Make Me Happy

by Bossbeat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Humor, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: Alan and Elena Finally! But the location, only them!

Alan & Elena: The Romantic Saga

"I know you can tell what's on my mind~baby~I've been feeling this way for such a long time!" Al Green"Sha-la-la"(Make Me Happy)1974

It is a beautiful spring day in a countryside, flowers blooming the sweet smell of love is in the air, as the few members of a band play thier instruments, Alan Colegate is nervous his knees are shaking, as he stands there waiting his Brother Earl, and his best friend Larry is there as well they all have come a long way for this moment, as well as the familes, and friends that could make it, Alan has been here for several months, and Elena Shackler has been here for several years, for now they are 26, and 23, and it is now 1990, and the it is the country side of RUSSIA!

1986:A knock on Alans door to his new apartment, brings him to answer it, and it is the woman that he loves almost more than life itself, Elena Shackler," Hey! Elena, come on in!" Alan is now 22 years old, and is making a dent in the art, and advertising worlds, Elena is working on her Dancing education, and teaching minor in College, she is a lovely young woman of 19 years, he is happy to see her, he has been looking for an excuse for a break, but he sees that she has something on her mind"What's up, somethings troubling you."

"Alan... do you love me?"

"That is a loaded question, you know I do, I'll even say it. I love you Elena, why do you ask?"

"I-I don't know, It's just that we've been together for so long, and that... This is so stupid!" she says stamping her foot.

Alan now alarmed," Now I know I'm in the dog house whenever you do that, something is really on your mind. What is it?" he touches her shoulders, and he feels her trembling," You're trembling... , you came here to say something, and it's making you nervous, is it about... us?" him feeling the pit of his own stomach churn.

"Me, you, us, Ohh,... Alan I am so confused, all of a sudden I'm having... doubts, and I think of our... baby..." She says almost inaudibly, it still hurts, Alan holds her tightly, as the tears come, he has seen her like this before, no this is something different, but what?

"I'm sorry Alan"She says composing herself, sniffing back the tears"We've been together for six years now."

"Yes,... you were the one who started this relationship, do you want to now... end it?"

"No... not end it, more like taking a break, I just want to get myself together, to see if me, Elena Shackler can do it by herself, Alan you are my rock, lover, knight, and most of all my friend." She Kisses him." I just need sometime for myself."

Alan laughs nervously, he looks at the floor, then at her, in her eyes, she has lovely eyes," I made a promise to you, and I'm going to honor it, no matter what, we will remain friends, and I will be here if you need my counsul, but know you this I will always love you," then he smiles, and laughs again," You go out there, and knock'em dead!!!"

"Thank you Alan, I will always love you too, and I do love you, remember that."

!989:Doing some work for the U. S, government, in the new relations with the new emerging Repubilc of Russia, Alan lends his expertise in design, for an ad campaign to visit the former communist country, he and his partner Heather Franklin, are finished with thier business, and about to head home to America, and are saying good-bye to the delgation that hosted thier stay,"... And thank you very much for your hopitality, Mr. Vlodstoch, and May our countries have a bright future ahead." Alan says while shaking Piotor Vlodstocks hand, and wishing the other well, and they head to thier plane"Well Heather that went well don't you think?"

"Yeah, but I think they could have a little more responsive to some of the last one I really thought they would go for it!" she says with a wry little smirk.

"A girl in a RED bikini?"

"Well we never got that one back I see. Someone liked it!"

