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by GentleButFirm

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Desc: Sex Story: Boy gets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy... Oh, you'll see. A return to my romantic roots.

Chapter 1

I heard them talking before they came into the lounge, the three of them...

"Abbey, I want to know how hot we look." That was my little sister Sarah.

"Well, I do too, Sarah, but we have to go out to find out." Abbey was her newest best friend. I wasn't sure I liked her at all, but she was certainly a looker.

"Guys, excuse me, but can't we find out here?" Samantha. Sarah's previous best friend, partner in crime from somewhere near birth. Somehow she'd been lowered a peg since Abbey's arrival.

"Here? Sam, we need men." Sarah's sarcasm was legend. I had no idea why they put up with it.

"Boys, Sarah, not men. Get a grip. And God, Sarah, how many times do we have to do this?"

"Do what?" This was Abbey, the new friend.

"Do what?" An echo. My sister, of course.

"Christ, you two! Josh!"



"Why in hell not?"

"Sam, he's not a boy, and he's sure as hell not a man. He's my brother."

"Oh, he's a boy alright, Sarah." Abbey. On my side. Not for long. "But he's sure not one I want to ask." My opinion was safely back in its comfort zone.

"He fucking is not!" Sister potty mouth.

"God, of course he's a boy Sarah, and why, oh why Abbey, can't we ask him?"

"He's a moron. Sarah, is Josh a moron?"

"He's a moron. I'm not with you on the boy thing. Brothers are exempt. But he is a moron." I knew I could rely on blood to carry me through. Not. "Sam, you go and ask, if you want."

"By myself?"


"Yep." I couldn't tell which was which with those two, but it hardly mattered, did it?

"No way! Come on guys, you gotta come with me."

"Can we leave straight after?" Trust Abbey to see an angle.

"Oh, yeah, good one." Little sister, showing her capacity for original thought.

"Yeah, of course we can. I just want an opinion, okay?"

"An opinion, Sam? Not some specific person's opinion?"

"Hey, that's not fair, Abbey, leave her alone." Sister to the rescue. "We all know she has the hots for him. You don't need to say." Oh, not really.

"I do not! God, come on, let's just do this, okay?"

That was when they appeared through the door. If I forgot for a moment that Sarah was my sister, I'd have seen that they were all gorgeous. As it was, I noticed Abbey first, but recalling her attitude, I turned away, and straight into the eyes of the nervous, blushing Samantha.

"Evening ladies," I greeted them, in my inimitable fashion, my eyes still locked on Samantha. She'd always looked cute, but tonight she was stunning. The immediate impression was one of darkness, despite her pale skin. Large, dark eyes matched her long hair, and her embarrassed smile made her look particularly innocent, despite her clothes. I'd never seen her dressed like this before either. A tight white tee-shirt flowed over her small breasts, and a black pleated microskirt hugged her hips and little else. The high heeled shoes did little to increase her apparent height, but she was delicious.

I couldn't tell you how the other two looked. My sister and her chief crony were probably dressed similarly, but I was busy.

Sarah spoke first, and forced my attention. "Josh, could you stop ogling for a moment?"


"Yes. God, shouldn't you be out getting laid or something? Oh, that's right, it's you, isn't it?"

"Stop that Sarah. We came to ask his opinion, remember?"

"You did, Sam. Go on then."

"I... Josh, we wanted to know what you think."


"Yes, Josh, think." This was Abbey, with her trademark sneer.

"We're all dressed up, Josh."

"Oh, I can tell, Sam."

"You can?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Well then?"

"Come on brother. Get with it, will you?"

"Well, you all look very pretty."

"Oh, give it a rest!"

"God, I'm off to change again. I told you not to ask him."

"Thanks Josh. I don't know why they are being so rude."

"It's just the way they are, Sam."

"Yeah, yeah. Come on girls. We can't spend the night talking to Sarah's brother. What would people say?"

"Good point Abbey. Let's go."

They turned then, to leave. Sam twirled around, carelessly, and I could see a peek of panties under her skirt. I thought for a moment that she'd done it on purpose, because she looked back over her shoulder, and smiled at me.

Just as they got to the door, I spoke again. "Umm... girls?"

"What now?"

