Me and Kelly

by golden girl

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, TransGender, Cheating, Incest, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Love story of how two ditched girls found each other.

Chapter 1

I met her when I was on holiday in the Canary Isles, we were at a beach party and everyone was half cut, like me she wore a tight white tee shirt and a denim mini skirt, she shouted "Snap" when she saw me and we both fell about giggling.

Since we were the only ones without boy friends, we spent the next couple of hours in each other's company, we danced and drank and generally had a great time.

As the party began to break up, we found ourselves walking in the surf, the water splashing round our ankles,

"So where are you staying Sandy?" she asked and I suddenly realized that we were holding hands,

"At the Plaza" she replied, "What about you, we could meet up for breakfast?"

"The Plaza" I laughed, "Room 211"

"You're joking, I'm in room 213, I must be just across the corridor"

"Well why don't we go back now and see if the bar's still open?"

"Great idea" she giggled, "It's too early for bed"

Juan, the barman was quite pleased to see us, there was only an old couple sitting drinking sherry to keep him awake and a young couple too involved in each other to remember to order any more drinks.

We got ourselves a large vodka each and took them out onto the terrace overlooking the beach,

"This should be really romantic Sandy" she said sadly, "Look at it, it's beautiful"

"It's stunning" I agreed and joined her at the low wall, "Would you like to talk about it?"

I saw the tears in her eyes as she shook her head,

"No not really, it still hurts"

"I'm a great listener Kelly"

She squeezed my hand and turned to look at me,

"I'm not going to burden you Sandy"

"Hey" I laughed, "I'll let you know when you start burdening me, come on, tell me"

We sat down at the table and she sighed as she took out her cigarettes,

"We'd only been together for about a month, but I really thought I was in love"

"Been there, done that" I said softly,

"We were planning on moving in together, but then it all went wrong"

She began to cry and I felt her hurt,

"Come on Kelly" I put my arm around her, "Men just aren't worth it"

She pulled back slightly and looked at me through tear filled eyes,

"I'm sorry Sandy, it wasn't a feller"

"I know" I said softly and tilted her chin up with a finger, "You're far too good for a man"

I felt her warm breath on my mouth as she looked at me, her lips were almost on mine, only millimeters separated us,

"You're just saying that to make me feel better"

I touched my lips to hers, just briefly, but she didn't pull away,

"Kelly" I whispered, "Two years ago, I met a girl, she was just fifteen years old, three years younger than me, her mother was seeing a feller who's ambition in life was to get them in bed together with him, in fairness to her mother, she refused time and time again, until finally she allowed her daughter to move in with me"

I sighed and kissed her neck,

"She left me last year to go and live with a man of fifty who she worked with"

"Oh Sandy, I'm sorry"

"I think we've both been through it"

"Yes" she said softly, "I think we have"

We finished our drinks and walked through the bar to the lift, as it opened and we got in, she kissed me gently, not with any passion, but a lovely, gentle, sensuous kiss,

"We might not like each other if we go to bed together"

"You're right Kelly, I wish you weren't but you are"

"Breakfast at nine?" she smiled at me,

"Yes" I breathed, "Definitely"

We reached our doors and stopped,

"I'll dream about you Kelly"

She smiled at me and kissed me gently again,

"Sleep well Sandy"

"You too Kelly"

The taste and smell of her stayed with me as we parted, I got into bed and thought about her, how she'd laughed, how we'd held hands, how we'd kissed, I imagined her next to me, her lips on mine, her breasts pressing into mine, I thought about waking up next to her and reaching for her and almost without realizing it, I slipped a hand down over my body, my fingers barely touched the little nub of my clitoris and I climaxed, a gasping, shuddering, knuckle biting orgasm that sent me into a dreamless sleep!

She looked gorgeous and I told her so as we walked down to the dining room together, she had on a short white skirt and a light blue vest top that was two shades lighter than her eyes, no make up at all hid her unblemished skin, even her long blonde hair seemed to glisten under the artificial lights of the dining room, she laughed softly and squeezed my hand,

"You're staring at me"

"It's because you're beautiful"

"So are you Sandy"

"No I'm not" I laughed, but I was pleased and thrilled that she'd said it, "My boobs are too big"

"They're perfect" she laughed and we sat down at our table,

"You've not seen them"

She blushed and said softly, "I saw them last night in bed, I dreamt about you"

"A sexy dream?"

