Amy: Lusty Wife and Mother

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amy, a wife and mother of two little boys, finds herself almost totally neglected by her hubby after the birth of her second child. Eventually, Amy becomes very needy of a man's attentions and her boss, Ted, is the first to pick up on her needs. And he's followed by several more before Amy finds what she really wants.

Chapter 1

Hello, guys!!! If you think you know your wife or girlfriend pretty good, you'd better take another minute or two and consider whether you really know her or not. I'd love to have a dollar for every husband who thinks he can describe his wife and that he's got her all confined in his own little package. Believe me, from personal experience, very few of you guys really know what your wives or girlfriends are up to when you're not around to keep an eye on them.

What am I trying to say?? That there are a lot of men in this world who think their wife or girlfriend is only getting her needs met by him. Or, if you're one of the really stupid men who's neglecting his woman, I can almost guarantee you that she's getting laid on the side by someone else -- might be a total stranger, might be your best friend or some other horny hubby there in your neighborhood. But, I guarantee you if you're neglecting your wife sexually, you're being cuckolded in a sense and you're not even aware of it. Think about it.

That leads me to the topic of this story. The men who don't even know that their women are getting it on behind their backs are pathetic. They think they're the only ones who have sexual needs but how quickly such men forget the way they and their female lovers responded to each other in their early days of dating and making love.

Amy, a very attractive young brunette, had met her husband, Seth, when she was 18 years old and Seth was already 30. They'd quickly fallen in love and then married within about a year of meeting. Within 2 more years, their first baby boy came along and then a couple of years later he was joined by a young baby brother. Then, as the responsibilities of having a marriage and two babies began to mount on both Seth and Amy, she found that Seth no longer paid nearly as much attention to her as he had when they'd been dating and even after their first baby had been born. As Amy felt more and more neglected by Seth and as she felt like he was leaving all the problems and responsibilities of the two baby boys on her shoulders, she began to long for a man, a lover who would show her that she was still the attractive and sexy young woman that she knew she was. Amy was still very sexy, very cute, and being a mommy hadn't heard the sexiness of her already nicely shaped and sized breasts. And, becoming a mother had also introduced Amy to the world of enhanced horniness that is so common among new mothers. The raging of hormones seems to continue and new mommies find themselves needing more sexual intimacy than they're getting.

Several men who knew Amy were quick to pick up on her discontent and unhappiness. One man who was around her a lot and who could tell she wasn't happy was her boss, Ted. He suddenly realized that Amy seemed to be dressing somewhat more sexily than she'd been doing, and he began to notice that she seemed to be fishing for comments from men she was talking to and even him, her supervisor. Ted wasn't adverse to taking advantage of Amy's openness to his advances, and he finally decided to see how far Amy would go in responding to his flirting with her.

Finally, one day Ted decided to see if he could actually seduce Amy there at work. Rather than try going through all the complications of actually getting her to agree to meet him in a nearby hotel or motel for a liaison, Ted wondered if he could actually fuck Amy there in his own office. He came to work that morning determined to see how far he could get with this young wife and mother who seemed to be very sad and needing a man's attentions.

Ted tried to see Amy as she came into work that morning without her realizing he was actually watching her. When he saw how Amy had dressed for work that day, Ted's cock sprung to full hardness almost instantly. He noticed that the blouse she'd picked out buttoned up in front, and Amy had left two buttons unfastened at the top which showed off a lot more cleavage than he'd been using to her showing. He wondered as he smiled to himself who Amy had in mind when she'd kept her blouse unbuttoned that much. He would like to think it was him but he wasn't kidding himself. She also had on a rather short skirt that came well above her knees where he'd noticed that she usually wore pants that showed off none of her nice legs at all. Another definite change that was much more sexy in the way Amy dressed to be around the men she saw during the day. Ted also noticed that the bra Amy had on underneath her blouse was a demi-bra, low cut on her sexy breasts and he could see the nipples of her tits poking firmly against the cup of her bra and the rather thin material of the blouse she had on. Ted's cock got even harder as he could clearly tell that Amy was trolling very eagerly for male attention.

In mid-morning, Ted summoned Amy to his office for a one-on-one meeting with her. He greeted her warmly at the door and made her comfortable on the couch in the corner of his office. He sat there looking Amy up and down, and then he decided to overtly ask Amy how things were going in her home life. He knew her home situation was none of his personal business but he also had strong suspicions that it was martial unhappiness which accounted for her dressing and acting much sexier than he'd ever seen her before.

