The Wrong Bar at The Wrong Time

by Minty

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Orgy, Interracial, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's our first holiday from college and my girlfriend and I depart on a long drive to a nice holiday cottage. We decide to have a break from driving, but obviously choose the wrong bar, at the wrong time.

"Honey, I need a break, we've been on the road for hours!" whined my girlfriend.

She was right. We had been driving for six hours without a break and I could have done with a bit of a leg stretch. It was going to be a long day and filled with driving if we were to get to the hotel by midnight, but it was not a good idea to drive such long stints without a short break.

"Ok, we'll stop at the next place on the road, but we can't be there for more than half an hour otherwise we'll never make it to the coast."

My girlfriend Katie and I were in our first year of college and this was our first trip together. A week together at a little cottage in a small seaside village. It was going to be great. We were both 18 and we had been together for about eight months, having met during the first couple of months at college. We had both lost our virginity to each other a month after we met in our dormitory rooms and sex was great, but we were always scared that other people could hear us through the paper-thin walls and therefore we were really looking forward to having a week of isolation 'exploring' each other without fear of our friends hearing through the walls! I glanced over at Katie and smiled at the thought of being able to let loose and finally have unconstrained fun with her. She was gorgeous and had done quite a few modeling shoots going through highschool, doing adverts for some major clothes companies. Her special looks came from the fact that she was Eurasian with a Chinese mother and a Swedish dad. In fact, I always thought she looked a lot like a cross between Katie Holmes of Dawson's Creek and Kristen Kreuk from show Smallville, although my Katie was a lot taller than Kristen at 5'9''. I took my eyes off the road for as long as I could, to admire her long brown hair, her golden tan and her cute-as-hell face. She had one of those faces that could guys to do anything she wanted with one cute puppy look. The clothes she was wearing for the trip also caused my cock to twinge. It wasn't revealing or anything but she was wearing jeans, brown suede boots, a white shirt and a pink sleeveless cardigan on top. She looked like the perfect angel... my angel.

I concentrated back onto the road ahead, my mind miles away picturing Katie naked, lying next to me in bed.

"There's somewhere ahead! We can stop there." Cried Katie, bringing my daydream to an end. There was a lone building on our side of the road and as we approached we saw that it was a bar. Parked in front were several big trucks and a few Harleys. I wasn't sure I liked the look of this place.

"Lets stop at the next place, this bar looks a bit rough and rowdy. Maybe there's a diner where we can stop and have a bite to eat further down the road" I said.

"Aw, come on Steve, we've been on the road for hours and this is the first place we've passed for ages. There might not be anywhere else down the road, we're in the middle of nowhere you know!" Katie pleaded with her cute voice and gave me one of those disappointed puppy looks which she knew I couldn't resist.

"Oh, ok. Whatever you like gorgeous... but if it's really rough in there, then we're going"

"Yay!" she smiled.

We pulled in front of the building and got out of the car. I gazed at Katie's cute tight ass as she walked beside, but slightly in front of me. Her 36C breasts were hidden behind her shirt and pink jumper but I imagined them exposed as we walked inside the building. It actually wasn't too bad inside. The decoration was pretty old with an old red stained carpet, a dozen or so tables, a long wooden bar and two pool tables in the corner of the room. There were about 30 men inside, most of them looked like truckers, just quietly sipping a drink on their own. There were a five or six bikers at the bar chatting up a couple of women who looked like they 'worked' out of the establishment attending to visiting perverts, and four truckers playing on one of the pool tables. A couple of the bikers stopped chatting and looked our way as we came in. The four truckers playing pool made a couple of comment and pointed our way, laughing and then got back to their game, with smiles on their faces.

"See baby, it's not so bad in here. We can stay for a couple of drinks and then continue, ok?" My girlfriend said, as she led the way to the bar in front of us.

"I guess there's no harm in having a couple of drinks here" I said as I approached the bar and asked the barman, a big black man, for a couple of drinks.

We sat at the bar and soon Katie was sipping her vodka and orange and I was sipping a well-earned coke. I began to relax and realized how tiring long distance driving can be when Katie suggested we play a game of pool. We wandered over to the empty pool table and began to set up. We were both fairly good at pool, as our college bar had a pool table that we spent a lot of time playing on. Who has time for studying when a students life is already so busy! The four truckers paid little attention to us as we played, but we were watching them and giggled quietly to each other as we saw bad shot after bad shot. Obviously these guys spent a lot of time on the road and little time playing pool.

