Me and Kelly

by golden girl

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, TransGender, Cheating, Incest, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Love story of how two ditched girls found each other.

Chapter 1

I met her when I was on holiday in the Canary Isles, we were at a beach party and everyone was half cut, like me she wore a tight white tee shirt and a denim mini skirt, she shouted "Snap" when she saw me and we both fell about giggling.

Since we were the only ones without boy friends, we spent the next couple of hours in each other's company, we danced and drank and generally had a great time.

As the party began to break up, we found ourselves walking in the surf, the water splashing round our ankles,

"So where are you staying Sandy?" she asked and I suddenly realized that we were holding hands,

"At the Plaza" she replied, "What about you, we could meet up for breakfast?"

"The Plaza" I laughed, "Room 211"

"You're joking, I'm in room 213, I must be just across the corridor"

"Well why don't we go back now and see if the bar's still open?"

"Great idea" she giggled, "It's too early for bed"

Juan, the barman was quite pleased to see us, there was only an old couple sitting drinking sherry to keep him awake and a young couple too involved in each other to remember to order any more drinks.

We got ourselves a large vodka each and took them out onto the terrace overlooking the beach,

"This should be really romantic Sandy" she said sadly, "Look at it, it's beautiful"

"It's stunning" I agreed and joined her at the low wall, "Would you like to talk about it?"

I saw the tears in her eyes as she shook her head,

"No not really, it still hurts"

"I'm a great listener Kelly"

She squeezed my hand and turned to look at me,

"I'm not going to burden you Sandy"

"Hey" I laughed, "I'll let you know when you start burdening me, come on, tell me"

We sat down at the table and she sighed as she took out her cigarettes,

"We'd only been together for about a month, but I really thought I was in love"

"Been there, done that" I said softly,

"We were planning on moving in together, but then it all went wrong"

She began to cry and I felt her hurt,

"Come on Kelly" I put my arm around her, "Men just aren't worth it"

She pulled back slightly and looked at me through tear filled eyes,

"I'm sorry Sandy, it wasn't a feller"

"I know" I said softly and tilted her chin up with a finger, "You're far too good for a man"

I felt her warm breath on my mouth as she looked at me, her lips were almost on mine, only millimeters separated us,

"You're just saying that to make me feel better"

I touched my lips to hers, just briefly, but she didn't pull away,

"Kelly" I whispered, "Two years ago, I met a girl, she was just fifteen years old, three years younger than me, her mother was seeing a feller who's ambition in life was to get them in bed together with him, in fairness to her mother, she refused time and time again, until finally she allowed her daughter to move in with me"

I sighed and kissed her neck,

"She left me last year to go and live with a man of fifty who she worked with"

"Oh Sandy, I'm sorry"

"I think we've both been through it"

"Yes" she said softly, "I think we have"

We finished our drinks and walked through the bar to the lift, as it opened and we got in, she kissed me gently, not with any passion, but a lovely, gentle, sensuous kiss,

"We might not like each other if we go to bed together"

"You're right Kelly, I wish you weren't but you are"

"Breakfast at nine?" she smiled at me,

"Yes" I breathed, "Definitely"

We reached our doors and stopped,

"I'll dream about you Kelly"

She smiled at me and kissed me gently again,

"Sleep well Sandy"

"You too Kelly"

The taste and smell of her stayed with me as we parted, I got into bed and thought about her, how she'd laughed, how we'd held hands, how we'd kissed, I imagined her next to me, her lips on mine, her breasts pressing into mine, I thought about waking up next to her and reaching for her and almost without realizing it, I slipped a hand down over my body, my fingers barely touched the little nub of my clitoris and I climaxed, a gasping, shuddering, knuckle biting orgasm that sent me into a dreamless sleep!

She looked gorgeous and I told her so as we walked down to the dining room together, she had on a short white skirt and a light blue vest top that was two shades lighter than her eyes, no make up at all hid her unblemished skin, even her long blonde hair seemed to glisten under the artificial lights of the dining room, she laughed softly and squeezed my hand,

"You're staring at me"

"It's because you're beautiful"

"So are you Sandy"

"No I'm not" I laughed, but I was pleased and thrilled that she'd said it, "My boobs are too big"

"They're perfect" she laughed and we sat down at our table,

"You've not seen them"

She blushed and said softly, "I saw them last night in bed, I dreamt about you"

"A sexy dream?"

