Trip Into The Desert

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Rough, Black Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: She walked into the firelight and just stood there staring down at him, she look magnificent. She had purchased new boots and jeans in town and that was all she was wearing, her top having been discarded; the effect was electrifying.

"Everything packed?" I asked Clive my very best friend.

"Yeah," he said and it sure looked like it.

The back of the Land Rover was almost overflowing with kit, water and fuel containers. We had been going into the desert for some years now, luxuriating at the quietness and peace of the place. The map only shows two water holes and of course the road goes from one to the other but Clive and I sound a third in the foothills, a sink really catching the small amount of rain that does fall. Every year we make camp nearby and explore the surrounding countryside.

We made camp as usually and went to bed early. When I awoke I found that Clive was missing but I quickly found him peering through his binoculars.

"What's that?" he pointed and he handed me the glasses.

I scanned for a few seconds than saw a white square.

"I don't know," I said adjusting the focus. "I think it's a RV."

"What's a Recreational Vehicle doing way out here?" he asked nobody in particular.

"Yeah," I replied, "does it look funny to you?"

He took the glasses back and had a long look.

"I see what you mean," he said, "lets go and found out."

We took out time packing a couple of back backs then we set out. It was soon obvious that the RV was in trouble, either stuck in the soft sand or it had a puncture. The side awning was up and we could see a figure lying beneath it on a mattress.

"Water," she croaked.

She was a fine looking woman, say mid twenties wearing shorts and skimpy button up top. Clive started to rush forward but held his arm.

"Lets have a look around first," I said being cautious. "What's she doing way out here and all alone."

He nodded and we split up and circled the site; it was all clear.

"Give her just a little," I said, "enough to wet her mouth and lips.

While Clive was administering first aid I had a look around the RV. It had been searched and it was a total mess.

"What's going on here?" asked Clive from the doorway.

"Looks like who ever brought her here has left with everything of value," I theorised.

"Except one thing," said Clive nodding towards the woman.

"Yeah, she is something alright," I laughed. "What's the state of the vehicle?"

"Two off side tyres are flat," he said, "don't think there're punctured just let down."

"Nice rig," I said, "well worth salvaging."

"So what do we do with her," he nodded toward her again.

"Oh, I don't know," I said, "have some fun with her then drop her off someplace far away."

"Drop her down a deep hole," he laughed.

"Nah, such a waste of a fine looking woman," I said. "Let go and have a look at her."

We sat down on each side of her.

"Water, please let me have some more water," she croaked.

"In a minute," I said. "So what do you think mate?"

"Yeah," he smiled over at me, "she sure is a fine looking piece of arse."

"Water," she mumbled again.

"If we give you some more water we want you to do some things for us," I said.

"What?" she stared over at me.

"Well for a start we want you to take off your top," I said.

"What!" she croaked.

"Get the canteen," I said to Clive.

He handed me the canteen and I unscrewed the cap. Slowly I let the water drip out into the thirsty sand.

"Your top," I said.

"Please," she begged her eyes never leaving the drips of water.

"Your top," I said again.

With slow hands she buttoned the three small buttons holding her top together. She was wearing nothing under it.

"We want it off," I said for she had stopped.

With some difficulty she removed her top and let it fall from her limp fingers.

"There's a good girl," I said and handed her the canteen. "Not too much at first."

She had very nice tits, not too big but nice and round.

"That's enough," I said and pulled the canteen from her fingers.

"Please I need more," she begged.

"Lets have a nice chat first," said Clive.

Her eyes ping ponged between us.

"So tell us how you got here?" he asked.

"Water please," she said her eyes now fixed on the canteen in my hands.

"Story first," said Clive.

She sat up straighter, bringing our eyes back to her naked bust.

"Brad, that's my Husband brought me out here," she said, "we been rowing now for some time and he had been talking about leaving me. I didn't think he meant that so literary."

She had a small smile at that.