"I noticed that, I didn't want to push the issue..." then they notice a commotion. then they see a young woman running full throttle towards them, and then the woman bumps into Alan, and they both fall over, they both scramble for a moment and then they get a look at each other, and thier eyes lock, and they both recognize each other," Elena?" she's disheveled, and dirty, but it is her, she looks back at her pursuers, and then she takes off again, Alan gets up and looks to Heather. and she nods in agreeance, and he takes off after Elena, and her pursuers, as the chase leaves out of the Airport, now the authorities are on the chase as the lone woman who seem to have wings on her feet stay ahead of the crowd, and only Alan is gaining ground, but not soon enough, but she is cut off by another person in a alley, and they surround her, there are seven of them, Elena knows this may be her last stand, as she is cold, hungry, and tired, as she throws off her jacket, making the dare in broken Russian for them to get her, the first one comes at her she sides steps him, and gives him an elbow to his lower back, as the next one comes, in the same fluid motion she gives him the other elbow in the stomach, followed up with a smash to his jaw, two down, five more to go, and they decide to attack en masse, but one of thier own gets attacked from behind, by a long leather coat blinding the man, followed up by several punches, and in seconds he is out of the equation, as Elena is fighting for her young life, she sees him joining the fray, the one man who she never stopped loving, once again keeping his promise, as he grabs another man, and slams him to the ground, and steps on him to grab another, who is tangleing with Elena, by his collar, and pants, and slams him into another man, after this display of skilled fighting, they begin to peel off one by one, and run away leaving the pair alone, and after several moments go by, and sure they are alone they turn to each other, and they look at each other as if to make sure that they're real, not some imaginary phantom of the past, Elena looks at Alan, and he is so handsome, and he has gotten a hair cut, it has been, almost Three years.

Alan finally looks at Elena, she is a mess, her hair is frizzy, disheveld, she's dirty, lost an amazing amount of weight, smaller than she was when they first met nine years earlier, a lot of pain in her eyes, the eyes he hasn't looked into for almost three years, and she is still the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and he still loves her, they slowly walk towards each other, almost cautiously, Alan feels his stomach churn, as he bites his lip gently. Elena begin to feel the tears begin to well in her eyes, as they are now face to face with each other, he touches the side of her face gently feeling the wetness of her tears, she takes his hand, and kisses it.

"A-Alan?" almost inaudibly, she finally speaks,.

"Shhhh"he goes, and then he takes her in his arms, and for the first time in three years, they kiss, deep, and long and for them the world does not exist, as the authorities along with Heather finally arrive, and all except for Heather are surprised. and when they finally part, Alan finally speaks to her,


A couple of hours, and a shower later at a local hotel, and permission for an extention for thier stay, Elena emerges from the shower in the hotel robe, Alan is on the phone with the authorities, they aren't sure why they were chasing Elena, but Alan promised that he would get to the bottom of it himself. he hangs up the phone, and smiles at Elena, who is now looking 200% better"Well?" she asks.

"They're not pressing charges because nobody filed a complaint, and they don't know themselves if that is good, or not, and you being an American complicates matters, because they may expect you to be a carrier, or mule, but for the fact that you have been here for sometime, and never left says different, now I regurgetate, what the Hell are you doing here?" he asks while both sit upon the bed.

Elena Smiles"Regurgetate? I think the word you're looking for is reiterate."

"Regurgitate, Reiterate they both come up twice." He says teasing

Elena looks at Alan, and thinks for the moment," Alan to put it simply, I was fed up!"

Alan taken aback for a moment," With me?"

"No, you're perfect as you are, you'd be the last person I'd get fed up with, it's the whole ball of wax of what we're becoming, have you ever seen that old silent movie Metrropolis?"

"Yes, yes I have."

"That's the movie where the corporation is the whole, and you work for it until you drop, while the others the rich people are in the sun having a good life off the workers backs, and the son of the head of the corporation sees this and begins to rebel against the machine, and they create this android of this woman to try to keep him in line, and defuse the upcoming rebellion, but it fall apart before the end, that is what we're becoming in the states, we're feeding the machine, and it give backs nothing."

"Elena, if the machine is broken, and if you don't like the system is going you get out there, tell people, and try to make changes, nothing is perfect.

"I know... I had to get out I was suffocating there."

"You could have come to me! That what I was there for!" He says angily"I was supposed to be your counsul, you were supposed to come to me if you were to be having difficulty, but you left, in a way you abandoned me!"

"And if said that I wanted to come to this country to stay, what would you say?"

"Let's take a look at France! DAMN IT!!!