One of the guys, a fairly skinny guy with a moustache, probably mid-40s, took a shot, and the cue completely missed the queue ball. Katie sniggered, trying hard not to laugh, but it was too late and the skinny guy had heard. He spun round, staring intensely at Katie.

"What are you lookin' at?" said the skinny man angrily. "You guys think you're so good? It's not like you've been getting' every shot."

"Er... sorry... I... er... we... didn't..." Katie stuttered.

I stepped towards the man, who by now was joined by his three friends. I didn't want to start a scene. Two of the men were young and fairly big, whereas the fourth guy was probably in his 50s, and had white hair and a beer belly, but was still a big guy and could do some serious damage.

"Sorry, we don't want a fight or anything. Please don't be offended. My girlfriend and I are from out of town, and were just passing through. We'll go. I'm really sorry." I said as I tried to defuse a situation which could easily escalate.

"That ain't good enough" said the younger guy with the muscles. "We weren't playing our best 'cos we've had a long day driving our rigs. If you hot shots think you're so good, then put your money where your mouth is. A hundred bucks for the next game"

I didn't want to get involved, but we had a little time. 'I could do with an extra $100' I thought to myself. I doubt how these guys could win us with their game so bad, even if they weren't so tired. I glanced over at Katie who looked back and nodded gently at me.

"You're on", I said, as we moved to their table and the guy with the white hair set up.

"My name's Bobby-Lee" said the young muscled guy. "That there's Jimbo", he said, pointing at the other young guy. "TJ", pointing at the skinny guy, "... and Dave", gesturing towards the old man.

We politely said hi and introduced ourselves and they nodded back. We got down to business and started the game. The four truckers improved and we could tell they were trying. There were some pretty good shots too. Unfortunately for them, although mid-game it looked like they had begun to improve, we still thrashed them.

"Sorry guys" Katie said as she put her hand out in front of the guys. The men grumbled as they each took $25 out of their wallets and pockets and slapped the money into her hand.

"How about a rematch?" said the skinny guy. "We play much better after a shot of vodka each. We'll all have one. Our treat."

I glanced over at Katie, who nodded back. "Ok then..." she said, surprising me "... order a round of shots each, but we're only playing if you up the stakes... then we've got to get going. We'll give you one more chance" she said smugly.

Katie approached me. "I'm not sure about this, Katie..." I said.

Cutting me off, she said "Look it will be fine, you saw how those guys played. We can beat them easily. I don't see how their game is going to improve with a shot of vodka in them either! Look, I've got to go to the toilet. We can win, ok! You sort it out and I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

"Back in a couple of minutes guys. Steve will do the negotiating and make the decision. If he says ok, then I'm ok with it." Katie said as she disappeared through a doorway to the toilet.

TJ approached me as Jimbo came back from the bar with six shots of vodka. "Look, we've all had a boring week, but a good week with wages and we'll bet you a thousand bucks we can beat you this time round. We came close last time, so we'll beat you this time!" he said, sniggering.

'Yeah right' I thought to myself. "Sounds good, but we don't have a thousand bucks to offer you" I replied.

"Hmmm. Ok, how's this, since you're so cocky and think you're going to win, if you win, we'll give you the thousand bucks, but if we win, we get to see your cute little girlfriend's breasts", TJ offered.

I was shocked. I couldn't porn off my girlfriend like that. It was just wrong.

"No way!" I said "There's no way Katie would agree to..."

TJ interrupted "Come on, a thousand bucks just for a quick flash. You aren't scared you're gonna lose are ya? It's a thousand bucks. Besides your girl said she would agree with whatever you said."

I thought for a while. I knew these guys were crap at pool, but they must have been on the road for ages if they were desperate enough to wager a thousand dollars just for a flash of boobs. I reluctantly agreed. At that point Katie came back from the toilet, looking as gorgeous as ever, her golden brown hair now tied up in a ponytail.

"So Steve, what's the plan?" She cheerily asked.

TJ interrupted and replied "A thousand bucks".

