The Not So Lonely Road

by Trog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Long haul truck drivers lead a mostly lonely life. I know, I once was one. Inside the words I'm submitting there is one tiny bit of truth that was mine, but you won't know until the end what it was. Read of one lonely long haul truck driver and of one experience he had. Just keep in mind the next time you get behind one of those slow moving trucks that without them you would be without almost everything you take for granted.

It was ten o'clock at night and freezing cold in the high Nevada desert. Not a cloud marred the star filled sky as Dick pulled into a wide spot alongside the road. He got out and went around to the right side of his truck and trailer rig. Nature was calling and he didn't mind the brief stop to relive himself. He finished and tucked himself back in his pants and walked around his truck. Something made him climb inside and kill all his lights and then he got back out. The sky was inky black except for the millions of bright stars shining in the night sky. He had shut off the big diesel engine and there wasn't a sound to be heard anywhere. He breathed deeply of the cool crisp high desert air. It was clean and felt good, but he knew it was time to go and climbed back in the cab. He fired up the big engine, slipped the transmission smoothly into gear and pulled back onto the dark asphalt highway.

He drove down the lonely deserted road thinking of nothing when he saw the dim flashing of red tail lights. In the dark, it was hard to tell how far or close they might be as he geared down and slowed the truck. The lights were much further than he had first thought and it was another fifteen minutes before he came upon the car parked on the shoulder of the road. The red flashing lights were very dim and he knew that was one of the reasons he couldn't tell how far away they really were. Dick pulled in behind the car and shut off his headlights. Before they went out, he had seen a single person in the front seat. He got out and, with his flashlight, approached the driver's door. He flicked on his light, let it show his face, and tapped on the window. The head of the driver was slumped on the steering wheel unmoving. He tried the door finding it unlocked.

"Hey in there," he called out as he opened the door. "You all right? Need some help?" He still shone the light of his flashlight towards his face.

The head moved and lifted. It was a woman about thirty years old and very pretty. Her eyes fluttered and opened when she saw him.

"Oh, thank God you came along. I've been stranded her for hours and I'm so cold. My car just quit running and I don't have a clue what's wrong."

Dick flashed the light towards her face but not enough to blind her. Beneath her pale red lipstick, he could see she really was cold because her lips were slightly blue.

"Come with me. My truck is right behind you and it's warm inside."

He helped her from the car and almost had to lift her up and into the cab. He quickly went around to the left side and climbed in. Even he was feeling the cold and it hadn't been more that five minutes. Dick flicked on the inside cab lights and got his first good look at the woman. He was right the first time. She looked to be about thirty and even prettier than he first thought. She sat huddled up with her arms tightly wrapped around her body and she shivered hard. He turned up the heat and put the heater fan on high. It took ten minutes before she stopped shaking and was finally able to sit more comfortably.

"Looks like you might be feeling a little better, Miss. Hi, my name is Dick and this is my rig. Is there somewhere I can take you? I don't know much about cars and engines except they either run or they don't."

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Dick, and there is a place about ten miles up the road. I sure would like a ride. Oh, my name is Susan and I don't know anything about cars either."

"Just give me a minute to lock your car and get your keys. You sit tight and I'll be right back."

Dick pulled up the collar of his jacket and quickly went to her car. He found the keys in the ignition, pulled them out and made sure the doors were locked and the window up, then he ran back to his truck and climbed in.

"Man, it sure is a cold one tonight," he said shivering. "Here are your keys, Susan," he said looking in her direction. She had taken off her coat obviously much warmer and he almost gasped. Not only was she extremely pretty, but she had the body that men dreamed about.

"Thank you so very much," Susan said taking her keys. "I don't know how I can ever repay you for your kindness."

"Don't mention it," he said nervously. He knew just how she could repay him, but it wouldn't be at all right. "Got to keep up the image of the truck driver. You know, we find all the best places to eat and always help those in trouble. Now sit back and relax and I'll take you home."

Dick again smoothly slipped the gears and pulled back onto the road. He had a light load and it didn't take long before he was in high gear and fully up to speed. It was almost exactly ten miles when Susan spoke up, not having said a word once they got started.

