Fury of the Fifty Foot Woman

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, FemaleDom, Sadistic, Torture, Anal Sex, Size, Caution, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A naked fifty-foot woman goes on a sexual rampage in Los Angeles.

Revision 2 (Everyone hated the ending of the first version, so this time, the fifty-foot woman doesn't die at the end.)

Foreword: This is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to any real people, places, or events is purely coincidental.

Operators of erotic story web sites, whether free or fee-based, have my permission to post my stories for public reading, provided that credit is given to "Hungry Guy" (hungry@stoolmail.zzn.com) as the author, and as long as you don't make changes other than fixing typos. Even beware of fixing typos, for I occasionally use local slang and dialects that may be flagged by your spell checker. Thanks.

She awoke. She sat up and looked around. The research campus buildings surrounding the slab looked deserted. Battleship chains attached to her wrists and ankles held her securely. But she had been chained down here for nearly a year, and rust had begun to conquer the hinges. Her rage grew, and adrenaline flowed through her veins. She stood and broke out of her chains, leaving cuts in her wrists and ankles. She pulled out the IV tube inserted in her wrist that, to a normal person, would have been the diameter of a fire hose.

She stood fifty feet tall, dwarfing the collection of three- and four-story laboratory buildings surrounding the slab where she was created. The golden tan of her nude body glistened in the afternoon sun.

She kicked one of the buildings, shattering all the windows along that one side. But it stubbed her toe, and it hurt. She picked up a Toyota in the parking lot on the other side of the building and tossed it into some high-tension power lines a short distance away. Even for a fifty-foot woman, a car was still a fairly heavy object to heft. That produced a satisfying explosion, but it failed to stay satisfying long.

Stepping carefully over the fallen power lines spitting and sparking on the ground, she headed toward Los Angeles in the distance.

As she approached a populated area, the people stood and gaped. Perhaps they thought that she was some fantastic Hollywood illusion. She picked one man up and held him in the palm of her hand. Then she closed her hand as tight as she could. Bright red blood gushed from her clenched fist; then she slammed his broken body to the ground and wiped her bloody palm on her thigh.

The people panicked at that. Someone got in a car and started to drive away. She picked up the car and spun around like a stone thrower in the Olympics. She sent that car sailing through the air for several hundred feet.

She walked among the fleeing crowd and stomped on some of them with her left foot, then with her right foot.

She had always been hungry, for they had never fed her the normal way. She picked up a young man, and peeled off his jeans and tee shirt as he screamed in terror. She pulled his shoes and BVD's off, and tossed him in her mouth. Not knowing any better, she swallowed him without chewing and nearly choked while forcing him down her throat. Next she picked up a screaming young woman and, again, peeled off her jeans and sweater, then her shoes, bra, and panties. She threw her in her mouth and bit down. The taste of blood splattering in her mouth tasted good as she chewed and swallowed. Again, she picked up a fistful of people and, one at a time, stripped them, and ate to her full as blood dribbled down her chin.

The crowd had thinned and she continued her trek toward the business district. "Yeow" she screeched as her ankle accidentally brushed against a residential power line supported on wooden poles. She grabbed the pole and yanked it out of the ground, sending sparks flying as the wires pulled apart.

She noticed how some of the small women adorned themselves with metal decorations around their necks, which she had spit out onto her hand and examined. She picked up some of the dead wire and draped it around the back of her neck and let the two free ends dangle against her chest.

She came to a highway and tried to lift a bus, but it was too heavy even for her, so he just shoved it over and let it roll a few times as she continued on her way.

Turning amidst skyscrapers that were far taller than she was, she grabbed a person running in terror into a building. She peeled his clothes off, but she didn't put him in her mouth. Instead she examined him, aware of the outgrowths between his legs. She knew about sexual reproduction in theory, but had never seen photographs. As the man screamed and struggled in her grip, she took one loose end of that wire and tied it in a knot around the base of what she knew to be his testicles. She tied the other loose end in a slipknot around the first wire, adjusted the position of her necklace above her cleavage, and let him hang upside-down by his balls between her bare breasts. His agonized screaming and flailing was amusing to her.

She found a two-story building with a flat roof and sat. The structure groaned and sagged, and she watched the panic-stricken masses rush away in terror. After about a minute, the building collapsed under her weight, dropping her onto her ass. Sitting amid the rubble, something scratched her bottom. She stood again, and reached down to scratch the irritation. She had never touched herself there before. It felt good. She continued to do so, and, before long, she was quaking in place.

She explored herself more and found the various flesh parts that she had learned about in theory. She walked down the street in search of something, but she didn't know what. It needed to be about six feet long, and fairly thick. She spotted more people fleeing from her. She grabbed a fleeing person, a man, and stripped him naked. He was the right length, but not thick enough. She grabbed another fleeing person, a woman, and stripped her naked. She needed to sit somewhere. She sat on a grassy lawn adjacent so some building. She pressed the two people together, face to face, in one hand, and pulled some trees out of the ground with the other hand to make enough room for her to stretch out on.

She spread her legs apart and leaned back. With the couple in her hand, she pressed them to her vagina and shoved them in, headfirst. It felt indescribably good. She squeezed her pelvic muscles, enjoying the erotic sensation of fullness inside her.

She had become hungry again, so she grabbed a few more people, stripped them, and consumed them. The blood tasted so good. She licked it all off her lips after she had swallowed them all.

She stood and stretched her arms way over her head--something she had never been able to do before. She walked through the canyon of hi-rises toward the Pacific Ocean. That couple inside her vagina had been squirming around all the while she walked. She sat back down in another park and felt herself down there. That couple had turned themselves around and were sticking their heads out of her vagina. She pressed her finger to the top of their heads and pushed them back in. She squeezed her pelvic muscles so tightly against them, gasping at the enjoyable sensation within her loins.

A strange "chop-chop-chop" noise approached from the horizon. A flying machine was approaching. She stood to see what it might be. As it grew near, she felt painful little pinpricks all over her body. Looking around, she grabbed a fistful of people and threw them at the flying object. The object was instantly engulfed in a hazy red cloud as the blades pureed the mass of people. Then she picked up a Volvo, and threw it at the blinded helicopter, instantly causing an orgy of fire and smoke to fall to the ground.

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