THE Huntress and the BCC

by jazzyguy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: These are stories about women who have hungry pussies. When their husbands leave on extended business trips they become a Huntress searching for that food that fills their hungry pussies need. These stories are stand alone stories and will be about different women.

Copyright© November 2004

Her 5 inch heels clicked through the mall as she walked checking out the men. It had been a week since her husband left for a month on business. Her pussy ached with need. The long fat dildo she had been using didn't satisfy her. It was strictly a stop gap measure. The Huntress needed a long thick bare cock for her aching cunt to squeeze around. She could feel the men's eyes staring at her as she walked. The Huntress checked their crotches to see if they might be big enough. Her 36C tits bounced as she walked since she hadn't worn a bra or panties. The nipples poked through the light material clearly visible for anyone who cared to look. Her body felt tight and hungry for a cock. Frustrated at not finding any prospects she walked to a restaurant outside the mall that had a lounge. "I'd like a vodka martini," she said sitting at the bar.

"Coming right up," the bartender said ogling her nipples.

"Let me get that," a man said sitting down next to her. "I'll have one too."

"Thank you," she said looking at him. He looked to be in his forties and wasn't bad looking. He was stylishly dressed in slacks and a nice shirt. He smelled good and her pussy throbbed with need as she wondered if he had a big enough cock. They sipped their drinks for a few minutes.

"Is that scent I smell a hungry pussy in need of a cock?" he asked whispering in her ear.

"Yes," she hissed back, "but not just any cock will do. How big is yours?" she whispered.

"Almost 10 inches," he said taking her hand and putting it in his lap. Her cunt throbbed emitting more juice as her fingers wrapped around the half hard cock in his pants. "Can you a take a cock that big?" he asked.

"Yes, let's go," she said. "Your place or mine?"

"Mine," he said standing up and tossing money on the bar. "I have a place 4 or 5 minutes from here." They walked quickly to his car.

"Get your cock out right now," she said when they had gotten in his car. It was dark in the parking lot and her cunt was wet and throbbing with need.

"Can't you wait till we get to my place?" he asked.

"No, I want it now, right now. I want to feel your big cock deep in my belly shooting its hot creamy juice in me," she said fumbling with his belt. Now that she was this close to what she needed she was desperate to feel that cock in her hungry cunt. He helped her get his belt unbuckled and unbuttoned his pants. "Hurry I need your cock in me," she said desperate to feel is cock in her cunt. She tugged at his pants pulling them down around his knees.

"Take off your panties Honey while I get a condom," he said.

"I'm not wearing any panties. Ooooohhhh God there it is," she said leaning down and licking the big cock head. "You're already full of juice," she gasped licking some off his cock. "I want it bareback, no condoms. Aaaaahhhh yes," she gasped throwing a leg over and straddling him as she guided his cock into her shaved hungry pussy. "Ooooohhhh yea baaaaby," she cried out as her hungry cunt ingested his cock clear to its root in one stroke. She ground her cunt mouth against his groin gasping while her vaginal muscles sucked and milked at his big cock deep in her belly.

"Jesus lady, I'm cumming, aaaahhhh fuck," he gasped as the first relieving stream of hot cream shot into her squeezing love channel.

"Oooohhh yes, you Bastard, give it all to me," she gasped. "I want it; I need it; fuck me good, aaaahhhh yeeees." The mouth of her cunt squeezed around the root of his cock as she ground down hard on his groin. Her own orgasm exploded as her hungry cunt milked the hot cream from his cock. Her head was thrown back and she could feel his mouth sucking at her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her dress. Suddenly her breasts were bare and he was dragging on her hard nipples with his teeth. "I love it, chew them good, aaaahhhh." Her hungry cunt clutched at his cock.

"I'm going to take you and fuck you silly Honey," he said.

"Yes, do that," she hissed back. "Take me and fuck me silly." She rose up off his cock and sat beside him. "Well are we going or am I going to fuck you again here?" Her shaved pussy was leaking sperm onto his seat. His cock was still half hard and covered with their mixed juices. Her cunt still ached with a need to be filled deep in her belly. She leaned down licking at their juices on his cock.

"Aaaaahhhh fuck you Bitch stop, we're going now," he grunted starting the car. She sucked hard on his cock head dragging her teeth lightly on it as she let it slip from her mouth. "Ooooohhhh Goddamn," he groaned.

"Hurry, my pussy is hungry for your cock," she said. She didn't bother to cover her breasts as she leaned back in the seat and put her feet on the dashboard. "Oh God I need your cock hurry," she said slipping a finger into her sopping wet cunt. Her hands massaged her cunt and clit as he drove the 5 minutes to his house.

"Come on we're here," he said pulling into his driveway. Her bare breasts bounced on the way to the door. She didn't care who saw her; all she knew was she needed that cock back in her hungry pussy. He pulled her through the open door and closed it. She was trying to get her dress off when he said, "Now Lady I'm going to fuck your hungry pussy hard." He bent her over the arm of the sofa and shoved his cock home deep in her belly.

"Yeeees," she screamed in pleasure as the big cock sunk home deep in her belly bringing an instant orgasm. The cum slick walls of her cunt squeezed and squeezed around the slow strokes of the plunging cock. Time and again she gasped crying out her pleasure as the cock caused her to have orgasm after orgasm. "Oh damn you, yeeees," she screamed her eyes rolling as the cock finally began to ejaculate its hot cream deep in her hungry squeezing cunt leaving her breathless and disoriented. The itch deep in her vagina was still there making her cunt squeeze. Little rivers of sperm ran down her thighs dripping onto the floor squeezed out by her still hungry cunt.