"I understand you and your husband have two little boys. Are you guys enjoying having the little ones and being parents of two little fellows?" Ted asked as he pushed hard on the door of opportunity to see if Amy would let him slide into her more personal inner feelings.

"No, Ted, really things aren't going well at all," Amy admitted as he could almost see her tear up and approach the edge of breaking into tears as her boss touched on the subject which was making her most unhappy in her life. "My husband has been much cooler towards me since the birth of our second little boy, and I've been shouldering most of the responsibility of mothering our two babies while he's been pretty much occupying himself with work," Amy said. Ted felt the increased intensity of feelings and the heightened openness between he and Amy opening her up and making her much more vulnerable to his seductive behavior than she'd ever be normally.

"He isn't showing you the kind of attention you want and need at home, Amy?" Ted asked as he felt his cock flinch hard inside his pants in hard erection. "Amy, I don't want to pry into your personal affairs but are you and your husband have sexual relations on a regular basis?"

Ted knew that last question was way beyond anything he had a right to ask one of his female employees but he also knew that carrying through with what he had planned with Amy was way beyond what was acceptable too, but he didn't give a damn about that. He was infatuated with Amy's sexiness and her increasingly visible need for any willing man's attention and there was also something very powerful knowing that he was actually seducing a young mother and the wife of another man. Ted had enjoyed many affairs and he always found having his cock buried deep inside a married woman's pussy to be one of the hugest turn-ons that he'd ever experienced.

"No, Ted, we haven't been. Actually, I can't remember now the last time my husband and I even made love, much less anything intimate and loving at all," Amy admitted, realizing she was probably telling Ted a lot more than she should.

Ted sat there for a brief moment, feeling the heightened sexual tension in the room and then he felt his cock flinching hard as he looked Amy up and down. He looked at her pretty face, the nice way she'd fixed her hair that morning and then his eyes moved down over her upper body, seeing how her nipples were increasingly poking out against her blouse. And, he could see that Amy apparently hadn't worn any stockings that morning since he could see the natural skin of her legs exposed underneath the hem of her short skirt.

Ted moved closer to Amy, taking in a deep breath of anticipation and he could actually see that her breathing was coming quicker. Her eyes seemed to be burning with a fire of sexual need and arousal that he had never seen in her face before. Her nipples were both like two little hard points under her top. Ted reached up, covering Amy's left breast with his hand.

"Amy, tell me if you don't want this, but I feel like you're hungry for a man to show you that you're a very sexy and a very gorgeous young woman," Ted said as he squeezed the rounded mound of Amy's breast through her clothes.

"Don't stop, Ted, please don't stop," Amy said as Ted kneaded Amy's breast and felt the hardness of her nipple grazing the palm of his exploring hand. He reached up, covering Amy's right breast too and then he flicked his fingers over the aroused nipples, bringing a hot lusty moan of sexual pleasure and surprise from Amy's lips.

Ted began to caress and play with Amy's breasts more actively and then as he felt his cock pressing hard and almost painfully against the crotch of his pants, he reached up to the top button of Amy's blouse, gently flicking the button out of its hole, and then the second button until he could see the color of style of Amy's bra holding her breasts. His cock seemed to grow even harder as he could see the pale white flesh of Amy's breasts above the cups of her demi-bra and then as he allowed his fingers to undo more buttons on her blouse, he noticed that tears were streaming down over Amy's cheeks, falling from her face onto her bared chest.

Ted said, "Amy, we can stop if you want to," but Amy quickly started shaking her head "no" to tell Ted that wasn't what she wanted.

"No, Ted, that's not why I'm crying," Amy explained. "It's just that this is the first time in such a long time that I've actually felt like a sexy woman. You don't know how long I've been hoping some man would show me that I'm still a woman and that I'm still someone that a man could sexually desire," Amy said. "Don't stop, Ted. Please don't stop unless you want to," Amy continued as he hands came up and covered his as he'd placed one palm over her left bra-encased breast and then over the other one.

Ted finished undoing Amy's blouse, pulling it gently back away from her shoulders, and then he leaned over, kissing Amy's breast right in the center of her sexy cleavage. Her breasts were beautiful and he kissed and sucked hard on the tender flesh.

Then, Ted reached in between Amy's tits, flicking the front fastening open, and he pulled the cup away from her left breast and then quickly followed it by uncovering her right tit. Her nipples were sexy dark brown circles of beauty, and Ted took Amy's left nipple in between his lips, firmly closing his mouth over it, and pulling hard on the tit as his other hand played with her other exposed breast.