"Sounds good. Let's go" Katie said, picking up her shot and downing it.

I was scared to tell her what was really at stake. Katie must have assumed it was loser pays $1000. She knew we didn't have the money, but I assumed she thought there was no way we would lose so she did not care! I downed my shot and got down to business. Katie potted four balls in quick succession before any of the four truckers even got a chance at the table, but then Katie missed one, and Bobby-Lee stepped up. He quickly potted two balls in succession. I glanced at Katie. 'Lucky' she mouthed. We stood and watched as Bobby-Lee potted two more balls. We were shocked. We both glanced over at the other guys and they were all grinning like Cheshire cats.

"Oh shit" I muttered under my breath as Bobby-Lee proceeded to pot several more balls. As he bent over for the last one, Katie shuffled up to me and whispered into my ear.

"We don't have a thousand bucks Steve, what are we going to do?"

"Well, er... that wasn't... er... exactly the deal" I stuttered.

"What?! What the hell was it then?" Katie whispered more loudly.

There was a muffled 'clonk' as Bobby-Lee potted the final ball and the other three guys stood up.

TJ spoke up. "The deal was, young lady, that we get to see yer tits, wasn't it guys?

"WHAT?! Steve, is that true!" Shouted Katie, getting the attention of the entire bar.

"I didn't think we would lose, did I. It was a thousand bucks! Besides, you said you were ok with anything!" I said back.

TJ suddenly lunged forward and grabbed her by the arms.

"Hey! Let go of her!" I shouted as I stepped towards TJ. Out of nowhere, a fist flew forward and struck me in my stomach, winding me.

"Now now Stevie-boy, a deal is a deal, isn't it guys?" grinned TJ, as Bobby-Lee grabbed hold of my shoulders and pushed me backwards into a chair against the wall.

Katie struggled against TJ's grip as I regained my breath. Suddenly a flick-knife appeared from nowhere and Bobby-Lee held it against my throat as I pushed me head back, trying to edge away from the blade which I could feel against the skin of my neck.

"Hey hey, little Katie. Just do as you're told and you both get to walk out of here, ok?" Dave said, gesturing towards me. Katie glanced at the knife held to my neck and immediately stopped struggling. TJ let go of her shoulders and Katie just stood there, silent, her eyes full of fear as she looked into my eyes.

"Come on Katie. Take your top off or your precious over there gets it" threatened TJ.

Holding back tears, Katie lowered her gaze and stared at the floor as she slowly pulled her pink jumper off. TJ grabbed it out of her hands and flung it onto the pool table. She then untucked her white shirt and slowly unbuttoned her top from the bottom up. As button by button was undone, the guys were silent as their eyes gazed upon my Katie. Her belly came into view, beautifully sculpted and tanned and soon, her bra came into view. It was a plain white cloth bra I had bought her from Victoria Secrets the previous Christmas and was her favorite one. Slowly, she pulled off her shirt and stopped. The guys were silent as we all gazed upon her beautiful body. Her ample tanned breasts hidden by her white bra. Katie looked up at the guys with her best innocent puppy-dog look and pleaded.

"Please, I've taken my shirt off. Just let us go. You can have your hundred dollars back... please?"

"That wasn't the deal, was it guys?" TJ said, as the other guys agreed.

"Get rid of the bra" said Jimbo, in complete seriousness.

Katie reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting it fall onto the floor as she immediately put her hands over her breasts to cover herself up. All I could do was watch as my gorgeous girlfriend blushed bright red, becoming topless for these complete strangers.

"Come on... you know the deal", said TJ impatiently.

Katie glanced up at me, giving me a look which said 'I'm sorry', and moved her arms by her side. The men smiled as they gazed upon her flawless firm breasts. The cool bar air wafted over Katie and her small nipples became erect as suddenly a cheer came from my right. Katie and I both glanced round to see the rest of the bar had gathered close to watch. Katie gasped and suddenly gabbed her breasts to hide them. TJ immediately grabbed Katie from behind, putting his arms around her to stop her struggling. Katie screamed as I struggled to immediately find the knife at my neck pushed harder against my skin.

"Help! Let go of me!" shouted Katie as she struggled, but no-one came to help. All the men in the bar laughed as they watched my beautiful topless girlfriend's breasts jiggle around.