"Alan, please... don't be upset... I-I didn't abandon you, it wasn't you I left, I didn't come to you because of what you just said, but I wanted something more, but I know now that I had it all along in you. My friend my love."

" You had to come all the way here for that?" He laughs"I can't fault you for this choice, Hell you chose me, and what were those guys chasing you for?"

"Them? Well, they were guys that I was staying with, I did some work, and was paying rent, and employers laid me off, and I tried to find more work but I couldn't find anything, and they wanted thier rent money by hook, or crook, if you know what I mean, and I wasn't going for that, so I hi-tailed it out of there, then I ran into you, now it's my turn, what are you doing here?"

Alan explains how they came to be working for the U. S. State Department for the "NEW" Russia campaign, and that they were just about to leave when they "ran" into each other.

"Oh..." she looks down for a moment not looking at Alan," I'm sorry for ruining your plans..."

For a moment Alan looks at her, and then laughs," You didn't ruin my plans, as a matter of fact you saved me, over the last three years, I've been in one bad relationship after the other, if it wasn't for Heather, and Larry keeping me together, I don't know what I may have done to myself, so I threw myself into my work, I have done work in that time some called record breaking speed, it's because I have no life! yeah, there's my family, but that goes only so far, Elena Shackler I love you more now than I ever did, and if we were to separate now, I don't think I'll ever get over it, you once said I was your rock, well, you are my all, you don't know how much I missed you."

Elena now tearing from the words Alan has spoken, this tme she had broken his heart by leaving on her own accord, she has learned. and accomplished much in her time from Alan, but her heart was broken as well, she did not want to leave, but she had to do this, she had to make her own path, and now they both have come full circle, but still far from home," and I missed you, and I still love you." She straddles Alans lap, and kisses him, and he kisses her back, taking her in his strong arms, holding her tight, she feels for the first time in several years secure in his grasp, as she takes hold of him, and continue the long passionate kiss, opening thier mouths inviting thier tongues to tango, Elena feels his hardness on her rounded bottom, as she grinds herself on it, feeling her wetness, it is aroused from its slumber, and is ready for action, as they both fall back on the bed still kissing, " I've searching much too long, I've been wondering where you are, having nearly lost my heart... Never been warned, never felt glad like this before"a few lines from a very little known song they both liked ring thier minds, as they begin thier love making, Elena shrugs off her robe as Alan unbuttons his own shirt, and struggles out of his pants, revealing his hardend member, kissing once again they both lie back, and Alan take Elena once again into his arms holding her, still almost not beliving he's back where he belongs, as she thinks the same thing, licking his ear lobe, which she knows that is one thing that makes him crazy, as he feel the tingle down his back, for the umpteenth time, he then kiss her down her neckand nibbles at it where he knows where it drives her insane, making her giggle like a little girl, she once was.

"HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!" for the first time in so long Elena is happy, as she takes hold of Alans penis, and pumps it up, and down, feeling the hardness in her grasp, it is still hard as the day they both took each others virginity, at a young age, she looks at it in her hand, her white hand grasping the brown shaft, two different colors, other places these colors fight for stupid reasons, this is not the place, and for now Elena cannot wait, she has not had her lover for several years now, the same as Alan, and now they both are hungry, and theres a steak on the table, and you have the only Knife, and fork ready to dig in, Elena takes Alan cock and then staddles him, and places the tip to her waiting opening, and begins to slide downward moving her hips to allow the shaft into her feeling the familiar size girth, and shape of her lovers spear impaling herself bringing her pleasure, as he leans forward taking her breast in to his mouth licking the nipple with his tongue, and tugging it with his teeth gently, while massaging the other, and then switching over to the next, doing the same thing making her mewl in ripe pleasure,

"MMMmmmmmnnnn!!!" you do that so good!, now take me, and FUCK ME!!!"

"You want me to fuck you?"








