Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Toilet Slave - For Women

by Hungry Guy

Tags: Ma/Fa, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Scatology, Cream Pie,

Desc: : Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Toilet Slave - A Guide For Women


Copyright┬ę 2004 Hungry Guy



Using a toilet slave is no riskier than

receiving oral sex from someone.

If he's your permanent toilet slave, YOU are the ONLY one he has contact with.

There is ZERO risk to you!

You are safer than being in a relationship with someone who could cheat on you without you knowing.


Your toilet slave is self-emptying and


Never again get on your hands and knees to clean that nasty toilet bowl.


Unlike toilets that often clog up and overflow

at the most inconvenient times, a toilet slave never "clogs up" and is available 24 by 7.

Odor free:

Your ass is pressed tightly against his lips

under the weight of your body.

Your waste is never exposed to room air.

No odor can escape.

No mess:

Because of the direct connection between your

clit and his mouth, no spills can occur.

Besides, a person doesn't really pee that much at one time, his mouth can easily hold all your pee without overflowing.

Try this experiment:

Pee into an empty milk carton.

Fill a second empty milk carton with drinking water, up to the same amount of pee in the first milk carton.

Hold your breath and pour all the water into your mouth without drinking it, then swallow it.

That's about how much pee you will be feeding your slave in each sitting.

Never worry about an overflowing toilet again!


After you finish, he licks your bottom clean.

You don't have to touch yourself "down there" to wipe.

You don't even have to touch so much as a germ-ridden toilet handle.


After you finish, he licks your ass cleaner

than you could by wiping with paper.


Your toilet slave can be shackled and strapped

down for your safety if you desire.

Low cost:

It is a proven fact that human waste contains

many undigested nutrients.

The same is true of all "animals;" that's why dogs nibble in litter boxes; they can smell the undigested bits of cat food.

You, alone, can provide your toilet slave with about 25% of their nutritional requirement, directly from your ass. Since a toilet slave is immobile and doesn't exert any energy, that is sufficient nourishment.

A daily multi-vitamin pill is all else that he needs.


It feels so much more sensual to have your ass

licked clean by a warm wet tongue than by a dry scratchy wad of paper.


You can tell him to suck on your privates after

using him.

Have an orgasm every time you use the toilet, and whenever else the mood strikes you too.


You can tease your toilet slave in so many

delightful ways.

You can keep his hands shackled down and deny him the ability to pleasure himself.

After all, giving you an orgasm with his mouth (if you so desire) is all the pleasure he needs, right?


During your period, your toilet slave's tongue

can clean out that nasty filth far more refreshingly than by shoving up a tube of cloth covered cardboard.

And safer too!

You can't get Toxic Shock Syndrome from your toilet slave's tongue.


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