"Stop it!" Shouted TJ, who nodded towards Bobby-Lee. I suddenly felt a slight sharp jab against my neck as Bobby-Lee moved the blade slightly. Just enough to draw blood. "Look at your boyfriend! We are not joking!"

Katie looked up and immediately stopped struggling as she saw a small trickle of blood run down my neck. "Ok, ok, please, anything, just don't kill Steve, please..." Katie said, as she began to sob.

TJ let go of Katie and calmly spoke. "Katie, you are going to do exactly what we say, otherwise your boyfriend gets it, do you understand? We will kill him and then do what we want anyway, so basically you have no choice. Understand?"

Katie nodded, as she closed her tear filled eyes, her head down.

"Now, take off the rest of your clothes." Said TJ. "NOW!"

Slowly and very reluctantly, Katie undid the buttons on her jeans, starting from the top. When all five buttons were undone, she paused, and looked up at me again with a really sad sorry look. I glanced down at the top of her jeans which had opened slightly. All the people in the bar could see the top of her pink panties, a pair I did not recognize. It had a solid pink an elastic band around the top about a centremeter wide. The material of the panties themselves were a lighter colour... in fact, they almost seemed to be slightly see through. Katie looked over at TJ standing beside her, and saw the impatient look on his face, and without a word hooked her two thumbs over the top of her jeans at her left and right, and slowly pushed downwards. No-one in the bar spoke a word as every pair of eyes gazed on this beautiful girlfriend of mine about to get naked in front of so many strangers. As she slowly pushed her jeans down, the whole of her panties came into view. They were see-through! Under the pink fabric, I could see her rectangular shaved pubic hair. Katie arched her back slightly and kept her legs clamped together so no-one could see her actual pussy, which apart from me, no-one had ever seen. As the jeans completely cleared her hips, she bent down at the waist, sticking her ass against the pool table and pushed the jeans to her ankles. She then left to one side slightly to undo the zips on her boots.

"Leave those on." TJ said sternly.

Katie did as she was told and lifted one leg slightly, bent at the knee so she could pull the jeans over her boots. She kept her thighs clamped tightly together as she tried not to give anything away. When this was done, she repeated the process with the other leg and stood up straight again. She put her hands together over the front of her panties so no-one could see her trimmed bush. TJ leant back and gazed at her butt which was pressed against the edge of the pool table and grinned.

"I think you'd better turn around and let everyone see those tiny panties you're wearing, don't you?" TJ grinned.

Katie slowly turned around. The air was so tense you could feel it, as 30+ pairs of eyes watched my sexy girlfriend slowly turn around. The material of her panties at the front stopped at the elastic, and the only part of the underwear around the sides of the waist was the elastic itself. Slowly, her buttcheeks came into view and I realized she was wearing a very small G-string! I had never seen Katie wearing anything as revealing as this before. It must have been a new item she had bought for this trip to surprise me with. She continued to turn around till she was facing the pool table, her backside facing me. She placed her hands on the surface of the pool table and lent forward slightly.

"Now, ain't that a pretty ass everyone!" cheering TJ, as the rest of the bar cheered on.

A pretty ass it was. The elastic went all the way round the back but her buttcheeks were not covered by any fabric at all. Instead, what I could only describe as a pink bit of string extended down from the middle of the elastic and disappeared into Katie's buttcrack, allowing everyone to see her entire ass, which she was still slightly clenching together. There was not a single tan-line on my Katie, as she was a frequent visitor to the tanning salon. Not a single wrinkle or spot. Her skin was silky smooth and her pert buttocks were perfectly rounded.

"Now, stop clenching and move your feet apart." TJ commanded.

"No, please... you've seen enough... let us go, please." Pleaded Katie, shaking her head.

Suddenly a furious TJ reached forward and slapped my Katie across the face.

"Shut-up and do as you're told. How can you expect any different if you wear such slutty underwear like that, eh?" shouted TJ.

I edged forward to be reminded suddenly that there was a knife at my neck. There was nothing I could do to protect the girl I loved.

Katie sobbed "It was Steve and my special night... our... our first holiday together."

"Well, it looks like you'll be spending it with us right here!" said Dave, laughing.