Alan turn them both over he is now on top, between her legs, inside her deep, and he know he belongs there, and they both know it is right, he curls, his arms under hers, and grabs onto her sholders to get a good grip on her, and then he finally answers, with a wry grin"HANG ON!!" as he begins to pound his hard dark dick into Elenas hot sopping wet, beet red channel, at almost inhuman speed, driving into her like well... faster than a speeding bullet!, giving her more power than a locomotive, making her scream higher than the tallest building in a single thrust! Alan is no Superman, but to Elena he's all the super-hero she needs, as she screams out in pleasure, the feeling of his hard cock thrusting in, and out of her.

"YES!!! YES!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!! ALAN PLEASE! I LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!!!" Meeting him half way raising her hips to meet his pounding rod going deeper, and deeper, as they give of each other thier love, sweating, breathing, moaning, groaning, holding, kissing, loving, especially the loving, as they release the last three years of pent-up emotions, and energies, as they both release in orgasm"Alaaaaaaan! AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"Arrrrggghhhh! ELENAAAAA!!!!!" they kiss passionately holding on to each other, vowing thier love to each other, and to never let each other go again, now that they once again have each other.

Later on at the dining room of the hotel, Elena is alone, waiting for Alan, when she woke that morning Alan wasn't there, but left a note that he would join her for breakfast, and that he had something to do, but wonders what could be, his business here was over when she ran into him, she wonders what he is up to, then she is joined by Heather"Hey Kiddo!" she says with her North Carolinian accent"Where's Alan, I thought you two would be together like crazy-glue!"

"Hello Heather. I don't know, he wasn't here when I woke up. I suppose you don't know where he went?"

Taking a seat at the table"Naaah, we're supposed to be home with jet lag, did he tell you about the dog?"

"Dog?" Elena says with her eyebrow raised in question.

"Yeah he has a dog. He's a doberman mix, he's georgeous, but spirited, and he spends a lot of time with him. but then from what I heard last night, I supposed it didn't come up, other things considering." she says with a knowing grin.

Elena blushes looking away, for a moment with a grin," Is anything private?" she asks sheepishly.

"I have the room next-door, and the walls are thin, I forgot that you can be a screamer."

"Have you, and Alan... ?"

"Not since that time with us together, and he has went out with other ladies, but none that make him crazy like you." she says while pouring water from a pitcher on the table.

"Really, how about you?"

"Me? You already know I'm Bi-Sexual, and I have to say you tasted good!" making the sign with her two fingers on her lips, and tongue between them in a licking motion.

Elena laughs at her motion," You weren't bad either." she says with her patented mischievious grin.

"I hope you ladies aren't talking about me." Alan says walking into the dining room," Hello Gorgeous!" he says while kissing her.

"Hi back at you, where have you been?" Elena asks as Alan takes a seat from another table, and sits.

"Been looking around, you know politics, and propaganda aside this is a pretty nice place, all the old buildings have this crazy musty smell to them, but I never got around to seeing the city, so I took a little walk, and have you seen some of the sites around here?"

"I have been here for almost three yearsAlan I have seen them!" looking at him with her eye brow raised.

"So, I guess you don't mind playing tour guide?" he says with his own mischievious grin.

"What are you up to?" she says suspiciously.

"Moi? I don't know what you mean?" he says... innocently.


"Come on let's see this crazy town, and Heather you come too!" grabbing Elenas hand, and off they go. First getting Elena a new outfit, then off, going out see the the city of Moscow, seeing the legendary sights of an ancient city, full of history of battles, of kings(Czars), ideals of Marx, the rule of Lennin, Trotsky, Cruschev, the new ideals of Gorbechev, the archetect of Red Square, and the Kremlin, all acting like the Kids they once were, playing, running to one spot to the other, and playing in the massive fountain kicking up the water before the Guards stop them, they run away laughing like teen agers, and then getting around the corner they slow down to a walk to a little shop that have all kinds of curios, a place that you have to have money to go to, they all go in, and look around, Alan takes Elenas hand, and looks into her lovely eyes, as they look around the shop, owned by a little old couple that look at the odd trio, and motions them to come over, speaking fluent Russian, Elena translates what she can.

"Hi")Translated from Russian cuz I don't know the Language)"you're American, yes?"

"Yes." Elena responds

"You speak Russian?"

