Fucks Sake

by Kenny N Gamera

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Humiliation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: A story about a young girl, a father, a magic rice wine, and an evil man


Copyright┬ę 2000 Kenny N Gamera

Suzy wandering into the room as her father looked down at the ground in dejection. Quietly, she went to the corner and waited as he finished the business with the man from the Geisha house, the bad Geisha house where the corporate leaders took their American and British customers. There the Europeans would make complete asses of themselves and give the Japanese rest one more edge in whatever negations they were holding.

Suzy knew the man only to be her father's biggest customer, the man responsible for buying the supplies that the Geisha house needed, including her father's famous sake. She could see from his hard expression as he stared at her father that he was not happy.

"Your sake does not work."

Her father reeled as if struck by the man. The father looked up from his shoes with pleading eyes, "I do not understand, my family has been brewing this sake for generations. It has never failed in all of that time, since the time of the shoguns."

"It has failed," said the man unkindly. He wore a plain black suit that contrasted with the traditional kamono of her father. "Two women, an American and a Canadian, are here negotiating a contract. Nothing happened when they were given your sake. Professor Gamera is very displeased."

"Honoured, sir," started her father. He did not finish.

"It has failed; the batch is bad, and has cost the Master much."

The man continued, but Suzy could not follow what was said. The young woman only realized that there seemed to be someone who held power over not only her father, but this strong and powerful man as well. Never, in her seventeen years had she seen her father as shaken as when the man mentioned this Professor Gamera. Even the man seemed frightened as he mentioned the name.

She was too caught up in this worry, to realize what else was happening in the room until the man grabbed her shoulder.


"No," shouted her father in weak fear. "That is my daughter Suzy. Please, not her!"

"You have promised me a test of this special brew of yours. She is here and she will be the test."

"But she is my daughter!" wailed her father.

"If these negations fail, because of your sake, old man, it will not have mattered what I will do to her." He roughly pulled Suzy into the center part of the room. "Give her the sake!"

Her father carefully poured a small cup from the sake pitcher at his desk. With shaking hands, he handed it to his daughter, "Please, forgive me," he said just before she sipped at it.

The liquid was hot and stung her mouth and throat as it traveled inside of her. As she finished the cup and handed it to her father, she began to feel warm and uneasy. And with these feeling came thoughts. Thoughts, her mother had taught her to be wrong, thought about the kind of things that went on in the Geisha house. Before, she had thought of these things only in disgust, but now she felt the need to do them herself.

She looked at the man and blushed. Her took her roughly to his body and

held her looking into her eyes.

"Old man," he called to her father, "what kind of girl is your daughter?"

Her father looked down to the floor. "She is a good girl."

"So, she would never think of doing this on her own," he stated, not asked as he forced Suzy to her knees and unzipped his pants. Suzy put her hands into the gap and, knowing what he wanted, she pulled his still flaccid penis from them. She rubbed it with her hands, but this only increased the craving in her. Unable to resist, she put the growing tool into her mouth and licked at it.

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