BimboTech: Reconcilable Differences

by The Sympathetic Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, BiSexual, Humor, MaleDom, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Christina and Josh visit Happy Endings Divorce Mediation Service. Christina doesn't know it is a subsidiary of BimboTech, Inc.

"I don't know why I agreed to this," Christina said as they rode the elevator up to the 30th floor. She suspected that Josh had planned for them to take the same elevator, the bastard.

"Because you're a smart woman, Christina," said her soon to be ex-husband. "You know this is the cheapest, fastest, and least painful way to do a divorce. Any amount of suffering you could inflict on me with a full legal battle would cost you just as much."

"I know, I know," Christina groused. "I don't know why you get to pick the mediator though."

"Hey, it's not like this is binding unless you sign the agreement. If you don't like this guy, we can do the whole thing over again next week with somebody else."

Christina blew out air and let the elevator fall silent. She just wanted this whole thing over and to never see this jerk ever again. As long as she got the house and a fair amount of alimony, she would sign away whatever else she had to in order to get rid of this pervert looser.

They got out of the elevator and went down to an unassuming office. On the door was a plaque which read:

Happy Endings Divorce Mediation Services
A Division of BTI
Wallace Warren, Mediator

They went in and found a Chinese woman with huge breasts showing an unseemly amount of cleavage. She appeared to be staring out the window, except that there wasn't one--just a blank wall. She was smiling contentedly as if she hadn't a thought in her head.

"Excuse me?" Christine said with little patience.

"Eep!" said the woman and gave a little jump in her seat, sending tremors through her undoubtedly silicone chest. When she recognized them as probable clients, her face broke into a huge welcoming grin.

"Hi! Can I help you?" she asked.

"We have an appointment with Mr. Warren," Josh said quickly before Christine could say something snide. If there was one thing she couldn't stand it was women who acted like stupid sex toys for men's enjoyment. Given the quality of men that no doubt came to this office, Christina didn't doubt that the receptionist's cleavage was the final nail in the coffin of many of the marriages. Josh wasn't making any attempt to hide his interest in her tits and the bimbo certainly didn't mind. Christine counted slowly to ten to avoid kicking him in the balls.

"Oh, that's great <giggle>!" said the receptionist. "I'll tell him you're here!"

She pushed a button on her desk.

"Mr. Warren? There's some people here to see you."

"That's great, Peegu" said the intercom. "I'll be right out."

Two seconds later, a door behind the Asian woman's desk opened and a round-faced man with round wire-rimmed glasses emerged.

"Josh and Christina?" he asked.

"That's right," said Josh.

"Great! Come right in!"

Josh followed the man into his office. Christina hesitated. This smelled fishy. Or maybe it was just Peegu. Christina shook her head and followed. Better to get this over with now.

The mediator was grinning a little more broadly than Christina thought was appropriate, especially considering why they were there. He held out his hand and Christina reluctantly took it. He shook hers enthusiastically.

"I hope you don't mind if I call you Christina," he said. "In my line of work, last names can be a source of contention. We want to eliminate any unnecessary conflict. My goal is to have both of you leave this office happy with the agreement we've come to. Please, have a seat and we'll get started."

He held out an upholstered straight-backed chair for her. Josh had already seated himself. Christina thanked him--it was more chivalry than she was used to--and she sat.

"Ow!" she exclaimed and shot back off the chair. Something sharp had poked her in the ass. She looked down at the seat and saw nothing but the cushion. She looked accusingly at the mediator.

"It poked me!" she said.

"Oh my!" he exclaimed. "I'm so sorry! Did one of the upholstery nails work loose?"

He closely examined the chair, running his hand over it. Christina stood watching, confused. It seemed so warm in the office all of a sudden.

"I can't seem to find the nail," the mediator apologized. "But we don't want to risk another mishap. I'll get you another chair."

"Another chair..." Christina said from somewhere far away.

"Yes, certainly... Peegu, can you help me set up another chair for Christina here?" he called out into the reception area.

"<Giggle> Of course!" came the reply

Peegu bounced in nipples first and went to a closet door. She opened it and she and Mr. Warren wheeled out a metal chair with black leather cushions and black leather straps on the arm rests and foot rest. That seemed very strange to Christina, as did the thick black electrical cord leading back to the closet. She tried to think of the words to ask what was going on, but they were at either side of her now, one at each arm, guiding her into the chair, strapping her in. It was all very strange. Christina was sure she should be doing something, but she wasn't sure what it was.

