Maid to Order

by mrwizard

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, DomSub, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: Horny couple hires a pretty, young maid. One who truly understands how to serve and obey. Very light Dom/sub.

Not for the first time, she swished her ass as she walked by him. It was an ongoing temptation that he could no longer resist. Steve had decided that he was going to teach this little tease a lesson, and have his way with her whether she wanted it or not. This beautiful cockteaser had been taunting him long enough. He grabbed her from behind, pushed aside her blazer, and cupped the soft mounds of her breasts through the thin material of her white blouse. He smiled to himself as he realized that the little slut wore no bra. At the same time he was feeling her up, he was pressing his already hard cock into the crack of her perfect heart shaped ass.

"No, no," she pleaded, trying to pull away, but Steve was much too strong for her.

"I'm gonna fuck you now wench," he told her forcefully, "you've teased me once too often." With one hand, Steve lifted her skirt, and shoved her stocking clad legs apart. The other hand placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her exposed cunt. Exposed because she wore no panties, and her stockings were thigh highs.

"Damn you Steve," his wife laughed, as Steve pushed his hard prick into her dripping wet snatch, "you're gonna make me late for my meeting."

By this time, Steve had bent Terri over the sofa and he was fucking her hard from behind. "If you didn't want to fuck before you went to work," he panted, chuckling; "you shouldn't have been teasing me all morning."

She looked back at him over her shoulder. "It's your own fault," Terri giggled breathlessly, "you kept flashing that big beautiful cock at me. What's a horny girl supposed to do? Now shut up and fuck me hard and fast."

Always happy to oblige a lady, Steve picked up the pace of their fucking. Terri's moanings were getting louder and more intense. He could feel the always-tight grip her pussy held on his cock getting even tighter, a sure sigh of her impending orgasm. "Fuck me darling," Terri screamed, "fuck me. I'm there Steve, I'm cumming. I love you darling. Oh God, I'm cumming."

Her pussy grabbed his cock in a vise-like grip as she came, sending waves of incredible pleasure through both of them; and bringing him to the brink of his own powerful orgasm. "I'm cumming too, Sweetheart," he hollered, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming too."

"No, no," she protested vehemently, "don't cum inside of me." Obediently, Steve pulled back as she moved forward. As soon as his cock was out of her, she spun around, quickly dropped to her knees, and took his cock in her mouth.

At the same instant that Steve felt himself enter the warm wetness of her mouth he started to cum. Spurt after spurt shot into Terri's mouth, and she eagerly swallowed every drop. "Terri my love," Steve intoned, looking down at his wife, who still had his softening dick in her mouth, "you are incredible, but I was more then ready to fill your perfect pussy."

Terri smiled at Steve as she let his deflated cock slip from her lips. Then, as she stood and smoothed out her clothes she said, "I know darling, but I have an important meeting with Judge Wilson, and didn't what to have your cum running down my leg."

"You mean that you'd rather have cum breath," he chided her.

"No silly," she laughed, "a breath mint will take care of that. Besides, I didn't have any breakfast, and I wanted the protein. Now let me get out of here, or I will be late for my meeting." They kissed quickly, and she ran for the door. Just as she was leaving, she called back, "don't forget, the agency is sending a girl over for the maid's job. She should be here in about an hour." Then she was gone.

Terri was an associate in one the city's most prestigious law firms. The only reason that she was not a partner in the firm was because she was only willing to work part time. As a successful e-business owner Steve also only worked part time now. This working arrangement gave the randy pair plenty of time to pursue their favorite sport, fucking.

Leaning back against the sofa, Steve thought with pleasure about the woman who had just dashed out of the door. Even after eight years of marriage he was still madly in love with her. She was five foot two inches of sexual dynamite, with long flowing blond hair, although when she went to work it was always done up in a severe bun, deep blue eyes, as deep as the South Pacific, and as warm as the summer sky. Perfect tits, high and firm, she claimed they were a B-cup, but on the rare occasions that she wore a bra, if it was a B she didn't fill it well. Steve didn't care. He loved her small size, and her beautiful, silver dollar sized aureoles, and nipples the size of a fingertip. As far as Steve was concerned, Terri's face, ass, legs, hell, everything was as near perfect as humanly possible. Despite her beauty, and a sexual appetite that complimented his superbly, he knew that it was her soul, her heart that he truly loved.

