Exciting Marriage
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I found myself lying flat on the floor with Bill kissing my tits while Gary had found his way between my open legs and was licking my pussy. I didn't want to become aroused but their twin attack was getting to me.

Luckily my wife Anne and I are the closest of friend, confidante and of course hot lovers. If we hadn't been from the outset we may have missed some of life's treasures. We met at college and we became inseparable from then on. Of course she had her previous lover and so did I but once we had met that was it for both of us. There are many sexy tales to tell about our lives together, but I have to start somewhere. To be honest I didn't hear about this episode until much later, after we had married and it started as a bit of sexy pillow talk from Anne but later as she gained more confidence in me, she came out with the whole story.

George and I had only just starting to sleep together and as yet I wasn't see him everyday when one of my pervious boyfriends started hassling me.

"Come on Anne," he said, "Just a quickie, you know you want to."

"Will you leave me alone," I said, I would have told him to fuck off but at the time I was still somewhat a lady.

Bill was an aggressive sort of a guy who didn't like taking no for an answer which was why I went out with him the first place. He pestered me so much I eventually gave in.

"Look I'm seeing someone else," I said hoping that may put him off.

"I don't care," he laughed, "I don't want to go out with you, I just want to fuck you."

We were almost the last two in the refectory and suddenly I felt a little exposed. He leaned forward grabbing my jacket and pulling me toward him.

"Listen slut," he whispered in my ear so the few people nearby couldn't hear.

"Let me go," I grabbed his hand and pulled.

"You remember that afternoon we spent at Gary's house," he said carrying on as if nothing was happening.

"Get off," I said a bit louder.

"Well Gary has this video camera set up in the lounge and guess what?" he laughed.

His words finally found their way into my heated brain.

"What?" I stopped struggling and my blood ran cold.

"You look great naked on tape," he laughed, "especially when you're coming. All that screaming and jerking about."

"No!" I just stopped myself from screaming it out loud.

I thought back to that afternoon and I recalled a few funny things now that he had mentioned it. First Bill took the time to strip me off completely something he didn't normally do but then I suppose we usually did it in his car. And despite my wanted to go into the bedroom, Bill was adamant he wanted to stay in the lounge and on the sofa. I don't remember all the screaming and jerking he had referred to though.

"Yeah saw the video just the other day," he laughed. "Made me think of what a good fuck you were."

"You're lying," I spat back.

"One way to see," he said, "Come over to Gary's place tonight and I'll show you."

"No way am I going over there with you," I spat.

"I wonder what what's his name, George would say if he saw the tape?" he said nastily.

"You wouldn't," I said but of course I knew him and he would.

"I'll pick you up at eight," he said and left me there.

Oh I didn't want to go, but just on the outside chance he wasn't lying I knew I had to. I was seeing George but I put him off and waited for the door bell to ring.

"Already are we?" he said brightly

He took my hand and pulled me out to his car. Being back inside his car had brought back other bad memories. I couldn't remember where Gary lived but I recognized it when we got there.

"Hi," said Gary, and my heart fell, "Got it all set up. What a drink first?"

Well of course I did, gallons of it so I wouldn't be able to remember any of this.

"Sit here," Gary said and pointed to the same sofa.

I sat down making sure that my skirt was not riding up to far as if that mattered now. The tv came to life and showed the same room as we were sitting in and most of the picture was taken up with the sofa.

"I'll fast forward it a bit," said Gary, "get to the good bits."

The screen cleared and there we were, Bill and I very clearly kissing and his hand was inside my top.

"Good quality picture," said Gary, "I was using the Colleges Sony Studio camera."

What did I care what he was using the bastard.

"You can stop it now," I whispered.

"What and miss the best bits," laughed Bill.

"Stop it," I shouted.

"Turn it off Gary," said Bill, "I think we've made our point."

"Please give me the tape," I whinged.

"Fucking no way," said Gary, "it's the pride of my collection."

"Please, what do you want?" I asked.

Which was a bit silly of me for I knew exactly what they wanted.

"We want to fuck you, you stupid slut," said Bill.

"No, not unless I get the tape," I said sounding brave.

"No way you slut," said Gary, "we'll just show it around campus and especially to that guy of your."

"George," said Bill.

"Yeah to George," said Gary.

"Please guys," I said and I felt a tear falling down my cheek. "Be nice to me and I'll be extra nice to you."

"Why don't you get your clothes off and lets see how nice you can be," laughed Bill.

I looked from one to the other and saw nothing but lust on their faces. I didn't want to especial with Gary being there but I don't think I had much of a choice.

"Nice tits," commented Gary as my bra fell to the floor.

"Yeah," agreed Bill who was watching under hooded eyes.

In those days I was somewhere between a B and C cup and still very firm.

"Very nice," leered Gary as my knickers, my last piece of clothing fell to the floor.

"Lucky old George gets first dibs on her every night," laughed Bill.

"Not tonight he doesn't," laughed Gary.

I found myself lying flat on the floor with Bill kissing my tits while Gary had found his way between my open legs and was licking my pussy. I didn't want to become aroused but their twin attack was getting to me.

"I think she's ready, the slut's nice and wet," chuckled Gary. "Shall I go first?"

"Yeah get stuck in mate," laughed Bill.

My legs were pulled even wider apart and I felt Gary's weight on me.

"Ready or not here I come," he half sang, and his hardness pushed into me. "Smooth as silk."

"Yeah," agreed Bill, "she was always a great fuck."

I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing me have my orgasm but in the end I couldn't hide it and let out a load moan.

"Yes, yes," groined Gary as he pumped his spunk into me.

"Out of the way, it's my turn," said Bill and he pushed Gary off forcefully.

It didn't matter now, I had come and all Bill's energy wasn't going to make me come again.

"Come on you slut," he snarled, "move that fat arse."

I didn't have a fat arse then or now for that matter for I was a slim 34 hips at the time. I wanted my tape back so I picked up his rhythm and pushed back at his thrusts.

I lay there still naked while the two of them made tea.

"Fucking magic," commented Gary. "that George feller is one lucky bastard."

"What about the tape?" I sat up and looked over at them sitting side my side on the sofa.

"What about it?" asked Gary.

"Are you going to let me have it?" I asked.

"Sure as often as we can," said Bill and they both laughed.

"Please guys," I begged. "Haven't I been good?"

"Yeah and that's the problem," explained Bill. "So good we want to do it again and again and then invite some of our other friends over to enjoy you too."

"No please," I cried and more tears fell down my cheek.

"God I like it when they cry," said Gary. "Makes my cock hard."

"Yeah me too," laughed Bill.

For the rest of the year I had to be available for their carnal desires. Then came the last week of the year and Bill and Gary were due to leave.

"Anne, you've been a great sport all year," said Bill.

Yeah, not that I had much choice, I thought.

"We've been thinking that as this is the last week and after that we won't ever see you again," said Bill. "Well we thought we've a big party then we would give you your tape back."

"You mean it?" I said hope springing in my chest.

"Sure," said Bill. "We had considered selling it to one of the juniors."

"No, no, please," I begged.

"So if we invite the gang over for a party you'll going to be a good girl then?" Gary asked.

"Yes, yes, anything," I said.

I hadn't really thought it through, but I really didn't care for I would be getting that damm tape back and my life would again be mine. I didn't care that there was six of them and they all wanted it at least twice. I was more than happy to strip off and spread my legs and jerk my hips as one after another they pumped their spunk into me.

As you can imagine when Anne first told me about all this I was shocked and very excited. My cock wouldn't go soft for days as I pumped load after load into her willing body; it was just the start of our happy, sexy and exciting marriage.

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