"There now," said Mr. Warren "You'll be much more comfortable there. You're much more comfortable now, aren't you Christina."

There was a strange buzzing at the base of her skull. She was being asked a question. She knew she should answer. She couldn't.

"Hmm," said Mr. Warren and went to his desk he fiddled with something and the strange buzzing changed slightly.

"You're feeling much more comfortable now, right Christina?"

"Comfortable? Yes. Comfortable."

She felt odd, but comfortable. More comfortable than when she had come in, at least.

"Good! We all want you to be comfortable, Christina. Comfortable and Happy."

"Comfortable and Happy," Christina agreed.

That was what she wanted, certainly. Everyone wanted that, right?

"Now, we're agreed on our goals," Mr. Warren continued. "We all want Christina to be happy. We just want to come to an understanding that will make Christina the happiest."

Christina smiled. This was working out better than she had expected.

"Now, if I understand the situation correctly, the main point of contention in your marriage is that Josh has a tendency to want to sleep with other women and he engages this impulse from time to time."

Christina flushed with remembered anger. That was, in fact, the final blow that had inspired her at last to get a divorce.

"So, that clearly isn't fair. Christina has been monogamous while Josh has not. So, the obvious solution is that every time Josh has sex with another woman, Christina gets to have sex with another woman. That's fair, right?"

"Well, I guess that is only fair," said Josh.

"Huh?" asked Christina, suddenly very confused, "But... but... I don't like to have sex with women."

"Oh come now, Christina," Mr. Warren chided. "We have to have a spirit of compromise here. How do you know you don't like sex with women? Have you ever tried it?"

Christina blushed. She was so confused, more unsure of herself than she ever remembered being.

"I... I, well..." she stammered.

"Haven't you ever seen a woman and thought, 'My goodness, she's beautiful'?"

"I, well, yes..." Christina admitted.

"Of course you have. You enjoy looking at beautiful women. Loving other women is just an extension of loving yourself. You do love yourself, don't you Christine?"

"I, well, yes..."

"You love your body, love to touch your body, love to caress your breasts, your thighs, your ass, your pussy. It feels so good to touch yourself, doesn't it?" he asked.

She imagined herself doing just as he said. It was so very nice.

"Yessss..." she agreed, feeling as if she was stoking herself right then and there.

"Then isn't it reasonable that you would enjoy stoking another woman's breasts?" he continued. "Stroking another woman's pussy? Wouldn't it feel nice to have another woman stroking you? Kissing you? Tasting you? Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Nice..." Christine agreed and suddenly there was a buzzing at the base of her skull and she felt very, very nice. Nicer than she could ever remember feeling as she imagined beautiful women ravishing her. Her eyes went wide.

"So you agree that you do like women, right Christine?" Mr. Warren was asking her.

"Yes, of course," Christine agreed.

"And what do you like to do to women?" he prompted.

"Well, I like to stroke them and kiss them and..."

"Let's be honest, Christine." Mr. Warren interrupted. "You like to fuck women."

"Fuck?" Christine said, and the word seemed to explode in her mind, sending tremors of pleasure through her body.

"I like to fuck women," she affirmed, and again trembled with unexpected pleasure.

"Of course," Mr. Warren agreed. "It makes you happy."

"Yes." said Christine. "Happy. Very happy."

"So it's not fair that Josh gets to fuck other women and you don't, is it?" said Mr. Warren.

"Josh? No..." Christine said, having forgotten that they had been talking about Josh before. "Not fair."

"It would only be fair if you got to fuck the women that Josh gets to fuck, right Christine?" Mr. Warren continued. "That would be fair. That would make you both happy."

"Yes," Christina agreed. "That's fair."

The logic of it was undeniable. She didn't know why she hadn't thought of it before!

"And, since Josh cheated and started before Christina," the mediator reasoned, "I think Christina should be able to even fuck two or three women at the same time."

A shudder of pleasure ran through Christina as she envisioned her self entwined in a mass of luscious female flesh. She grinned and gave a little giggle.

Mr. Warren was staring pointedly at Josh who was staring dumb struck at Christina for some reason.