Steve decided that there was time for a shower and shave before the girl arrived from the agency, so he headed for the bathroom. A short time later, he was back in the living room, showered, shaved, blow dried and dressed in shorts and a pull over shirt. It was straight up nine o'clock when the doorbell rang.

Chapter 2

"Hello," Steve said as he opened the door.

"Mr. Jenkins?" the young woman seen a little surprised, by his relative youth and casual appearance.


"The agency sent me," she continued, "I'm Nina Romana. I'm here about the maid's job."

"Of course," he responded, "I've been expecting you. Won't you please come in?"

Nina smiled the kind of smile that melts stone hearts, "Thank you sir."

Pointing to the hall closet Steve said, "You can put your jacket in there. Please be so kind as to leave your shoes here," he added, showing her a shoe caddie, "we do not allow outside shoes in the house."

"But sir," she protested, "I only have this pair with me."

"Don't worry about it," he informed her, "by the time you need them, you will have other shoes. Now follow me please."

"Yes sir," Nina replied, looking a little more comfortable.

"Stand here please," Steve ordered, indicating a place near the center of the living room. "I'm going to be moving around as we talk, but I want you to continue facing in the same direction. Do you understand?"

Nina swallowed hard, obviously somewhat nervous, "Yes sir, I understand."

"Good. You were told, I'm sure," he began, "that this is a live in job, and that it pays about twice the usual rate for a live in?" No words this time, just a simple nod of her head; so Steve continued. "One of the reasons that we pay so well, is that we expect complete obedience from our maid. How do you fell about that?"

Her eyes were downcast, but a slight smile played across her face as Nina replied, "I take orders very well sir."

"Excellent," Steve smiled. "Now before we continue with the interview, we need to do something about your uniform."

"But sir," she stated, "this is what the agency told me to wear." The dress that the agency gave her was ultra conservative, white lace collar right up to her neck. The hemline was an inch, maybe two, below her knees, and what was in-between looked more like a potato sack than a dress.

"I'm sure it is my dear," he said consolingly, "but it is not acceptable. Down that hall," Steve gestured, "first door on the right, is a bathroom. In there is a new dress for you. Please go there, change, and come back here as quickly as you can." Steve chuckled quietly to himself as he watched Nina nearly fly down the hall. This, he thought to himself, is going to be fun. Nina was back in record time, and she was trying hard not to look pleased with herself. Steve wondered if she looked so happy because she got back so fast, or if it was because she liked the new dress that much better. Had he been able to read her mind, he would have found that is a bit of both.

He walked around her, carefully examining the new outfit. It had a hemline that stopped just short of mid-thigh, and was tight enough to show that Nina had a terrific ass. The collar was wide, and the neckline deep. Her bra and bra straps were clearly visible in several places. "Much better," Steve informed her, "but I see we still have some changes to make."

Stepping close, and touching her bra, he said, "We can't have this thing showing. Please go remove it at once."

"But sir, I" she started to protest.

"No buts," Steve interrupted sternly, "remember what I said about obedience?"

With a quick nod, Nina scurried off to the bathroom again. This time she returned a little more slowly. However, Steve could still see the slight jiggle of her small tits as she walked back.

When she was back in place, Steve turned Nina slightly and moved her forward, so that she was facing a decorative mirror only a few feet away. "If you can see yourself," he told her, "I'm sure you will better understand what I'm doing."

Steve resumed his inspection. Still standing behind her, Steve ran his fingertips across her now mostly bare shoulders, causing shivers to run up and down her spine. "See," he smiled at her reflection in the mirror, "no ugly straps to mar the beauty of your shoulders. No unsightly bulges back here either." He added as his hands traveled down her back. Nina was trembling now. Steve's gentle caresses and his softly commanding voice were causing the young woman to go weak at the knees.

