by Julie Moody

Caution: This Secret Molestation Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Anal Sex, girl molested in elevator sex story, girl fingered secretly in the dark sex story, stranger fingers girls ass in the dark.

Desc: Secret Molestation Sex Story: On her way to meet her boyfriend for lunch, a power failure traps Dani in an elevator with four strangers.

Dani stepped off the bus into the madness that comprised the downtown business district at lunchtime. Class was over; now it was time to keep her lunch date with Brent.

She turned many a male head as she made her way across the courtyard toward the sixteen-story building in which Brent worked. Dani was quite a looker; she was a twenty-year-old college coed with a gorgeous fair complexion, long, flowing blonde hair and expressive blue eyes. Five-foot- six with a figure to die for, she had on a pink top and low-riding, hip- hugging white pants, which left a substantial swath of midriff exposed.

Brent was twelve years her senior, and already quite successful in the business world. Her mind wandered as she approached the door leading to the lobby, and she nearly collided with a stout middle-aged man who was scrambling to hold the door for her. "I'm sorry," she said sheepishly, well aware that she needn't have bothered to apologize. Dani knew that the old goat was just hoping for a rear view as she crossed the lobby, and surely relished the incidental body contact.

She pressed the "up" button next to the elevator. The car arrived, and four others boarded with her. As a result, the elevator was crowded, but there was still plenty of breathing room and space to move about. "Eleven," she said to the man near the panel of buttons; Brent worked way up on the eleventh floor. Dani, lost in thought, paid little mind to the others on board.

They hadn't gone very far when every elevator rider's worst nightmare came to pass. The lights went out, a loud thud was heard and the elevator quickly ground to a halt.

Shouts of confusion, and a few curses, were heard from Dani's fellow passengers. Dani, in a hurry too, called out into the darkness, "The emergency phone. Someone find the emergency phone."

"I'm one step ahead of you," came a woman's voice. "But the damn thing is dead as a doornail."

Resigned to their temporary fate, the five passengers made small talk, which soon evolved into humor derived from their predicament. Ten minutes passed, with no sign of power returning; the conversations started to drag, and the group grew quiet.

What happened next took only a few seconds. But for Dani, the sensation surrounding the whole episode made it seem like minutes, if not longer.

Dani had positioned herself near the door, facing sideways; she began to sense a presence lurking directly behind her... She was startled to feel a hand touch her lower back, on the bare skin around her midriff. She drew back instinctively, then became aware of a cool draft diffusing downward between her ass cheeks. She realized that someone had hooked the back of her pants and her thong underwear with a finger, and had pulled them slightly away from her body. It was as if someone wanted to give her a wedgie, but somehow, Dani knew that this individual's intent wasn't quite so innocuous.

She became paralyzed; she wanted to scream or run away, but couldn't. The mysterious stranger's hand burrowed its way downward, spreading her round, firm cheeks apart as it went. She felt a thumb pressing against the inside of one cheek, and a ring finger and pinky against the other, spreading them apart, leaving her asshole vulnerable.

Any questions Dani may have had as to the whereabouts of those remaining two fingers would be quickly answered, in the blink of an eyelash. Like a scorpion delivering a fatal sting to its insect prey, or a wet towel being playfully slapped against bare skin, that duo of digits was about to deliver a vicious assault on Dani's poor exposed pucker.

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