"Yes, I know a little not good yet, but learning!"

"Good, good! Him you in love with?" pointing to Alan.

Elena smiles, and blushes," Yes I am."

"What did she say?" Alan interjects.

"Never you mind!" Elena playfully says to Alan, then back to the old woman.

"I see it in your eyes, you look at him with love in your eyes, and he does the same, how long have you been together?"

"Nine years." Elena says proudly.

The womans eyes go wide with awe"You must have been children!"

"Practically we were, I fell for him when I was thirteen, he was six-teen."

"True love at a young age, and you're still with him, but you're still not married? How is this?"

"My choice, I left for a while, now we're back together." at that the old woman smiles.

"Let me show you something, this is something that came in, but we never sold it, for some reason it we can't give it away, nor throw it away, and it never get's lost, it is a crystal."


'Made of it anyway, but look. it is the most beautiful! Like you, and your man." She reaches down, and pulls out something... and Elenas jaw drops when she sees it, she loves it when she sees it.

"Alan, it's a crystal of two lovers kissng, I love it! how much is it?" she asks as they all look at the figurine.

The woman waves her hand"PFAGH!, Take! It is yours, share it with your man, he looks like a good man! Make many babies with him!"

Elena blushes, Alan see's this"What did she say?" he asks again.

Elena with her hands on her hips, with her head cocked "Never you mind! Mr. I-Can't-speak-the -language! For your information the nice lady just gave this to us!"

He looks at it"Yeah?" He looks at the old lady, she smiles at him, he smiles back then says"Thank you."

"you are very welcome!" she says in broken english at that they leave.

They look at the figure it is an exquiste piece, the facets almost glow in the sunshine. It is a figure of two lovers kissing, it almost looks like them in a passoinate moment," That is a beautiful piece!" says Heather looking at it," and she just gave it to you?" she asks.

"Yes she did." Elena replies," Alan, have you seen anything so beautiful?" Alan looks at her, and smiles...

"Yes, it was only you." she smiles, as they walk by a water fountain, Alan takes out a coin, and tosses it in.

"Making a wish?" Elena asks.

He looks back at her, he has a wry grin on his face," Yes I am, and I'll know it'll come true in a few moments." he takes a seat at the fountain, and she follows suit, and Heather still standing watching them both in silence.

Elena cocks her head in curiosity," Why do you say that?"

"Well, while you were sleeping last nightI got to thinking, about way back then, when we met, that first dance. the break up, the make up, the way we were in and out of our lives, the way people look at us, good, and bad, our child, my career, your hiatus from dancing, which of course I hope you'll go back to, all this in a matter of nine years!" the butterflies in his stomach are doing the cha-cha

"And a half!" she interjects. with her mischieivious grin, and is lovely as ever, barley able to contain a giggle, as she takes his arm in hers.

"and a half, I was so worried of what others would have thought, when you first did that. and now it feels naked with out you there, Elena Shackler, I loved you the moment we met, and I'll always love you, to the day I die, and long after that..." his mouth is now like a desert, and his throat is parched, and he really want something to drink, but presses on"... for the last several years I have seen other ladies, but none could compare with you, I have found what I wanted a long time ago, and it was always you, and I think you always knew that." as he speaks he also thinking how much he has to go to the bathroom, and he is almost trembleing trying to go ahead with what he is trying to say. Elena is now looking at Alan with a smile, but still not knowing what he is up to, but a nagging suspiscion is growing as he speaks the next crucial words as he takes her hand in his

"Elean Shackler..." He drops to his knee, her eyes grow wide in thier sockets," Will you... MARRY ME?"

Elenas jaw drops a she is silent, not believing what she just heard," You said I would know when,... twice!" As he produces a RING, matching the lockette she wears, that he gave her that many years ago.

Elena is still silent as she tries to speak, but the words she want to say don't want to come out, as afraid that she'll mess them up, as the tears well in her eyes, she nods her head many times, finally the words finally come," Yes, YES!! YES!!! ALAN YES I'LL MARRY YOU!!! YES, YES, YES. YES, YES, YES, YESYESYES!!!!" she presses her point kissing him between each yes.