"We stopped here and he let down the tyres," she carried on, "oh I screamed and shouted at him but after taking all my cash and jewellery he unhooked the bike from the back and rode off."

"No food or water?" I asked.

"No none," she said, "and that was yesterday morning. They tell you to stay by your vehicle don't they, so I stayed put hoping I would be rescued."

"Well we here now," said Clive, "and we may take you to safety."

"May?" he head came up.

I handed her the canteen and she drank deeply.

"Look please guys," she said looking from one of us to the other. "I'm not stupid, you didn't tell me to take my top off because you thought I was too hot."

"That's true," nodded Clive.

"I just asked that afterwards you take me with you," she said her big eyes going back and forth between us again.

"We may dig a big hole and drop you in it," laughed Clive.

"It's very hot out here and digging is hard work," she said with a weak smile.

"What about the RV?" I asked.

"I'm not sure," she said, "Brad brought it home a couple of years ago, but I don't want it, it's yours."

"Check to see if you can find the documentation in the cab," I said. "While we wait why don't you get the rest of your kit off for us."

"Please mister," she begged as she stood up and unbuttoned her shorts, "just do what you want, but take me with you when you go."

"We'll see," I said, my eyes taking in her fine slim body.

"Got it," yelled Clive holding up the RV papers.

"My oh my," said Clive as he returned to find her naked.

"That Brad is a stupid guy," I said. "Leaving you behind."

"That's what I kept telling him," she smiled. "Look guys, do what ever you want with me ok, but please don't hurt me, ok."

"But we might want to hurt you," laughed Clive.

"Ok, ok, hurt me all you want," she said looking at Clive, "but just don't leave me here to die."

"What do you think Bill?" he said to me.

"I think it depends on her," I said. "If she makes us happy then she got a good chance of staying alive."

"Look guys, anything you want," she said, "in my arse, my mouth anything."

"Lets start with your cunt," I laughed, "you want to go first mate."

"Sure," he said and without any warning he back handed her and she fell to her knees.

"Lie down cunt and spread your legs for me," he snarled.

It funny or not as the case may be, I've known Clive for what twenty years and I never knew he liked it rough. She got quickly on to her back and spread her slim legs as wide as she could.

"That's better cunt," he said.

He knelt between her legs and unzipped. I could tell he was having some trouble getting his cock into her but after spitting on his hands and coating his stiff cock with his spittle he at last forced his way in. I could tell he wasn't going to last too long the speed he was going.

"Yes, yes," he cried and he pumped extra hard a couple of times and then was still. "Your go mate."

I too knelt between her legs but I was in no hurry. I let my hands move over her soft skin, savouring its feel.

"We don't even know your name," I said.

"It's Crystal," she whispered.

"Crystal, well you're a fine looking woman," I said.

I pushed forward and my cock slipped straight into her, made easy by Clive spunk. Slowly at first I thrust into her and she moved her hips against me.

"Very nice," I groaned.

Despite going slowly I wasn't going to last too long either and too soon I was spunking inside her. I took a swig from the canteen and handed it to her.

"I'll go and get the air pump," offered Clive, "and some fresh water."

"Yeah ok," I said sitting beside her.

"Was that alright?" she whispered after Clive had left.

"It'll do for a start," I said still slightly winded.

"Good," she sighed and took another drink from my canteen. "Look I don't want much, just drop me somewhere when you've finished with me and you'll have my thanks."

"What about money?" I asked.

"I've still got my credit card somewhere," she waved at the RV, "Brad didn't take it, no use to him."

"So what about Brad?" I asked.

"That scum bag," she spat, "leaving me here to die. One day our paths will cross again. Hopefully," she reached out and took my hand.

"That's something I like to see," I chuckled.

"You can," she said brightly, "come with me, I'm sure he won't have gone far."

"Might at that," I mused.

"Shall I suck you hard now?" she asked.

"Sure why not," I said and lay down.

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