Brotherly Help

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Somehow she had been drugged and taken off to one of the empty rooms and he and a couple of his friends had sexually abused her. She had only seen two pictures but that was enough

She was at her wits end and didn't know which way to turn. He hadn't made any direct demands as yet but she knew it was only a matter of time before he did. She remembered nothing of that evening except having a quiet drink in the student's bar with a few friends then thinking about leaving after they had all gone.

Oh she knew what had happened all right, the bastard had shown her the pictures he had taken and he said he would show her the video as well. Some how she had been drugged and taken off to one of the empty rooms and he and a couple of his friends had sexually abused her. She had only seen two pictures but that was enough, the first showed her naked sucking on a thingie and the second was the same but this time the camera had pulled back to show a second guy between her legs. Now she wasn't a virgin by any means but having a picture of her taking on two guys was too much. Her dad would pull the plug and stop paying for her tuition and she would have to leave.

"Brother, can I asked you something?" she said.

It was Saturday and she was home for the weekend especially to see her older brother.

"Sure sis," said Bill.

He stopped reading his magazine and looked up expectantly.

"You're still good at that Martial Arts crap," she said.

"That crap has been very useful," he chuckled. "So tell me who do you want beaten up?"

"Yeah it may come to that," she said.

Suddenly she couldn't hold back any more and the tears sprang for her eyes.

"Hey sis," he said getting up and giving his gorgeous sister a cuddle. "You're not joking here are you?"

"Please I'm in some trouble at college," she wept.

"There, there, nothing your big brother can't sort out for you," he soothed. "Who do you want me to kill?"

"Please I was drugged," she blurted out, "I don't remember any of it but they have these pictures of me doing things."

"What!" her brother snapped angrily, "No cunt fucks with my little sister."

It was true, all through school he had protected her from all the bullies and everybody knew not to mess with her.

"So who did it?" he demanded.

"I only know one name," she said wiping away the last of her tears, she knew her big brother would ride to her rescue. "He's name is Mike Truman, he's the one who showed me the pictures; oh and he said there was a video too."

"Right sis, leave this to me, ok," he said. "Let me have a big think first ok?"

"Sure brother," she smiled through her tears knowing everything was going to be all right now.

"Right this is how we are going to do this," he said, it was Sunday afternoon just before she was setting off back to campus. "I want you to make yourself available to this guy Mike whatever, ok."

"Yes," she prompted.

"Offer him anything to get the pictures back," he said, "then when you meet up with him I be there to act as your agent so to speak."

He held up one of his big fists.

"Ok," she said, "what should I offer?"

"Money, sex anything he wants, ok," he said. It doesn't matter as you are not going to pay, right?"

"Ok, and thanks," she said and hugged him tight.

A soon as she was back on campus she sort out this dirt bag Truman.

"I want my pictures, what do you want from me?" she asked.

"Don't be a fucking stupid cunt," he laughed. "I can get anything I want from you and still not let you have them."

Fucking bastard, she thought.

"Ok if that the way it is, I'm going to the police and spill it all," she threatened, "what do I have to lose and I get the satisfaction of knowing you are getting it up the arse every night but some big black guy."

"Fat chance," he laughed but she noticed that he didn't seem to think it was so funny anymore. "It's your word against mine."

"Grow up," she spat, "rape is always one word against the other and there're plenty of bastards like you doing time for it; seven years last time I looked. I will cause such a stink that you will have to leave college and every girl here will know what you did to me."

"If you do that I release your picture everywhere," he threatened.

"You go ahead," she said calling his bluff, "I've got nothing to be ashamed off. Now do we talk like grown ups or are things going to get messy?"

"Ok, ok," he said holding up his hands. He didn't need this, there were plenty of others out there who just caved in and let him do anything he like to their luscious bodies.

"So what will it take to get them destroyed?" she asked.

"Ok, I'll want you to entertain me and my buddies for a day," he said with a leer.

In your dreams buddy she thought.

"Now who's being a cunt," she snapped. "Just you for two hours, anything you want and no cameras."

"I want my mates in on this," he said.

"No just you," she said firmly.

"Ok just me but for all day," he countered.

"An afternoon," she replied.

He thought about it then he smiled a not very pleasant smile.

"Deal, anything I want for an afternoon," he said.

"Right," she agreed, although she had no intentions of doing anything.

She told her brother the good news.

"Great sis," he said, "you go to his room tomorrow at twelve and I'll be there a few minutes later."

"Ok great," she said, and gave him instructions on how to get to his rooms.

One more day she thought and then this nightmare will be over.

She presented herself at the appointed hour and this Mike guy was there waiting for her.

"Where are the pictures?" she asked.

"On my hard drive and on a CD," he said.

"And what about the video?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," he grinned as if she would have forgotten. "That's on a DVD."

"Ok I want your hard drive wiped and what the CD and DVD in my hand," she said.

"Sure," he said with a big grin but she didn't believe him, good job her brother will be here soon; so where the fuck was he?

She couldn't wait any longer so slowly I started to strip.

"Come on, come on," he said getting impatient, "this is my time you're wasting."

Where the fuck is that brother of mine, she thought.

"That's better," he leered at her naked body. "Now lie down here and lets fuck."

His cock slipped into her and he started to thrust hard.

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