Alan to Heather," I think she said yes!"

"NOOO, Do you think?"

"When we get back in the states we'll get to planning the wedding or we may just elope," then Elena remembers as he just made the statement

"Oh no!" her eyes go wide with horror.

"Oh no? What do you mean, oh no?"

Grimacing for a moment as she thinks about it," My stuff!"

"Your stuff?"

"Back where those guys were, where I was living." looking in the direction of where she was living, but it is several blocks away.

"Well we can buy you some new stuff back at home."

"it's just that, me getting back, with all my stuff, is also my Passport, without it I'm stuck here! "

"Hey thats o. k. we can go over there and see if we can get your stuff, and your passport, I have enough to pay for your back rent, get your gear, everything will be fine!

"What do you mean you threw all my stuff out?" Elena yells at the skinny young man, at the door of thier as they used to call a 'Flop House! Brandishing a shiner from the fight from the day before'

"You'moved out' so we confiscated your stuff, and we saw it was just worthless junk, so we tossed it, the trash man came and took it an hour ago, Hey I recognise you, you're that guy that she was mooning over in her pictures she has, or had." he says in english pointing at Alan

"Ohhhh, you speak english!"

"Yeah, I spent sometime in your stank country, with it's foul lanuage, and disgusting habits of flaunting it's money. around, as if they have it all just like you!" he says poking Alan in his chest, and Alan does not like it.

Elena looks at Alan, as he looks at the skinny man. Moments later "O. k. Elena let's grab a cabbie and get to the American Embassy, and see what they can do." as they leave, the skinnyman hangs at his window with his hand in the sil and the window closed, and LOCKED, and writhing in pain.

"What do you mean it's going to take several months to get her another passport? I just did a shit load of work for the state department, and this is the thanks I get?" Alan says angrilly.

"I'm sorry sir, but it dosen't make the delivery system get any better, with the security of this country the way it is, and what we do with our own secrity check with the mail, it takes time to go through all the clutter, we're backed up as it is."

Elena interjects," But I'm an American citizen! I was born on Long Island, my family is there, and we want to get married, can't you do something perhaps something temporary?"

"And if you're not a citizen, and you disappear? Then what? We'd have to spend money to track you down. I'm sorry Miss, you're going to have to wait. Just fill out the papers, and we'll do what we can, in the mean time you'll have to stay in the country, and if I were you I'd try to make the best of it, we have seen situations like this before and we sympathise."

They both take a deep sigh, and fill out the paperwork, Alan looks at Elena he see that she is very upset, and he understands why, they want to go home to get married, but now she's stranded here"Alan I'm so sorry, if I hadn't left we'd probably..."

"Have some other malady to deal with, and we'd be no closer to being married than we already are, let's go back to our hotel, and see what our options are." they leave the necessary paperwork with the person, and they head for the hotel.

there Alan makes a desicion"I'm staying!"

"Alan what?" they both say.

"I-am-staying! my place is with Elena, we'll get a small place while we're here, I have put away a bit of money, and that will sustain us for a while, but you Heather I know this is asking a lot of you, but I will need you to co-ordinate things for us, I will need to set up so I can work from here, and get things out to our major clients at home, only if need be you may have to fly out here weekly, but grab all the work that you can carry, and telephone us what you can, and fax us what we may need, this is going to be trying times Heather, can you do this?"

"Hey Babe, have I ever let you down?" with that they all smile

"Alan?" Elena asks<"What is it I hear about a dog?"

"Oh, Yeah! I got a dog! SURPRISE!"

And soon the word gets around back at home that Alan, and Elena are engaged"Can you believe it Grace? I always thought they'd get married, but staying over there, but I don't blame him she's stranded there, until they can get the passport."

"I know, but it was Elenas choice to go over there, but she was so upset about the way the way things were going in this country, and then she packed all of her stuff, and she was gone, and I thought it was over for them, and now, for the Grace of God, in several months from now they'll be home, an hopefully making us grand-mothers.

