wife Valerie, but that doesn't stop him from fooling around. He has fun with lots of women, but when Valerie catches him with her sister Vanessa, it becomes even more fun.

I was in my twenties, learning how to be a physician, when I first stuck my finger up some guy's ass, checking his prostate, trying to sense the different feeling that would disclose the possibility of cancer. And it wasn't long after that before my finger was up a female ass, to see whether the blood she complained about was bright or dark, to locate the source.

With the guys it was medical, putting them through a test that they found uncomfortable and I found to be boring, unless I found something that might be curable, and then I felt like I had saved his life, and sometimes it was true. With the women it was something else; no matter how many times we were told not to think about them as male or female, my dick got hard when my finger was in a woman's ass.

Despite all the cunt I had had, starting in junior high school, I had never tried to fuck a girl in her back door, nor to finger her there. No special reason; just that I had grown up thinking of an ass hole as dirty and disgusting, and I had plenty of pussies and mouths to use, enough so that I rarely needed my own hand anymore.

Doctors are supposed to be cool, detached, never grabbing cheap feels or hitting on patients for sex, not like fucking matrimonial lawyers. And I was able to abide by that rule, keeping a safe and proper relationship with my female patients even as my dick pressed against my pants. That was one reason I always wore the loose white lab coat, which hung far enough out so that the tenting in my pants wasn't visible. No, I got all the sex I needed from the girls in the office and the nurses in the three hospitals where I had privileges. And from my sister-in-law.

Oh, yeah, once in a while from my wife, too, but barely enough to count. And certainly not to reflect on and smile. She's not so stupid not to realize that I'm getting lots of it somewhere; she just doesn't know who, and I doubt she can imagine that there are so many. And did she really care? It didn't seem so. But after all, why else would I need a dick? Certainly not just for pissing. Anyway, that's all changed now.

Valerie and I began to fuck in college. Fortunately the college had rules about living together, and so I was able to empty my balls into plenty of pussies without her knowing that I wasn't sleeping in my own bed. I mean, love is one thing, but getting laid regularly is what helps a guy keep his sanity. Back then she was a fantastic piece of ass. She liked to wear scoop neck blouses with no bra. Whenever she would bend over, and she made it almost a signature pose, her melons would draw the eye. They were just barely at the size where she should have been wearing a bra, but who can complain about the sight of bare tit. Yes, it was true that when I couldn't score, it was her tits in my mind as I pulled on my dick, willing my cum to shoot out onto my open palm. Yummy.

Not that her cunt was so bad back then. She was no virgin when I first bedded her, though bedded might not be the right word. Probably I should have said couched her, because it was on the couch in her parents' rec room that we progressed from playing with her tits and dry humping to straight fucking. Unlike most couples, we fucked for a month before she ever sucked my dick. Telling it now doesn't bother me, but back then I was really pissed off.

Anyway, we finally got married, fucked like bunnies for a while, and then it sort of slowed down, became less passionate, until sometimes I felt as though she was filing her nails as I pumped it into her. Like I said, that's all changed now. Although I had never stopped fucking anything with a cunt, I began hiring only good looking pieces for the office. I had too much sense to ask them when they were interviewed, but 'the nose knows.' Jan was a good example.

She was our office manager, tremendously experienced for a thirty year old, workwise, I mean, plus a very edible body. After about a month, the managers' association, whatever the hell they called it, had a 'take your doctor to dinner' affair, really to have the managers meet their counterparts as well as the other doctors they speak to all the time. She invited me and I accepted with alacrity; I had decided to hit on her that night. Jan was wearing a spaghetti strap cocktail dress; she had gone home early from the office and I had picked her up on the way to dinner. The other women dressed similarly; the real goal of the evening was for them to nail a doctor, most of whom were married, and steal him away from his wife, the one who had supported him through his medical education, breaking her ass at some menial job to pay the rent.

After cocktails and during dinner, there was dancing. At one point, the music was slow; Jan felt good in my arms, but I made sure not to press against her, keeping it chaste, wondering which line to choose.

