The Visit


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Desc: Sex Story: A visit to my girl friends house turned into a memorable few days.

Shortly after I left school my family moved away from our small hometown and I left to work in the city. I had been dating Carol for about 2 years when I left. We had been very much in love and decided to try to keep the relationship going on a long-term basis. My first annual leave came around and I decided to spend 2 weeks with Carol staying at her parent's house. Carol's parents were loaded and I think the only reason that they allowed me to date Carol was because of my sporting achievements.

As I sat on the plane I sat back and remembered the last time I had seen Carol. Carol was very highly sexed and the past few months of separation had meant that I had blue balls, I was tired of jerking myself off. When the plane landed I rushed through the arrivals lounge, my eyes scanning the crowd to see if I could spot Carol. I saw her standing at the barrier looking like a million bucks in her thin white dress. I ran over to where she was standing and gave her a big hug. I felt her breasts pressing into my chest and had to try very hard to keep the huge hard-on from being obvious to the entire airport. I stepped back and drank in her beauty. I could see the outline of her lacy bra and panties through the thin white fabric. I quickly went off to the carousel to get my baggage and followed Carol and her parents out of the airport.

We climbed into the Marshall's Mercedes and sped out of the parking lot. Carol snaked her hand across the seat and let it come to rest on my thigh. Her fingers brushing the tip of my hard cock. It took all my willpower to stop me from ravishing her right there. When we pulled into the Marshall's house, Mr. & Mrs. Marshall told us that they had some shopping to do and would give us some time to catch up. If only they knew!

Carol quickly led me to the guestroom and dumped my bags on the floor. "My parents won't let us share a room" she sighed "they still feel that as long as we are in their house we sleep in separate rooms until we are married."

"That's no problem" I said, "I can move around this place really quietly". I slowly put my arms around Carol and pulled her close breathing in her feminine scent, my hands slipped down her back and started caressing her firm buns. She immediately pushed her hips hard up against my now aching cock. I could feel the wetness oozing from my hard cock. I slowly slid the zip of her dress down and peeled her dress off her shapely figure until it fell to the floor. Her lacy white bra and panties nearly had me cumming on the spot. I could see that Carol was as turned on as I was with her pussy juice seeping through the thin panties. Carol lifted my shirt off and let her hands wonder down my chest. Her fingers rubbed down over my zip and she started to unbuckle my belt. She pulled my jeans down and soon freed my hard cock from its hiding place. She knelt down between my legs and tentatively licked a drop of pre-cum oozing from my cock. Her lips lazily engulfed my cock; her hands gently kneaded my full balls. Her lips went further and further down my hard shaft until her nose was pressed deep into my pubes. The feeling of her throat against my sensitive head soon had the cum spurting deep into her throat. She swallowed every drop. "Sorry it was so quick" I sighed "it's been a long time since I have felt those lips around my cock."

"That's no problem" she breathed, "We still have 2 weeks together."

I laid her back on the bed and started running my hands over sexy bra. My hands moved to the clip and freed her teenage breasts from their lacy confines. My hands rubbed her hard nipples, my fingers gently rolling each bud around. I could see that she was probably not going to last much longer than I had and already her hips were gently rotating at my gentle touch of her nipples, her hips thrusting. I took each nipple in my mouth and let my tongue flick over them. I slowly blew over each nipple the wetness causing them to go ice cold. "Please" she moaned "touch my pussy, I can't wait much longer". My kisses ran slowly down her smooth belly and I rubbed my hands up her tight thighs. I let my tongue run over her panty clad slit and then up again to rest on her hard clit. I buried my nose into the soft silk panties and breathed in her beautiful fragrance; my tongue and nose ran a steady path up and down her wet, hot pussy. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of the panties and as I pulled them down the g-string was wedged firmly in her wet pussy. I bent down and used my tongue to lift the panties from her most intimate place. As I started to gently suck her hard clit I felt her pull my hard cock into her mouth. I buried my finger deep into her wet pussy and slowly rotated it against the hot walls of her pussy. "Oh my God" she gasped "my pussy feels like its on fire." As I sucked harder I slipped a second finger into her waiting pussy looking for that elusive spot that I knew would send her over the edge. The inside of her warm pussy felt like velvet "I'm cumming," she yelled, her hips thrusting hard against my face. I pushed my tongue deep into her throbbing cunt and sucked her pussy juice from her depths. I turned around and lay next to her. I tentatively took her in my arms and started to give her a lingering kiss, expecting some opposition. She had always felt that the taste of her own pussy was nasty. The expected opposition didn't come as she kissed me hard. As we broke the kiss she started to lick her pussy juices from my wet mouth and chin. Before I could ask about her change we heard a door slam in the house, her parents were home. Carol quickly got dressed and ran out the room. I pulled on a pair of shorts and went out to greet them.

The Marshall's were sitting on the patio next to the pool when I walked out. "Can I get you a beer, Mike?" Mr. Marshall asked. "Sounds great" I answered. I sat down next Carol. I leaned over to Carol "I hope your parents can't smell you beautiful pussy juice" I whispered. Carol smacked my arm and laughed. Mr. Marshall got up and went to prepare the barbecue and I let my eyes drift over to where Mrs. Marshall sat. I could see where Carol got her good looks. Mrs. Marshall was about 39; she had silky blonde hair hanging down to her shoulders. Her long slim legs were crossed and with the short dress she was wearing I could see her firm thighs clearly, the thought of what was hidden behind those thighs had me rock hard. I was trying hard to concentrate on the questions she was asking me when she slowly crossed her legs, I just caught a glimpse of her panty clad pussy before she re-crossed her legs. As I looked her in the eye I saw a faint smile cross her lips. She soon got up and went into the kitchen to prepare the salads, leaving Carol and I alone.

Carol leaned over to me "I need your hot cock in my cunt" she whispered. I looked over to where her father was standing with his back to us. "We will have to wait until later" I hissed. "I can't wait" she sighed, "My pussy is on fire." She got up and pulling me by the hand led me into the house. "I'm just going to show Mike the new computer," she yelled to her mother. "Don't be too long, we're nearly ready to eat" came the reply from the kitchen.

Carol led me up to the stairs to the study. As we walked into the study she locked the door. Carol walked over to the window and looked down at her father standing by the barbecue. She bent over and lifted her dress. I pulled my zip down and freed my hard cock. My fingers slid down the fabric of her delicate g-string and I pulled them down her shapely legs. My eyes rested on her firm ass and I couldn't help noticing the pussy juice glistening on her bulging mound. I took my throbbing cock in hand and buried it deep into her waiting pussy. My hands moved around her waist and my fingers started to massage her hard clit. "Fuck me hard" she panted "feel how wet my pussy is" her hands clasped tightly on the computer desk. It wasn't long before the tight sheath of her pussy started to clamp around my pussy and her second orgasm of the day ripped through her lithe body. The thought of her father standing in the garden where we could see him while I pounded his horny daughter's cunt soon had the cum rising in my balls. "Fuck me" she gasped as my cum spurted deep in her cunt. I slowly pulled my spent cock from her swollen pussy. I slowly pulled my shorts on as she pulled the back of her dress down covering her dripping pussy. We quickly made our way downstairs to rejoin her parents.

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