by Caesar

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Desc: Sex Story: She will do anything to get her cousins money.

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"Have you heard of knock-kneed Samuel McGuzzum
Who married Samantha, his bow-legged cousin?
Some people say,
Love finds a way,
But for Sam and Samantha it doesn'."

"I would like to see you... yeah, today for lunch would be perfect. Meet me here at my office. Okay, see you in half-an- hour." That was me, calling my cousin-in-law Tami. It was an innocent conversation with nothing aggressive in my manner or voice. But the only reason I called her was that I remembered the look in her eye as I said good-bye at that last party. She may be a tough little bitch, but she had been bitten by the bug.

When finally my secretary rang her in, I stood and shook my cousin-in-law's hand. She was dressed in a businesslike dark suit. I had called her at the school where she taught, ten minutes away from here. She was all smiles and polite - she asked how things were going, then inquired into my new business, and finally asked me where I planned to take her for supper.

Instead of answering, I sat back down in my chair and looked up at her. For those few seconds, I could feel my heart beating very rapidly and my palms moisten. There was an uneasy silence in my corner office. She looked visibly unsure.

Finally, "Take your clothes off, Tami." A simple statement, spoken softly, yet it was definitely an order. I wasn't sure how she was going to react, even though I had planned this moment for almost a week.

She was looking down at the ground; her face had turned pale. She whispered, "And if I don't want to?"

Immediately I said, "Then you may leave." I thought I was a bit too harsh.

"I don't want to leave." She paused for a few seconds more, then dropped her handbag.

I had won!

Tami reached up and took off her blazer. I could see her hands trembling and her tongue keep licking her lips. Almost as if her moves were in slow motion, she disrobed. The more skin she showed the more she trembled - in fact when her bra came off I thought she was going to fall. She took off all her clothing until she stood in only her panties. I took a long time admiring her early-thirties body. She was a tiny woman, yet still thin. Small, almost flat breasts, well sculptured thighs, small waist and hips and flat stomach. If there was one thing that I would change if I could would be her legs - they were a little short for my taste. Oh, well!

"May I blindfold you?" I lifted a two-foot-long bit of cloth out of my desk drawer.

She looked up at the blindfold then looked around the room, as if looking for the exit. Then she nodded. Slowly I stood and came behind her. Tami was staring at the floor, looking extremely nervous and perhaps scared. But it wasn't as if I threatened her or anything - in fact all she had to do was leave if she wanted to. Being careful not to touch her, I first undid the knot holding her long dark brown hair up, then tied the blindfold around her head. I took several minutes to make sure she couldn't see, or that it would not slip off her head.

My curiosity was strong so I asked her, "You don't know what I'm going to do to you, do you?" She shook her head, her shoulders trembling. "Are you scared, Tami?"

"A little..." A mouse would make more noise.

"You can still leave if you want to." She didn't move.

I loved that very second, the power I felt over her, the power she had chose to give to me! To be truthful I had no idea beyond blindfolding her what I was going to do, I only thought to this point. Of course I wanted to have sex with her, to possess her. The only thing stopping me was myself.

With my hands, I gently turned her around to face me. I held her shoulders as I bent forward and kissed her passionately. She took several seconds to return the kiss, then she responded in kind. I could feel her body shivering under my hand, but I heard a groan deep down in her throat. She was enjoying this.

That was enough of that. I pulled away from her, making her moan almost painfully, her lips still puckered and looking for mine. But I gave her a little push until she was walking backwards to the edge of my large wooden desk, then I gave her another push, forcing her to lay upon the desk with only her legs over the edge, off the floor. I then took my hands off her body and stood back again enjoying the sight of her near-naked form.

"Take your panties off." A definite order, there was no stopping now. She hooked her thumbs into the tight black g- string underwear and raised her hips. She lifted her knees almost to her chest as the satin slid up her smooth dark legs. Then she let her legs drop again, and her panties slid off her feet to land upon the ground. I stared at her dark brown pussy hair - it was a thick patch but shaped into a definite inverted triangle. When she had taken off her underwear I had seen a long string of moisture trail itself from her lower vagina to the crotch of the panties. She was extremely wet!