"Oh yes" she laughed again and we drew apart to allow the waitress to serve our breakfast,

"Do dreams come true Kelly?"

"This one will"

"Tell me"

Her eyes looked into mine and she whispered, "We made love in the surf"

"Oh God Kelly" I swallowed my food without chewing it and had a coughing fit, she passed me a drink of water and looked concerned at the tears in my eyes,

"Was it that bad?"

"It was beautiful" I laughed, "I think I just had an orgasm"

She smiled again, "I did last night"

"So did I"

"Tell me then"

"We undressed each other slowly while we kissed"

"That's a very erotic part of being with someone" she said softly, "I love it very much"

"So do I" I agreed, "But I'm afraid it didn't last very long" I felt myself reddening and there was a definite wetness between my legs,

"My fingers got a bit carried away"

"It'll last longer tonight" she said and smiled at me, "A lot longer"

She seemed to get a bit serious then for a moment, "That girl I told you about last night Sandy"

"Go on" I urged her gently,

"It was when she found out what I did for a living that she left"

"She can't have thought much of you then"

"You don't know yet what it is"

"I don't care what it is Kelly" I said softly and reached across the table to squeeze her hand, "I'm attracted to you not your job, last night I found a girl, a lovely, funny girl with a brilliant sense of humour and a smile that would melt an iceberg"

"You've got a lovely way with words Sandy, but wait and see how you feel when I tell you, she said it was worse than being a prostitute!"

"Watch my lips Kelly" I said, "I don't care what you do, it's not important"

"It was to her" she said miserably,

"I'll thump you in a minute" I laughed, "Spit it out"

She looked at me and a tear formed in the corner of one eye, people looked across at me from the next table as I used my little finger to wipe it away,

"I'm a porn actress" she whispered, "I fuck people so that other people can get their kicks"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yes" she said, still whispering and on the edge of tears,

"Do you think I'd make it as a porn star?"

"Definitely" she smiled, "You've got the face and figure for it, but there's more to it than that, I have to go round all those seedy little book shops and pose with customers"

She shuddered with what seemed to be genuine revulsion,

"Are you under contract?"

"Yes, I'm just negotiating one now for another twelve months, but they don't want to give me a rise, they say I'm getting to the end of my shelf life"

"How old are you?"

"Twenty two"

"What a load of bollocks" I said and people looked round again, "Come on, let's go for a walk, I want to know more about this"

With fingers entwined, we walked down the road to the little town and I asked her if she was going to sign a new contract on their terms.

"I'll have to Sandy" she said sadly, "Even without a rise, the money's brilliant, I couldn't earn half that much anywhere else"

"Tell me what you know about the technical side of the business"

We sat on a wall overlooking the beach and she told me all she knew which wasn't much, but the germ of an idea had been planted in my mind and I needed to know more. For the next hour or so I pumped her for information, we ate an ice cream as we paddled in the surf and she told me that she had to sign a form agreeing to have anal sex, lesbian sex and even wet sex.

"What's wet sex?" but I already knew the answer,

"Peeing" she said simply, "Sometimes I get pissed on and other times I get to piss on my co-stars?"

"Do you enjoy it?"

"Not with men, no, but it can be fun with another sexy girl"

A passing motor boat almost drowned out my words, but she caught enough of them to stop and look at me,

"Say that again Sandy"

I leaned against her and kissed her neck, then put my lips to her ear so that there would be no mistake,

"I said you can piss on me anytime Kelly"

I licked her ear and felt her shudder, but this time it wasn't with revulsion,

"My tits, my pussy, my bum, anywhere you like, but especially I'd like you to piss in my mouth"

She looked at me in shock,

"Sandy ordinary girls don't do those things"


"Well, no they don't do they?"

I nodded my head and grinned,

"This one does, I love it"

"I bet you've never done it, you're just saying it to make me feel better about myself"

"Look at me Kelly"

She stopped and turned to me,

"Stay there" I walked just a couple of feet ahead and stopped,

"See anything?" I laughed as I turned round,

"Oh my God!" she laughed, "Sandy, I don't believe it!"

She ran into my arms and we giggled as we kissed,

"You dirty bitch"

"No" I said as the hot piss ran down my legs, "I've been wetting myself for years, I love it Kelly, honest"

"Oh Christ Sandy" she was nearly crying with laughter, "Quick, is anyone watching?"