"I'm already a Grand-Mother, it does a Mother good to see her child settling down.'

"Oh don't I know it, even with Alan Elena can be a handfull, but when they call it quits she can be an awful brat, but together they seem to have a maturity that is uncanny."

"Tell me about it, Alan seems to mope when Elena is not with him, when they last split he was here for dinner for three weeks! and he says he just wanted company for a while, I introduced him to other women, but they never seem to click."

"Same with Elena, and she made that mad dash to Russia of all places, I'd have thought that she wind up in France, or some place sane, but at times she can be headstrong, she's just like her Father, but finally they found each other again, and they still love each other."

"You know what, they never stopped loving each other they had to find thier way."

"When she came home from school that day they met I saw she had a funny look on her face, at dinner she told us that she met a boy, and that she liked him, she was gushing with pride that she was in love, I thought it was just puppy love after all she was only thirteen."

"Alan was different, you know he was kind of quiet at the time, but I heard him outside the front door going"whoo-hoo I got a date!" when he came in we asked about what he said, he just grinned, and said"It's just some girl." and when he went, and bought a new suit! I knew she must have been something else, and I was right, but when he told us that he messed up by cheating on her, he was absolutely adamant about telling her what he done, I was so upset about him doing that to her."

"She cried for a week, then she was angry for another week, and then anti-boy, any guy who came to see her, wound up with the door in thier face, then by happenstance I suggested that she should call him, she didn't talk to me for a week, if it weren't for her friend Liz she'd have never went out, but now all that is past, I have never seen two people so in love, even me, and my husband, now if they can get past this thing about getting her home, and Married."

"Amen to that!"

Eight hours away, at an apartment just now rented, Alan is carrying Elena over the threshold, and kissing, as they walk in"You know, you're only supposed to do this when we're married."


"Yeah, married, you know white dress, tux, flowers, top hat, and HONEYMOON!"

"Hmmmmm honeymoon!" he kisses her again.

"Whoa down boy! let's see what they did to the place." Elena looks around the studio apartment, it is sectioned off for privacy, since they will be here for a while, Alan has his work space and supplies that he had ordered, and is ready for work when Heather calls with assighnments, but mostly it is still open for our couple to have a little time together, and they intend to spend a lot of time there," Alan it's perfect, but I can do some other things and..."

"Whoaaaa! Hold on there Elena this is just a temporary place until we get home, but we can get a place like this afterward, and ship this stuff home."

"Promise?" she says with her big brown pleading eyes with her little smile.

"Promise." they just about to kiss when a knock comes to the door.

"Dosvidanya!" the man says in fluent Russian, Elena responds in kind, and they go back and forth, Alan again is left out, but knows that this guy is trying to pick up on his fiancee, but doesen't say anything, because he's trying to pass himself as a welcome wagon with a bottle of Russian wine, and he's knows that Elena can take care of herself as she in not so fluent Russian takes the wine, and guides the man to the door, and shows him her engagement ring, and he goes for the wine, and she points to Alan, Alan folds his arms in front of him, with an undereyed look, to the man, and then he makes an hasty retreat.

"What was all that about?" Alan asks

"Well his name is Viktor, and he's welcomes me to the building, and He hoping that I may have dinner with him, later on to talk about building policies, and was wondering if you were the designer of the space, so I told him that sounded nice, and that we'd be there, and thank you for the wine, and that I, and my Fiancee will drink it later, and if you don't stop trying to be a lothario, MY BIG BLACK FIANCEE from New York will beat you up"she states while opening the wine.

"You said that?"

"Pretty much..." she says pouring the wine.

"Pretty much?"

"It was either that, or I said that"this guy is going to RAPE me and he going to get you too!" she says with her mischievious smile, handing Alan his glass.

"You didn't..." he says smiling.

"We'll know it if the police show up." they both clink glasses, and hook thier arms between them, and take a sip of the wine, it is good, and they kiss.

