Teresa Scalia Strikes Back

by obo

Tags: Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Humor, Spanking, Humiliation,

Desc: : Teresa and Barbara have another go at the Little League ball diamond. Both ladies suffer some public humiliation and one "gets it in the end".

Some time had passed since the events at the community theater. (Read the Tale of Mrs. Teresa Scalia) Summer had arrived and the weather had warmed. Both Barbara Anderson's and Terri Scalia's sons were on the town's Little League team. Both mothers attended the games, but kept a diplomatic distance from each other. On the surface, things appeared to be calm. In fact, the comment in town was the best thing for Terri's disposition was her having been disrobed in public. Terri, however, was biding her time and waiting for the right opportunity to cause Barbara some humiliation.

On this particular Saturday afternoon the Little League team had a crucial game against a neighboring town. The stands were filled with cheering parents and onlookers. Terri had come to the game by herself. She found a seat in the front row of the stands and was cheering on her son's team. Barbara was not present for the start of the game. Her husband had insisted she find employment to occupy her time. She had gotten her real estate license and had a showing that afternoon.

The game was in the late innings when Barbara arrived. Seeing that the stands

were full she stepped through the gate of the dugout and stood inside the chain link fence not realizing she was standing directly in front of Terri and blocking her view.

"That stupid cow," Terri thought, "she's right in my way. I bet she did that on purpose."

The weather that day was pleasant, but somewhat blustery. Barbara, having had a real estate showing that afternoon, was dressed somewhat less casually in a light, calf-length skirt and blouse. The winds were swirling around the dugout and occasionally catching the skirt in an up draft and giving the baseball fans, at least the males, a bit of a leg show. Terri couldn't help but notice Barbara's skirt flipping in the breeze.

"I can't believe she doesn't notice what her skirt is doing. Goody two shoes is showing the goods to everyone."

Barbara wasn't paying attention; she was too involved in watching the game to notice. Each gust of wind pushed the skirt higher showing more of Barbara's tanned legs and just a tease of her tush. One gust sent Barbara's skirt higher than ever. While coming back down, the skirt material snagged on the twisted wire ties at the top of the fence. This gave the bleacher crowd a real show. Because the weather had been so warm, Barbara had worn her skimpiest thong. Something her husband referred to as butt-floss underwear.

"Oh good Lord this is great," Terri barely contained, "What could I do to help things along?"

Bill Wilson and his wife Rhonda, who were sitting four rows up behind Terri, noticed Barbara's exposure.

"Oh Bill, I'm going down there to help her" Rhonda told Bill.

"Rhonda you stay right here and we'll let this situation play out as God intended."

Terri stood up and nonchalantly stepped in behind Barbara. Trying to make it look like she was striving for a better view of the game, Terri grabbed the fabric of Barbara's skirt and pushed it down over the sharp top of the wire ties, firmly securing it.

Terri returned her seat to await the start of the show. Barbara, still unaware of her predicament was immersed in the game. She would cheer, take a half step forward, step back, and jump, all the time her skirt was impaled on the fence. The men were enjoying Barbara's tanned legs and the tan lines of her butt. Some hack in the audience shouted "Down in front". Barbara, looking over her shoulder, immediately squatted giving the spectators even more of a show. Barbara noticed Terri sitting directly behind her.

Barbara was thinking, "What's she doing sitting right behind me? And what's so funny? Everyone's laughing".

Terri could barely contain herself; Barbara's butt was completely exposed for all to see. With little more than a piece of thread running between her cheeks.

The game was in the final inning, down to the last out. Chad Anderson, Barbara's son, made the final pitch to win the game. Barbara jumped up with joy and started to run out to the mound to congratulate her son. As she stepped forward her skirt was split by the wire from nearly the waistband to the hem. Barbara quickly spun around at the ripping sound. Her hands raced to her backside to investigate the damage. Instead of finding the fabric of her skirt her fingers found bare skin.

People in the stands were having a good laugh at Barbara's expense. Terri was beside her self with laughter. The ball players out on the diamond were getting a show as well.

"Hey Mrs. Anderson, nice butt!" shouted Dominic Scalia Jr.

Barbara was struggling to pull her skirt together to cover her exposure. While twisting around to cover herself she stepped on the hem tangling her heel and tripping herself. Barbara fell flat on her back, legs flying into the air, skirt flipping up over her face.

Not one to let an opportunity like this escape her, Terri walked out onto the field to offer Barbara some "assistance".

"Oh my goodness Barbara dear, what has happened?" Terri offered, "Here let me help you".

With her skirt up over her face and somewhat bewildered from falling, Barbara didn't recognize the voice offering help. She grasped the hand she felt pulling her to her feet.

Terri held Barbara's hands and pulled Barbara to her feet. Terri also planted a firm foot on Barbara's skirt pinning it to the ground. The laws of physics being what they are, Barbara was separated completely from her skirt.

"Mrs. Anderson really! Are you trying to set a new style?" mocked Terri.

"What are you talking about? Let go of me." Barbara pulled her hands away from Terri and then looked down toward her feet and saw in this order: her skirt laying in a pile on the ground, her bare legs, and the small patch of white fabric that amounted to her panties.

"What?!!!" Barbara scrambled to gather her skirt while Terri stood over her laughing heartily.

"You know, you shouldn't show yourself to these young boys like this. See there are no more exhibitions of this nature. You really should be ashamed." Terri walked off the diamond, chest out, hips swaying, feeling very smug.

The laughing, jeering crowd that had gathered around the two women parted like the Red Sea when Terri walked through.

Barbara wrapped the remains of her skirt around her waist, then patted the infield dust from her self. Rhonda Wilson pushed through crowd up to Barbara.

"Barbara are you all right?" asked Rhonda.

"Nothing bruised but my dignity and there's damn little of that left" Barbara replied,." Which way did that bitch go?"

Someone from the crowd yelled "She's over at the concession stand."

Barbara didn't reply, she resolutely began walking toward the stand. The crowd following behind her knowing the show was far from over.

Terri was indeed at the concession stand. She had decided to treat herself to ice cream in celebration of her victory. Leaning forward with her elbows on the counter and bent at the waist, Terri was making her selection. Hearing the footsteps and murmurings of the crowd, Terri glanced over her left shoulder just in time to see Barbara right behind her. Pinning Terri to the counter with one arm, Barbara reached above her head and pulled down the steel mesh screen that closed the stand when not open for business. Then Barbara grabbed a baseball bat that was lying on the ground in front of the counter and used it to jam the screen in position preventing Terri from escaping. Terri's arms were extended forward, her boobs pressed against he stainless steel counter. The screen held her across the small of her back with her shapely butt pointing toward the crowd.

"What are you doing? Let me up! Damnit Barbara let me up!" Terri shouted.

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