Ted then pushed Amy back onto her back on the couch, and he spread her legs out, reaching down to her side and undoing the button that held her skirt up, then gently pulling her skirt down and off of her legs. That left Amy with her bra gaping open, and only a sexy black lacy thong covering her pussy.

"You're very sexy, Amy," Ted said, as he bent over, kissing the sexy young mother right between her legs where her horny young pussy was barely covered by the material of the skimpy thong she was wearing. He let his tongue explore the slit of her pussy lips through the thong panty, making her moan and buck her hips up to push her hot pussy against his mouth. Ted didn't know how much time he could afford to spend behind closed doors with Amy, seducing her and fucking her but at the moment, he didn't care. He was already are deeper into this situation than he'd thought possible. He licked and sucked up and down over Amy's panty-covered pussy until he had the material soaked with his saliva and her natural pussy juices and when he lifted his mouth from her groin, her wet aroused pussy lips were clearly outlined under the wet material.

Ted sat up, quickly unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling them off along with his briefs and carefully laying them on the nearby armchair. His cock was immediately jutting up at an angle from his groin in total hardness and Ted could see that Amy could see his erection. He didn't intend to ask her if she wanted him to fuck her. He'd given her that opportunity to tell him that she wanted to stop; she'd said "Don't stop, Ted" and now he had no intention of stopping short of actually fucking Amy there on his office couch. He loved how sexy the young wife and mother looked in her nearly nude condition and he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her thong, watching as she lifted her ass from the couch to help him remove her panty. Now, Amy, the wife and mother of two little boys was willingly naked and wide open to whatever sexual desires her boss had for her. Her pussy lips were clearly aroused, wet and swollen already in her arousal, and Ted's cock was hard and thick in full erection.

"So you're the mother of two little boys," Ted said, deciding that since he might never get this chance again with Amy, he wanted this fuck with her to be as hot, as erotic, and as sexually dangerous as it could be. "I love to bury my cock inside the horny pussy of a woman whose been knocked up and given birth, and you're especially hot since you've become a mother twice, Amy," Ted said as he joined her there on the couch, taking his hardon in his right hand and guiding the head of his cock straight up between Amy's shapely thighs.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Ted," Amy moaned, hearing his words and finding this hotly intimate setting to be so erotic that she couldn't really believe she'd let herself get in this situation. "Ted,..." and before Amy could say another word, Ted placed the head of his swollen cock at the lips of Amy's wet pussy and he pushed forward, mounting her without even a second's delay and Amy quickly realized that whatever she had intended to say, it was now too late. Her boss, Ted, had her impaled on the thick hardness of his cock and he was pushing his erection smoothly deep into her wet hot pussy.

Amy felt Ted penetrating her wet pussy relentlessly, and as he fully mounted her and then began to smoothly fuck her pussy, Amy began to regret that she'd come this far with her boss. What had she been thinking that morning and for many mornings recently as she'd felt her desire to be sexually pleasured overriding her common sense and the realization that she was dressing like she wanted to get laid. Amy felt the thickness of Ted's cock spreading her tight pussy and she spread her legs, letting him have more room to penetrate her and fill her pussy with his big delicious cock.

Ted leaned over, taking Amy's naked left breast in his hand and he firmly closed his lips over the nipple, flicking his tongue across the hard little nub and then he closed his mouth over her tit, sucking on it forcefully. "Ohhhhhhhhhh," Amy moaned as she felt herself being aroused and turned on even more. What did she want to have happen? What was going to happen, she thought. Then, Amy admitted that no matter what she wanted at that moment, her boss, Ted, had his cock inside her pussy and he was going to fuck her brains out. Amy reached up, covering the back of Ted's head with her hand, encouraging him even more to suckle and play with her tits.

"You're a hot little babe, Amy," Ted said, beginning to pull his cock out and slide it powerfully back into the very depths of his young lover's pussy. He loved how firmly Amy's tight pussy grasped his cock and he loved how wet and well lubricated she was from her own arousal as they'd gotten ready to fuck. The sounds of his thick cock entering and leaving Amy's pussy were erotic beyond belief, and as Ted began to increase the speed of his fucking motions in and out of Amy's tight pussy, he felt himself getting more and more turned on and he could tell that he was taking Amy along with him. She actually began to orgasm within about 10 minutes after Ted started fucking her, and Ted sped up his thrusts, and when he felt his orgasm approaching, he moaned, "Have you ever thought about having more babies, Amy?" and she moaned in her second orgasm, as Ted pounded his cock in and out and then slammed the head of his dick hard against her uterus and held it there, letting his cock pour his hot jism deep inside her womb.

