The Deal: Her Ass for My Silence

by Anal_King

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Blackmail, Mother, Son, Rough, Anal Sex, Lactation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A mother has a secret she wants kept from her husband. Son offers her his silence in exchange for her tight ass.

Whenever I needed to get-off, which was often the case, I would always fantasize about my sexy mother. She was the main porn actress of my perverted fantasies. My name is Kevin. I'm 18 years old and live at home with my mom and dad. I have an older brother named Jeremy who is a junior architect for a major firm. He lives in an apartment on the other side of town.

Cynthia, my mom, is a busty 45 year old sexpot. But, if you ask me, she looks more like a vibrant nymph in her 20s. Mom is a very fit woman who likes to diet and hit the gym four times a week. She has soft, silky brown hair, light green eyes, a cute upturned nose, and full red lips. But her best asset in my opinion-and the opinion of most men who drool when she walks by them in the street-is her plump, round ass. Mom's phenomenal curvy ass has a sublime way of hypnotizing the male species in their tracks. With each step of her dainty feet, mom's ass cheeks will deliciously bounce and sway-side to side.

There wasn't a day that went by where I didn't want to sink my thick 7 inch cock into her tight crack. Honestly, I was so in love with that fuckin' ass of hers it made my dick throb every time I saw it. Unfortunately, my chances of ever fucking my mom's sweet ass were a little less than zero. It was totally pointless to even consider. Mom would never allow her baby to stick his hard cock into her luscious pear-shaped ass. At least, that's what I thought--until...

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very dehydrated. Glancing over at my clock on the nightstand, it was around 2:30 in the morning. I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen for a glass of cool water when, suddenly, I heard a long moan coming from down the hall. I stopped and listened. There it was again followed by an exchange of whispers. Then nothing. I thought I was hearing things and was about to go on my way when I heard someone say:

"Oh fuck! You're so tight!" It was coming from my mother's bedroom. I could hear more whispers as I silently crept toward her room and peeked through the crack of her opened door. My eyes bulged as I witnessed the carnal sight before me. There, on my mother's marital bed, was my older brother Jeremy spooning my mom as he sawed his erect manhood into her maternal pussy! She was wearing a purple satin nightie that was obscenely stretched below her protruding breasts. Jeremy's hands were all over her creamy tits as he savagely mauled them.

"Oh baby! That's it. Play with mommy's tits!" She moaned under the combined pressure of his rough hands and aching shaft. Her engorged tips distended under the onslaught of his hungry paws. My heart was pounding like crazy at the illicit coupling unfolding before my eyes.

"God, I love the feel of your tits. They're so spongy and warm, mom." Buckling under the constricting pressure of his hands, her inflamed nipples, unexpectedly, burst open with a flood of creamy milk. Jet after jet of her sweet tit juice soaked the sheets as my brother relentlessly manhandled her doughy orbs. My head spun as blood drained down to my stiff cock. I could only look on as my mind raged in turmoil.

"Ooooooh, Jeremy! Yes! Mommy loves when you do that to her!" she squealed. "Suck my tits sweetie! Suck out all my milk!" Jeremy hefted her fat teat to his lips and squeezed her warm milk into his ravenous mouth. He pursed his lips around her rosy pebble and sucked ounces upon ounces of her sweet tit milk before gulping it down. With his thirst satisfied for now, he resumed his attack on her frothy pink gash below, repeatedly pounding her moist sex as she writhed and moaned beside him. I felt my knees becoming weak.

Jeremy groaned with each stroke as he grunted and labored attempting to stuff more of his hard shaft into her dripping snatch. "Oh mom! Mom! You're pussy feels like it's milking my cock! There bodies were wet with sweat as Jeremy unmercifully hammered her lusty sex. Mom clutched the sheets in the balls of her fists as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. Breathlessly whimpering and whining as Jeremy desecrated her curvy body.

"Aw Gaawwwd, baby! Your stretching me raw!" My cock continuously throbbed at the incestuous link between my mother and brother. I have to admit, on a deep level, it made me jealous that she would choose Jeremy over me. I--wanted to be the one parting her vulva with his rigid fuck pole. It wasn't fair! From the few snippets of dirty talk exchanged between them, I knew it wouldn't before they reached their climaxes.