"Can you agree to that, Josh?" he asked finally.

"What? Oh... um, yeah," said her husband, "Uh, I mean... No! That's not fair!"

"Well, you obviously weren't thinking much about fairness when you were off fucking bimbos and poor Christina wasn't getting any pussy at all, now, were you Josh?" Mr. Warren pointed out. "To make up for your selfishness, Christina gets all the pussy she wants from here on out!"

Christina was amazed. Mr. Warren was totally on her side! He was really letting Josh have it! And he was letting Christina have pussy! Lots and lots of pussy! God, she was horny.

"More over," Mr. Warren was continuing "There is the matter of the cock."

"Huh?" said Christina.

"What, my cock?" asked Josh.

"Now, that's your problem right there, Josh," said the mediator. "You think of that thing between your legs as belonging wholly to you. But as part of the marital assets, it half-belongs to Christina. I'm getting a sense that she was not given full access to this asset during the marriage, is that correct?"

"Uh, well, I... I mean..." Josh stammered.

Mr. Warren had him on the ropes! Christina grinned.

"Why don't I ask Christina?" Mr. Warren said. "After all, she is the best judge of her own needs. Right, Christina? There were times when you really needed cock and couldn't get it, weren't there? Times when you were so horny, just aching to be penetrated, pleasured and pounded. You were desperate for Josh to rip off your clothes and fuck you, fuck you hard, fuck you deep. You needed it, but he wouldn't give it to you, wouldn't give you the cock that you need, that you yearn for, that you lust after, that you desperately want inside you. You try to pleasure yourself, stroking and poking, but it's never enough! You need Josh's cock! You need him to fuck you! You deserve to be fucked again and again by Josh's sweet, beautiful, delicious, hard cock!"

Christina had been confused at first, but the buzzing at the base of her skull got stronger and Mr. Warren's words started to be so true and they made her so horny. So fucking horny! She had been so deprived!

"How often has Josh serviced your asshole?" Mr. Warren probed.

"Never," said Christina. "He never..."

There was a reason he hadn't, but she couldn't remember what it was at the moment.

"How dare you, Josh?" Mr. Warren demanded. "You've been terribly selfish! I think Christina deserves full visitation rights with your cock. And that includes every one of her holes. To make up for your neglect, I'm thinking you need to fuck her asshole at least four times a week. Don't worry, Christina. We're going to make sure you get all the cock you need."

"YES!" she cried out, squirming in her bonds "YES! I NEED it! I need COCK! I need to be FUCKED RIGHT NOW!!! FUCK ME JOSH! NOW!"

Her hips thrust again and again against the belt that strapped them to the chair. Her pussy wept and clenched, desperate for the hard cock it deserved as Christina envisioned Josh ripping her from the chair, ripping her clothes off and fucking her on the floor of the office. Slamming his prick into her virginal ass. Nothing else mattered! She needed cock!

"Christina? Christina?" Mr. Warren was saying. "Come back to us now, Christina."

A wave of cool pleasure flooded through her and she relaxed, flopping back down into her chair as her brain seemed to sink back down into a vat of pink Jell-O. Josh and Mr. Warren seemed to be moving in slow-motion. It was funny. She giggled.

"I feel funny," Christina observed.

"Well, of course you do, Christina," the mediator affirmed. "You're standing at the threshold of a brand new chapter in your life, aren't you? Why, when you leave this office, you'll be a new person. A person free of your old, boring life, free of all the inhibitions that have kept you from really enjoying life. Free of all your worries and fears and concerns. I promise, when we're through, you won't have a care in the world. Doesn't that sound nice?"

Christina smiled. It did sound nice. And she didn't feel bad, just... funny.

"Have you thought about changing your name after the divorce?"

"Yeah," she said. "I'm already using my maiden name."

"Oh, but that's just your surname," he pointed out. "If you really want to start a new life, be a new person, you should change your first name. Nothing too drastic. Maybe just a nickname. I think it would be best if you decided to go by Kristi. With a K. And an I."

"Kristi?" she asked in confusion. "But I hate that!"

"Oh, but Kristi is such a fun name," he countered, returning to his desk and fiddling with something.