Ted lay fully inside Amy's well-fucked pussy for several moments, and then he pulled out, leaning down to bury his face in her pussy lips. Ted felt his pussy-wet cock rubbing on the couch as he kissed and licked Amy's pussy, sucking her wetness and his cum from her hot cunt. And, then he helped her clean up as he spent a few more moments caressing and playing with her naked breasts and pussy before she put her clothes back on.

"Shall we continue this, Amy?" Ted asked.

"Yes, can we?" Amy responded. "Tonight?"

Chapter 2

As Amy had finished her first erotic, lusty fuck there with her boss, Ted, on the couch in his office, she suddenly found her desires and her personal goals becoming much more focused in the aftermath of just finding herself seduced and fucked in his office. She suddenly found things in her life becoming much clearer in light of what she'd been feeling and what she knew she'd been missing out on for several years.

"Ted," Amy said as she hooked the front closure of her bra and then began buttoning her blouse back up again to make herself presentable for the day's work in the office, "can you come over to my house at about 7:00 tonight? That'll give me time to get the boys fed and put them into bed, and we can have the house to ourselves. My husband is out of town for the evening," Amy said as she turned and tucked her blouse into the waistband of her skirt before fastening it and brushing her hands through her hair a little bit. Ted looked at the sexy young brunette that he'd just finished fucking and he could see that her nipples were clearly poking out underneath her blouse.

"Sure, Amy, I'll be there ready and horny at 7:00," Ted said.

As Amy walked back to her work area, she could feel the wetness from her own pussy juices combined with Ted's cum thick in her pussy lips. She could also tell that his jism had already soaked the crotch of her thong and she'd be able to feel the evidences of her unfaithfulness toher husband in between her legs for the rest of the day. She went through the rest of her work day, remembering how Ted had visually undressed her before he got her naked and then fucked her good. She felt her heartrate beating more quickly as she remembered how it felt to have a sexy man's hands and mouth on her naked body, and then how it felt so wonderful to have him slide his cock inside her pussy and fuck her as she lay under him there on the couch in his office.

Amy got home after work, quickly took care of her two little boys, and saw that they had a good supper before she got their baths and then put both of them to bed. When Ted showed up at her front door, Amy was dressed far more sexily than she'd been that morning. Since she'd obviously already agreed to an affair with him, she'd gotten out of her work clothes and when Ted arrived, she was in nothing but a short babydoll nighty with nothing on underneath it. Being so undressed with nothing more than a skimpy little babydoll negligee to cover her pussy and tits made Amy feel so wanton, so depraved and so naughty that she could feel her pussy growing very wet and horny even before Ted arrived. She wanted to spend hours in bed with him, and fuck her husband. She didn't care if he ever got fucked again since he obviously didn't care anything about her sexual needs and desires.

Ted felt his cock grow very hard quickly when he was shown inside the front door of Amy's house. He'd seen Amy naked for the first time that morning, but what he usually saw at work, and what he'd seen that morning were nothing as hot and erotic as what he was seeing now. Amy looked totally hot and awesome in the see-through babydoll nighty and Ted knew what she'd decided to put on when she met him that evening was getting just the reaction she'd hoped for.

Amy's naked breasts and the sexy dark nipples underneath the diaphanous material of her nighty drew Ted's eyes right to them. And then he looked down, seeing the sexy brownish fur at the vee of her thighs that crowned her hot pussy. Ted's cock was already totally hard but before he got naked, he bent down on his knees in front of Amy, pulled the short bottom of her nighty up, revealing her naked pussy and he reached behind Amy's naked ass, cupping both cheeks and pulling her pussy tightly against his mouth as he began to lick and kiss her hot pussy slit. Amy responded hotly, letting Ted know that he was quickly bringing her to the level of arousal where it wouldn't be long before they fucked again.

Amy loved what was happening. She was so totally overwhelmed by the fact that not only had she actually given herself sexually to Ted that morning, but she'd been the one to ask if he'd come over and fuck with her again that night. She'd been so forward and so blatantly willing to have a lusty illicit affair with her work supervisor and boss and she'd let him do her and have his way with her. And she was on the very edge of doing it again. Amy pushed her wet horny pussy firmly against Ted's exploring lips and tongue, and she spread her legs slightly, letting his tongue dip further into her horny pussy at the same time that she felt Ted's fingers sliding in between the sexy crack of her ass, exploring her cherry rosebud at the same time. Amy had never had her husband or any other man do anything with her ass, and she suddenly wondered if she should draw the line or just let Ted have his way, whatever that might end up leading to.