And when they part," Well, if they do, we're not going to be doing nothing." He kisses her again, and then he picks her up and they head over to the sofa still kissing while he sets her down gently, and joins her there and he looks into her eyes, Alan sees that she's happy, and remembers that there's nothing in the world he wouldn't do to make her little face smile. and that makes him want to smile and dance, and Elena looks at Alan feeling like the once thirteen year old girl at the Spring dance feeling Alans strong arms around her making her feel ever so secure, as they kiss once again, leaning back on the sofa then kissing down Elenas sexy long neck even the clavicle unbuttoning her blouse revealng her brasseire holding her firm heaving breasts, taking in heavy breaths as they feel thier passions rise, Alan kissing the tops of her breasts making her tingle, and purr, as she reaches for his heavy sweater pulling it along with his shirt underneath off of his brown body, she loves his skin tone, she remembers several Christmasses over the years when alone together at either parents house, with the lights low, in front of a roaring fire, she sees how it glistened in the glow of the fire as they"snuck"a love making session, they of course don't know wether thier parents knew, but the point was moot when she was pregnant at seven-teen by Alan, although the child was lost she still bear the scars of the loss, she had even chose a name for the child, one for each sex, but the name will never be used, Elena sniiffs at Alans chest taking in his musky male aroma she loves the way he smells, as he takes in her scent as well. he knows her presence well before she comes into the room, by rythim her footfalls, or her scent that always gave her away, she'd wonder how at times he'd say Hello before he turn to see that it's her, they are tuned to each other, as he massages her neck on down to her supple breasts that are still enclosed in her bra, that they brought new because they had to replace her clothing, she reaches behind her back to release the straps, removing the brassiere revealing her breasts at 22 she they are firm, and tight as he begin to massage them, when they first met they were barley there, but enough to know when she was turned on, he licks the nipple, and it rises even more than before, Elena turns him on like no other woman ever has, Patti had to get him drunk, he takes the nipple into his mouth, his his broad lips gives Elena moans pleasure as he suckles on her breasts, as he unsnaps her skirt, and she steps out of it showing her black thong panties, Alan kisses down her body stopping at her navel, and tongues it stimulating her even more, she holds his head on that spot, rubbing his black tight curly hair, she loves the spongy texture of it she loves running her fingers through it, when he grows it out, too bad it's not several years back when everyone had longer hair, and she played in it, maybe if he had a fade! Alan kisses his way down to her pantied crotch removing her panties"You've trimmed it, it looks yummy!" as he dives into Elenas pussy kissing the luscous lips. and the revealed hardened clitoris peeking out of its hood, he suck on it making Elena quiver, and moan out loud.

"Ohhhhh, that's it Alan, do it some more! Oh-whoa-EEEE!'she squeals in a mini orgasm," Oooohhhh," then she giggles." You are soooo bad!"

"That because you make me so! he gets up and kisses her, tasting herself on his lips and tongue, Elena unbuckles his belt, and opens his pants, and they drop to her floor, surprising her, revealing his new shorts, the other day he was wearing white briefs.

"That is a surpise, I like these, I can get to what I want," She reaches under the leg band of the shorts and she get's a hold of his hard cock, she gets a firm hold of it, and squeezes it feeling it's hardness, and it has never been harder, like a steel pipe, unbending.

"Keep that up I won't be able to take these off"He says smiling at her.

"Well, we wouldn't want you do that would we? I want you naked as the day as you were born!"

"Why? So you can take advantage of me? I'll have you know that I'm engaged!"

"That means I'll have to make a dishonest man out of you!" she says licking the head of his blood engorged cock, making Alan shiver, as Elena slowly takes the shaft down her lovely throat, Alan hands take hold of her head as she bobs her head back and forth sucking his dick, Alan drives his dick into her as well fucking her throat, she knows his size, and girth over the years of love making between them, and yet she has never been bored by him, Alan begins to speed up fucking her face as she takes it faster, and harder driving his penis into her mouth, and throat, and him moaning in ecstacy, and then he explodes a massive amount of sperm into Elenas waiting jaws, then she swallows every drop he pumps in, then she rises, and kisses him again wrapping her arms around his neck tightly"Alan I Love you!"

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