"Calling yourself Kristi tells the world you're the care-free party girl you want to be. Why don't you try it out, just to see how it feels. Pretend like we just met and introduce yourself by saying 'Hi! My name's Kristi!'"

The buzzing at the base of her skull got stronger. She guessed it couldn't hurt.

"Well, O.K.," she agreed. "Hi. My name's Kristi."

As she said it, a wave of euphoria erupted from her brain and swept down through her body all the way down to her tingling toes. She broke into uncontrollable giggles.

"See, Kristi is the name of a fun girl. You want to be a fun girl, don't you Kristi?"

"My name's Kristi!" she tried again, and again her brain exploded with pink stars and singing birds and soft bunnies and ice cream sundaes and lots and lots of giggles.

"So you like the name Kristi, don't you? It just describes you perfectly. Kristi is a happy girl, a party girl, an easy girl, a girl that everyone likes, everyone wants and everyone gets. I think in time you won't remember ever having any other name, right Kristi?"

"Yeah! My name's Kristi!" she said in such away that you could hear the smilie faces dotting the i's. She let loose another peal of laughter. Her face hurt from smiling so hard but she didn't care.

"And besides," said Mr. Warren, "Kristi is a much easier name to spell. We don't want you to have to think too hard, now, do we?"

"Huh?" Kristi asked. "But, I'm not stupid."

"Oh, Kristi, of course not! Of course you're not stupid!" Mr. Warren assured her, which was nice, because for just a moment there, she had her doubts.

"No, Kristi isn't stupid at all. She thinks a lot. She just thinks about certain things. Happy things. Sexy things. Isn't that true Kristi? You like to think about sex, don't you?"

Kristi giggled.

"Yeah, I do," she agreed.

"Of course you do," Mr. Warren said. "It makes you feel all happy and tingly doesn't it."

"Uh-huh!" Kristi agreed, feeling all happy and tingly.

"And so you think about sex almost all the time, don't you Kristi? So much so that you get distracted. You don't want to think about boring stuff. You want to think about being pretty and sexy, about making people horny, about screwing people, about being screwed, about touching yourself. That's what you like to think about. Why would you want to think about anything else? Other, boring people can think about those other things. They aren't as sexy as you."

"Yeah," said Kristi, suddenly feeling very horny again. It all made so much sense!

"So, some people might think you're stupid, but we all know that's not true. You just use your brain for more important things than most people. You use your brain for making yourself sexy so you can get laid."

"Yeah!" Kristi said, proud of how clever she was.

"The people that think you're stupid are just jealous. They'll call you a bimbo, but you don't care because you know bimbos aren't stupid. Bimbos are the smartest because they're smart about being sexy and getting screwed. So if someone tells you you're stupid, you just stick your chest out and tell them 'I'm not stupid! I'm a bimbo!' Go on, try it!"

Kristi giggled and did as she was told.

"I'm not stupid! I'm a bimbo!" she declared, and her brain was awash in sweet, horny, giggling pride.

"O.K., I think things are going well," said Mr. Warren. "Are you happy with how things are going so far Kristi?"

"Huh?" asked Kristi.

"I asked if you were happy with the mediation so far," he clarified.

Kristi giggled.

"Sorry," she said. "I was thinking about something else."

"What were you thinking about, Kristi?" he prompted.

Kristi blushed and giggled.

"I was wondering if you have a big cock," she confessed.

"Well, you just might get to find out, Kristi," said Mr. Warren, "But we need to get you single first, right?"

"Huh?" Kristi asked.

"We need to finish up your divorce before you're free to sleep around, right? Don't worry, we're almost through."

Kristi giggled and imagined what it would feel like to suck his cock.

"O.K.," she said.

"All we need to do now is distribute property. I find if we can come to an agreement on the big stuff--the house, mainly--everything else falls into place. So, Kristi, do you want the house?"

"Yeah! Totally!" Kristi exclaimed.

"Well, I think that's fair," said Mr. Warren.

Kristi was elated!

"Now hold on for one god-damned moment!" Josh intersected.

Kristi's eyes went wide. She had almost forgotten Josh was there! And now he wanted the house! It wasn't fair! She pouted. But Mr. Warren came to her rescue.

"Now, Josh, you agreed to this mediation. It was your idea!"

"But the whole point of this was..." Josh started.