Jeremy began to pump his last few thrusts as he nibbled on my mom's earlobe. On his last lunge he stiffened like a board. "Oh... fuckkk! Ahhrrrggggg!" The cords on his neck stood out as he bit into my mother's soft shoulder to stifle his groans, while spilling his seed deep into her womb. She soon followed as she reached behind and pulled Jeremy tighter into her inflamed sex.

"Jeremy! Oh... baby! I'm cummming! I'm cummmmmiiiiiinnnggg!" With her eyes screwed shut and mouth agape, she wailed as her orgasm violently ripped through her body. It looked like wave after wave hit her as her skin flushed a delicate red. When she finally calmed down enough and caught her breath, they snuggled their bodies together as he lazily kneaded her heavy tits. Mom had her face hidden in her hands as her orgasm subsided. She looked like a young virgin on her honeymoon at that moment. They remained in each other's arms, absorbing the post orgasmic bliss that washed over their bodies. Mom's face was glowing as they laid there snuggling while Jeremy nuzzled her long neck. The room was silent now except for their breathing. Eventually, his dick sluggishly snaked out and landed with a thump on the bed. I gasped as mom's well fucked pussy was left gaping with Jeremy's cum dribbling out.

"You are one sexy bitch, mom. I can't help but want to fill you with my seed every time I look at you," he confessed passionately.

"Oh, go on." she said with a grin. Slap! He playfully slapped and grabbed her left ass cheek, lifting it for a moment to expose one of the sexiest assholes I've ever seen. Her shit hole was lined with beautiful pink ridges that were obscenely stretched by his clutching hand. Still in the spoon position they started in, my mother turned her head to kiss Jeremy. When she did, she caught me spying outside the door. Her eyes widened in shock. A look of fear flashed across her face at the realization of being discovered. Jeremy didn't even notice the brief exchange between us as he passionately kissed and sucked my mother's engorged lips. At this point I was covered in perspiration and shaking in my knees.

I hurriedly tip-toed back to my room before Jeremy could see me and eased the door shut. I leaned back against my door and shivered trying to make sense of what I just witnessed. Jeremy was fucking mom! I can't believe it! Although given the chance, I would definitely fuck her brains out, too.

I released my throbbing member from the confines of my shorts and furiously began to beat off to the mental video of my mom getting fucked by Jeremy. In a matter of seconds, I spewed three loads of my jism onto the floor. It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. Gasping for breath and trembling with lust, I felt drained and a little nervous about what was going to happen when she confronted me about my spying.

Twenty minutes later I heard the front door click. Jeremy must've gone back to his apartment in town. I decided to call it a night. When my head touched the pillow, I fell into a restless slumber with images of my mother's tight ass.

I felt someone shaking me out of a deep sleep. "Kevin... sweetie, wake up. It's already pass 2:00 in the afternoon." I slowly opened my lids and rubbed my bleary eyes. Sitting beside me in her short pink nightie was my mom.

"Kevin, we need to talk." My eyes latched on to her mouth watering tits jutting out against her nightie. They looked so inviting and suckable. She caught my glance and covered herself up.

"Oops, sorry about that." She nervously smirked. "Kevin... I know you saw me with your brother last night. And... I want to explain that to you."

"Okay mom." I said, as I gradually sat up and waited for her to collect her thoughts.

"Look... what you saw last night was something I never intended for you to see. I know it must've been a shock for you to find your brother in bed with me, and I know you probably have a lot of questions about what you saw. I'll try to answer them as best I can." She took a breath and clasped her hands together.

"Why mom?" What I really wanted to say was WHY NOT ME!

"Well, it all started a two years back when your father got that promotion he worked so hard for." She took a moment to reflect before resuming her story. "Your father began to show more and more of an interest in his job and less of an interest in me. We had made love maybe once a month, then every few months, then nothing at all. I tried everything to get him to notice me but after a year, I could see the spark wasn't there anymore. I didn't want to cheat on your dad, but I had my needs. Kevin... your father didn't touch me for well over a year." My mom looked pained as she recounted the events between her and my dad. Her eyes started to mist.

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