I looked all around and saw only a few couples sitting or lying on the beach, but none near us,

"No, Why?"

"Take your knickers off quick!"


"Go on, please"

Not quite understanding why, I slipped the sodden little garment down and stepped out of it, hurriedly she snatched it from me and shimmied out of her own panties,

"I want them" she said as she handed me hers and stepped into mine,


I looked at her as I drew the little knickers up over my thighs,

"I'm coming, oh God, oh Christ, oh fuck yessssss"

I was totally gobsmacked, she wasn't putting it on, she was genuinely coming!

Her legs suddenly collapsed and with a serene smile on her lovely face, she sat down in the surf,

"I'm wet" she giggled and I collapsed beside her in the surf!

It was two very wet girls who ran through the hotel lobby and into the lift, we were still giggling crazily but the giggling stopped as we closed the door to Kelly's room behind us and kissed hungrily, our tongues searched, delved and dueled, I slipped a hand beneath her top and found her nipple, it was hard and rubbery, swollen with her desire, she moaned in my mouth, a soft, low moan of lust and slid a hand beneath my skirt,

"God Sandy" she moaned, "You're so fucking wet"

She kissed my throat and my neck and I leaned back against the door as she sank to her knees and raised my skirt, her breath was warm on my hairless mound as she pulled the panties down over my knees and ankles,

"Mm yes" she whispered as she looked at my slit, "Beautiful Sandy, just absolutely gorgeous"

I gasped as she kissed me there and delved her tongue in between my lips,

"Oh Kelly, yes, yes darling, eat me, eat my sweet little pussy"

She needed no encouragement at all, her tongue went deeper, I actually felt it like a little penis and I began to move against her, wiping my pussy all around her face.

I felt my orgasm was beginning and she sensed it too, her lips found my clitoris and she sucked it hard, her tongue flicked rapidly over it and the pleasure suddenly engulfed me, all I could think of was her mouth on my cunt, her tongue on my clit, as I came, she used her fingers to open me and push two of them into me, I squealed as she fucked me and strummed the swollen little nub in between her lips, I came again as she added two more fingers, I could hardly believe it, she intended to fist me!

"Yes Kelly" I squealed, "Do it, do it to me"

Her thumb curled into the palm of her hand and she pushed, the feeling was incredible, her whole hand was inside me, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced before, my whole body was a maelstrom of pleasure, I even lost control of my bladder and came yet again as I watched it gushing down her arm, she licked it off her skin, she looked up at me smiling, savouring it and wanting more but I had none to give her,

Slowly and reluctantly, she withdrew her hand and I slid down beside her, resting my head on her breasts,

"Wow" was all I could manage and she giggled,

"Do I take it that you enjoyed it?"

I nodded my head and reached for the hand that had just been inside me, it glistened with my juices as I held it between our faces, I licked the palm while she licked the back until we kissed around it,

"Sleep Kelly" I said softly, "I need sleep"

Chapter 2

Incredibly it was after tea when we awoke still wrapped in each other's arms,

"Are we getting up?" Kelly asked as she tweaked my nipples,

""What do you think?" I giggled as I reached between her legs and found her silky wetness,

She kissed me again and pushed her hips towards me,

"Are you going to return the favour?"

"Well earlier on was a first for me, if I hurt you, you'll have to stop me"

She crawled up onto her knees beside me, leaned over and snaked her tongue between my teeth, long strings of saliva drooled from her mouth and I scooped them up with my tongue as I eased two fingers into her pussy.

"I won't be stopping you Sandy"

Like she'd done, I put my thumb as flat as I could in the palm of my hand and watched the expression on her face as I eased the hand up into her cunt.

It went from expectation to realization and then ecstasy, she smiled and kissed me,

"It's incredible Sandy" she whispered softly, "You're filling me up, oh fuck yes darling"

We sank down in a huddle our mouths locked together, tongues searching sensuously,

"Fuck me Sandy, open your hand slowly"

I felt the walls of her vagina expanding as I did her bidding, it felt as if my whole hand was enclosed in a soaking wet, velvet glove, she began to move, rocking her hips, fucking herself on my fist,

"More Sandy, more darling, I'm going to come"

We shared the same breaths as she rocked on my fist, I clenched and unclenched my hand as she clung to me,

"Sandy" her voice was barely a whisper, "Yes, I'm there, I'm -- oh fuck yes Sandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