Looking in the mirror, Steve could clearly see Nina's nipples protruding though the material of her dress. He reached around front and cupped both of Nina's firm young tits, causing Nina to gasp in surprise, and secret delight. With a squeeze of her little tits, Steve told Nina, "These perfect little beauties don't need a bra, so you won't wear one while you work here." With that he released her, stepped back and ordered, "turn and face me please."

"You are wearing stockings I see," Steve commented, "stocking and carpet do not go well together. Sometimes they cause static shocks. Go remove them at once."

"Yes sir," she said.

"Oh, one more thing," he added, "when we're alone, you are to call me Master. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master," that ghost of a smile he had seen earlier was back, "I'll go remove my stockings now." Nina sped off down the hall, all but tore off her hose, tossed them onto the growing pile of clothes; and ran back to stand in front of her new master.

Once again he resumed his inspection. "You have perfectly lovely legs my dear," Steve told her, "you really don't need stockings. Tell me, were you wearing pantyhose?"

"Yes Master," was her simple reply.

"When it is just my wife and I, you will remain barefoot. When we have guests and you must wear shoes and stockings, the only stockings that will be allowed will be black or tan thighhighs. Most of the time, you will be allowed to choose the color. However, from time to time we may pick the color for you." While Steve had been talking he had continued to walk around Nina. He was standing behind her when he finished. At that point he began to stroke her shapely ass.

Nina sighed quietly at his touch.

"Hmmm, I feel panties. Nina, are you wearing panties?"

"Yes Master," Nina responded, "I always wear panties. Do you want me to take them off too? Should I take them off here?" she added hopefully.

""Yes I want you to take them off," he informed Nina, "no I don't want you to do it here. Now scoot," he added, swatting her playfully on the ass, as she dashed for the bathroom.

When Nina returned a moment later, she faced Steve, looked him in the eye, and said, "I'm naked under this dress now Master."

Steve smiled at her boldness, stepped closer to her, and said, "I guess I had better check to be sure." With that, he place his hand on her bare thigh just below the hem of her dress, and moved it upward until he reached the junction of her shapely legs. "My my," Steve chuckled, as he slipped his middle finger all the way into Nina's honey hole, "your pussy is dripping wet."

"Yes Master," Nina cooed, "my pussy is so wet because I want to serve you any way you wish."

"That's good Nina," Steve crooned. With his free arm, Steve pulled Nina closer. He pressed his lips to hers. Nina parted her full red lips, granting Steve's tongue access to her willing mouth. His finger, still quickly fucking her hot pussy, swiftly brought her to orgasm. Steve broke their kiss, when her shudders ceased. "How would you serve me first, if the choice is yours?"

Nina sighed, and leaned against her new master. "If I get to choose how I serve you first, it will be on my knees, with my mouth; so you will know I want to serve and obey." With that, Nina sank to her knees, took the snaps of Steve's short in her hands, and smiling up at him added, "may I serve you now, Master? Will you fuck my hot mouth with your big beautiful cock?"

"Yes Nina," Steve replied, his voice hoarse with desire, "you may suck my cock now, but I want you to do it naked."

"Oh yes Master," she responded happily. Nina pulled her dress over her head and tossed it on the floor. Then she sat back on her haunches, thrust her chest out, grabbed her tits, and gave them a squeeze. "Do you like my tits Master? I know they're small, but some guys think they're pretty." Nina's tits were small, about the size and shape of half an orange. Long, pale pink nipples, and chocolate colored, half dollar sized aureoles, drew Steve's eye, and made his mouth water.

Steve watched Nina caress her tits, and tweak her nipples for several seconds before he replied. "Nina, you have wonderful tits, and if you're a good little maid, I may suck them for you in a bit."

"I'd like that Master," she returned. Nina's hands drifted downward over her flat belly to her widely spread thighs. "Master, I shave my pussy. Do you like it? Oh, and Master, may I finger my pussy while I suck your cock?"

"Forward little thing aren't you?" Steve chuckled, "yes I like your shaved pussy. You may leave a small fur patch on top if you wish, or you may shave completely. Yes, my pet, you may finger your pussy while you suck my cock; and it's time that you got started."