"Now be a good girl and do as you're told. We really don't want to hurt you, but you're making us angry" said TJ.

Katie, with her hands still planted on the top of the pool table, and her head down, slowly slid her legs apart. The crowd watched on as her ass-cheeks parted, revealing the pink string, which grew wider into the strip of fabric that sat underneath her crotch... or at least part of it. Her butthole came into view, obscured minutely only by the pink string, which offered no protection whatsoever from the eyes of the dirty men (and women) in the bar. Her butthole was clean and light brown. Not a hair to be seen anywhere near it. As Katie parted her legs further, the shape of her pussy-mound came into view. It was like two halves of a peach. Katie had always been an athletic girl and her pussy mound had developed beautifully as a result. Fleshy and soft, the material of the G-string grew just wide enough to cover her slit, but part of the fleshy sides of my girlfriend's pussy mound could be seen in the dim light. A light brown covering of thin fluffy hair covered her mound and this was visible to everyone. Although the material of the G-string was semi-transparent, the dim light and shadows of her crotch made it difficult to see the hidden treasure, a treasure which only I had ever sampled.

TJ placed one hand on Katie's back and pushed her forward. Quietly but visibly reluctantly, Katie lowered herself onto the pool table, until she rested on her elbows, the palms of her hands still spread on the felt surface. This of course had the effect of rotating her pussy mound outwards, where it came out of the shadows and into the dim light of the bar. This was enough for us all to be just able to see her slit through the translucent pink fabric of her underwear. Her slit protruded ever-so-slightly out from between her pussy mounds and was a dark pink colour. A gorgeous sight, but one I normally had the privilege of seeing alone in a bedroom, and not here along with more than 30 complete strangers with a knife held to my throat.

In the back of my mind, I knew what was coming next. I didn't want to think of it, but somehow I knew this was not going to end here. The bet was for $1000, and since I didn't have the money the four truckers would probably get a good $1000 worth from my precious girlfriend.

Katie flinched as TJ put his sweaty cold hands on my girlfriend's buttocks and slowly eased them apart. Her butthole stretched as he pushed, and Katie's pussy mounds moved apart, pulling her pink pussy lips open slightly, a little gap forming between them. TJ was standing to one side of Katie to give me a completely unobstructed view of my girlfriend's humiliation, as he kept glancing at me to see my reaction. I closed my eyes and turned my head away as much as I could as TJ bent forward and took a whiff of Katie's girly scent. I wanted to be sick. I wanted to reach forward and break this guy's neck. I wanted to wrap my Katie in my arms and cuddle her, but I couldn't move, and neither could I keep my eyes shut for long. As much as I hated seeing what was happening, I couldn't look away.

TJ let go of Katie's buttcheeks, and her tight pussy closed up again. TJ stood up and paused. This caused Katie to look up and twist her head round to look behind her to see what was going on. I looked into Katie's eyes and saw that she was emotionless as TJ hooked his thumbs underneath the flimsy elastic band of the pink G-string and slowly pulled downwards. She had stopped crying and just stared at me, her eyes open wide.

"Hmmmmm" someone besides me said, as the G-string was pulled down and fell to Katie's ankles. Our gaze did not change as TJ easily lifted Katie's legs, one by one, removing the G-string completely and tossing it into the crowd, who cheered and grabbed as my girlfriend's underwear came flying towards them. The crowd was obviously happy with what they saw, and I could not resist but to break my gaze away from Katie's and look at her beautiful figure. Here was my beautiful leggy girlfriend, bent over a pool table right in front of me and over 30 complete strangers, wearing absolutely nothing but a pair of boots. If it wasn't for her cute girly looks this could have been the set-up for a porn movie.

"Danny, the lights!" shouted TJ over to the barman, and within seconds, the bar's lights became dimmer, and the spotlights over our pool table were turned up, while the lights over the other pool table were turned off. The table now looked like a stage. The star performer my girlfriend, legs spread for all to see. Something caught my eye and as I focused on Katie's slit, the spotlights caught some moisture on her pussy lips as they glinted back at me ever-so-slightly.