She shook, trembled and squealed, her lips bruised mine in her passion, I sucked on her tongue and rammed my fist up again bringing another squeal from her mouth as she climaxed again,

"No more Sandy" she giggled, "Oh my God"

I let my hand come out of her with a rush of liquid as her juices followed it, together we kissed and licked it until it was clean and then lay together just looking into each other's eyes,

"We should eat" she said softly, "I'm starving"

"Lie down and we'll eat each other" I giggled but she moaned as I stroked her pussy,

"If you start again Sandy I'll die of starvation"

I let her clean my fingers with her mouth before I dressed and went back to my own room for some clothes, I chose a little white dress and a g-string also in white, I knew my nipples would be clearly visible through the thin material, as would the g-string, but I didn't care, in fact I wanted to show myself off, I wanted every one to see us together, I wanted them to know we were an item!

I was delighted to find her in a little pink number, a very similar dress except for the colour, it was cut as low as mine was, although I had more to fill it than she did, her bottom more than made up for any deficiency in the boob department.

"You look gorgeous" she said as we met in my room and held each other tightly,

"I wanted to look nice for you Sandy"

"You succeeded" I replied simply, "Come on, I want to show you off"

We turned a few heads as we walked through the little town and it made us feel good,

"I feel naked" she giggled as yet another guy nearly walked into a lamppost,

"Later Kelly" I laughed and we caused a few raised eyebrows as we kissed tenderly right there in the street,

We found a little café where we demolished two burgers apiece and over a leisurely coffee I explained why I'd asked all the questions about her filming,

"Come and work with me Kelly, I'm the original poor little rich girl with more money than I know what to do with"

"Don't tease me Sandy" she said sadly, "I really don't want to renew my contract"

"I'm not teasing darling, I really am rich and I really would like to set up a film company, with you as the major asset"

She still didn't believe me and told me as much,

"If you're that rich, why do you want more?"

"Well, I don't really want more Kelly, it's more to do with being bored, than wanting money, that as well as wanting to help someone, I care about"

"We've only just met!"

"Yes but I care for you, that's all I said"

"We're arguing Sandy" she pouted, "Are you really rich?"

"My parents were killed two years ago in a motorway pile up, Dad owned a factory, which I now own, it employs four hundred and twenty eight people, which means that I now employ them, I was the sole beneficiary of their will which means as well as the factory, I have somewhere in excees of two million pounds in the bank and do you know what?, I'm bored out of my fucking brain!"

"So why go into porn films?"

"Well it's probably not such a good idea, but like I said, I'm bored, I really want to do something and I'd prefer to do it with you"

I looked at her coyly to gauge her reaction, I already knew I was half way to falling in love with her, her eyes caught mine and she smiled,

"I've got a little hobby that we could take up together as a business, but I just haven't got any money except a few hundred"

"What is it?"

"Come closer and I'll tell you"

"Why, no-one's listening?" but I moved closer anyway and then burst out giggling when I realized that she only wanted to look down the front of my dress,

"Are you a pervert Kelly?"

She pretended to think about it and then nodded,


"Oh good" I giggled, "'Cos I'm getting fucking horny just looking at you"

"Yes, so am I" she smiled, "I can just about see your nipples from here"

After a quick look round to make sure no one was watching, I eased one breast out and offered her the nipple, a quick flick of her tongue over it brought it to full arousal,

"Now behave yourself" I laughed and covered myself up again,

"So, tell me about this hobby of yours"

"Right well first of all, I'm going to the toilet, watch my bum when I'm walking away and tell me when I get back if you can see my knickers"

"Of course I can'" I laughed, "You're not wearing any"

Her enigmatic smile made me wonder, but she back within two minutes, a big smile on her pretty face,


"Like I said Kelly, you're not wearing any"

"No, not now, but I was when I got up, look" she opened her hand and the tiniest little g-string I'd ever seen lay in her palm,

"I'd got this on"

I was still dubious so I took it from her and held it to my face, there was no doubting the aromatic aroma of her vagina still clinging to the slightly damp material,

"Mmm yes" I smiled, "You were definitely wearing it"

"I make all my own underwear Sandy and I'd love to be able to sell them"

"Well what's stopping you?"