"JOSH!" Mr. Warren interrupted. "Calm down! You need to trust me. I'm here to make sure everybody winds up happy."

Gosh, Mr. Warren was nice, thought Kristi. She hoped his cock was big. Her panties were just soaked!

"Now, Kristi, why do you want the house?" he asked.

"Huh?" she asked. "Cuz that's where I live, I guess."

"That's a good reason," Mr. Warren said, and Kristi beamed. "I imagine that's where you like to party, too?"

Kristi smiled broadly, remembering something Mr. Warren had said before.

"Yeah! I'm a party girl!" she said.

"Of course you are!" he agreed. "And now that you're single, you're going to want to throw wild, drunken parties, aren't you? You're going to love playing hostess, dressing up all pretty and then making sure all of your guests get off! You'll be the orgy queen of the suburbs!"

Kristi giggled, envisioning it all.

"But don't forget, Kristi, a house comes with a lot of responsibility!" Mr. Warren admonished. "You'll have to make sure it stays spotless and that there's always plenty of good food and liquor on hand for your guests. Since it will be just your house, now, you'll have to do all the housework."

Kristi gave a little frown. That didn't sound fun.

"But you know what, Kristi? I think you'll really enjoy doing housework now that the house belongs to you." He said and the buzzing at her skull got stronger. "You'll take pride in making your house the perfect party place. And know what's more? Cleaning house can be sexy. If you dress up in skimpy lingerie and high heels to do your housework, it'll feel more like foreplay than chores. You'll just get hornier and hornier as you clean and once you're done, you can reward yourself by masturbating to a raging orgasm. Doesn't that sound fun?"

"Oh God Yes!" said Kristi, and had an orgasm right there in the chair.

"So we're settled," he said. "The house is Kristi's. But of course, other responsibilities come with a house too. Things that aren't nearly so fun. Things that a party girl bimbo like Kristi doesn't even want to think about. So, what I propose is that we put Josh in charge of all things financial. We'll make the house and all the other marital property Kristi's, but we'll make Josh the executor, with full power of attorney to make all decisions. That's fair, isn't it Kristi?"

"Sure!" she said. "As long as I get to do the housework!"

"Of course," he said. "And while we're at it, we'll make Josh your legal guardian, so you don't have to ever worry about anything but being a pretty, sexy party girl bimbo!"

"Cool!" said Kristi.

"I... think I can agree to that," said Josh.

Mr. Warren clapped his hands.

"Perfect!" he said, "I think we've reached an agreement that everyone can be happy with."

"Yeah! <giggle>" said Kristi. "I got everything I ever wanted!"

"So you're happy with the arrangement, Kristi?" Mr. Warren probed.

"Uh-huh!" she affirmed. "I'm as happy as I can be with my clothes on! <giggle>"

"Well great! We can get rid of these then," he said and suddenly the straps around her wrists, legs, waist and forehead retracted back into the chair. Kristi giggled. She had forgotten she was tied up! She put an index finger in her mouth and began to suck it.

Mr. Warren hit a button on the intercom on his desk.

"Peegu, could you bring in Mr. Converse and Kristi's folder now please?"

"Yes Mr. Warren" said the intercom.

The Chinese girl with the big titties came back in. Kristi devoured her from her toes to her head, lingering appreciatively on her ass and rack. Her pussy tingled with delight. She sucked harder on her finger. Sexy women made her sooo horny!

"Here you are, Mr. Warren" the receptionist said, leaning over to put the folder in front of him, giving him a prolonged glimpse of her cleavage while Josh and Kristi were treated to the view of her skirt riding up to reveal the curve of her butt. It was lovely and Kristi was barely able to tear her eyes away from it long enough to notice that Josh liked it too. That made Kristi very excited. She hoped Josh would fuck Peegu. Then Kristi could fuck her too! That was in their agreement!

"Well great!" said Mr. Warren, taking the pen from her. "That settles that!"

He handed Josh the papers.

"You can look through these and sign and file them at your leisure, Mr. Converse. I've already had them notarized for you. As for Kristi, as a reward for using Happy Endings Mediation Service, we'd like to give you a free make-over upstairs at the BimboTech Day Spa!"

"Really?" said Kristi, looking up from Peegu's distracting ass. "That's so cool!"

