Cyber Sex

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, MaleDom, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Then I remembered I had her e-mail address downstairs in the shop so I rushed down and found it. Of course I didn't use my shop mailing address but the one I use when I surf the web looking for cyber sex.

It had been a quiet day or I wouldn't have even noticed her. She was about 30 with a trim figure and somewhere in the back of my brain I knew I had seen her before. Well that's not unlikely for I get a lot of ladies in my shop; but no, I knew this was something else.

"Have you got last months 'Lady Fair'," she asked, "I don't seemed to have seen it and there's an article in it that I wanted to read."

"No but I can get you one miss," I said nicely for the closer she got the better she looked.

"Oh good," she smiled.

"Let me have your phone number or e-mail address and I'll let you know when it comes in," I said.

For the rest of the day, business picked up and I wasn't until later that her face came back to me and I remembered where I had seen it before. As well as all the usual stuff like sweets, cigarettes and magazines I sell second hand book, old stamp and even the odd postcard or two. I closed up and went to the rear of the shop where I kept the postcards. Most I have bought at a boot sales and the like but sometimes a guy comes in with a box load. It was just last week that I paid a fiver for this box of books and other junk including a pile of postcards and pictures.

There she was, her naked tits pointed proudly at the camera. Of course she looked a lot younger then but there was no doubt it was the same women. How this picture came to be in this box I don't know and I will probably never know. Carefully I went through the whole stack and found three more, all quite tame now I suppose but she was naked in each one. I took my prizes upstairs to my flat, booted up my computer and scanned the four pictures in. Then I remembered I had her e-mail address downstairs in the shop so I rushed down and found it. Of course I didn't use my shop mailing address but the one I use when I surf the web looking for cyber sex.

'Hi Mrs Thomas,

you look just as nice now as you did when these were taken. I look forward to hearing from you. If I don't hear anything soon I will send these to your husband

I wasn't even sure she had a husband but I was sure that a good looking women like her must have someone. Anyway I enclosed the four scanned pictures in and sent off the mail.

Eagerly next morning I booted up my computer, but there was nothing there. Never mind I thought it was still early, she might not have seen them yet. The day passed slowly for I was eager to find a reply from her.

'who are you? And where did you get those horrible pictures'

Great she had replied, and there was no talk about 'oh that's not me' or anything; I replied immediately.

'who I am is not important but your compliance is. Tell me all about these pictures, who took them and where and how old you were at the time'

God my cock was already hard in my pants and I couldn't wait to see her next mail.

'please don't do this'

Just the one line was all that she sent. Well of course I'm going to do this you fucking slut, I shouted out.

'tell me, this is your last chance.'

I sent back. I waited two days before her next mail arrived and I was beginning to get a bit worried.

'please I can't do this very often, only when my husband isn't around. Ok I was at college and my then boyfriend took them, in fact he took a lot of me but only a few like this. I was eighteen or so at the time.'

Only eighteen, my cock throbbed in my pants.

'do you have a webcam and when is the best time to talk, i.e. when your husband is out.'

'please what do you want, I can send you some money I have a webcam and any day between 5-7 pm, I'm in but he's not'

Fucking lovely.

Right on five the following evening we linked up with her using my computer. I made sure that the images I was receiving were being recorded. I also made sure that my webcam was switched off.

'hi mrs thomas'

I typed in


'you look good today'

The small potion of screen in the top left hand corner of my monitor showed her sitting there in front of her monitor. Even with her glasses on she looked good. She didn't reply she just waited.

'your tits look great in those pictures, are they still the same size now or are they bigger'

'please what do you want'

'what I want is for you to tell me about your tits'

'they are bigger now'

'show me'

'please I can't do this'

'yes you can, just show me your tits'

The picture didn't update quickly enough for my liking but it was good enough to show her unbuttoning her top.

'bra as well'

Oh my, they were fucking fantastic.

'they are beautiful, what size are they'

'I wear a 34C bra'

'and what size were you in the pictures'

'I don't know now, probably a B'

'thank you that's all for tonight, see you tomorrow at 5 and mrs Thomas I like those tits of yours bare from now on. Good night'

God I was hard and I need some relief, my spunk shot into the air to be captured by my tissue. It wasn't long before I was reviewing her tits again this time full screen.

'good evening your tits look good enough to lick'


'what else are you wearing stand up and show me'

The picture moved and showed her wearing jeans.

'take your jeans off for me'

She was too far away from the keyboard to answer but she removed her jeans and threw them out of sight.

'you are a very beautiful women with a fabulous body'

'thank you'

'i'm going to wank now while looking at you'

I took my time rubbing myself while she stood there looking very self-conscious.

'that was good'

I wiped a big load into my tissue.

'did you enjoy me doing that while you showed me your body'

'how could I enjoy something that a pervert does'

'easy with that mouth of your'


'tomorrow then, goodnight'

The day took forever to pass but at last I settled in front of my monitor.

'stand up and show me your body'

she didn't answer but she again was wearing jeans.

'I want to see you naked'

She didn't hesitate; it looked like she was giving in to all my demands.

'why don't you sit down and frig yourself while I have a good wank'

I could see her hand disappear from sight and it looked like she was obeying me. Why is it that the sight of a pretty women frigging herself was so exciting. My tissue captured my spunk again.

'tomorrow I want you naked from the start, good night'

I couldn't sleep for the vision of her naked body kept me awake. By morning I was exhausted. I almost missed her but through tired eyes I saw her come into my shop and buy her magazine.

"Morning Mrs Thomas, I'm afraid your magazine not in yet," I said.

"That's ok," she smiled at me and it didn't look like she had been missing any sleep.

'show me those fingers in your pussy'

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