Becoming a Mother-Fucker

by Tom Land

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A horny young teenager finds his widowed mother in the throes of helping herself get off with a big dildo and he lets his own sexual fantasies take control, resulting in his becoming a mother-fucker.

You might think it's an impossibility -- for a young man to ever imagine or even want to fuck his mother. But, I can tell you from my own experience that it can not only enter a horny young man's life, but in my case, it actually happened. If that prospect turns you off, then please just hit your "back" button and don't read the rest of this story. But, if the reality of a young man actually sliding his cock inside his own mother's pussy is a sexy erotic idea to you, read on. You're about to read about one man's and one mother's experience as they were drawn together to the moment when he mounted his mother and fucked her like he'd never made love to any woman before that time.

I'd been born to my mother, Beth, some 17 years before and she had wanted to have other babies but my birth was more difficult than she could ever have imagined and so my mom and dad decided to stop with me and just spend their energies helping me to grow up. When I was 14, my father was killed in a plane accident. He'd been on a business trip and the company he been visiting had sent him home on one of their small corporate twin-engine planes. Sadly, the airplane crashed on the final approach at the airport near where we lived and my father and the other three people on board the plane were all killed. My mother tried to be brave and fill in the gaps that really only a boy's father could fill, but she gave me all of her attentions and did what she felt a mother should do in raising her son.

I always called my mother "Mom", but when I'd reached puberty a couple of years before my father was killed, I'd occasionally fantasize about having sex with my own mother. I knew that was totally a taboo and nothing than any decent young boy should ever think about, much less fantasize about when he's masturbating. I hadn't started dating yet and yet my hormones were already raging and my body was rapidly maturing and responding to the stimulations of hormonal control. I would often jack my cock off either while I was showering or at night when I was lying naked alone in my bed and I'd suddenly find my thoughts going to a sexy girl or teacher at school, possibly one of my male friends mothers, or sometimes my hottest sexual fantasies would be fuelled by my own mother and how physically attractive she was. My mother, Beth, was a very pretty woman and I could definitely see why my father had been attracted to her, why he'd asked her to marry him, and why he seemed to enjoy fucking my mother on a regular basis. Our house was built such that I could clearly hear mom and dad when they'd get it on, and I'd find myself with a big hardon after I'd reached puberty and I could hear my mom and dad together in bed making love.

It had been several months after my father was killed when it began to dawn on me that my mother, Beth, a woman who'd gotten herself fucked regularly by my father suddenly no longer had anyone meeting her physical sexual needs. I found myself wondering how mom took care of those needs that a grown mature woman has just through the natural needs of her womanly body.

One night I heard moans and signs and the sounds like I'd heard before when mom and dad would fuck coming from my mom's bedroom. It was the same room she'd share with my father but I didn't know of any man in the house but me, and I got out of my bed and walked down the hallway where mom's bedroom door was pulled shut but there was still a crack that I could peek through. When I got my eye against the door, I saw that my mother was lying naked on the top of her bed, and her hand was down between her thighs, rubbing and stroking up and down over her pussy lips and her clit. Then, I saw mom reach over to her nightstand and she picked up what looked like a cock but I knew that it was actually a dildo and I knew what women used them for. When I saw mom saw the head of that artificial cock up and down over her wet pussy lips, and then she aimed the dildo into her pussy and buried half of it up inside her, I felt my own cock raging hard in erection in my briefs. I heard mom moaning and talking as though my father was there in the bed with her and in no time, she'd thrust that dildo in and out until she orgasmed with it stuffing her horny pussy.

At that moment, I reached my hand down inside my briefs, and I quickly began jacking my hard cock back and forth. I was planning on actually bringing myself off, when I suddenly had this insane idea of going to my mother and helping her out of her predicament. Without even thinking, I pushed my mother's door open, and she gasped in shock as she realized that not only had her son caught her in the act of rubbing her own pussy, but he'd also caught her with a naughty big dildo shoved halfway into her pussy. But, even though my mom was shocked that I'd barged in on her, she couldn't bring herself to stop frigging her pussy with that dildo.

"Mom, I know what you're doing, and I want to help you," I said as I slipped my briefs off right there at her door and walked straight over to her bed.

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