Facing me, TJ placed his elbow on Katie's back and reached forwards in my direction, his hand slowly crawling towards then down my girlfriend's buttcrack. He extended his middle finger, which he ran down the groove of her crack and over her asshole, causing Katie to flinch. Onwards it slowly moved until the tip of his finger rested on the end of Katie's slit, near her asshole. He paused for a second then slowly pressed against her lips, which withheld against the intruding finger for just a second before giving way and in popped the tip of TJ's skinny finger into my Katie.

"Mphgh" muttered Katie as she arched her back and shifted forward slightly. TJ eased in his finger further in front of the silent crowd. I looked back to see Katie's doe-eyes still gazing at me then glanced back towards her pussy. TJ's finger was now fully inside my Katie, to the knuckle. TJ looked straight into my eyes as he pulled his finger out slowly. I looked at him with as much hate as I could.

"She's wet Steve. Your little girlfriend has a nice tight pussy that's really wet." Said TJ, in a voice loud enough for the whole bar to hear. I glanced at his finger as the tip emerged and he was right. He held his finger up to the light, and it glistened with moisture. My Katie's moisture. TJ smiled as he turned and held his finger up against Katie's mouth. She glanced up at him as he muttered "Open". Without defiance, she opened her mouth and popped her head forward and onto TJ's finger, taking it up to the knuckle and clamping her lips shut. She tilted her head and looked straight into my eyes as TJ slowly pulled his finger out, my girlfriend sucking the juices off. We did not break eye contact, TJ pressed against Katie's hip, motioning for her to shuffle along the pool table. Katie obediently shuffled under TJ's guidance, till she straddled a corner pocket. Katie still rested on her elbows, her hands still pressed against the table surface, but she was now positioned slightly to my left. Her pubic hair was directly over the hole of the corner pocket, with her pubic mound sticking out from the edge of the corner pocket. Thanks to her long legs and boots, she just about managed to keep standing on the floor without tip-toeing, despite the height of the pool table.

The sound of a zipper and subsequent noise of some heavy jeans hitting the floor broke our gaze as I looked over to see TJ's exposed dick, standing to attention.

"You fucking bastard!" I shouted, as I was promptly shouted back at by Bobby-Lee, still holding the knife against me.

"Shut the fuck up."

Katie shook her head slightly and whispered "No" as she looked over her shoulders to see skinny TJ stand up behind her and place his hands either side of her waist.

"Please, no" whispered Katie quietly, and seeming (to me anyway), half-heartedly.

I looked into her eyes and she looked back at me as the tip of TJ's dick touched against the pussy mound of my girlfriend. TJ's dick wasn't big. It was about 5 inches long; just a little smaller than mine, but still my worst nightmare was coming alive. I was about to see a stranger rape my girlfriend right in front of my eyes. Katie squinted her eyes and bit her lower lip as TJ pushed himself forward, again her pussy mound denying access initially, then allowing the cockhead to pop inside of her.

"Ahhhhh" sighed Katie as the first inch of intruder eased inside her. She closed her eyes and tilted her head up towards the spotlights as TJ slowly eased fully inside of my girlfriend in front of the silent crowd. Inch by inch I saw my girlfriend's pussy being filled and soon he was fully inside her, his crotch pressed hard against my girlfriend's buttocks. He slowly withdrew as I looked over to see Katie's pink pussy lips being pulled and stretched slightly, as they clamped onto TJ's withdrawing cock.

"Oooh, she's a tight one, and ever so hot" said TJ. My peripheral vision caught him looking at me, but my gaze was fixed on my girlfriend's pussy. From this angle I couldn't see her whole pussy, but I could see enough to sicken me. TJ eased back inside Katie and once again she arched her back and sighed. Soon TJ had worked up a slow rhythm, thrusting his dick into my girlfriend as she quietly took it. Slap slap slap, went their bodies as TJ ground himself into her. Before long, I could sense that TJ's breathing had quickened and when his thrusting became faster I knew he was close. Katie kept her eyes shut, but her breathing also quickened as she was pushed forwards and backwards with every thrust of this stranger's dick. A couple more minutes continued and suddenly TJ jerked erratically, his hands clenching Katie's waist hard. Katie opened her mouth as if to gasp, but no words came out. I knew this skinny trucker was pumping his cum into my girlfriend.