"Yes, Josh tells me you've chunked up quite a bit since he married you. That might be why you haven't been being fucked as much as you need to be. But with BimboTech technology, the boys upstairs can suck that excess fat right through a tube shoved up your ass!"

"It feels really good too!" Peegu assured her.

Kristi giggled. This day just kept getting better and better!

"Josh, you're quite welcome to wait down here with Peegu while we get your ex all prettied up." said Mr. Warren.

"I think I'd enjoy that, thanks," said Josh, eying the receptionist's tits. Peegu giggled and shook them.

Kristi had an idea. She whispered into her ex-husband's ear.

"Josh, you should fuck her. I think she likes you." she said.

Josh looked at her with twinkling eyes.

"You really think I should?" he asked.

Kristi nodded enthusiastically. Josh pulled on his chin.

"You know, I just might," he said.

Mr. Warren lead Kristi back to the elevator that Christine had rode up in a lifetime ago. They went up a single floor and then through the first door they came to. There behind the receptionists desk sat a black woman with enormous hooters wearing a transparent white dress fringed with white ostrich feathers. She was filing her fingernails. One high-heeled white leather boot, also feather-fringed, was propped up on her desk.

She looked up from her nails with a big, welcoming smile and said "Welcome to BimboTe... Oh, Hi, Mr. Warren! Did you bring another client to make pretty?"

"Hello, Tittiefuck," said Mr. Warren. "Yes, Kristi is here to get pretty. Peegu already called up to have the body shop ready for her."

"Cool!" said the oddly-named woman. "While they're fixing her, do you wanna come back and see me?"

"I just might," said Mr. Warren. "Why don't you lube yourself up, just in case."

The black woman giggled.

"You got it, Mr. Warren!" she said.

He led Kristi on through a set of double doors and down a hallway. They went through a yellow door and entered a large room with all sorts of strange equipment. A top-heavy blonde in a yellow bikini and high heels was giving a blow job to a man in a white lab coat. They both seemed to be cuming.

"Thank you Mr. Lorenz," said the kneeling blonde, once she had swallowed and licked her lips. "That was great!"

"You're quite welcome, Candy," said the man in the lab coat, putting away his spent pecker and looking up. "Oh. Hi, Wally. Is this the former Mrs. Converse?"

"Yes it is!" said Mr. Warren. "She goes by Kristi now."

"Hi! I'm Kristi!" said Kristi.

"Of course you are," said Mr. Lorenz.

"Hi! I'm Candyass," said the woman in the bikini, who had gotten up on her high heels. "See!"

She pointed to a peppermint stick tattooed on her smooth right flank.

"Cool!" said Kristi. "You're really pretty."

Candyass giggled.

"Thank you!" she said. We're gonna make you really pretty too! Time to get you naked!"

Kristi giggled nervously. She stood unresisting as the blonde bimbo in the bikini removed all her clothing with practiced efficiency, pausing only briefly to suck on Kristi's nipples once she had removed her bra.

"Sorry," she said. "I've got an oral fixation. I just can't help myself sometimes. And your nipples are just so cute and perky!"

"That's... that's o.k.," said Kristi, thoroughly flustered.

Candyass giggled.

"Now, what you need to do is straddle this thingy," she explained, showing her a narrow, padded bench-like thing. With Candyass' help, she got situated on it, first kneeling over it while the blonde raised it to just under her crotch, then laying forward so that one arm, one leg and one tit where on either side of it. There was a comfortable cup to rest her chin in. Candyass helped her situate her palms on the floor to help keep her balanced on the bench, then secured them with straps coming out of recesses in the floor. She did the same to her knees and ankles.

"But why do you..." Kristi started to ask.

"Don't you worry your silly little head about anything," Candyass instructed, and slipped a sort of ball-gag connected to a tube into her mouth, making any other questions quite incoherent. The bimbo tightened a strap around Kristi's head to secure the mouthpiece, then went around behind her. Kristi felt her ass-cheeks being spread and a slick substance applied to her asshole. And then something tapered was pressed against her hole and with gentle pressure, slipped in deeper and deeper than Kristi thought anything could go. Her eyes went wide and she made unintelligible noises. Straps going around her hips and between her legs were fastened and tightened. Glass walls went up all around her and the resultant chamber began to fill with a warm, green, thick fluid.