"Money" she said simply, "Something like that g-string costs me about fifty pence to make, but it would only sell for about one pound fifty or two pounds at the very most"

"Yes but if we formed a company to make and market them under a catchy, sexy brand name, we could charge more than that"

"You keep saying "we" Sandy"

"Oh bollocks you tart" I laughed, "I'd need to see more of your stuff before making a decision, but I'll tell you this much, they are bloody sexy and I'm certain that girls would wear them, I'm absolutely sure of it"

"Yes so am I" she smiled, "But we keep coming back to money, I can't afford not to work"

We strolled out of the café and along the seafront to the beach, there were very few people about by then to see us, an arm around each other's waist, we talked as we walked and I decided to go for broke.

"Right" I said and we stopped, "We can form a company with an initial capital of say, fifty thousand pounds, we can each draw a small wage while we work on the designs, we can hire an advertising agency and a sales team, ideally a small team of girls to hawk the stuff around all the boutiques and stores, we'll advertise in all the teen magazines and those aimed at the young married women, we're on our way Kelly"

She looked stunned, but chuckled sexily when I said,

"Oh by the way, you owe me twenty five thousand pounds!"

We never managed to make love in the surf that night, we were both far too excited, instead we went back to the hotel, ordered two large bottles of champagne from room service and went back to her room to look at what she'd brought with her.

"Almost Nothing" she said as I stripped out of my dress and panties before stepping into the little g-string she'd been wearing,

"I fancy the name "Almost Nothing" she repeated as I pulled the tiny strip of lace up into my pussy, "Oh fuck Sandy, they look brilliant on you"

"They feel like almost nothing" I laughed, "No wonder I couldn't see them through your dress"

She knelt down and made a pretence of examining the sensual little garment,

"Just a slight adjustment here" she laughed as she snaked her tongue under the millimeter wide gusset and into my pussy,

I jerked forwards, it was like an electric shock on my cunt, she giggled and burrowed deeper running both hands up onto the cheeks of my bottom, I came as she eased a finger into the tiny hole of my rectum and she gripped me tightly whilst keeping her mouth clamped firmly onto my cunt.

"See?" she laughed as we smoked a cigarette together whilst I recovered, "You put that g-string on and you're guaranteed an orgasm within ten seconds!"

She showed me a bra, that left her nipples exposed, but with built in stiffeners to provide uplift where required and another pair of panties, very slightly bigger than the g-string I was "nearly" wearing, but with a little nub of plastic moulded somehow into the top of the garment so that the wearer's clitoris was stimulated with every movement she made.

I was astounded and the name "Almost Nothing" stuck in my mind as we made love that night, we slept in each other's arms again, but my mind was full of a vision, shops, boutiques, even chain stores would soon be stocking our range, I knew they would, I was determined!

Chapter 3

My next aim was to get her to live with me, I wanted her close, as close as possible, there was no doubt that I was falling in love with her.

I put it to her one evening as we were dancing together in a night club, it was our pen-ultimate evening there and we were out to enjoy ourselves, we looked good in our ultra short denim mini skirts and loose white tee shirts, at least a dozen good looking guys tried their luck with us, but we declined their invitations as gracefully as we could, except for one drunken idiot who asked if he could show us both a good time,

"No thank you" Kelly smiled sweetly, "I'm with my friend"

"Your friend?" he said unable to believe that she'd actually had the nerve to refuse his somewhat dubious charms, "Don't you mean your fucking lover?"

By way of an answer, she slid a hand under the front of my skirt, I smiled and kissed her on the mouth, he stood there gawking at us as we exchanged saliva in a kiss that had all his mates jeering and cheering and they left us alone after that!

We danced and drank the night away and couldn't resist going for a stroll along the beach as the sun came up, the surf was warm around our feet as we splashed and suddenly she stopped and looked at me,

"Remember that dream Sandy?"

"Can we do it my way?" I whispered as I kissed the softness of her full red lips,

"Yes" she breathed, I sank to the sand, not caring that I was sitting in the surf, the warm water soaking into my panties and gripped the waist band of her g-string, reaching up I kissed her shaven mound as I eased the tiny garment down, her cleft was beautiful, her wetness glistening in the low, early glow of the sun, she allowed them to drop around her ankles as I slipped my tongue in between her lips and sucked at the nectar I found there, without being asked, she knew what I wanted, I was living a dream, she joined me in the surf and tasted herself on my lips before easing herself round to pull my panties off, her mouth closed over my cleft and I moaned into her pussy as I felt her tongue searching and probing.

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