"Argghhhhh!" TJ shouted through his gritted teeth.

TJ jerked a few more times and stood still, his dick lodged deeply inside Katie as I saw him release his tight grip from her waist. Slowly he pulled his dick out of her and I saw his sperm glistening on it as it caught the light. He stepped back and his dick flopped out of Katie, her pussy clamping shut again. I could see a trickle of sperm being squeezed out of my girlfriend when the crowd suddenly cheered. I glanced to my right to see a happy bunch of onlookers who not only saw my girlfriend completely naked, but saw her take her second ever cock, and that of a stranger who had just raped her.

I quickly looked back to the left again, as I saw Jimbo, one of the two younger truckers approach my girlfriend from behind. He was completely naked, and had a six inch dick hard as rock. He walked up to Katie, placed his hands on her right leg, and lifted it off the floor. Katie looked back at him and did not object or say a word as he positioned her right knee on the top of the pool table edge, leaving her foot positioned towards me.

"I want you to get a good view as I ram my dick up your precious girlfriend's slutty cunt" Jimbo said towards me.

I looked and saw that Katie's pussy was completely exposed. I was staring right at it, as was everyone in the bar. Katie blushed and glanced behind her at Jimbo, still catching her breath. Katie's pussy mound pulled apart, but the stickiness of TJ's sperm kept her pussy lips stuck together. Jimbo grabbed his dick and rubbed it up and down her pussy slit, prying her lips apart and then slowly eased into her. I glanced back up at Katie to see that this time her gaze was fixed on Jimbo's eyes as he entered her. She panted as Jimbo eased himself fully inside, trying to stand to the left as much as possible to give me an unobstructed view of his turn with my girlfriend. Slowly, he withdrew, his cock shiny with the sperm dumped in there from Katie's previous fucking. Jimbo worked up a pace fairly quickly, pulling Katie back onto his cock with every thrust. Jimbo kept glancing at me to see that I was fixated on the view in front of me. I could see it all. Katie's tight pussy lips clung to Jimbo's dick every time he pulled back then vanished with every forward thrust. I could see from Jimbo's face that he was enjoying the tightness of my Katie. I felt repulsed yet mesmerized. I imagined that it was my dick, and that this was the view of Katie when we make love, her tight pussy lips wrapped around my cock. I imagined that Katie was calling my name as I pounded into her juicy pussy.

"Argh!" Jimbo shouted, as I was brought back to reality. I refocused and saw him flinch and shake and I knew that Katie was being filled up with sperm for the second time tonight, again by a complete stranger. I glanced at Katie, still panting heavily, biting her lower lip as she glanced back at Jimbo. A few more violent spasms and Jimbo suddenly withdrew, Katie's pussy once again closing shut and squeezing yet more sperm from her tightness. Jimbo stepped back to give me a fully unobstructed view. Katie's legs, spread open, sperm trickling out of her pussy. I could now see her clit, every-so-slightly exposed, covered in the sperm that ran down her slit and into her furry pubes. I glanced at Katie to catch her glancing at my dick. 'Shit', I thought to myself as I realized that I had achieved an erection. I wasn't sure when it happened, but here I was, unable to move, with an erection. I hoped to god that it didn't show through my trousers. What would Katie think?! She would definitely hate me if she thought for a second that I was being turned on at the sight of my own girlfriend being raped!! Katie glanced up at me emotionless with her big saucer-eyes when Bobby-Lee stepped away from me, taking the knife with him.

"My turn" he muttered as I lowered my head, no longer constrained by the knife.

'This is it' I thought to myself. Was it time to make a move? With no knife threatening me, I could pounce on him. Try and put and end to this. I would probably lose as I was wildly outnumbered, but what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't at least try? I had to try. I glanced over at Bobby-Lee who had now pulled his jeans down to reveal a huge stiff dick. It had to have been about eight or nine inches long and was proportionally thick. I was stunned for a second as he stepped towards Katie. I glanced back at Katie to see her looking at me, then changing her gaze to look at Bobby-Lee's dick. She bit her lower lip again and looked up at Bobby-Lee who smiled at her. She then turned her head away to look straight ahead, closing her eyes in the process, seemingly resigning herself to taking on yet another stiff dick and accepting her fate.