"There," she said. "On the left side. See the lights in the house? That's where I was going."

"OK, I'll drop you off right at the door, if there's enough room that is."

"Oh, there's lots of room for you to turn around," she said quietly.

That's when Dick noticed where she was going. It was one of Nevada's many whore houses and this one was way out in the middle of nowhere. He pulled his rig up the gravel drive and stopped right in front of the door.

"Please, come inside and have a cup of coffee. It's the very least I can do for you." Susan had a pleading look on her face.

"Well, I can spare a few minutes," Dick said looking at his watch. He still had a long way to go in order to make his delivery on time.

He followed her inside the house. It was warm with a comfortable feeling about it. Must be part of the game, he thought. This was the first time he had ever been inside a house of prostitution and she was the first whore he had ever met. An older woman came into the room. She looked about fifty, but still she looked good. She still had a nice figure and dressed very well.

"Susan, are you all right? I was worried when you didn't show up on time."

"I'm just fine, Gloria. My car broke down and this truck driver picked me up. Gloria, meet Dick. He's the one that stopped for me."

"Well, Dick, I'm very glad to meet you. It was very nice of you to stop and help Susan. Is there anything I can get you?"

"Actually I've never been in a whore house before, but I would love a cup of coffee, if it wouldn't be to much trouble. I know it's late and don't want to put you out."

"Nonsense young man, it's no trouble at all. I always keep a pot on the stove just for truck drivers like you. And don't worry about being in a whore house for the first time. I have lots of drivers stopping by and all they want is some hot coffee and a chance to relax and talk. Sit down and I'll be right back. Susan, keep our friend company."

Dick looked around the room and saw a sofa and an uncomfortable looking wooden chair. He chose the chair and sat down. Susan relaxed on the sofa.

"You don't have to sit on that hard old thing when we have a nice soft sofa. Are you sure you wouldn't rather sit here with me? Afraid the nasty whore might attack you?"

"If it's all the same I would rather sit here. That sofa looks real good, but I'm afraid if I sit on it I'll go to sleep. I still have a long way to go tonight. As for your being a prostitute, I don't care. You do what you want and I do what I want, it's that simple. I don't judge people by the kind of work they choose as long as they respect themselves and me for what I am, a truck driver."

"Very well put, Dick," Gloria said coming back in holding a silver tray. She had cups of coffee in her finest china.

Dick sprang up to help her with the tray. He held it carefully and set on the low table in front of the sofa.

"Why, thank you, sir. Not only are you a knight in shinning armor, but a true gentleman to boot. Just so you will know, of the many truck drivers we have stopping for coffee and nothing else, the best I give them is Styrofoam cups. I save my best china for only the best."

"I feel honored, Madam," Dick said, suddenly realizing what he had just called her. "Oh, I don't mean any offense, Gloria; I was just trying to be polite."

"You are perfectly right, Dick," Gloria said with a laugh. "I am a Madam. That's what they call us women that run whore houses. Don't give it second thought, but I do welcome your kind comment."

Dick carefully took his cup and saucer and sat back down on the hard wooden chair blushing. He took a sip and smiled.

"Well, Madam or not, your make one hell of a good cup of coffee, Gloria."

Dick sat and had two more cups of coffee along with some light snacks Gloria had brought out. He was enjoying himself and hated to leave.

"I've really got to go," he said looking at his watch.

"You wait right there, young man," Gloria commanded. She got up and hurried to the kitchen. She came back carrying a thermos jug. "Here, more coffee to help keep you awake. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Just drop if off the next time you're passing by."

"Gloria, I don't know how to thank you. You've been so kind, generous, and delightful company. I get through this way fairly often and I'll always give you a blast on my horn if I don't have time to stop."

"From five miles out in the winter you can holler on the CB for Shady Lady. What do you go by?"

"Little Dick," he said blushing.

"Oh? I'll just bet it's not true," said Susan with a huge smile.

Dick climbed back in his truck, gave them a couple of quick blasts of his air horn and slowly drove down the gravel drive and back onto the inky black highway. He hummed to himself and thought of the two women back in the house and he felt warm inside.

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