Make Me Happy

by Bossbeat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Humor, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: Alan and Elena Finally! But the location, only them!

Alan & Elena: The Romantic Saga

"I know you can tell what's on my mind~baby~I've been feeling this way for such a long time!" Al Green"Sha-la-la"(Make Me Happy)1974

It is a beautiful spring day in a countryside, flowers blooming the sweet smell of love is in the air, as the few members of a band play thier instruments, Alan Colegate is nervous his knees are shaking, as he stands there waiting his Brother Earl, and his best friend Larry is there as well they all have come a long way for this moment, as well as the familes, and friends that could make it, Alan has been here for several months, and Elena Shackler has been here for several years, for now they are 26, and 23, and it is now 1990, and the it is the country side of RUSSIA!

1986:A knock on Alans door to his new apartment, brings him to answer it, and it is the woman that he loves almost more than life itself, Elena Shackler," Hey! Elena, come on in!" Alan is now 22 years old, and is making a dent in the art, and advertising worlds, Elena is working on her Dancing education, and teaching minor in College, she is a lovely young woman of 19 years, he is happy to see her, he has been looking for an excuse for a break, but he sees that she has something on her mind"What's up, somethings troubling you."

"Alan... do you love me?"

"That is a loaded question, you know I do, I'll even say it. I love you Elena, why do you ask?"

"I-I don't know, It's just that we've been together for so long, and that... This is so stupid!" she says stamping her foot.

Alan now alarmed," Now I know I'm in the dog house whenever you do that, something is really on your mind. What is it?" he touches her shoulders, and he feels her trembling," You're trembling... , you came here to say something, and it's making you nervous, is it about... us?" him feeling the pit of his own stomach churn.

"Me, you, us, Ohh,... Alan I am so confused, all of a sudden I'm having... doubts, and I think of our... baby..." She says almost inaudibly, it still hurts, Alan holds her tightly, as the tears come, he has seen her like this before, no this is something different, but what?

"I'm sorry Alan"She says composing herself, sniffing back the tears"We've been together for six years now."

"Yes,... you were the one who started this relationship, do you want to now... end it?"

"No... not end it, more like taking a break, I just want to get myself together, to see if me, Elena Shackler can do it by herself, Alan you are my rock, lover, knight, and most of all my friend." She Kisses him." I just need sometime for myself."

Alan laughs nervously, he looks at the floor, then at her, in her eyes, she has lovely eyes," I made a promise to you, and I'm going to honor it, no matter what, we will remain friends, and I will be here if you need my counsul, but know you this I will always love you," then he smiles, and laughs again," You go out there, and knock'em dead!!!"

"Thank you Alan, I will always love you too, and I do love you, remember that."

!989:Doing some work for the U. S, government, in the new relations with the new emerging Repubilc of Russia, Alan lends his expertise in design, for an ad campaign to visit the former communist country, he and his partner Heather Franklin, are finished with thier business, and about to head home to America, and are saying good-bye to the delgation that hosted thier stay,"... And thank you very much for your hopitality, Mr. Vlodstoch, and May our countries have a bright future ahead." Alan says while shaking Piotor Vlodstocks hand, and wishing the other well, and they head to thier plane"Well Heather that went well don't you think?"

"Yeah, but I think they could have a little more responsive to some of the last one I really thought they would go for it!" she says with a wry little smirk.

"A girl in a RED bikini?"

"Well we never got that one back I see. Someone liked it!"

