Sauce for the Goose

by Carlos Malenkov

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: "Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander," or so the saying goes. But, does that mean HE HAS TO LET HER DO TO HIM what he wants to do to her?


Copyright┬ę 2003 by Carlos Malenkov

Just his luck to get involved with a militant feminist. Back in the mid-seventies, a few of those dames had some weird notions...

She patiently explained that if a man wanted access to her body -- specifically to her pussy -- then he'd have to let her have access, full access, to his. He'd have to be willing to experience the woman's side of it, to allow himself to be penetrated.

"In other words, if you want to fuck me, Jimbo, no problem -- I might even get a charge out of that -- but you'll have to let me fuck you first."

"Fuck me? ME? Just what do you mean by that?"

"I've got me a harness rig and a big dildo for it, and if you want a piece of my ass, you'll have to give me a piece of your ass. A nice big piece, too. You'll let me plunge all nine inches of my silicone cock up inside you. I'll be the top and you the bottom, and I'll give you a ride you'll never forget. Understood?"

"Look, Beth, uh, well... I'll have to get back to you."

He asked an old friend for advice, his good buddy Mick whom he could talk to about anything. His good buddy Mick who was a man of the world. His good buddy Mick who just happened to be a gay old blade, as the saying goes.

"Jimmy boy, it's not widely known, but many gays don't actually do anal sex. For them, the act of love is a ritual of body worship -- the male body, of course. You might even call it a form of narcissism, of infatuation with one's own reflection. That particular flavor of lovemaking is cock-centered, and consists of lots of hugging and touching -- leading up to masturbation and the oral bit, sucking and so forth. Ass fucking doesn't necessarily have to be on the itinerary.

"Now me, on the other hand -- personally, I'm an afficionado of anal. I make like a top when my partner needs that, but lately bottoming has been my game. There's no performance pressure. I can lay back, or bend over if appropriate, and just let it happen to me. Being fucked simply feels finer than doing the fucking. Sometimes a lot better, and almost always much more intense.

"Relaxation and lubrication are the secret to enjoying receptive anal. Try inserting a small or medium-sized butt plug first to see how you like the sensations of stretching, fullness, and prostate stimulation. (Yes, into your ass. Where did you think I meant?) Guys who try it either love it or hate it. Some can come just from having a cock inside them, with no attention to their own front equipment necessary. For a select few, taking it up the butt is a sort of cosmic experience, like nothing else in this world. The sheer intensity of it rocks you loose from bonds of the flesh, and then you're floating free, part of something much greater than yourself. It's been like that for me at times. Not often enough, though."

Quite a glib explanation, Mick thought. If that didn't get Jimmy Boy curious, nothing would. Not that it would make any difference to our friendship... but, man, he sure does have a nice ass.

Jimmy ordered a small butt plug from a mail-order sextoy shop recommended by Mick. When the package arrived, he didn't even have the nerve to open it. Every day for a week, he'd sneak a quick look at the nondescript plain-paper wrapped box stashed in the back of his underwear drawer. But time was passing, and he didn't think he could keep Beth hanging much longer.

Amazingly enough, it didn't hurt when he inserted the butt plug. Per instructions, he had slathered on quite a bit of the included lube, and the plug had popped right in after some initial resistance at the entrance of his... ass. There was a slight feeling of burning as his hole stretched open to accommodate the bulbous tip of the plug. The stretching sensation itself was, well, interesting. He couldn't quite bring himself to admit that he rather liked the way it felt. Then the plug was all the way inside him. The cunning design of the gadget used the natural tendency of the sphincter muscles to clamp down to actually lock it inside. He pulled it out with considerable effort, to the accompaniment of a faint liquid slurping sound. There was a thin stream of lube trickling out of him and running down the inside of his left thigh.

"Hello, Beth? Yeah, I know it's been a while. I miss you."

Facedown, bent forward over her bed and propped on his elbows with legs spread apart, he was starting to have second thoughts as he waited for her to... to shove it into him. "How will it feel? Will it hurt? Will it satisfy her? What will she think of me afterwards? Could these be the sort of thoughts that run through a woman's mind as her lover prepares to... to fuck her?" He was staring down at the intricately embroidered stitching on the bedspread and he was shivering. He was scared.

Involuntarily he jumped as hands grabbed, then fondled his buttocks. "Relax. I won't hurt you. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Hey, you might even end up enjoying it. Think of it as a rite of passage."

He felt his ass cheeks separate in her grip.

"My, my, you've been practicing. You've stretched and widened your hole for me. You're ready for love... how touching."

A finger entered him, slick with lube, relentlessly probing. Now it felt like two fingers, possibly three, stretching and reaming him, opening him up, spreading him apart. He felt invaded. Violated. And excited. Gently he pressed out to fully unlock the sphincter, then switched into relaxation mode, just as the butt plug manual had advised. There was the familiar rush of blood, and sure enough, his dick was starting to harden.

"Are you ready? I've got nine inches waiting to ram all the way up your sweet butt."

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