Ted quickly brought Amy to a hard powerful orgasm from eating her pussy and playing with her naked ass, and then he stood up, quickly dropped all of his clothes there at the front doorway of her living room and he picked Amy up and asked her which way they should go. She motioned for him to take her down the hallway to her master bedroom. Amy decided that not only was she going to have a very hot lusty affair with Ted, but she was going to fuck him whenever and wherever she chose to. Her bed was the largest and most comfortable, and she totally loved the symbology of actually having an all-out lusty affair in the middle of the very bed that she shared with her husband.

"Ted, you make me feel so alive again, it's been so long since a man has shown me that he wants me sexually and that a man actually got a huge hardon from being near me. You do make me feel like a woman all over again," Amy said as she wanted to reach between her legs, caress and rub her horny pussy and continue bringing herself to a high state of arousal in preparation for Ted and her fucking each other.

Ted noted the two smaller bedrooms where she knew Amy's two little boys were already in bed. "Amy, I love knowing that you're a mommy and that you're a loving caring mother to your two little boys but that you're also a very hot horny woman who needs to have her sexual needs met and who needs to be powerfully fucked while your babies are asleep in a room nearby. That really fucking turns me on, Amy," Ted said. He thought about his own wife and kids at home that evening while he was here in Amy's house, totally naked and carrying her skimpily clad body to the bedroom where he was going to copulate with her. Ted was thrilled that he'd awakened a new lust and passion in Amy, but he realized that having this affair with this sexy young wife and mother had also renewed his own sexual ardor and hotness.

As Ted laid Amy's ass on the edge of the bed, he reached up to her neck, quickly untied the small bow that held her babydoll nighty together and then he peeled her nighty off, taking a moment and clasping both of her sexy rounded B-cup breasts and diddling the hard aroused nipples before he prepared to fuck his horny young lover. He'd love to eat her again, but he thought he'd wait and have her creampie like he had that morning so he'd get her positioned for Round One and fuck her then eat her out until she came for him again.

Ted got Amy's naked ass on the edge of the bedside, and then he placed her feet on the edges, spreading her legs and he positioned his cock at the mouth of her pussy. He leaned over, kissing Amy on the lips hotly as he pushed his ass forward while he kept her from sliding back, letting the full swollen head of his cock spread her pussy lips and he quickly began moving inside her body.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, you're a hottie, Ted," Amy moaned. She loved the feeling again of having her pussy full of a hard cock, and she felt a sudden twinge of guilt that it wasn't her own husband's dick that was filling her pussy but a stranger that she'd never had sex with before until that very morning. Then, she realized that her husband could have fucked her anytime he'd wanted if he'd only made the effort. She was letting Ted, her boss, another man, fuck her because her own marriage partner wouldn't. Amy reconciled herself to what was happening, and she spread her legs further apart, reaching behind Ted's naked ass, pulling his cock as fully inside her pussy as she could take it.

"Fuck me, Ted, fuck me like you've never fucked another woman in your whole life," Amy begged as she gave herself over totally to having Ted filling her cunt with his big cock, having him drill her horny pussy until she came for him and he filled her pussy with his hot jism. Amy knew she was still on birth control even though she'd considered stopping her pills. For now, she didn't think he'd knock her up but if he did, she didn't care.

Ted reached down, grabbing Amy's ankles and he pulled both of them up and out to the side as far as he could spread her legs so he could hold her and slam his cock as deeply inside her horny young pussy as it was possible. That threw Amy over the edge and she began cumming uncontrollably as Ted hammered her pussy over and over.

Then, Ted pulled his cock out of Amy's pussy, moved her legs around until she was lying on her back on the bed and then he climbed on top of her, mounted her again and began sliding his cock quickly in and out of her pussy. Amy was moaning and writhing underneath Ted's body as his cock filled her pussy over and over. He felt his own orgasm suddenly exploding from his balls, and as he felt his cum spurting deep inside her, he bellowed that he was cumming. He kept moving in and out until they both came down from their orgasms, and then Ted pulled out, moved down and began licking and kissing Amy's pussy, sucking his hot jism and her wet pussy juices from the well-fucked slit of her horny young pussy.

"You're such a delicious and sexy young woman, Amy, let's never let this stop, OK?"

Amy smiled as she began to caress and encourage Ted to get hard again so they could spend the next few hours making love in each other's arms.

Chapter 3

Amy lay in bed that morning, thinking about what a radical new direction her entire life had taken on. She could hardly remember only a few weeks earlier when she'd still been a married monogamous wife, with two boys. Now, she'd strayed over the line of marital infidelity so many times that she almost felt like this was "the norm" for her instead of the way her life had been.

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