Kristi started to panic as the fluid covered her face, but somehow she found she was still able to breath as she was submersed in the stuff. The warmth was very calming, then, and Kristi started to relax.

And then the thing in her ass started to throb. Kristi's eyes went wide under the green fluid. It felt good. Really, really good! And it was just getting warmed up. The throbbing came steadily, strengthening, and was joined by a constant, buzzing vibration that Kristi could feel in her teeth, but more strongly in her clit. Her first orgasm hit her within the first two minutes.

Within five minutes, she had lost count. Every pleasure center in her body, including some she was previously unaware of, assaulted her in a coordinated attack orchestrated by the throbbing thing in her ass.

As some point, the mouthpiece also started to buzz and some part of it snaked its way down her throat, throbbing in concert with its anal counterpart. This too was somehow unspeakably, unendurably pleasurable. Kristi's over-happy brain gave a defeated gurgle and she became a quivering mass of ecstasy.

After an orgasmic eternity, the pulsing and pumping slowed and stopped and the warm fluid drained out of the tank. Candy was beside her again, slipping out the tubes and then helping her to stand.

"Wow," was all Kristi could say as she stood naked and dripping, unsure if her knees would continue to hold her up.

Candy just giggled and started toweling her off. That was very nice and it helped Kristi come back to the real world.

"Mmmmm," Candy was saying. "You look so good I could just eat you up! <giggle>"

Kristi blushed and giggled. She was feeling very, very edible!

Candy finished drying her boobs and got on her knees to work on her tummy. Looking down for a glimpse at Candy's cleavage, she was distracted by her own. Kristi had always been chesty, but now her tits were perkier than they had been even when she was a teenager. They jutted! Not a hint of sag. And they even seemed bigger, fuller, bouncier, their nipples zooming out ahead in search of someone to suck on them.

She reached up to touch them and nearly fell over. They felt--soooo-gooood!

She spent some time mashing and kneading her tits until a lick along her slit reminded her that Candy was still ministering to her. She spread her hooters and looked down at the bimbo licking her cunt. She smiled at her and then smiled even wider. Her tummy was amazing! She was slim and trim. The stretch-marks were gone. It was if she had been airbrushed!

She looked over her shoulder. Her ass had lost its excess padding as well. It was firm and round and fine. Her thighs, her arms, everything was center-fold perfect.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "I'm such a babe!"

"I noticed," said Candy with a giggle, abandoning all pretentious of continuing to dry her and latching her face onto Kristi's twat.

"Oh my!" said Kristi. That feels so niiiiice!"

She had never been eaten by a woman before, but just as Mr. Warren had explained, it was something she longed for, something she needed. She grabbed Candy's head by the hair and ground her cunt against the bimbo's face.

"Hey! Enough of that!" said an authoritative male voice. "You bimbos can't do that here right now. I've got another client on her way here in half an hour and I need to get the equipment reset and recalibrated to change a 55 year old Jewish mother into a 22 year old six-foot tall Philippina with natural-looking triple D's, for hell's sake. The calculations involved would be enough to melt your brain if Wally hadn't already done so."

"Sorry, sir," said Candy, disengaging from Kristi's honeypot.

Kristi whimpered, then looked up at the man in the lab coat who had denied her. She pouted at him as sexily as she could.

"But don't you like to watch, Mister?" she asked.

The man rolled his eyes.

"I like to watch as much as the next guy," he explained. "But I've already watched Candy eat out three clients today, fucked two of them, and had Candy suck me off four times. So why don't you wiggle that fine ass that I just worked so hard on over to wardrobe and make-up so I can get some work done."

Kristi looked down wide-eyed at Candy.

"Gosh!" she said. "You're a slut!"

Candy giggled and sucked her index finger.

"I just can't help it!" she admitted.

Kristi giggled. She felt she was lucky she had found such an easy lay! She definitely wanted her to continue licking her.

"I'll get her right there, boss," Candy said, getting up.

"Good girl," he said. "You and the stylists can have your way with her, just make sure that your back here in thirty minutes to help me with the former Mrs. Rosenthal."

"Will do, boss!" said Candy.

Then with a giggle and a twinkle in her eye, she took Kristi by the hand and led her out of the room, naked with her calves and feet still dripping, a stupid grin on her face as she wondered who the stylists were and what was involved in them having their way with her.

