Sexy Little Tale

by Bossbeat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: On a busines trip to New Dehli Peter Meets a sexy secretary and they have a night together

He's Just minding his own business, not a problem on his mind he's just there for a meeting with someone who likes his work, and they went to the trouble to fly him from America, and put up a hotel stay in New Dehli, He sees the woman behind the desk looking at him, surreptitiously with a sly grin, she is quite beautiful, and has a wonderful smile, he watches as she works, her fingers gliding across the keyboad of the computer, and at times manuvers the mouse across the pad, then suddenly he sees a wry grin come on her face, and she takes her hand and motions for him to come over, he comes over and she tourns her monitor towards him and he sees what she is looking at, and it is a couple making love(or fucking depending on how you look at it)and is shocked the a woman is looking at such a thing"Ohhh, Youre a nasty girl." He says with his own grin. looking over at the monitor at the images." What's your name?" he asks.

"Madhu, and yours?"

"Peter., you already know why I am here, why did you show me that?" he asks.

"So we could talk." she says almost shyly almost looking away from the tall black man.

"You didn't have to do that, but glad you did though, I was bored to tears I don't know anyone here, and I would like to have some company later on if you'd like."

"Well I am married."

"Oh." he says dejected." Sorry if I got the wrong idea."

"You got the right idea... , I do what ever I want, with whom ever I want, if you want." she leans back in her chair, and opens her legs making her skirt ride up revealing her hair covered vagina, she put her hand down there and parts the lips opening her wet orifice revealing her clitoris, which she rubs, making her shudder, and then she closes her legs and sits up as her Boss comes out of his office, and sees Peter talking to his secretary, and calls him in for thier conference, they are there for several hours

working, and getting some things and ideas out, and later they all come out, and it is way after hours, and Madhu had alreaty left for the day, her boss pleased with the work they had done writes out a check himself in U. S. fiunds (Of Course!)Peter looks at it and it is a very generous check, and he is very happy, then they treat for dinner, and afterwards he heads for his hotel room, showers and prepares for bed when a knock comes on his door, he asks who it is.


"Madhu?" he opens the door, and there she is, wearing a coat, and her hair styled differently than it was at the office, looking very lovely"Hi! I didn't expect to see you again."

"Well I went home to take care of things that needed to be done I do have a husband you know, and a little boy to take care of, both are now in bed."

"Shouldn't you be there as well?"

"I'll let you answer that..." she says walking over by the bed opening her coat, taking it off and revealing the sheer babydoll lingerie she is wearing underneath over her very light brown slender Indian body," Well?" she asks with her back to him.

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