The Unraveling

by Kien Reti

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Rape, Magic, BiSexual, TransGender, Fiction, Horror, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Anal Sex, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A deliciously dark tale of sorcery gone sour. Revised 04-29-06.


Copyright┬ę 2005 by Kien Reti

'Twas such a clever trap. But then, he was such a clever fellow, he was. Bumboy he was, humble apprentice to the most renowned sorceror in all the Many Lands, and betimes bum boy to him as well. Yet he alone, with no assistance whatsoever, had contrived this particularly clever deadfall. Master would surely be pleased.

The strands of the web thrummed and vibrated. The trap had made a capture, certainly. But, who then had fallen victim?

At the very center of the convoluted spiral of sticky threads, the captive slowly writhed, his face contorted in exquisite agony. Hunched over him, the slavering spider-daemon delicately probed with extended mandibles, fastidiously tasting of the exposed flesh, nibbling at the very soul and essence that animated the hopelessly enmeshed body.

Why, it was none other than Hiero, despicable antagonist of the Master. Hiero, fugleman and guiding force of the Opposition, that nefarious faction striving to overthrow the benign Ruling Order by means foul and hideous. Hiero, whom Bumboy would lovingly deliver to the tender mercies of Him whom he served.

"Down, Arachne girl. Back off! Such meat is not for the likes of thee and me. It is for the Master to eat."

The spider reared up, spit a stream of corrosive venom harmlessly skyward, then abruptly scuttled away into the far darkness. Bumboy painstakingly unraveled the paralyzed captive from the binding strands and emplaced him in a contrivance specially prepared for exactly such a purpose. He was just finishing trussing up Hiero when a thunderclap heralded the appearance of the Master.

"Indeed am I pleased, much pleased with my sweet little Bumboy. And presently will I give a fitting demonstration of my pleasure, but first we must deal with that one." The Master indicated the trembling figure forced into a kneeling posture in the bondage frame. "Meanwhile, observe -- and learn."

"Ah, my dear Hiero," the Master purred. "What an unexpected pleasure. We have so much to talk about. But, preceding that...

"Pull down his pantaloons and underdrawers, my dear Bumboy. Yes, all the way down. And raise up the rump -- hmm, perhaps just a bit higher, and spread apart the thighs. Good fellow. Now step back and feast thy eyes."

The Master gloated at the sight of the Antagonist's exposed bare buttocks gleaming pale white in the flickering candlelight.

"Listen and despair, Hiero. Now commences the Ceremony of Interrogation. Despite your utmost attempts at resistance, you will presently yield up to me the secrets you bear. All of them."

The Master slowly unlaced his codpiece, which revealed a monstrously large erect organ. "The green stoneware jar upon yonder shelf, Bumboy -- fetch it. And quickly! Now, anoint me copiously with the emolument within."

The Master's purple-veined battering ram halted momentarily at the threshold of the prisoner's puckered up bum hole, as if in anticipation of pleasures to come, only to press forward inexorably, then slowly disappear into the darkness within. Hiero shuddered with pain and humiliation as the massive column of ravaging flesh forced its way into him.

A sudden violent heave, and the hapless captive was fully skewered on the Master's Staff of Power. Faint wails of anguish escaped Hiero's throat as the Master lunged savagely forward, withdrew partway, paused briefly, only to thrust himself yet again into the distended red-rimmed hole between the pitifully shivering buttocks.

Hiero's wits must certainly have been unraveling as the magic robbed him of his innermost thoughts and secrets, of the accumulated lore of untold generations of wizards. A torrent of unspoken words and images wrested from the distant recesses of his skull traversed the path of flesh through his sinews and guts and up into the spear furiously fucking his fundament. The ritual rape was forcibly draining Hiero of his power, ripping away his very mind and gradually and deliberately reducing his mentation to the level of a lowly nightsoil drudge. The Master's frenzied thrusts and grunts reminded Bumboy of those of a wild boar prodding his prey with a long, slimy tusk.

With a triumphant screech of sated lust, the Master collapsed onto the bony back of his ravished enemy. The pungent odors of carnal rapture mingled with the faint reek of ordure from Hiero's violated bunghole. The captured sorceror had been throroughly banged, boffed and buggered, and the secrets he bore thoroughly plundered.

"Dispose of this stinking offal. Out with it!"

Bumboy dragged the emaciated body of the once-powerful wizard down the long and winding stone stairway into the dank depths of the dungeon. The wretch would not likely survive the night, and his lifeless corpse would be tossed onto the refuse heap the following morning.

What was that? A faint whisper? Hiero was mouthing garbled words.

"Tanjira... true... true name. Remember! It holds power..."

Tanjira? What in the twenty-three Gehennas could that mean?

Later that evening, Bumboy received his reward.

"Come hither."

"Yes, Master."

"Disrobe. Now, prostrate thyself on hands and knees."

"I await your ministrations, Master."

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