Candy took Kristi through some corridors that Kristi could never have returned through unaided, since she spent the entire journey watching her escort's ass. It was a very nice ass. Kristi liked it a lot.

She also liked what she saw when at last they arrived. A woman with incredible red hair and even more striking legs reclined in a barber's chair wearing a black leather bustier and fishnet stockings. Squatting in front of her was an Asian woman with massive hooters wearing a pink spandex tube dress. She was shaving the redhead's pussy.

Beyond those two stood a stunning blonde woman, completely naked, her long blonde hair hanging damp about her shoulders. She had a body like Marilyn Monroe after being worked over by a crack team of plastic surgeons being guided by a team of juvenile-delinquent porn freaks.

But the best part was her face. She was looking hungrily at Kristi with big blue eyes that seemed to be made of liquid sex. Kristi could tell the woman was desperate for sex and had set her sites on Kristi. Kristi licked her lips to let the nude woman know she would be happy to be her fucktoy and the naked woman gave her almost the exact same look, licking her lips as well.

"Muffy, Poontang, this is Kristi," said Candyass, who was sanding beside the naked sex goddess. There was something confusing about that. She looked to her right where Candyass stood, then back at the naked woman and Candyass. The naked woman was staring at her with stupid amazement. She reached up and touched her cheek at the same time Kristi did.

"Hi! I'm Muffy!" the redhead's reflection said to the naked woman that Kristi's mind was making an effort to identify as herself. "And this is Poontang."

"Want me to shave your pussy?" asked the Asian woman.

"And I can do your nails and hair!" Muffy volunteered.

"But girls," Candyass protested, "I'm really horny and I have to go back to the body shop in like twenty minutes! Can't we have an orgy first, then you can dress her up after? She'll just smear her makeup if you do that first! Please?"

Poontang giggled.

"Candyass, you're such a slut!" she declared.

"I just can't help it!" the peppermint-tattooed bimbo confessed, shrugging prettily. "Besides, you're a slut too!"

Poontang grinned wickedly. Muffy giggled.

"Silly Bimbo!" said the redhead. "We're all sluts here! Dibs on her asshole!"

"I want her face!" said Poontang.

"I already started on her cunnie!" Candyass explained.

And then, before Kristi knew what was happening, six hands were taking liberties with her new body, three mouths were stealing kisses as she was propelled into the barber's chair and reclined. Stirrups emerged and her legs were spread and raised. Muffy dropped between Kristi's legs and started lapping at her ass. Candyass bent over Muffy, her tits pressing against the top of Muffy's head, and started licking Kristi's clitty. Kristi shuddered at the sensation and cooed.

Poontang giggled, standing beside her, and pinched Kristi's nipples. She squeaked in response.

"You want to eat my little pussy?" the Asian bimbo asked.

Eyes wide and dizzy with arousal, Kristi could only nod, having no idea how she could do it, what with Muffy and Candyass devouring her from below. Poontang, however, seemed to know just what to do. With the agility of a gymnast, she leapt atop the arm of the barber chair, stood to her full height, then flipped to land in a handstand, grinning up at Kristi from between their two sets of jugs, one hand on each chair arm, her feet straight up.

Kristi would have been astounded by Poontang's acrobatics had she not been so busy being astounded by Muffy and Candy's acrobatic tongues. As it was, she just stared, wide-eyed and confused but utterly delighted as the inverted Poontang spread her legs and her shaved red pussy descended on to Kristi's face.

Instinctively, Kristi dove in. Mr. Warren had explained how much she loved eating pussy. She wrapped her arm around the Asian woman's middle and ground her face into sweet dripping cunt until she had to pull back to gasp for breath. Then she was right back in, reaching up to clasp the girl's ass cheeks and press her face deeper into her twat.

Candyass was just as determinedly eating Kristi's muff. Muffy was doing things that Kristi never imagined before and Christine would have needed therapy to recover from. Kristi and Poontang started to come almost at the same time. Poontang's thighs clamped hard around Kristi's head and she shuddered. Kristi quivered in turn and screamed out her ecstasy into Poontang's cunt. Down below, licking erratically, Muffy and Candyass were coming too, though whether just from eating her or from fingering each other, Kristi was in no position to see and no state of mind to care.

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