"I noticed that, I didn't want to push the issue..." then they notice a commotion. then they see a young woman running full throttle towards them, and then the woman bumps into Alan, and they both fall over, they both scramble for a moment and then they get a look at each other, and thier eyes lock, and they both recognize each other," Elena?" she's disheveled, and dirty, but it is her, she looks back at her pursuers, and then she takes off again, Alan gets up and looks to Heather. and she nods in agreeance, and he takes off after Elena, and her pursuers, as the chase leaves out of the Airport, now the authorities are on the chase as the lone woman who seem to have wings on her feet stay ahead of the crowd, and only Alan is gaining ground, but not soon enough, but she is cut off by another person in a alley, and they surround her, there are seven of them, Elena knows this may be her last stand, as she is cold, hungry, and tired, as she throws off her jacket, making the dare in broken Russian for them to get her, the first one comes at her she sides steps him, and gives him an elbow to his lower back, as the next one comes, in the same fluid motion she gives him the other elbow in the stomach, followed up with a smash to his jaw, two down, five more to go, and they decide to attack en masse, but one of thier own gets attacked from behind, by a long leather coat blinding the man, followed up by several punches, and in seconds he is out of the equation, as Elena is fighting for her young life, she sees him joining the fray, the one man who she never stopped loving, once again keeping his promise, as he grabs another man, and slams him to the ground, and steps on him to grab another, who is tangleing with Elena, by his collar, and pants, and slams him into another man, after this display of skilled fighting, they begin to peel off one by one, and run away leaving the pair alone, and after several moments go by, and sure they are alone they turn to each other, and they look at each other as if to make sure that they're real, not some imaginary phantom of the past, Elena looks at Alan, and he is so handsome, and he has gotten a hair cut, it has been, almost Three years.

Alan finally looks at Elena, she is a mess, her hair is frizzy, disheveld, she's dirty, lost an amazing amount of weight, smaller than she was when they first met nine years earlier, a lot of pain in her eyes, the eyes he hasn't looked into for almost three years, and she is still the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and he still loves her, they slowly walk towards each other, almost cautiously, Alan feels his stomach churn, as he bites his lip gently. Elena begin to feel the tears begin to well in her eyes, as they are now face to face with each other, he touches the side of her face gently feeling the wetness of her tears, she takes his hand, and kisses it.

"A-Alan?" almost inaudibly, she finally speaks,.

"Shhhh"he goes, and then he takes her in his arms, and for the first time in three years, they kiss, deep, and long and for them the world does not exist, as the authorities along with Heather finally arrive, and all except for Heather are surprised. and when they finally part, Alan finally speaks to her,


A couple of hours, and a shower later at a local hotel, and permission for an extention for thier stay, Elena emerges from the shower in the hotel robe, Alan is on the phone with the authorities, they aren't sure why they were chasing Elena, but Alan promised that he would get to the bottom of it himself. he hangs up the phone, and smiles at Elena, who is now looking 200% better"Well?" she asks.

"They're not pressing charges because nobody filed a complaint, and they don't know themselves if that is good, or not, and you being an American complicates matters, because they may expect you to be a carrier, or mule, but for the fact that you have been here for sometime, and never left says different, now I regurgetate, what the Hell are you doing here?" he asks while both sit upon the bed.

Elena Smiles"Regurgetate? I think the word you're looking for is reiterate."

"Regurgitate, Reiterate they both come up twice." He says teasing

Elena looks at Alan, and thinks for the moment," Alan to put it simply, I was fed up!"

Alan taken aback for a moment," With me?"

"No, you're perfect as you are, you'd be the last person I'd get fed up with, it's the whole ball of wax of what we're becoming, have you ever seen that old silent movie Metrropolis?"

"Yes, yes I have."

"That's the movie where the corporation is the whole, and you work for it until you drop, while the others the rich people are in the sun having a good life off the workers backs, and the son of the head of the corporation sees this and begins to rebel against the machine, and they create this android of this woman to try to keep him in line, and defuse the upcoming rebellion, but it fall apart before the end, that is what we're becoming in the states, we're feeding the machine, and it give backs nothing."

"Elena, if the machine is broken, and if you don't like the system is going you get out there, tell people, and try to make changes, nothing is perfect.

"I know... I had to get out I was suffocating there."

"You could have come to me! That what I was there for!" He says angily"I was supposed to be your counsul, you were supposed to come to me if you were to be having difficulty, but you left, in a way you abandoned me!"

"And if said that I wanted to come to this country to stay, what would you say?"

"Let's take a look at France! DAMN IT!!!

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