"Forgive me for seeming so detached, Jan."

"What's the matter, Ed?"

"My very best friend moved away, and I'm very depressed."

She moved her head back to give me a long, almost quizzical stare, asking herself without words if I was in the closet. "You must have cared for him very much."

I looked at her innocently. "It wasn't a him, it was a her, and I miss her terribly."

I could feel Jan relax in my arms, then mold her body against mine as she whispered in my ear, "I'll try to make you forget about her for a while." She felt so soft as I held her, but she could feel that I wasn't soft, at least not where my groin pressed against her. She gave me a little kiss on the ear and I backed my head away; maybe the other doctors were planning the same thing I was, but no need to advertise it.

When the orchestra wrapped it up, I walked Jan back to the car, my dick pointing the way. She held on to my arm like a high school girl, and I liked it. I opened the passenger door for her to slide in, then closed it and walked around the car. As I sat behind the wheel, she came up on her knees, leaned over the center console and kissed my lips, her tongue probing between them. Her hands held my head for support; I chose to support my hands on her tits. They weren't all that firm and full, so I moved them down to her firm ass.

"Hey, Jan, other people might see us."

"Fuck 'em." With that, she dropped below window level and began to work on my zipper. I helped! When it was open, she fished a hand inside and brought one very erect dick out into the shadows. Now, I've been blown by a hell of a lot of girls and women, and most of them know how to suck a guy off, how to work up and down and around the dick, how to speed up and slow down, the lick on the piss slit, the soft puff of warm air on damp meat, the hand job, the playing with my nuts. And I knew, just knew without asking, that Jan was an expert in all of that. Only that night, in that parking lot, her only goal was to get me off without delay, to have a mouthful of my cum quickly. And so her head moved rapidly up and down on me, like a cylinder surrounding a piston, not bothering with the niceties.

"Jan, honey, I don't need any pecker tracks on my pants."

She took her head off my dick for a brief moment. "I'll pay the cleaning bill, Ed." Then she was back at me, sucking madly, and I blew my load in Ed-record time.

"Thank you, Jan."

"No need to thank me now, boss. You'll thank me even more when you get to repay me for this. And check your pants; they're dry as a bone. I know my business, Ed."

I purred with satisfaction. She continued. "Bob is going out of town tomorrow for a few days. How about you repay me after dinner at my place? I'll call Valerie and tell her you had to go back to the hospital."

When we got to her house, or rather one block before it, after a short and silent ride, I stopped the car and we kissed again. The taste and feel of my own cum surprised me; it also got me hard again.

"I thought you swallowed it all."

"Almost; I saved some for you, lover."


The word scared me so much that I went home, roused Valerie from her easy chair and fucked her blind, all without speaking. I think that part scared her.

The next day passed quickly, interrupted only by a quick kiss as Jan stuck her head into my office between patients. When the office had finally cleared out, Jan kissed me tenderly and then picked up the phone.

"Hello, Valerie, this is Jan. How are you?... Fine, thanks... I called to tell you that the on-call physician has called in sick and Doctor has to take over until midnight. He's already on the way to the hospital for the first patient... Yes, it's a pain, but it does bring in new regular business... Pays for the next vacation... Bye bye."

She turned to look at me. "How'd I do?"

I glanced down at her small chest, suspended over fantastic hips. "Fine, just fine."

As I followed her car up the dirt road toward her home, sharp left, gentle curve to the right, sharp left again, then the small clearing surrounded by tall trees, I felt the excitement of blood rushing into and staying inside my dick. Unseen by any neighbors, she molded her body against mine as our tongues dueled in the fading sunlight.

She held my hand as she gave me the key to open her front door, then led me into the living room. A bottle of white wine had been cooling in ice there since she had left for work in the morning. I poured, reminding her that my limit was one; I couldn't very well go home smelling like a brewery when I was supposedly on call at the hospital.

Jan raised her glass to me. "To my handsome lover," she said.

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