In the Pool

by Marie

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Lactation, Slow, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Mike and his 30 year old daughter discover each other for the first time in the pool.

Mike plopped the last grocery bag on the counter with a grunt. Trying not to breathe too hard, he settled himself on a bar stool, grabbed a bottle of water from one the grocery sacks and proceeded to drink the cold refreshing liquid.

He glanced over at Sarah, his 30-year old daughter, who was busy putting away the food.

"You have enough here to feed an army." said Mike.

Sarah laughed. "Well between Brad and the boys, and now you, all this food will be gone in two days!".

She paused, then looked at Mike "Seriously Dad, I'm glad you're here. You haven't had a real vacation since Mom died."

"Well, I appreciate the invitation honey. " he said honestly. "I've miss you and the boys since you moved." He smiled thinking of his three grandsons, six-year old Davy, 4-year old Jason and the new baby, Josh.

"And Brad?" she teased referring to her husband.

"And yes, of course I miss Brad too." He laughed.

They settled in a comfortable silence as Sarah moved around the kitchen. The house was unusually quiet right now. Brad had taken the two boys to a visit with his own parents and the baby was upstairs sleeping.

Mike watched his daughter move about the kitchen. She had her dark hair tied back, she wore a summer dress, her legs were bare. He noticed her breasts were full and strained against the material. She was tanned and healthy. Even though she gave birth only a mere six weeks earlier, her figure was trim. Sarah always took good care of herself.

Oddly, Mike found himself staring at her breasts. The nipples were hard and visible. He knew she was nursing Josh, her breasts were full and quite large. She took after her mother, who was also a big-busted woman. Mike used to love burying his face between his wife's breasts. He wondered what it would be like to do the same with Sarah.

With that thought, his cock began to grow hard. He should be ashamed of himself even thinking those thoughts about Sarah. But Mike had always been attracted to Sarah in a sexual way. He had never done anything about it, of course. In fact he denied those feelings for a long time. She was his daughter after all. But lately he had found himself thinking of her more and more...

He jumped as he felt her hand on his arm.

"Daddy?". She was looking at him with a question in her eyes.

"Oh sorry baby... I guess I didn't hear you?"

"That's okay. I just asked if you wanted to go for a swim before the baby wakes up. "

"Hey, that sounds like a great idea." He stood up quickly. She was still standing close to him and he felt her breasts as they pushed against his arm. She leaned into him slightly and kissed him lightly on the check.

"Meet you out in the pool in 5 minutes."

And with those words, she walked away. Mike stood still for a moment. His daughter was a beautiful woman.

A few minutes later, Mike was in his room changing into his swim trunks. He examined his body in the mirror and even he had to admit he still looked good. He had just turned 49, and he always exercised regularly and stayed in shape. Ever since Kathy had died, he had received many invitations from women. But he just wasn't interested. He needed his time to grieve. He had loved Kathy and will always miss her. But maybe it was time to find another woman. He missed having a companion and he missed sex! Going for so long without sex was just not normal for a man his age. Masturbation could only do so much for you!

He thrust his hand down the front of his trunks and adjusted his cock. Damn it was hard. He knew it was because of Sarah. Mike had come to terms with the attraction he had for his daughter. He groaned. It was going to be difficult as long as he was staying here in her house. His cock throbbed again. Maybe he should jack off before he got in the pool. The bulge in his trunks would be hard to hide...

His thoughts broke off when he heard the light tap on the door.

"Daddy. Hurry up. I'll be outside."

He heard her footsteps as she walked away from the door.

Mike looked back in the mirror. It was obvious he was aroused. He took a deep breath, and waited a moment for his heart to stop beating so hard. Finally, when he had calmed himself down a bit, he stole once last glance at his image in the mirror.

"A little better." he thought.

And with that, he left the room to join his daughter in the pool.

As he stepped outside, he squinted at the bright sunshine. He looked around and saw Sarah in the water. She waved to him and he moved forward until he was standing at the edge of the pool.

"Come on Daddy, get in. The water is great."

And without any further encouragement, Mike jumped into the pool.

When he resurfaced the water, Mike looked around for Sarah. The pool looked empty. Suddenly he felt a hand brush over his leg slightly. Then jerked and turned. He found himself facing Sarah. She laughed and smiled at him.

She was so beautiful. Again Mike could feel his cock throb. He groaned and Mike saw Sarah's smile slip a little.

"Daddy, are you okay?"

Mike didn't say anything. He just stared at her. Time seemed suspended for a moment. He could feel his legs move trying to keep himself afloat. His arms were moving back and forth gently as he tread water. He noticed Sarah was doing the same.

Her blue eyes were sparkling in the sunshine. Her tanned body glowed. Her breasts were just below the surface of the water, her bathing suit just barely covering the nipple.

"Daddy?" he said hesitantly.

And still Mike didn't say anything. He couldn't speak. It was as if everything about his life was culminating to this moment. He knew that what he did next would change his life forever. Good or bad, he didn't know. But he had to do it.

And with that thought, he purposely moved his hand and placed it firmly on his daughter's breast. As he stared into her shocked face, he continued his movements. First he caressed the breast, his fingertips massaging and pressing down. He could feel the nipple in the center of his hand as he cupped her breast. With a firm movement, he pushed the bathing suit down and exposed her nipple. It was hard and big, the dark center making a large circle. At his touch, he felt the nipple harden even more.

Sarah was shaking her head and moving back. Mike felt his feet touch the bottom of the pool as they moved towards the shallow end. And still Sarah was moving back, but Mike moved with her. All the while his fingers were pulling and pinching the nipple. As the water became more shallow, the water pulled away to reveal her breasts.

Then she stopped. And he stopped too. But his hand remained where it was. Sarah's breasts were fully exposed to him now. The bathing suit had fallen down completely, the material now down around her waist.

"Daddy, I..." she whispered.

He just looked at her with a question in his eyes. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked.

She paused for a moment, then said simply, "No.".

Mike groaned and pulled her into his arms. He felt her stiffen slightly, but her arms slowly moved up and around his neck. She hugged him tight, pressing her breasts against his chest, her face buried in his neck. They pulled apart slightly and she met his mouth with no hesitation. They kissed deeply. Their kiss full of passion and love. He moved his arms down and cupped her ass, pushing it into his crotch. She sighed into his mouth, but their kiss continued. Mike pushed his tongue into her mouth, she pulled at it and sucked it... then her felt her pull away slightly. He ended his kiss gently, pulling his mouth away from hers. His hand came up to her face as they pulled apart. He rested his thumb gently on her trembling lips.

"I want you Sarah. I want to fuck you. I want to make love to you."

She smiled at him, then with her mouth she captured his thumb. She pulled it into her mouth and began to suck it, her eyes gazing deeply into his.

Mike was very aware of what was happening. His lovely daughter was standing in front of him, her breasts by now fully exposed, his cock was full and hard, and she was very erotically sucking his thumb. Oh god, she was so good...

Mike pulled her close to him again. This time Sarah jumped slightly and wrapped her legs around his waist. Mike pushed himself through the water, anxious to get to the edge of the pool. Finally, he reached the cement wall and stopped. Sarah's legs were still wrapped tight around his waist, and her breasts were pushed into his bare chest. Mike grabbed Sarah around her waist, and with a quick movement pushed her up on the edge. Her legs spread apart and Mike found himself staring directly into his daughter's crotch.

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