"Damn Lady give it a rest," he groaned. They had fucked 2 more times over the next couple of hours. Her needy hungry cunt still pulsed with need of a cock. She was on her knees sucking and licking at his soft cock hanging between his legs trying to make it hard. "Aaaaahhhh shit, not again," he gasped. She had his soft cock in her mouth and it was beginning to pulse and harden.

"Dad, are you here?" a voice said.

"In here son," he answered holding her head so she couldn't come off his cock. "It's only my son. He came to meet me from his night class at college. His cock is bigger than mine and like most 20 year olds his balls are always full of sperm. In his case he is a virtual sperm factory."

"Jeez Dad, you found one. Can she take a big cock?" the boy asked.

"She took mine easy enough. I don't know about that monster of yours," he said.

"Are you going to share her Dad?" the boy asked.

"Of course son, don't you share your girls with me?" he answered.

"Good, I can ride her for a long time. 3 girls brought me here from school tonight and sucked me dry 10 minutes ago. It'll take awhile for my balls to fill up again. God look at that pussy drip juice; you must have filled her good Dad," the boy said stripping off his shirt and pants.

"I've fucked her several times already. She should be good and lubricated son," he said. "Go ahead son, doggie fuck her. This one has a very hungry pussy and she loves big cocks." He still had hold of her head and she had no idea how big the cock was that was about to fuck her. "Suck it baby while my son fucks you good."

She gasped around the cock in her mouth when she felt the boy's cock start to spread the lips of her cunt. She could tell it was a big one from the way her lips continued to spread. She gasped again when the mushroom popped through the mouth of her cunt. He must be huge; she felt stretched like never before. The big cock paused letting her cunt adjust. Her cunt began to squeeze and juice. The big cock began to push in deeper causing her to gurgle and gasp around the cock in her mouth.

"Jeeeez her cunts trying to suck my cock off," the boy grunted. The cock continued to push in deeper slowly. "Goddamn I think she likes it. Her cunts milking hell out of me." The cock continued its slow descent deep into her cunt.

"Huuuuh oooohhhh," she cried in a long warbling cry. The hands had let go of her head. Her hands clutched at the sheets. She felt her orgasm building deep in her belly and still the cock pushed deeper. Her body tightened and her muscles began to spasm as the big cock reached virgin territory where no cock had ever been. She panted and gasped, "No more, pleeeease, stop, stop, oooohhhh."

"My God, her cunt is like a soft vice Dad. She's squeezing and squeezing trying to milk me," the boy said.

"Tease her son. Give her a good slow fuck while your balls fill. This one can't stop cumming once she starts," he said.

"Oh God, oooohhhh my gaaaawd," she gasped. The big cock was starting in again slowly. "Huuuuh yiiii," she cried out as her orgasm burst driving the air from her lungs. The thick long cock continued to stroke her hungry cunt with slow strokes that tested her sanity. Her hands were clenched into fists as she beat the bed mumbling and gasping barely able to breathe. Her pleasure racked body jerked and quivered as her orgasm went on and on. Her cunt locked and squeezed around the cock. Each long slow plunge deep into her belly caused her pleasure to intensify. Her cunt was extremely sensitive and she felt the cock start to grow and jerk. The big cock went about an inch deeper sliding into more new virgin territory.

"Aaaaahhhh fuuuuck, here it cuuuums," the boy gasped as his cock started to pump Jizz like an oil well. "Here comes the last inch slut."

His cock felt like a pressurized fire hose as his balls pumped a steady strong stream of hot creamy sperm against her womb. "Goddamn," the boy groaned as the last streams of Jizz emptied from his balls. His cock began to soften and finally fell out of her tight squeezing cunt. "Man look at that Dad, this one really likes it." She was curled in a fetal position with her hands covering her pussy. Her cunt was squeezing out large gobs of Jizz. Her fingers scooped some up and bring it to her lips.

"Come on son, let's go have a beer," the man said.

"Ooooohhhh yes," she gasped sometime later. Their teeth were dragging on her big bare nipples. Fingers were teasing her cum slick cunt causing her to arch when the slid up inside teasing her G spot. "No, no, not my ass, huuuuh," she gasped. Fingers rubbed at her asshole smearing Jizz around making it slick. "Please, oh please, doooon't," she cried when she felt her asshole spreading around the finger. Her anal channel clutched at the finger when it popped through her sphincter. "Ooooohhhh damn, you," she gasped squirming on the teasing finger. The finger was soon joined by a second finger.

"You want my cock again slut?" the boy asked taking her hand and placing it on his big hard cock.

"Yeeees, oooohhhh soooo big," she gasped. Her fingers wouldn't go all the way around it. Their mouths dragging on her bare nipples and the fingers teasing her ass and cunt were driving her crazy. She was on fire and she gasped, "Fuck me, pleeeease, somebody fuuuuck meeee."

"Come on you horny bitch, ride my cock like the slut you are," the boy said rolling over on his back. She was still holding his cock when she straddled him. "Aaaaahhhh fuck yes," he groaned as she took him into her cum slick cunt.

"Yeeees," she screamed taking all of his cock in one long slide down the hard pole. Her hands grabbed the headboard to keep from falling. The boy lifted his head and started sucking on the hard nipple that was inches from his mouth. She felt hands on her waist lifting her up the boy's long cock and then letting her go so she slid back down. Pleasure racked her tight squeezing cunt making her gasp and cry out each time she was lifted and let go.

"Time for the main event slut," the man said. The boy put his arms around her and pulled her onto his chest. "Time for your ass to take my cock."

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