"You are a very beautiful woman, Tami." That wasn't just idle praise, I meant it. "Show me how wet you are, spread your legs." Without a sound she lifted her knees and spread her legs. There was no place for her feet so she had to hold them up and sprawled. Her vagina was flowered open, her inner lips wide. I could see the glistening wetness of the dark pink skin of her cunt, coating her from the little bead of her clitoris to the dark brown hole of her anus. From my position, I studied her sex, fascinated at the unopposed view. I was also interested in her rear hole, and for the first time wondered what it would be like to fuck the rear end. A gentle waft of her sexual smell drifted to my nose. It was a strong, almost spicy smell that is produced when a vagina gets wet. Very appealing.

"Would you like me to eat you?"

Hoarsely she answered, "Yes."

I wanted to play with her. "Ask me nicely, Tami."

Shyly, "Please eat my pussy." She sounded very desperate.

"No!" She moaned, disappointed. "I want you to get that pretty hole wet for me. Touch yourself!" She hesitated for a few seconds then one of her hands slid down her body to cup her open sex. She hesitated so I said, "Play with yourself, show me how much you want me!" My penis was almost painful in its enclosure so I unzipped my pants and watched the show.

And a show it was! In time, Tami began slowly, unsure of herself, but she soon gained momentum. Two fingers were manipulating her clitoris and the other hand was rubbing the inside of her thigh. Her mouth was open and her head back at an angle, sounds escaping from her. I watched her chest rise and fall more rapidly as the seconds ticked by; I could see a little stream of vaginal juice leaking out of her cunt hole and sliding down to her anus and to my desk. It was all I could do not to thrust my pole into her ready cunt.

I realized she was partially playing with me - some of her reactions were ill-timed while others seemed to be genuine. It was only minutes into the show when she started to beg for me. Softly, almost to herself, I could hear her asking for my cock, my tongue or even my finger. She promised anything as long as I would give her the organismic delight she was waiting for. Minutes went by and she sounded desperate, as if she would do "anything" just so I would fuck her.

"Are you ready?"

Almost out of breath she whimpered, "God, yes!"

"Perhaps I'll just watch you a few minutes more."

I thought she would start crying. "I'm ready! Please fuck me?"

I needed to take this beautiful woman who was presenting herself to me. I took the one step towards her and then pressed her legs as far back as they would go. Both her hands came off her body and held onto the edge of the desk, her voice and breath fast and raspy.

Looking down I aimed my penis towards her hole. When it seemed properly set, I drove forward until I was mounted deep inside her. Tami screamed, a delightful and passion-filled yell that must have been heard outside my office. I was pleased that her vagina was scaled within the size of the rest of her body. In other words, she had a tight cunt! Hell, I think my cock was hitting the end of her vagina, since a soft blunt object kept striking the head of my penis.

I had to talk, especially since she seemed to be a vocal lover. "God damn, you're a hot tight cunt!" I moved my hands up to her ankles and held them like a motor bike's handlebars. I saw that goose bumps had popped up over her body, and her nipples were hard little points.

I purposely didn't move my hips - I wanted to hear her beg for it again, needed to hear it. I wasn't disappointed, "Please! I need it, fuck me... !"

That was it. I pulled all the way out before driving back in. It was incredible how her cunt muscles seemed to suck me back into her cunt.

"What a hot bitch you are." She began to move her ass in a circular motion, and every time I spoke to her she only said, "Yes!" I knew I wouldn't last a long time, but could see that she would probably come even before me. I could see the muscles in her taut body rippling as she successfully worked her cunt. It was a very exciting sight. "You can be my little fuck toy anytime! Work that ass faster Tami!"

It looked like the veins in her neck were going to pop out, and her face was bright red. She kept wildly swinging her head back and forth as I felt the first ripples of her orgasm begin down deep inside her. "Soak my cock with your juices, bitch!" She did.

I was pounding so fast into her I could feel my lower back muscles ache. I pulled my cock out of her hole at the same time she lost all control of her body. Her legs dropped and her hands relaxed after she had violently spasmed three times.

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