Social Drinking

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: I'm only a social drinker, if I didn't drink I could never be social, never go out at all for I'm much too shy. Being shy is very restricting for a young girl but I'm doing my best to overcome my affliction.

I'm only a social drinker, if I didn't drink I could never be social, never go out at all for I'm much too shy. Being shy is very restricting for a young girl but I'm doing my best to overcome my affliction.

I get home from work usually late on a Friday night and get under the shower and wash my short hair. I wrapped a large bath towel around my damp body and sit down on the sofa. In front of me are three small shot glasses and a half bottle of cheap supermarket vodka. I fill the three glasses and down them one after the other.

As the warm glow spread through my body I get up, discarding the towel and head for my bedroom. First things first, I find a clean pair of white virginal knickers and slip them on. Usually I will inspect my body in the full length mirror something I could never do sober. I'm nineteen now and should be in my prime but all I see is problems. I'm always over weight but at the moment I'm not that bad, just about ten pounds; my thighs are a little thick and my boobs have gone up from a B to a C. Not a bad thing in general but they tend to droop just a tad when there're bigger. Also I can't wear short tops for my belly isn't as slim as it could be. Inspection over, I decided to wear my brown silk blouse over a short white skirt, no bra of course. My thighs may be a little thick but the rest of my legs look ok in a short skirt. I refill my three shot glasses and after I downed them, I take off my eyeglasses and then I'm off to party.

My first stop is my local Wine Bar.

"Hi Wendy, your usual?" asked the Barman.

Without my glasses I really can't see who he is but his voice sounds familiar.

"Yes please," I replied.

A shot glass is placed in front of me and he fills it to the brim with vodka. I have to lean forward to sip it first before I can pick it up and down it.

"Hi Wendy," a new voice called.

I'm turned around and I am kissed, a hand comes up between our bodies and my boobs are groped.

"Hi Terry," I smiled knowing his smell and the feel of his hands.

"There's a party down the road are you coming?" he asked.

"Sure," I smiled.

"Right have another drink on me and then we'll be off," he said.

It was a warm night and the party was just down the road so we walked arm in arm. I've known Terry a few months now, he was always good fun and I always ended up in his bed after a good night out. The party was in full swing when we arrived, Terry found me a drink and then we danced.

"Can I?" a new voice interrupted our dancing.

"Sure," said Terry who gave way for a new dance partner.

He was tall, dark and smelt nice, his hand came to rest on my thigh under my short skirt.

"Hi I'm Dave," he said and he kissed my neck.

"I'm Wendy," I sighed.

I changed partners a few more times then Terry reclaimed me.

"There's a more intimate party some of the guys are going on to," he whispered in my ear, "you want to go?"

"Sure," I replied for I was really flying now with all the drinks inside of me.

"That's my girl," he said and kissed me passionately, his hand squeezing my unfettered boobs nicely.

My head was buzzing nicely now and all my inhibitions had gone. Time to really let go and have fun.

"Come on let's go," said Terry taking the drink out of my hand then taking my arm.

I found myself sitting on some guy's lap in the back of some body's car, it was a very nice lap full of lumps and bumps. I felt his hands on my naked skin.

"Naughty," I wagged my finger at him for he had undone some of my blouse buttons to get at my tits.

All too soon we had arrived and I was lifted out of the back and almost carried into the house.

"Where's your nice hands," I giggled drunkenly for it had felt so nice.

"Don't worry my dear," he whispered in my ear, "soon you'll have all the hands you could want."

"Oh goody," I giggled.

The lights were low and so was the music, Terry found me took me in his arms and we danced close and slow.

His hands felt good on my hot skin and his kisses were passionate.

"You hot?" he inquired.

The drinks had made me a bit flushed so I nodded.

"Let's loose this then," he laughed.

He unbuttoned my silk blouse and took it off me. If I had been sober I would have objected to being this undressed in front of so many strangers, but the last thing I was now was sober.

"Great tits," he whispered his hands cupping and squeezing me. "Let go and fuck."

I was all for a good fuck so when he took my hand I went willingly enough. He found an empty room with a large bed in it and I lay down and giggled and I could feel my boobs wobbling about. He quickly stripped me naked and I opened my legs for him. His hard cock just slipped right in and it felt very nice indeed.

I was tired now and just wanted to sleep but Terry was still pumping into me. I opened my eyes and in the dim light I could see it wasn't Terry on top of me but some stranger.

"Hi," I said and put my arms around his neck.

"Hi yourself," he grinned in the dim light.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Does it matter?" he said and his hips picked up the pace nicely.

"No, not really," I giggled.

His cock felt nice slipping in and out of me and I could feel my orgasm coming fast. I felt his cock twitch as he pumped his spunk inside me and I let go and came too.

"Mmm, that was nice," I sighed.

"More to come," he said getting off me and with a peck on my cheek he was gone.

I lay they without the strength to even close me legs when the door opened and in came another stranger.

"What some more babe?" he asked undoing his trousers.

"Mmm, yes please," I said.

He climbed on board and pushed his cock into my slick pussy.

"You like plenty of cock then?" he asked his hips pounding into me.

"Oh god yes," I groaned, "all I can get."

"Terry said you were up for anything," he panted.

I clung on to him as he pumped his spunk inside me, I didn't want him to go but he pulled my arms off and he climbed off the bed.

"More to come babe," he laughed.

"Hi," I said to the next guy and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he slipped his hard cock into me.

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