Nina leaned forward, grasped the snaps on Steve's shorts, and with a quick snap, zip, and tug, they were off. While she was busy with his pants, Steve removed his shirt. "Master," Nina gushed, "you don't wear underwear either."

"No I don't," he replies indulgently, "now use your pretty mouth to pleasure my cock, not my ears." Nina smile and kissed the head of Steve's erection. Her tongue licked all around the head, down the underside all the way to his balls. One at a time, she gently sucked each nut into her hot mouth. Once she had paid oral homage to each small sperm factory, she licked her way back to the top. Nina pressed the bulbous head of Steve's hard prick to her lips then slowly let it pass into her mouth; much like a dick would slowly spread her pussy lips as it entered her snatch.

Steve moaned in pleasure at his maid's expert oral ministrations. "Nina baby," he muttered, "you are one hell of a cocksucker."

Nina's chest swelled with pride at her master's praise, but her hands and mouth were too busy to respond. One hand was fingering her wanton, wet womanhood. The other, alternated between jacking Steve's rock hard cock, and gently massaging his sensitive balls. Her mouth was too full of dick to speak. In fact, it was so full at this moment that her nose was in his pubic hair. Steve grabbed the back of her head, and for several moments, literally fucked Nina's mouth as if it were a cunt. When he released her, Nina move her mouth back so that only the head and an inch or two of his cock were in her mouth.

"Fuck, fuck, oh fuck," Steve shouted hoarsely, "fuck, I'm so close, Nina, so fucking close. Keep sucking, Nina; I'm going to cum in your mouth. I'm going to fill your mouth with my cream, and you're going to swallow every drop."

Nina's fingers had been furiously fucking her pussy the whole time she had been blowing Steve. Between her diddling digits, and her love of sucking cock, Nina came just as Steve shot his first load. Nina held his first blast in her mouth, savoring the salty, bittersweet taste. Two, three, four, five, six, seven cum blasts quickly followed, each entered the young maid's waiting mouth. Still she did not swallow. Her master had told her that he would fill her mouth with cum before she swallowed; so Nina waited obediently, until her mouth was full and her master withdrew his softened cock before she happily swallowed his seed.

"Very well done," Steve sighed contentedly, "you have passed the oral portion of your interview. Now let's adjourn to the bedroom so we can continue."

Chapter 3

As soon as the couple entered the bedroom, they climbed into bed. Steve took Nina in his strong arms, and kissed her deeply, passionately. His probing tongue entered her mouth; her own tongue met his in a sensual dance of welcome. Steve's gentle fingers stroked her naked back, causing her to shiver with delight. Her soft hands trailed along his flanks, causing his soft cock to swell into renewed life.

Steve's mouth left Nina's; his tongue made a path down her graceful throat, across her heaving chest, to find and suckle on her hard, pink nipple. His mouth paid homage to her beautiful breasts; sucking first one, then the other small tit almost entirely into his mouth, licking around Nina's dark aureoles, nibbling and sucking on her erect, sensitive nipples. Nina's sighs of contentment became moans of pleasure, as Steve's searching fingers found, and twirled around her highly receptive love button. Steve slipped two fingers into Nina's pleasure sodden snatch, her fingers wrapped around his now fully hard cock.

While Steve was sucking on Nina's tits and fingering her hot cunt, Nina's stroking his of cock became a gentle tugging. "Fuck me Master, please fuck me," Nina begged, "I want to serve your pleasure with my hot cunt." Steve's mouth broke contact with Nina's soft tit. He rolled on top of her, and in one swift thrust, pushed the entire length of his fierce erection into the young maid's tight twat. Nina screamed out in pleasure as she felt Steve enter her.

"Oh fuck Nina," Steve grunted, "you are unbelievably tight. I love fucking you."

"Yes Master yes" the horny little beauty moaned, "fill my pussy with your wonderful cock. Fuck me good and hard. Command me, and I'll obey. Oh Master," Nina's moans became screams, "I'm cumming, yes, yes, I'm cumming so fucking hard!"

Steve pulled out of Nina and ordered, "up on your knees girl, I'm going to fuck you doggy style."

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