"Yes Josh?"

"I've changed my mind."

"Oh, about what!"

"I don't think you all look pretty."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Two of you do."

"Oh, am I the odd one out, brother?"

"No, must be me, Sarah. He doesn't like me."

"No, no, you both look pretty. No problem. And no, Abbey, I don't."

"Hey, not Sam. That's not fair."

"I don't look pretty, Josh?"

"No, Samantha, you don't."


"You bastard of a brother."

"He's a prick Sarah. I told you."

"You don't look pretty. You look devastating. Now go party."

Sam ran up to me then, blushing madly again, while her friends mumbled insults at me. I didn't hear a word. She grabbed my shoulders, pulled my face down to hers, kissed me on the cheek, whispered a quick thank you, and ran away again, following the other two out the door.

"So do you!" she called out, as they shut the front door behind them.

The house was dark and quiet, and I'd given up on study for the night. The parents were asleep, there was nothing on TV, and I headed for bed.

I'd only been there ten minutes when there was a rattle of keys at the door, and a trio of giggles when they were dropped. The three of them eventually stumbled in the door, and fell around the place, whispering really loudly, as only the inebriated can. They slowly made their way upstairs. It sounded as though Sam were the least drunk of the group, though it must have been a close thing.

Eventually, it was quiet again. The doors had been closed. The rattling, and flushing of toilets was over, at least for now.

I'd had enough of reading by this time anyway, and there were two good looking girls that weren't related to me, upstairs, tiddly, and probably prancing about in their undies. It got me thinking, and I put the book down, and grabbed some tissues.

It was a hot night, and I was sleeping naked. I threw off the bedcovers, lay down on my back, and let a jumble of images flow through my head. Images consisting of pretty girls in various stages of undress; of desperate girls who wanted me; sexy bad girls, with nothing to lose; innocent girls on the edge of behaving badly.

That was enough to get me hard, and I started to stroke myself, slowly at first, eyes still closed, tissues on my stomach, the thoughts of a particular girl flowing through my mind. Not a real girl, you understand. Some subconscious blend of the things that got me going - girls from school; from the mall; from my dreams; from upstairs; from the only porn movie I'd ever seen; girls prancing around in panties in horror movies, just before they got stabbed. My stroking was getting faster now, as the girl in my head took my cock into her mouth. I imagined that my hand was her mouth, as she expertly manipulated me. She moved her mouth in some impossible way around me, and I could feel her tongue licking up the shaft as she pumped me with her bright red lips, her eyes smiling at me from below.

My imagination was running on auto now, and I came in her mouth, pumping deliriously. At the same time, I spurted out recklessly over the tissues in the real world. I knew I could clean up what I missed, later. Hell, even if I didn't, it wouldn't be the first time Mum had found crusty stains on the sheets. She'd never said a word, and I didn't worry about it any more. As it happened, the tissues were in just the right place, and I caught it all. I lay there for a moment, my hand still on my cock, thinking about the girl swallowing it all, and smiling at me again.

That was when I heard the voice. Samantha's voice. From the doorway.

"Wow, I've never seen that before. Is it always like that?"

I jumped with the shock, sweeping the dripping tissues off my chest, and throwing the sheet back over my lower body. "Sam, what in hell are you doing there?"

Her voice was relaxed as she answered, without a trace of the nervousness from earlier in the evening. It must have been the alcohol. "Watching, Josh. I was watching, of course."

"Oh God, how long were you there?"

"The classic answer is 'long enough, ' right?"

"Look, you have to go!"

"Not much point now, is there?"

"Yeah, but you..."

"Saw you jerk off. It was nice, Josh. What were you thinking about?"

"Listen, you can't... what did you say?"

She moved into the room now, and I could see her more clearly with the help of the bedlight. She was still dressed the way she had been when they all left the house. She carried it much more boldly now though. "I said," she told me as she approached the bed, "What were you thinking about?"

"Sam, you can't come in here. What if someone sees you? I'm not dressed, you know."

"I saw that. No one will catch me. They are all asleep. Your sister and bitchy-girl are out to it."

"Yeah, but..."

"Shhh. I just want to talk to you."

"Oh. Well, the morning?"

"Uh uh. Private talk."


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