Swapping Young

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Beth and Larry are in their junior year of college together. One night, they admit to each other that another couple, Sam and Rhonda, really turn them on and they try to see if the other couple are interested in swapping mates.

Larry and Beth were a young couple. They hadn't even finished college yet and they'd married in their junior year. They were very much in love, couldn't get enough of each other, and both Larry and Beth loved to fuck and be naked in each others' arms. Neither of them thought there was any possibility that they'd ever want to involve anyone else in their marital sex lives, but that was before Larry and Beth met Sam and Rhonda. Sam was a nice looking guy their age and Rhonda was a very cute brunette, somewhat short but nicely built and with very nice large breasts that were one of her strongest and sexiest features.

"Beth, I hate to tell you this but I get hard every time I'm around Sam and Rhonda," Larry said one night as they sat eating supper together. Unlike Rhonda, Beth was a somewhat tall blonde and she also had a very striking figure that never failed to turn Larry on. She'd started maturing early even in her late years in middle school, and by college, Beth was so hot that Larry wanted to marry her so he could fuck her and enjoy her sexually every single day and night.

"What are you saying, honey?" Beth asked, already knowing from Larry's comments what it was that he was hinting at.

"I wanted to know if Sam turns you on and makes you wonder what it would be like to fuck him like Rhonda makes me wonder?" Larry said. "Beth, when I look at Rhonda, I get turned on. You know you always asked me to be honest with you about how I felt about other women, so I wanted you to know that, yes, I'd love to fuck Rhonda. And, I'd love it even better if I knew you felt somewhat the same way about Sam. Does he turn you on when you look at him and make you wonder what it would be like to fuck him?"

"Larry, you naughty boy," Beth responded. "What am I gonna do with you, baby?" Beth responded as she looked into her young husband's eyes and then reached down to feel his cock. He was semi-hard from the hotness of just sitting there in front of his wife and telling her how much Rhonda turned him on.

Beth looked into Larry's eyes as she squeezed his hardon and then said, "Yes, honey, Sam turns me on in some of the same ways Rhonda affects you. Can we arrange a get-together and see if we can pull off a little mate swap with the two of them?? Would this Friday night be OK with you?" Beth asked as she saw the glimmer of anticipation in Larry's eyes.

That Friday night, Larry and Beth invited Sam and Rhonda over for supper. When the other couple arrived, Larry felt his cock getting thick and turned on from the moment that Sam and Rhonda came into the house. He walked over, shaking Sam's hand and leaning over to give Rhonda a seemingly innocent kiss on her cheek. Larry fought the desire and temptation to reach up and squeeze one of Rhonda's nicely rounded breasts through the bodice of her dress, and as Beth looked at Sam she could see a bulge in his pants that clearly gave away the fact that he was already aroused from being with Beth just as Larry was from seeing Sam's wife.

The two couples hit it off quickly and the two wives finished off dinner preparations while the guys each drank a cold beer and watched the evening news on TV. Then they shared a nice steak and baked potato dinner and Beth put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher so they could turn their attentions to the other activities she and Larry had planned for that evening. Larry and Beth had discussed how they could go about broaching the subject of their mutual desire for Sam and Rhonda and how best to let the other young couple know what it was they wanted to experience with them. Finally, Beth told Larry that she thought they should break the ice with a nice dinner and then just come right out and tell Sam and Rhonda what they were thinking and see what the other couple's reaction was to their proposal. That's exactly what they did.

Larry got all four of them situated comfortably in the family room and there was a nice fire roaring in the large fireplace at the end of the room. It was cozy warm and would be very comfortable even if they were less than totally dressed.

"Sam, Rhonda," Larry said as he cleared his throat and moved right into their plan. "Beth and I have really enjoyed getting to know you two and we're so glad you could come over and join us for dinner tonight. I hope you enjoyed Beth's good cooking as much as I did. Beth and I discussed having you two over and I wanted to tell you something else we'd like to propose to you. We've never had any sexual relations outside the two of us, but Beth and I have both talked about you guys so much and we finally admitted that we were both turned on by you two. Beth told me she'd really like to find out of you two would be interested in swapping with us for sex," Larry said as he finally got to the meat of the matter and waited for their guests' response.

"You're saying you and Beth would be interested in swapping with me and Rhonda?" Sam asked, looking first at Larry then over to Beth and then to his cute wife, Rhonda.

"Yes, are you guys interested in getting it on with me and Beth tonight and maybe on a regular basis depending on how things go?" Sam responded as he looke again at his wife, Rhonda, and Larry could see a smile of mutual interest and agreement with Larry's proposal. Sam stood, walked to the middle of the room and then he walked over to where Rhonda was sitting, took her by the hand and led her to where Larry was sitting.

"Yes, Larry, Rhonda and I would be very interested in an evening of sharing mates with your guys. Let's do it," and he placed Rhonda's small soft hand in Larry's as he walked over to where Beth was sitting, and he brought her to her feet and took her in his arms. "Beth, let's get to know each other better," Sam said as he felt his cock nearly hard already.

"I'm more than ready if you are, Sam," Beth responded.

"Rhonda, I've been wanting you for some time, ever since Beth and I met you," Larry said, as he also took the petite young brunette wife into his arms, closing his lips over hers as his left hand closed over her rounded breast underneath her clothes. Beth and Larry were soon kissing hotly and both Larry and Beth had agreed that they'd try to stay in the same room with Sam and Rhonda during their intial swap session. If anyone wanted privacy, they'd go along with that but Beth thought it might be even more erotic if they swapped and engaged in sex with the other person's mate there in the same room.

Beth felt Sam's hands moving down over her body, caressing and cupping her ass and feeling her large rounded tits up while his cock was pushing hard against his pants and he was ensuring that she could feel his arousal. Beth was pretty horny herself and she knew that whenever Sam was ready to fuck her, she'd be more than ready, too. Sam soon had Beth's top off and then her pants quickly followed it onto the floor nearby. While Sam and Beth were engaged in foreplay, Larry had moved over to the nearby couch with Rhonda and he soon had his hand up underneath the skirt of her dress, feeling up her pussy through her panties.

"Ohhhhhhh, Larry, you're making me so hot," Rhonda said in an effort not only to tell Larry how she was enjoying what he was doing with her but also to heighten the sexual heat and intensity in the room as the two couples were getting it on in each other's presence. "You're making me so fucking hot," Rhonda said, using some of the hot bedroom talk that she usually did when she and Sam were about to make love.

Not to be outdone by Rhonda, Beth quickly bent down, unzipping Sam's pants and got his cock out, quickly stroking him to full hardness and then she bent over, taking Sam's big hard cock in her mouth and she began giving him a lusty pre-fuck blowjob. Beth ensured that her wet mouth around the hard thick shaft of Sam's cock and the head made a sexy wet sound that would be very obvious to both Larry and Rhonda on the other side of the room. She was very successful. Larry looked over, seeing that Beth had Sam's dick in her mouth and he turned back to Rhonda, reaching behind her back to unfasten the zipper of her dress and then he slipped her arms of out of the top of the dress and pulled it forward to reveal that she didn't have any bra on underneath it. The dress had bra cups built into the bodice so when he began removing her dress, her breasts were automatically bared to Larry's view and to his touch. He leaned forward, covering Rhonda's dark left nipple and sucked on it while he covered her right tit with his hand and hotly squeezed it to feel the fullness of her breast. Then, Larry had Rhonda stand and he helped her step out of her dress, leaving her wearing only a black lacy thong that she'd had on underneath it.

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