Bobby-Lee, holding his own dick in his hand, rubbed the tip against Katie's wet pussy mound, both wetting himself and smearing the juices from the previous two rapes all over. I found myself glued to the spot. I wanted to reach out and kill him, yet part of me wanted to see if Katie could take on such a big dick, and what her reaction would be. I was still stiff under my jeans and I realized that this was kind of turning me on! I never even dreamed that this sort of thing would be to my fancy, but here I was, watching my girlfriend getting reluctantly fucked in a public bar at the side of a road in front of a huge crowd and I was beginning to enjoy it!

Bobby-Lee pushed the tip of his dick against Katie's tight pussy hole and this time it seemed to hold firm for just a little longer, but the previous two fucks had opened her pussy up slightly... just enough for this latest big dick to get a way in. I watched as Katie's pussy lips stretched wide open, and only the head of his dick was inside her. I looked at Katie to see her gritting her teeth as she was slowly stretched wider than ever before by this stranger's dick. Inch by inch he eased himself inside my girlfriend as she winced. I counted as the inches disappeared into Katie's pussy. Five... six... seven... eight... nine. Bobby-Lee was fortunately tall enough so that I could see between his legs at the penetration of Katie and I could now see Bobby-Lee's balls gently resting against Katie's clit and pubic hairs. Gently he withdrew and almost as if in slow motion, I saw the inches slowly come out again, this time covered in a coat of sperm and juices. Almost fully withdrawn, with just the very tip of the bulbous-head of his dick still inside Katie, Bobby-Lee eased himself back in, this time a little quicker.

"Ahhhhhh..." Sighed Katie, as her pussy was once again filled and stretched wide open by the intruder. Lodged fully inside her once again, Bobby-Lee started to increase his pace, each time almost completely pulling out of her, without actually doing so, before pounding back in. He was thrusting hard, almost knocking Katie off her feet... or rather her left foot, as her right leg was lifted onto the pool table. Bobby-Lee's balls were making loud slapping sounds as they slapped against Katie's pubic mound as he pounded her.

"Ahh... ahh... ahh... ahh..." went my Katie as the hard fucking continued. With every outward pull of Bobby-Lee's dick, Katie's pussy lips stretched outwards, exposing themselves and I could see that Katie was getting very wet. Her lips glistened with moisture... even more so than when covered with sperm as before. Could it be that Katie was actually enjoying this? She was getting raped!... or at least I thought. Maybe it wasn't rape after all! Maybe she was getting turned on just a little, by all of this... just like how watching her being pounded by a group of strangers had given me an erection. Katie's cries got louder and more frequent and it actually seemed that she was getting more and more excited. This cock was stretching her open more than she had ever been before, and it looked like she was loving it!

"Ahhhhhhhhhh... oh fuck... oh fuck" Katie suddenly cried. I looked to see my Katie scrunching up her face like she does when she comes, and her hands were tightly gripped into fists. She had actually orgasmed! My Katie, orgasmed being raped... err... fucked by a total stranger in front of spectators!! Bobby-Lee continued to pound into her at the same pace, as Katie's orgasm subsided, her face going back to normal, but still with her eyes closed, and her grip loosening. However, with the continuous pistonning of the big dick, it wasn't long before Katie's breath once again quickened and it actually looked like she was well on her way to a second orgasm; something she had never achieved with me! Bobby-Lee's pace increased and with his breathing more rapid, I knew he was close as well. Katie's grunts became louder once again as I saw her look over her shoulder at Bobby-Lee, who smiled back at her. I wasn't sure what to make of their joint stare at each other when my thoughts were interrupted by a loud grunt from Bobby-Lee, who suddenly pulled back from Katie, as she simultaneously shouted and came for a second time. Bobby-Lee started shooting sperm as pulled himself out of Katie and shot all over her pussy mound with a huge wad of cum. He aimed higher and shot all over Katie's back and buttocks several times. Katie's back was wet and slimy from Bobby-Lee's goo. It was all over Katie's creamy smooth buttocks and running down into her ass-crack, covering her pinkish-brown puckered asshole, and down towards her pussy entrance, which was gaping slightly with that freshly-fucked look, joining the cum that was tricking out of her pussy and dripping down into her now-very wet pubic area.

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