"Oh yes" she laughed again and we drew apart to allow the waitress to serve our breakfast,

"Do dreams come true Kelly?"

"This one will"

"Tell me"

Her eyes looked into mine and she whispered, "We made love in the surf"

"Oh God Kelly" I swallowed my food without chewing it and had a coughing fit, she passed me a drink of water and looked concerned at the tears in my eyes,

"Was it that bad?"

"It was beautiful" I laughed, "I think I just had an orgasm"

She smiled again, "I did last night"

"So did I"

"Tell me then"

"We undressed each other slowly while we kissed"

"That's a very erotic part of being with someone" she said softly, "I love it very much"

"So do I" I agreed, "But I'm afraid it didn't last very long" I felt myself reddening and there was a definite wetness between my legs,

"My fingers got a bit carried away"

"It'll last longer tonight" she said and smiled at me, "A lot longer"

She seemed to get a bit serious then for a moment, "That girl I told you about last night Sandy"

"Go on" I urged her gently,

"It was when she found out what I did for a living that she left"

"She can't have thought much of you then"

"You don't know yet what it is"

"I don't care what it is Kelly" I said softly and reached across the table to squeeze her hand, "I'm attracted to you not your job, last night I found a girl, a lovely, funny girl with a brilliant sense of humour and a smile that would melt an iceberg"

"You've got a lovely way with words Sandy, but wait and see how you feel when I tell you, she said it was worse than being a prostitute!"

"Watch my lips Kelly" I said, "I don't care what you do, it's not important"

"It was to her" she said miserably,

"I'll thump you in a minute" I laughed, "Spit it out"

She looked at me and a tear formed in the corner of one eye, people looked across at me from the next table as I used my little finger to wipe it away,

"I'm a porn actress" she whispered, "I fuck people so that other people can get their kicks"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yes" she said, still whispering and on the edge of tears,

"Do you think I'd make it as a porn star?"

"Definitely" she smiled, "You've got the face and figure for it, but there's more to it than that, I have to go round all those seedy little book shops and pose with customers"

She shuddered with what seemed to be genuine revulsion,

"Are you under contract?"

"Yes, I'm just negotiating one now for another twelve months, but they don't want to give me a rise, they say I'm getting to the end of my shelf life"

"How old are you?"

"Twenty two"

"What a load of bollocks" I said and people looked round again, "Come on, let's go for a walk, I want to know more about this"

With fingers entwined, we walked down the road to the little town and I asked her if she was going to sign a new contract on their terms.

"I'll have to Sandy" she said sadly, "Even without a rise, the money's brilliant, I couldn't earn half that much anywhere else"

"Tell me what you know about the technical side of the business"

We sat on a wall overlooking the beach and she told me all she knew which wasn't much, but the germ of an idea had been planted in my mind and I needed to know more. For the next hour or so I pumped her for information, we ate an ice cream as we paddled in the surf and she told me that she had to sign a form agreeing to have anal sex, lesbian sex and even wet sex.

"What's wet sex?" but I already knew the answer,

"Peeing" she said simply, "Sometimes I get pissed on and other times I get to piss on my co-stars?"

"Do you enjoy it?"

"Not with men, no, but it can be fun with another sexy girl"

A passing motor boat almost drowned out my words, but she caught enough of them to stop and look at me,

"Say that again Sandy"

I leaned against her and kissed her neck, then put my lips to her ear so that there would be no mistake,

"I said you can piss on me anytime Kelly"

I licked her ear and felt her shudder, but this time it wasn't with revulsion,

"My tits, my pussy, my bum, anywhere you like, but especially I'd like you to piss in my mouth"

She looked at me in shock,

"Sandy ordinary girls don't do those things"


"Well, no they don't do they?"

I nodded my head and grinned,

"This one does, I love it"

"I bet you've never done it, you're just saying it to make me feel better about myself"

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